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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-17 11:16:45
Chapter 4

Looking at the potions and glass fragments on the ground, Zhang Jue didn’t know what to do.

Zhang’s health was very unstable. Especially in recent years, pheromone disorders were always caught by surprise. It was important for him that the potions broken by Chen Boqiao which can minimize the effects of the disorder on him.

If Zhang Jue was not afraid that Chen Boqiao would be painful when taking the locator, he wouldn’t take out the potion. Originally, only one dose was given to Chen Boqiao. There should be no trouble in a dose. But he doesn't expect Chen Boqiao to wave his hand casually and put the icebox on the ground.

But Chen Boqiao was not intentional.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao who was still apologizing to himself. He thought something in his heart.

Zhang should be grateful that Chen Boqiao didn’t put the box on the ground before opening the icebox. At least Chen Boqiao would not hurt when he was about to remove the locator now.

Thinking of this, Zhang Jue felt better. He pointed to the steering wheel and said to Chen Boqiao, "Then you lie down firstand don’t move."

After Chen Boqiao knew that he made mistakes. He became more obedient than in the morning. He folded arms on the steering wheel. Show his back to Zhang Jue.


Zhang Jue opened a semi-automatic scalpel and disinfected it with a cotton pad. Then he picked up a detector and leaned to see Chen Boqiao’s back.

There were several scars on the edge of Chen Boqiao's spine, and a few burns down further. The burned skin was very unsightly. The skin color was pale, and it was undulating. Zhang Jue stared firmly at the different pieces of skin, and his throat seemed to be twisted with hands. He squeezed out the sour juice, and poured them into the esophagus. In the end, Zhang Jue didn't help to touch Chen Boqiao's wound and then took back immediately.

He touched lightly, but he was found.

Chen Boqiao said kindly and reminded: "Zhang Jue, time is tight, don't be distracted."

Zhang Jue made a "hmm" sound, and pointed the scalpel at the position tested by the detector, then picked the appropriate knife and tweezers on the display and began to operate. When the tweezers clamped Chen Poqiao's positioner and pulled it out, Zhang Jue heard Chen Boqiao coughed. Before long, blood flowed out from the middle of the lower suction cup of the semi-automatic scalpel. Zhang Jue reacted for a while before wiping his blood.

After the surgical accident when he was a teenager, Zhang Jue’s mother burst into tears every day, and said that when she thought of Zhang Jue’s physical condition, she was distressed and couldn’t help crying. But Zhang Jue never knew what the feeling was like. 

He felt painful because Chen Boqiao disliked him, or tossed and turned because he liked Chen Boqiao too much. But it seemed that until now, Zhang Jue understand the specific meaning of distress.

He would like to take these injuries for Chen Boqiao.

After the operation was completed, Zhang Jue helped Chen Boqiao put gauze on the back. And then before Chen Boqiao looked up, he broke the positioner with a gun handle and wrapped it in gauze. He stared at Chen Boqiao's hanging head, and quickly slipped the gauze wrapped in the locator into his pocket. Then he said to Chen Boqiao, "Well, I'll drive and you can have a rest."

Chen Boqiao still didn’t treat him politely, switched to the co-pilot, and fell asleep soon.

The fuel tank of the off-road vehicle was not full. It would run out of fuel when it was halfway through. There was a gas station not far from here. Zhang Jue drove there and entered the station. He pressed the window and asked the staff to fuel the car.

At that time, Chen Boqiao woke up.  He called Zhang Jue and Zhang Jue looked back, "What's wrong? Is it painful?"

Chen Boqiao shook his head and said, "No, I just want some water."

Zhang Jue looked at the convenience store at the gas station far away and said to Chen Boqiao, "Wait, I'll buy it for you."

He bought two bottles of water at the convenience store and walked back to the car, and the fuel tank to be filled. Zhang Jue gave cash to the staff. He just fastened his seat belt. The Chen Boqiao leaned to hin and took Zhang Jue's water. He opened it and took a drink, and casually turned his head and asked Zhang Jue, "Where did you throw the locator?"

Chen Boqiao was only two punches away from Zhang Jue, and there was a sharpness hidden in his gentleness. Zhang Jue was caught off guard, and he can only stare at Chen Boqiao without knowing what to say.

After a few seconds of staring at each other, Chen Boqiao smiled suddenly again. He reached out and patted the pocket of the locator fragments and asked Zhang Jue, "I saw you put it in. Why not throw it?"

Zhang Jue definitely felt a little awkward and hot. He should know that his petty action could not escape the eyes of Chen Boqiao.

He really wanted to leave this broken locator because he really didn't have anything from Chen Boqiao.

"I'm joking." Chen Boqiao did not continue to ask Zhang Jue, but just sat up straight. The kitten limped from the back seat to the front seat and rolled over into Chen Boqiao's arms.

"Would you like to touch it?" Chen Boqiao stroked it gently and inadvertently asking Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue vacillatingly reached out his hand and hung on the cat's head, and hesitated to touch it. Chen Boqiao suddenly held his hand and pulled down, and then Zhang Jue's palm touched the soft cat fur.

Chen Boqiao's hands were also very hot, and the roughness was brought to him by the perennial military life. The kitten scratched his hands with head and then retracted into Chen Boqiao's hand.

"It likes you." Chen Boqiao said and released his hand.

Zhang Jue started the car silently and drove out of the gas station.

When they arrived in Bangkok at noon, Zhang Jue to understand the situation from the scouts. As expected, the couple who chased Chen Boqiao suddenly lost their way. The chase was indeed attracted by Chen Boqiao's locator.

Bangkok's safe house was bigger than that of last night. After Zhang Jue settled Chen Boqiao properly and he went out to find a veterinarian. He wanted to find a place for cats before setting off at night.

Zhang Jue was very lucky this time, and soon he found a large pet hospital.

Pet hospital assigned Zhang Jue's receptionist was a small and enthusiastic omega. He took pictures of the cats for inspection with Zhang Jue. Zhang Jue's time was short, and he said a money figure to the reception staff to ask can he keep the money in the hospital and use it when needed.

After consultation with the boss, the hospital agreed. Zhang Jue gave the money to the hospital. The receptionist gave the cat to the nurse and gave Zhang Jue a contact list.

Zhang Jue never liked cats, and Chen Boqiao didn't seem to say he wanted to feed a cat. Zhang Jue wanted to ask the hospital if they could help him to take care of the cat. He was willing to pay for it, or he could find a suitable host instead. But looking at the list, Zhang Jue hesitated suddenly.

"I may come back to pick it up in a few months," Zhang Jue to look down at the reception, "you can call me when running out of money, can’t you?"

The receptionist froze for a moment and nodded. Then he told Zhang Jue, "The money is definitely sufficient."

After Zhang Jue left the message, the receptionist took the list and called Zhang Jue again. He took out his mobile phone and whispered, "Sir, can you leave a personal contact, I can send you a photo."

Zhang Jue looked down at him for a while and exchanged contact information with him.

When Zhang Jue out of the hospital with the receptionist, the two passed a wall of dolls. Zhang Jue glanced up and saw a cat doll about a large palm in size. It is similar to the one picked by Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue stopped and walked to the wall. He raised his hand and paused. Then he took off the doll on the wall.

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