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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 6

The seaman's deputy foreman, Zong La, did not arrive as promised.

He was supposed to arrive downstairs to the safe house at seven o'clock in the evening and took Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao to the port to board the ship.

It was passed seven o'clock. Zhang Jue never wanted to read the second and waited. He carefully checked the monitoring near the safe house and did not find the track of the vehicle to pick them up, and then confirmed that there was no traffic congestion on the route from the port to the safe house. Later, he called Zong La with a communicator.

No one answered the call the first time, and after a while, he called again, the prompt words became that the phone was turned off. The freighter was scheduled to leave at 9:30, and time was short.

Zhang Jue thought for a moment and stood up with the car key. He said to Chen Boqiao, "I'll go to the port."

"Let's go together," Chen Boqiao said calmly and pointed to his face again. "No one can recognize me anyway."

Zhang Jue also worried that Chen Boqiao remained alone in the safe house, so he agreed and went downstairs with Chen Boqiao. They entered the car and drove to Bangkok Port.

On the way to the port, Chen Boqiao pulled out the sunglasses that went from the previous car and put it on his nose, and then asked Zhang Jue: "Was I looked like a fugitive?"

His eyes looked at Zhang Jue through the brown sunglasses. He was neither like asking nor joking. He was very close to Zhang Jue. The thin knit sweater bought by Zhang Jue in the second-hand market was worn on him, it’s suddenly soft like made in cashmere and showed some precious appearances.

After dinner, Zhang Jue took an hour and a half to help Chen Boqiao change his appearance according to the method he practiced in advance. First he modified Chen Boqiao's eye shape with invisible rubberized fabric, then applied Chen Biaoqiao with biomimetic skin to raise the cheekbones, and carefully attached the curled mustache. It covered most of Chen Boqiao's face, and finally, put on a wig to make Chen Boqiao look like Shen Yuhua's passport photo.

Chen Boqiao sat on the sofa and allowed Zhang Jue to finish painting, then he went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Then he went back to the living room to praise Zhang Jue. Maybe the praise is not too serious, but Zhang Jue was absolutely uncontrollable, as if a person was pasting the bionic skin on the plaster image of the whole night, it can be omitted.

The safe house was only ten-minutes-drive away from the port.

Zhang Jue's off-road vehicle had a port pass. They entered the port iron gates and crossed each container according to the traffic line, and then approached the freighter they originally intended to take.

Zhang Jue stopped at a place where the freighter could be seen clearly. They got out of the car and watched the situation of the freighter approached the port across more than 100 meters.

The freighter was still loading the last batch of cargo, and the evening glow was slowly landing on the shore so that the shadow of the container covers Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao.

"Shall we still on board?" Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue.

The cross ventilation between the containers was so strong that Zhang Jue’s hair was messed up. Zhang Jue stared at the freighter and raised his hand and put a few wires on his cheeks and chased them away. He said: "It should be that Zong La and his seamen brought us up."

Although ocean-going freighter also carried passengers, it only carried regular customers. If Zong La hadn't brought them, they rashly went up to take a boat. Zhang Jue was afraid that even if they went up, they would attract too much attention. Zhang Jue took out the communicator and called Zong La for the last time, but the other still shutdown.

The seaman was loading the last cargo on the freighter, and the shelves were about to bestow.

He never wanted to take Chen Boqiao for adventure. He also had a complete and reliable backup plan, so he put down the communicator and made a decision: "we won't be on the boat tonight."

Chen Boqiao had no objection, he asked Zhang Jue: "So shall we go back?"

Wu Zhang nodded his head and shook his head: "Without going back to the original safe house, let's go to get the keys and live in another house."

He has three safe houses in Bangkok to deal with different situations. The safe house key in the second backup plan was stored in advance in the safe box of a private bank in the urban area.

He drove Chen Boqiao to the bank and told Chen Boqiao: "I'll get the keys, you were waiting for me in the car."

"Zhang Jue," Chen Boqiao called Zhang Jue and said, "I want to contact Pei Shu and I have something to discuss with him."

Chen Boqiao was very frank. Although he didn't say anything, Zhang Jue was hard to refuse. Zhang Jue looked down at his communicator and said with hesitation, "My communicator is not convenient for you." Chen Boqiao smiled and pointed to a grocery store on the corner, and Zhang Jue followed Chen Boqiao to look at the direction. He found a simple counter selling cell phones at the shop entrance.

"Okay," Zhang Jue confirmed that Chen Boqiao's change of makeup did not fall off, and then gave Chen Boqiao both his wallet and car keys, and said, "Then you buy it yourself, don't go far."

He stopped the car and walked to the bank across the road.

Zhang Jue showed the manager the documents he had prepared. He went downstairs to the safe box to get the keys and returned to the car. He found that Chen Boqiao had not yet returned.

It was completely dark and the street signs and small lights were on. The night breeze was blowing slowly, and there was some aroma of food in the air.

Zhang Jue stood still for a few seconds and walked slowly to the grocery store. He stepped on the stairs and looked at the store, and when he saw Chen Boqiao inside.

Chen Boqiao was sitting on a chair against the wall in the shop and chatting with a plain-looking Omega employee in the shop leisurely. And he looked at the TV screen hanging on the grocery store wall.

When Zhang Jue walked in, Chen Boqiao accidentally held the mobile phone in his hand and waved to Zhang Jue: "You are here."

Omega employees smiled at him when they saw Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue ignored his own discomfort and asked Chen Boqiao: "Did you contact?"

Chen Boqiao shook his head slightly and pointed with his chin to the TV screen on the opposite wall.

Zhang Jue looked at the direction and saw that an international channel on the screen was broadcasting breaking news. A freighter in the port of Bangkok was detained by the police for suspected possession of drugs and was dragged to the deep end of the port. Cargo ships were inspected for a week and their departure was suspended.

The picture cut to the side of the ship, which was exactly the one they were going to. Then, the camera turned around and took a picture of the crew squatting in a row. Zhang Jue recognized the tattoo. It's Zong La. because he had a large patch of thorn flowers tattooed on his arm. 

But he didn't say much, only after the news was broadcast, he asked Chen Boqiao: "Can we go?"

Chen Boqiao stood up and nodded at him.

Omega employee said goodbye to Chen Boqiao with influential English and asked him to come again when he was free.

He got into the car, Chen Boqiao did not contact Pei Shu, and Zhang Jue never asked.

Zhang Jue was thinking whether the discovery of possession of poison on the freighter was actually related to Chen Boqiao's attempt to board the ship.

He needed an information source.

"I had to find someone tomorrow," Zhang Jue told Chen Boqiao. "He can help us to contact another ship, we will definitely be able to set off this week, don’t worry."

Zhang Jue doesn't need to worry about what seemed to be said to Chen Boqiao, but in fact, he really comforted himself.

His plan was disrupted and there was no potion left. A series of accidents made him anxious.

"Well," Chen Boqiao patted his shoulder and said, "I didn’t worry about it."

It was ten o'clock when they reached the place where they slept at night. The room in the new safe house was smaller than Zhang Jue saw from the drawings. There were only one bedroom and a small living room.

Zhang Jue gave Chen Boqiao the bedroom and slept on the sofa by himself, but Chen Boqiao pulled him and said, "Let's sleep together. The sofa is so narrow. How can you sleep on it?"

Chen Boqiao was resolute, so Zhang Jun could only find another quilt and set it beside the bed.

After he had washed first, Zhang Jue lay on the bed. But his heart was very tense. He took up a small bed, and his hands and feet were coldly folded into the quilt.

After a short while, Chen Boqiao also came out of the bath. Zhang Jue closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He felt that the other side of the mattress sank. Chen Boqiao seemed to be lying on the bed and replaced a darker bedside lamp.

Zhang Jue’s black hair was spread on the pillow, and his face was pressed by a few clusters, which was not very comfortable. But he and Chen Boqiao were lying together and did not dare to move too much. He just wanted to find some time to cut his hair.

Suddenly, Zhang Jue felt that his hair was moved. A slight touch appeared for a few seconds, and then disappeared quickly. When Zhang Jue tried to breathe a sigh of relief, suddenly someone touched his head and touched along hair down.

"Your hair was so soft," Chen Boqiao whispered.

Zhang Jue immediately froze, and his hands were folded on his abdomen. He was afraid that Chen Boqiao would find that he was not asleep, and try to keep his breath as natural as possible.

"It was softer than a cat," Chen Boqiao said again. He drew his hand away and no longer touched Zhang Jue, but Zhang Jue's heartbeat-like drums, almost jumping out of his throat.

Zhang Jue sometimes hates being so stupid. If he was a clever person, should he pretend to just wake up and say something affectionate to Chen Boqiao without leaving a trace?

After a few seconds, Chen Boqiao said, "I am joking"

Zhang Jue's face was hot. Without waiting for Zhang Jue to explain, Chen Boqiao said, "I know you are awake." Zhang Jue opened his eyes and saw Chen Boqiao sitting neatly in bed, looking down at himself.

Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue: "I just said that your hair is soft, what are you happy about."

Chen Boqiao's expression was as forgiving as usual, his eyes were gentle and thoughtful. Zhang Jue had dreamed about Chen Boqiao many times before, and every time he woke up he would become happy and sit back for a long time to remember the dream.

However, at this moment, Zhang Jue found that his imagination in the dream seemed to be as deficient as in reality, and he could ever dream half as good as the real Chen Boqiao.

Although no matter how good he was. He didn’t belong to Zhang Jue, whether he was near and far, tolerance and toughness, which had nothing to do with Zhang Jue, but Zhang Jue didn't need more, just look.

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