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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-17 11:16:03
Chapter 3

Chen Boqiao opened his eyes. 

He was lying on a double bed. The room was very dark. There was a thin crevice in the middle of the heavy curtains, and the grey sky before sunrise was faintly revealed. 

Chen Boqiao lighted his desk lamp and sat up. He looked around slowly, and calmly accepted the master bedroom of this safe house where he had slept for one night. And also accepted the independent state of Thailand and Zhang Jue, even the fact that the original plan was disrupted indefinitely, because he was good at adapting.


Military prison and escape did not cause Chen Boqiao's panic. When he was fully awake, he quickly changed his clothes and went to wash. 

There was only one bathroom in the safe house, on the left side of the entrance door. He passed the living room, and without much thought, opened the door of the bathroom. A white mist rushed towards him. 

Zhang Jue was holding a towel for wiping her hair with a towel around her waist. He stood half-naked behind the steam and mouth slightly open. There was a little surprised in his eyes.

Chen Boqiao froze and took a step back, "Sorry."

"It's okay," Zhang Jue waved his hand, "I have finished."

Zhang Jue didn’t close the door, and Chen Boqiao also didn't move. Then he asked, "Take a bath so early?"

Zhang Jue blinked slowly, and asked a little dully, "Is it early?"

But before Chen Boqiao spoke, Zhang Jue said, "It's already 4:30." His word tone was has a little granted. As if 4:30 in the morning was a working time that unified globally.

Chen Boqiao couldn't help smiling, and asked, "It's not early at 4:30? Don't you need to sleep?"

Zhang Jue shut up and stopped talking. He looked depressed. Chen Boqiao thought Zhang Ju was stupid and funny and then teased, "Don't you really stay up all night?."

"No," Zhang Jue paused and explained carefully for himself, "I slept for nearly five hours."

His black hair was wiped and almost dry, sticking on his neck and shoulders. The drip slid down from his chest and slipped through the ribs and lower abdomen, and poured into the bath towel along his mermaid line. Zhang Jue's skin was as white as snow, and it has a few light reds due to the high water temperature. The abdominal muscles were not obvious, but not as thin as he thought when Chen Boqiao was held by him for a parachute yesterday.

Chen Boqiao has been in the army for many years, and it is inevitable to take a bath with his comrades. He had also participated in the Asian Union recruitment investigation for several years to prevent Omega being screened into the army by mistake. He believes that he has a better understanding of the physical characteristics of healthy adult Alpha.

Now it was not Chen Boqiao's impolite evaluation of Zhang Jue's body shape. But the two were standing close to each other face to face, and it was impossible to see it.

In fairness, if you only look at the skin color and body shape regardless of height. Zhang Jue really had nothing to do with the Alpha group.

But Zhang Jue’s gun-holding technique and the accuracy of parachuting and landing yesterday made Chen Boqiao feel that Zhang Jue should have received long-term professional training and have good physical strength.

Chen Boqiao asked, "You are good at parachuting. Have you ever been a soldier?"

Zhang Jue shook his head and said, "No."

Chen Boqiao said "OK", and then asked casually, "what have you been doing in these years since graduated from Roche?"

The steam in the bathroom gradually disappeared, and the cold air outside the room penetrated. Zhang Jue seemed a bit cold but did not mean to push Chen Boqiao at the door. He just hesitated for a few seconds because of Chen Baiqiao's straightforward problem. Then he answered honestly, "I went to the National University in North America and returned to work for a few years after graduation."

"What do you do?" Chen Boqiao asked immediately.

Seeing Zhang Jue’s hesitation, Chen Boqiao narrowed down the question again, "Is it related to your action?"

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao and thought for a while. Then he shook his head and looked like he didn't want to talk much.

The two stood silent for a few seconds. Zhang Jue clutched the towel as if afraid of cold.

Chen Boqiao saw it and had an idea. He raised his hand and put on Zhang Jue’s shoulder. Feeling the expected coolness, he smiled gently at Zhang Jue and asked, "Why didn't you say you are cold?"

Zhang Jue was touched by Chen Boqiao and immediately shrank slightly, and then a light red appeared on his cheeks. "It's not too cold," he lowered his eyes and said. "You can use the bathroom. I'll get dressed first."

Then Zhang Jue took a step forward.

Chen Boqiao admits that he is not of good character. He deliberately refused to let him go and wanted to see Zhang's reaction.

Zhang Jue couldn't get over and had to stop again. Somehow he was always reluctant to look up at Chen Boqiao, dejected. He was downcast and embarrassed, like a recruit who was sent to a stand.

Chen Boqiao found that Zhang Jue was a little funny when he was in a panic. So he stepped bake a bit and gave up a position that Zhang Jue can only pass. And he pretended to be natural, "Go."

Zhang Jue hesitated for a few seconds and finally did not speak to make Chen Boqiao get away a bit. He lowered his head and squeezed between Chen Boqiao and the door frame, walked quickly back to his cubicle.

Chen Boqiao watched Zhang Jue's back disappeared from the door before entered the bathroom.

When Chen Boqiao came out of the bathroom, the clock in the living room showed 4:40. Zhang Jue was neatly dressed on the sofa. He was holding a flat-panel display and looked dignified. Chen Boqiao walked over and saw ten side-by-side monitoring pictures displayed on the screen.

"We have to go." Zhang Jue said without raising his head.

"What's wrong?" Chen Boqiao frowned and looked closer.

"Monitor outside the safe house," Zhang Jue pointed at a monitor camera at an oblique angle and said, "This is the only alley in this area that can accommodate cars."

There was an alley in the picture. Two tall men are standing face to face not far from the camera. At first glance, they looked like they were chatting, but if they look closely at their standing posture, they seemed to be nervous.

"They have been here for ten minutes." Zhang Jue said.

Chen Boqiao saw one of the men made a gesture, which is a commonly used gesture in the Asian Union Army. It means to prepare for action and confirmed the identity of the person.

After Zhang Jue robbed him yesterday, he pulled out the signal shield that had been implanted in his body earlier and threw it to make the tracker placed on his back effective of military prisons.

Therefore, the soldiers of Asia Union chasing here did not surprise Chen Boqiao. After all, according to Chen Boqiao's previous mission experience, the accuracy of the satellite navigation system of the Asian Union was quite high when hunting down important prisoners.

"Soldiers of the Asian Union," Chen Boqiao told Zhang Jue, "it means preparing for action."

Zhang Jue remained silent for a few seconds, and said, "How can it be so fast." After speaking, he got up and went to the room. After a while, he brought out two travel bags, and threw them on the ground and opened the communicator: Hold the alley, I'll take him to go first. "

Someone answered, "Okay."

After cutting off the communication, Zhang Jue said to Chen Boqiao, "Let's go, you can help me with a bag." Then he suddenly remembered something and glanced at the injured cat who was squatting on the mat obediently.

"Cat..." Zhang Jue looked hesitantly.

Chen Boqiao walked quickly and picked up the cat with one hand, held the two bags on the ground with the other hand. He raised his hand to raise the kitten, his face was close to Zhang Jue, and the kitten meowed in coordination. And Chen Boqiao smiled at Zhang Jue, "Okay, Zhang Jue?"


They reached the second floor. Zhang Jue opened the window and over the window sill with Chen Boqiao. Then walked along the outer stairs on the second floor to the street behind the building. It was just dawn, and there was no one in the street. Zhang Jue pressed the remote control key in his hand, and a humble off-road vehicle light flashed.

After only a few hours of rest, they were on their way to escape.

Zhang Jue started the car decisively, accelerated silently and shifted gears. They bypassed the lanes in the center of the town and drove outside the town.

Driving past the most outlying buildings in the town. They drove over gravel and ran over weeds, and rushed onto the national road that passed through the periphery of the town. Zhang Jue suddenly said, "After you were arrested, did anyone do minor operations on you? "

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue and didn’t speak anything.

"Or have you ever noticed that you suddenly have pain in a place you can't see?" Zhang Jue slowly added.

Chen Boqiao was convinced that Zhang Jue had guessed, but still did not speak.

Zhang Jue droved for less than half a minute, he braked, and the car stopped with the harsh braking sound.

"You come to drive," Zhang Jue said decisively.

The two swapped positions and put the kitten in the back seat. Zhang Jue found the detector from one of the bags he got in the car. His one hand climbing on Chen Boqiao's shoulder and the other hand with detector engine slowly moving on Chen Boqiao's body.

When the detector hit Chen Poqiao's left shoulder, the green light indicated turned red and an alarm sounded. Chen Boqiao felt Zhang Jue's hand on his shoulder tightened.

"What’s wrong?" Chen Boqiao asked.

"You have a locator on your body," Zhang Jue whispered, "so they come so fast."

Chen Boqiao didn't answer and patiently waiting for Zhang Jue to continue.

"I don't have a shield, so I have to take it off," Zhang said glumly.

Chen Boqiao said, "OK, pick it."

Zhang Jue didn’t move but just moved the detector away from to avoid the alarm continue to sound. After a while, he sat back.

"I should have thought of it earlier." Zhang Jue said with annoyance.

"It's not your fault," Chen Boqiao comforted him naturally, "just pick it for me."

"But I don't have an anesthetic," Zhang Jue said, "only simple surgical tools."

"Take it directly," said Chen Boqiao, "The positioning implants of the Asian Union are generally not placed deep."

Chen Boqiao was holding the steering wheel, they stopped by the highway. Chen Boqiao turned off the fire and turned to look at Zhang Jue, "just do it."

It was already dawn. The air in the independent country of Thailand was very clear. The blue sky was like a picture. The roof had a sunroof. The sun came in and people could see everything in the car.

Chen Boqiao took off his shirt, exposing his upper body covered with old wounds. 

He led the team to carry out many tasks and suffered a lot of wounds. The light wounds faded away over time, leaving behind was deep wounds.

Some soldiers use the scar as a medal, and Chen Boqiao prefers it as an index of memory.

Chen Boqiao is always very busy. He is too busy losing his comrades-in-arms or relatives. He has more things to remember than others.

He used the formation time of the wound to remember the life of a comrade-in-arms or his close relatives. He recorded everything in the case and then continued to accept the next calmly.

Chen Boqiao knew that Zhang Jue looked at his back, and realized that Zhang Jue had no action so joked with Zhang Jue, "I usually do not need anesthesia when I am injured in battle."

Zhang Jue hesitated for a moment, then went to the back seat and flipped the bag. When he returned to the front seat, he held two boxes in his hand and one of which was an icebox.

There were five blue liquid injections in the icebox. Zhang Jue took one and simply said to Chen Boqiao, "This one... actually, it’s for us. But it can also be used as an anesthetic. After you were injected for about 12 hours. During that time, you will completely lose touch and pain."

Zhang Jue pressed the end of the needle tube onto Chen Boqiao's arm, and the liquid was automatically injected into Chen Boqiao’s body. The potion militated almost immediately.

"Can you still feel it?" Zhang Jue touched Chen Boqiao's forearm and asked him.

Chen Boqiao raised his hand and touched the leather steering wheel and the plastic instrument panel of the off-road vehicle, but had no feeling. There was just resistance to tell him not to make fearless attempts. 

"What medicine is this?" He asked Zhang Jue. But more than that, he wanted to know why Zhang Jue needed this medicine.

Zhang Jue moved his eyes without answering and raised his hand to close the icebox. Chen Boqiao did not control the strength of his hand and pushed the icebox out.

The icebox dropped from the shelf, and all the glass-made injections fell out. They both wanted to pick it up, but they rushed into a mess. Neither one was picked up. The injections fell to the ground one by one and made a crisp sound, and then crushed by the heavy icebox.

Chen Boqiao looked down and saw the blue liquid flowed to the ground.


They looked at each other for a few seconds without speaking. Then Chen Boqiao apologized to Zhang Jue sincerely, "I'm sorry."

"Is there any place to buy it?" Chen Boqiao tried to remedy.

There were confusion and shock in Zhang Jue’s eyes. He didn’t speak, as if he had not responded that his important potions were broken by the one who he saved with life.

"Otherwise you tell me what this is, and I will let Pei Shu get it for you." Chen Boqiao said again.

Zhang Jue didn’t have any reactions, Chen Boqiao reached out and shook in front of Zhang Ju, "Zhang Jue? Are you okay?"

Suddenly, there was some noise from the communicator, and then there were noisy fights and gasping voices: "Sir, where have you been, we can't stop it, we are going to retreat."

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