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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 5

The safe house was in a low-rise building in the southwest of the city,  and it was very close to the port of Bangkok.

Most of the time When Zhang Jue to go out, Chen Boqiao was sitting in an armchair near the window of the safe house and watching the blurred image of the sun outside the screens gradually sinking. And for a small part of the time, he talked with Pei Shu on the phone.

Pei Shu's father, Pei Shaoyong, was once a member of Zhaohua Energy's board of directors. He retired from the management of Zhaohua Energy a few years ago and took his wife to settle in a small affiliated country in the northern part of the Asian Union.

It is rumored that Pei Shaoyong was excluded from the group because he has different ideas with Chairman Chen Zhaoyan. But this was not the truth.

Pei Shaoyong was a seed buried by the Chen family in the northern part of the Asian Union. And he was waiting for the right time to take root.

Chen Boqiao didn't know when Zhang Jue would return from the pet hospital, so he made a long story short and simply told Pei Shu the whole story.

The incident that Chen Boqiao was rescued this time was the crucial importance. Pei Shu was not dare to be careless and brought several consultants together.

The several people whispered and discussed for a few minutes after heard Chen Boqiao’s words, and quickly came up with the best plan for the situation at the moment. Pei Shu recounted to Chen Boqiao.

Pei Shu hesitated abnormally and with a more serious tone than usual, which made Chen Boqiao feel that the consultants that his father had personally selected should not have reached a decent opinion.

"You may not like their plans." Pei Shu said hesitantly.

Chen Boqiao was not surprised, "say it."

"The son of the politician of the newly independent state took a team of the highest-level mercenaries. They took you across the border to sneak into the independent country of Thailand. All the people and links will become evidence of your treason if they are leaked. And it will be the stains that cannot be washed away, no matter how you justify," Pei Shu said, "The entire rescue is your time bomb. You must admit it."

Chen Boqiao probably already understood the contents of the plan when he heard here.

It was not the only shameless but also ignominy. But he did not interrupt Pei Shu.

"But what if rescue is turned into hijack?" Pei Shu slowly said.

"Zhang Jue asked you to open a gene lock for him. As you said, some flaws must be in his body. If we let this be his purpose?

"We supposed that Zhang Jue needed the potion to unlock the genetic lock of the prototype. Chairman Chen only has you as a descendant and you were sentenced to death by the Asian Union. To obtain the potion, Zhang Jue hijacked you. This is very logical."

"Also, Zhang Jue’s father as a politician of the newly independent country. He also participates in the hijacking. This washed away your suspicion of treason. If you have a private relationship with North America, why they bothered.

Chen Boqiao interrupted him, "Pei Shu, stop."

Pei Shu stopped.

Chen Boqiao opened the curtains a little and watched the ships were passing by in the distant port. The ships neatly arranged with blocks like containers on the shore. And at the other end of the phone, Pei Shu was breathing in depression.

On the way to the independent country of Thailand, Zhang Jue said to Chen Boqiao, "You are a hero."

Chen Boqiao did not respond.

After he graduated from Roche College, Chen Boqiao despite his father’s fierce opposition, attended the Asian Union Military Academy and wanted to be a hero. When he was on his first mission, he wanted to be a hero. When he was 20, he was shot in an ambush, Chen Boqiao was commended by the Deputy Prime Minister and he thought he would become a hero.

But that was a long time ago.

It was so long ago that Chen Boqiao could not remember whether the innocent and upright man was himself or someone else.

Of course, even if he is not a hero, Chen Boqiao will not be cowardly.

After a while, Pei Shu took a step back and said, "I said it, you won't like it." Without giving up, he persuaded, "But this is the best plan. Zhang Jue has made such big trouble by himself. Shouldn't he be borne of responsibility? "

Chen Boqiao said, "Pei Shu, it's quite troublesome, but I'm not so dirty."

Perhaps it was Chen Boqiao's attitude that was too resolute, and Pei Shu became calm again, "You were not dirty, but you destroy his injections."

Chen Boqiao stopped talking.

Maybe only Zhang Jue believed that Chen Boqioa was unintentional in the world. He also acknowledged that he was overly curious without considering the consequences at that time. He was too aggressive.

After the conversation reached an impasse and Pei Shu broke the silence first. He said flatly, "All right, and we don't mention this, what are you going to do?"

Chen Boqiao said: "I got on the boat with him together and you brought in the people from the Asian Union. And then you took Zhang Jue out of this matter. Since it can be used as evidence of my treason and enemies, it can also become a trap.

The consultants communicated for a moment and thought that Chen Boqiao's proposal for more complicated operations was not infeasible, and began to prepare for a new solution.

He hung up the phone and continued to look outside of the window boredly.

The door was opened at 16:15pm.

Zhang Jue came in with two bags in his hands and put one of them on the table. He said to Chen Boqiao with no expression on his face, "I bought dinner. I don't know if it will meet your appetite. It should be better than the sandwich last night."

He put another bag on the ground and took out a small dust-proof bag from inside. He approached Chen Boqiao and shoved the dust-proof bag into Chen Boqiao's arms.

Chen Boqiao looked down at the silk bag and opened it again. He took out a cat toy stuffed and found that it was similar to the little lame cat sent away by Zhang Jue. So he felt it was a little funny.

He held the cat toy's leg and asked Zhang Jue, "Where did you find it?"

"The hospital door," Zhang Jue lowered his head and looked at between Chen Boqiao's hand and the doll. After a few seconds, he whispered, "Do you like it?"

Chen Boqiao suspected that Zhang Jue would never know that normal people would not give adult Alpha male plush cat dolls as gifts. He held the doll's soft belly and thought about it. Then he politely deceived him in good faith, "Thank you, I like it. "

Zhang Jue raised his head slightly and watched Chen Boqiao, and then he blinked a few times.

The end of Zhang Jue's eyes was slightly raised. And the eyes were clear, and the shape was beautiful, and the down eyelash was very long. Suddenly, Chen Boqiao noticed that Zhang Jue was not bad at all. Because of his dark temperament and casual dressing, and people could not notice that he had a good face.

For a moment,  Zhang Jue confirmed to Chen Boqiao again, "Really?" As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his mouth tightly. As if as long as his mouth closed fast, Chen Boqiao would take what he said just now as others said.

Chen Boqiao smiled at Zhang Jue and lied to him casually, "Really."

Zhang Jue sipped a lip. And he took out the food in the takeaway bag and told Chen Boqiao, " I don't give gifts to others very often. I'm not good at choosing." He probably really believed that Chen Boqiao liked it. So he has more words. He opened the environmentally-friendly takeaway box and revealed their dinner. He said, "The ship will leave at 8 o'clock, and the person who will pick us up will arrive at 7 o'clock. We will not be in good condition on the cargo ship. But it will be much better when we reach the newly independent state."

Chen Boqiao watched Zhang Jue sitting the box and opened the disposable tableware, and then he stood up and sat at the dining table.

The two were facing a pile of lunch boxes and eating dinner quietly.  Suddenly, something in Zhang Jue's pocket shook. He lowered his chopsticks and took out a cell phone that Chen Boqiao had never seen. The phone was new and seemed to like Zhang Jue's phone. Zhang Jue glanced down, and then turned the phone screen to Chen Boqiao, and said, "the cat will have a surgery tomorrow."

Chen Boqiao looked up, and it was a picture of a lame kitten.

The sender was called Wen Reception. When Zhang Jue showed Chen Boqiao a photo, and Wen reception sent several messages to inform Zhang Jue the kitten inspection status and status in the hospital. The tone with some intimacy and many lovely emoji.

Chen Boqiao thought that Zhang Jue was completely unsociable originally. Now it seems that the enthusiasm of Zhang Jue for the reception is not like that.

"The staff of the hospital?" Chen Boqiao asked.

"Hmm." Zhang Jue took the phone back and looked at it, and he quickly returned a message, and then he turned off the phone. He continued this tasty takeaway dinner with Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue was a bit strange, which makes Chen Boqiao feel novel.

Chen Boqiao has no relationship with others. He has no chance to fall in love and has no interest in contacting admirers. His emotional life is lackluster. Chen Boqiao always believe that others like him as a group psychology. What they like was his appearance, his family, or his excellent resume.

Pheromones and hormones were the shortest and most unreliable things. Everyone was used to thinking more about themselves, and no one was as stupid as Zhang Jue.

No one will hide the locators with blood and minced flesh from other people's bodies secretly.

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue silently and called him, "Zhang Jue."

Zhang Jue raised his head with a doubt in his eyes, "What's wrong?"

Chen Boqiao almost asked the question that why he was for him to come to the Asian Union. He had been a classmate of Zhang Jue for a few years and have not spoken a few words .

But in the end, Chen Boqiao said, "Nothing."

Zhang Jue said, "Oh," and bowed his head docilely.

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