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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 7

Chen Boqiao didn't continue to make fun of Zhang Jue. He said, "Don't be reluctant if you are not sleepy, and I didn't want to sleep yet."

Zhang Jue said "um" with a bit of frustration. He lay on his side for a while and then sat up, and looked at Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao had never been embarrassed while looking at people. He said calmly, "It was still early, and it was normal not to sleep. Don't be so polite to me."

Chen Boqiao took off the daytime dress and changed back to himself.

Zhang Jue guessed that he used a disposable razor that was placed beside the washbasin in the bathroom. The knife might be blunt, or Chen Boqiao was not used to it. There were two scratches on his chin that didn’t have yesterday and was very shallow.

He noticed Zhang Jue's sight, and Chen Boqiao raised his hand and touched his chin. He said with a smile, "It was because too anxious."

"One more thing." he cut to the next topic smoothly: "Was the cat's surgery finished?"

Zhang Jue reacted for a few seconds and remembered: "Oh, yes." He got out of bed again and walked to the foot of the bed, and then leaned over in his carry bag and found his personal mobile phone.

After turning on the phone, Ai Jiaxi's new message jumped out first, followed by a bunch of messages from Wen reception.

Because of the presence of Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue didn't listen to the message of Ai Jiaxi. He opened the text message directly and took the mobile phone back to bed, and watched with Chen Boqiao together.

It was only a few hours after Zhang Jue replied "thank you" to Wen reception, and Wen reception sent a lot of videos and texts.

The receptionist gave Zhang Jue today's bill and said that the kitten would have surgery tomorrow and that he will adapt well to the hospital. Then he asked Zhang Jue could he bring the kitten back to his home and raise it after the kitten was cured. He was willing to send regular videos to Zhang Jue.

Chen Boqiao seemed to want to know about the cat. He approached Zhang Jue and opened a video in the chat record. He watched the cat play with a small furball for a while.

After watched all the videos and pictures. Zhang Jue pulled the chat record to the bottom and typed "Yes" in the dialog box. Just after sending it out, Chen Boqiao suddenly said: "He ..."

He only said a word, Chen Boqiao stopped again, and he paused before continuing to say, "The receptionist at the pet hospital in the independent state of Thailand was so enthusiastic?

Zhang Jue thought about it and told Chen Boqiao the number of deposits he paid to the hospital


Chen Boqiao gave Zhang Jue an indescribable expression in his eyes.

After looked the misunderstandings from Chen Boqiao's eyes, Zhang Jue argued very absurdly: "Now there was some news about animal abuse in pet hospitals."

"Well," Chen Boqiao nodded and echoed, "Yes."

Zhang Jue was absolutely sure that Chen Boqiao was laughing at himself. He wanted to stress him the necessity of pre-storing the amount in the pet hospital to let Chen Boqiao understand his intentions, but his cell phone vibrated again. It was Ai Jiaxi.

Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue were very close. He must have seen the name of the caller. Zhang Jue took a subconscious glance at Chen Boqiao, and Chen Boqiao immediately thoughtfully asked, "Did I need to go out?"

Zhang Jue shook his head and picked up without hesitation.

"Jiaxi," Zhang Jue said.

Ai Jiaxi hesitated and asked a little skeptically, "A Jue?"

"What's wrong?" Zhang Jue asked him.

"You answered the phone?" Ai Jiaxi confirmed to him.

Zhang Jue said yes. Ai Jiaxi asked again, "Have you heard the message I gave you?"

"I haven't had time to listen," Zhang Jue said.

"I knew you opened the safe box," Ai Jiaxi said with obvious concerns in his tone. "Is something wrong? Are you still in Bangkok?"

"I'm fine," Zhang said, "you don't have to worry."

"How can I not worry," Ai Jiaxi was anxious. "The news is so overwhelming that I must see it, and the key you put it in the bank is your spare." He paused for a few seconds and said, " I'm in Bangkok. I arrived in the afternoon. "

Zhang Jue just wanted to speak and faced Chen Boqiao's inquiring gaze. He paused and lowered his eyes, and persuaded Ai Jiaxi: "It is not funny in Bangkok. Go back tomorrow, dear."

"No," Ai Jiaxi refused, "I still want to enjoy the sense of sensuality in Bangkok. It was so tightly controlled by my dad at home that I finally came out, so I don't want to go back immediately."

"Jiaxi ..." Zhang Jue also wanted to coax Ai Jiaxi and let him go back. Before he said anything, he was interrupted by Ai Jiaxi: "A Jue, are you with him now?"

Zhang Jue never looked at Chen Boqiao and whispered, "Yes."

"Then... are you happy?" Ai Jiaxi asked slowly.

Zhang Jue couldn't know Ai Jiaxi's emotions but felt that Ai Jiaxi seemed to hesitate to ask.

But Zhang Jue never knew how to answer this question, so he was silent.

Ai Jiaxi waited for a while and probably knew that he would have to wait for a long time for Zhang Jue to answer, then he said: "Anyway, you have to be careful. After you took him to China, you must also take the promotion of differentiation."

Since the day Ai Jiaxi was born, Zhang Jue has been playing the role of brother and protector. The first time he was taught to do something by Ai Jiaxi, Zhang Jue was a bit uncomfortable.

"Did you know?" Ai Jiaxi asked again persistently.

"I know." Zhang Jue said.

"It’s okay, just hang up, bye." Ai Jiaxi cut off the phone.

Zhang Jue put away the phone.

Chen Boqiao didn't say anything and didn't mean to get the roots of the matter. Zhang Jue explained spontaneously: "A friend of mine."

"Your fiance?" Chen Boqiao asked.

He heard Chen Boqiao say "fiance", Zhang Jue was a bit surprised, and he thought Chen Boqiao didn't know anything about himself.

However, what Chen Boqiao said was not particularly accurate, Zhang Jue made some corrections: "Former finance."

Chen Boqiao raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "You have a good relationship."

Zhang Jue personally believed that Chen Boqiao should not be interested in his private affairs. He may just talk about it, but Zhang Jue still answered: "We have a marriage contract since we were young. After he was 14 years old, we got engaged and then grew up. We found it unsuitable for marriage and canceled it. "

Chen Boqiao nodded: "You really don't look like a boyfriend, as his elders." He said a word in learning Zhang Jue’s words: "Go back tomorrow, dear."

Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao's learning was not like him at all. When Chen Boqiao said "dear", he was obviously full of Chen Boqiao's own breath, but Zhang Jue still smiled.

Zhang Jue rarely laughed. He wasn't sure if he laughed was more ugly so he quickly hid his smile.

Chen Boqiao didn't seem to pay attention, and then asked Zhang Jue with a smile, "How's I looked?"

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao and didn't speak. Chen Boqiao knew Zhang Jue's answer. He thought for a while, and learned Zhang Jue’s words again: "Go back tomorrow, dear." Zhang Jue wanted to turn his back to laugh, and Chen Boqiao naturally grasped Zhang Jue's wrist and did not let him move, and said, "What are you hiding."

Colonel Chen's hands were big and hot, and very strong. If he did not let Zhang Jue hide, Zhang Jue cannot hide.

Zhang Jue thought that Chen Boqiao would always be the kind of person who could easily attract others.

They haven't seen each other for many years. It’s so long that Zhang Jue thought that he liking Chen Boqiao maybe was created by himself. Perhaps Chen Boqiao was not so worthy to love him, or maybe Zhang Jue wouldn’t like him if he saw Chen again.

It seemed that Zhang Jue deceived himself.

Zhang Jue's love of Chen Boqiao strictly followed the Ebbinghaus memory method. He repeatedly recited a meaningless and hopeless thing, which can no longer be forgotten over time.

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