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Sunset Boulevard

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Chapter 2


I haven't seen him for years. Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao has changed and became troublesome. 

It took Zhang Jue fifteen minutes since he got out of the car to buy the sandwiches and returned with the packing bag. As soon as he opened the door, he found that Chen Boqiao was wearing a pair of sunglasses that he didn't know where to be found. And a varicolored small cat was sitting in his hand. The cat seemed like two or three months old. Seeing Zhang Jue appeared suddenly, the cat in Chen Boqiao's hand screamed. 

"Pick it up at the intersection," Chen Boqiao confessed actively and quickly. "The cat’s foot was hurt. The sunglasses were found out of the glove box, because I'm afraid of being recognized." 

Zhang Jue was a bit helpless, and he did not want to say anything about Chen Boqiao, so he had to give the sandwich bag to Chen Boqiao first, then got into the driver's seat and closed the door. 

Chen Boqiao lowered his head and touched the kitten's head. Then he took off the sunglasses and asked casually, "you are not happy?" He scratched the cat's chin, raised the cat a little, and asked Zhang Jue to look at the cat. Chen Boqiao said to Zhang Jue, "Let it apologize to you." 

The kitten was very petite in the hands of Chen Boqiao, and looked very scared. 

"I'm sorry," Chen Boqiao whispered, holding the cat's claws.


Zhang Jue looked down and looked at the cat. He looked at Chen Boqiao's straight bridge of the nose and brow ridge from the corner of Zhang Jue’s eyes. His heartbeat frequency became improper immediately. The words "All right" were stuck for a long time before he spoke out.

On the way to the safe house, Chen Boqiao put the cat on his lap and teasing occasionally. 

Zhang Jue had always been careless about downy animals, but because the cat was picked up by Chen Boqiao. He decided to care slightly after he was silent for a while, "Where did it hurt. I looked it’s fine." 

"It's lame," Chen Boqiao said, "it should have been rolled by a passing car and the foot was hurt." 

Zhang Jue never knew what to say. Thinking about it for a while, he asked, "Did it need a treatment?" 

He really didn't know if there was a veterinarian in the town. If there was a pet hospital or shelter. It would be nice to give money to keep the cat. Otherwise, Chen Boqiao would probably want to take the cat with them. 

"It's better to find a place to treat." Chen Boqiao teased the cat and said.


"Then I will go out to look for the veterinarian at night." Zhang Jue said.


The town was small, but there were many lanes and narrow roads. Zhang Jue drove the car intently and followed the town map in his memory. He turned a lot of turns and successfully reached the downstairs of the safe house. He said, "we have arrived." 

"Zhang Jue. You know the way well” Chen Boqiao said in the darkness.

Zhang Jue didn’t know how to answer, so he said "yes". 

Of course, he was familiar with the route. 

The route that he took Chen Boqiao to evacuate was remembered by Zhang Jue over and over again, maybe he never forget it. 

Every key item's storage location, every alternative plan, and the escape route, even all the architectural drawings of the shantytown where the safe house was located, Zhang Jue can think of it with closed eyes.

He asked Chen Boqiao with the cat to sit in the car, and he got out of the car and pulled up the shutter door, then drove the car into the garage, and went out to close the door. 

The sound of the shutter door was a little loud, and the cat in Chen Boqiao's hand seemed to be frightened again who was motionless and huddled up. Zhang Jue took the key and opened the door. He took Chen Boqiao into the house, then pressed the switch near the wall. He turned on the light and said, "The house is not big, but we must make do." 

"It’s bigger than I have lived in these months," Chen Boqiao looked around the room and thanked Zhang Jue again, "Thank you." 

Zhang Jue shook his head, and looked at Chen Boqiao for a second, then looking away. 

Chen Boqiao is also very tall in Alpha. He is very gentle, but the sense of oppression and aggressiveness in pheromone can also be seen. Zhang Jue lowered his head and pointed to another sandwich bag in Chen Poqiao's hand. He said, "Eat first." 

They sat on the narrow sofa for cold dinners. 

The meat of the sandwich was not chewy, which was soft and rotten, and the flavor was too heavy. It was very spicy. The lettuce and bell peppers of the side dishes had faded, and the edges of the leaves were a little dark. Chen Boqiao ate quickly, but didn’t swallow. He just left a small piece of bread for the cat.

Zhang Jue observed for a while and failed to analyze whether Chen Boqiao was satisfied with the sandwich, but Zhang Jue felt that this was the best dinner in recent years. 

After Chen Boqiao finished eating, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV, and a third-level song and the dance movie was displayed on the screen. A few Omega girls dressed very little danced with the music. Chen Boqiao did not change channels. 

Zhang Jue saw it for a few minutes and was restless. Then he went to the bedroom drawer and took two guns and a linker to Chen boqiao. He said, "I went out to find the veterinarian. And I will be back soon, and if you got into trouble please contact me any time."

Chen Boqiao weighted his gun and politely said to Zhang Jue, "Thank you." 

Zhang Jue said, "Okay." 

He opened the door and just wanted to go out. Chen Boqiao suddenly stopped him behind, "Zhang Jue." 

Zhang Jue looked back, Chen Boqiao's face was half in the shadows and half illuminated by lights. Chen Boqiao said, "It's really troubling you."

Chen Boqiao with a smile while talking. Chen Boqiao was handsome and Zhang Jue always knew it. 

"I can’t ensure my own safety and even pick up a cat, which is hypocritical," Chen Boqiao said with a mockery. 

"No." Zhang Jue immediately denied.


He tried to think of some good words, but didn't say it because he felt that Chen Boqiao had heard enough, and he must have ignored them all, so he had to say, "I know you have always been such a person." 

Seeing that Chen Boqiao's complexion had not changed, Zhang Jue paused and added, "You are a hero." 

Chen Boqiao smiled and turned his eyes back to the screen. 

Zhang Jue stood still for a few seconds, hurriedly picked up the car key and went out. 


"It's me." 

"Don’t worry, I am temporarily safe. I’m in the independent state of Thailand with Zhang Jue." 

"I know. He doesn't do my work. He took someone to stay in the Asia Union for two months. Didn't anyone find it?"


"He will come back at any time, and the time is very tight, don't talk nonsense." 

"By the way, I didn't pick up the locator but threw the shield." 

"Take it easy, just explore his limits." 

"We will drive to Bangkok and then board the ship to North America tomorrow. The name of my new passport is Shen Yuhua and my passport number is AU9931738. It is not sure where I will board a ship." 

"Continue your movement." 

"Well, I will contact you again. Don't call this number."


Zhang Jue first confirmed tomorrow's actions with a group of mercenaries on standby near the safe house, and then began to circle around the town. While looking for a veterinary clinic, he talked to an intelligence trafficker and learned that there was chaos in the Asian Union. 

The president was furious and ordered punishing the officials who was responsible for escorting. 

Police in the capital of the Asian Union regarded Mishan as the center to search for Chen Boqiao. The neighboring independent countries had also participated in a cooperative search. 

The relationship between the independent country of Thailand and the Asian Union was ordinary, so the search degree was not strong. It was just strengthened the border defense and sent scattered teams to patrol the border. 

However, the President of the Asian Union and his staff seemed to have guessed that Chen Boqiao was probably already in the independent country of Thailand, and several teams of special forces have sneaked into the independent country of Thailand overnight. Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue were not safe here either. It was better to leave early. 

Zhang Jue intuitively felt that the response of the president of the Asian Union was a bit weird. When he wanted to ask carefully, and the Intelligence trafficker brought up another development of another thing.


Contrary to the chaos in the presidential palace, Chen Boqiao's supporters held banners to celebrate throughout the union.

After the trial of Chen Boqiao, the foreign media continued to release new evidence of Chen Boqiao's case. A witness who quickly left the Asian Union after the trial accepted a video interview. During the interview, he confessed with tears, and the media foreshowed the recording of the president's conversation with unknown people will stream out at noon tomorrow, and the content is related to Chen Boqiao. 

The Intelligence trafficker sent Zhang Jue a collection of interview videos of witnesses. Zhang Jue hung up the phone and broadcasted the video while walking around the town.


Zhang Jue traveled throughout the town. He didn't find a veterinary clinic. He got off the car and asked a local who was about to settle down. He learned that the only pet clinic in the town was near the safe house where they lived, but it was closed. It will open at eight tomorrow morning. 

Zhang Jue returned to the car, thinking about sending the cat to the hospital early the next morning and then taking Chen Boqiao to Bangkok.


When he returned to the room and Chen Boqiao was still watching TV. He made a nest for the cat with a cushion on the sofa, and the cat fell asleep inside. 

Zhang Jue stepped over and sat on another single sofa. Because the room is small, he and Chen Boqiao are not far away. 

Independent country of Tai has a backward economy, living conditions were generally poor and the TV in a safe house was old and thick. 

The newly independent country in which Zhang Jue was located couldn't find such a style TV more than a decade ago.

After the TV station's Omega dancer show was ended, it started to play an old movie with Thai dubbing and no subtitles, but Zhang Jue didn't know why, he thought the movie was good, and Chen Boqiao seemed to think the same. 

Midway through the movie, the TV station inserted an advertisement. Chen Boqiao turned down the volume, and began to chat with Zhang Jue, "I haven't watched TV for half a year, and found that I didn't like it before but it is actually good." 

Zhang Jue really doesn't know how to chat, so he didn't know what to answer. Fortunately, Chen Boqiao can always make the atmosphere natural. He asked Zhang Jue, "Did you find a veterinarian?" 

"I found it." Zhang Jue said his plan for the tomorrow morning, and Chen Boqiao agreed. When the advertisement passed and the movie started, Zhang Jue thought they would watch the second half of the movie together harmoniously. Chen Boqiao suddenly turned off the TV, then turned around and watched Zhang Jue seriously. 

This made Zhang Jue think of the few times he and Chen Boqiao partnered to train rowing alone in middle school. At that time, Chen Boqiao would be so close to him. And his expression was the same when he turned his head and talked.

Zhang Jue was absent-minded. He reacted for several seconds before he understood what Chen Boqiao said, "I told our address to someone." 

Chen Boqiao pulled out a small blue screen mobile phone from his pocket and handed it to Zhang Jue, and said: "That’s a person I trust." 

Zhang Jue was a bit embarrassed. If someone else did it like this, he would leave maybe, or simply fight with one another before leaving. But he would not be angry with Chen Boqiao or fight with him. So he had to take it over and glanced briefly, then returned to Chen Boqiao, "When did you buy it?" 

"When I picked up the cat, I saw it on the stand of books and magazines." Chen Boqiao confessed, "there are still some banknotes where you put your sunglasses, so I bought one. This kind of mobile phone is commonly used, with single functions, and disposable. It’s difficult to be located. 

"Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao for a long time and said, "In fact, you don't have to tell me." 

"How can I do that. I don't want to lie to you." Chen Boqiao laughed. He disassembled his mobile phone, walked to a small window in the living room, opened the window and threw it out, in which he did frankly.

Chen Boqiao walked back and sat back to where he was. He asked Zhang Jue easily, "Are you angry?" He rolled up the sleeves of clothes that Zhang Jue bought for him, and showed two or three scars on his right arm. 

It should be injured when performing the task not studying. Zhang Jue secretly thought and then damed back his desire to look carefully at Chen Boqiao's scars, and said softly, "I just bought a sandwich. Why did you do so many things?" And asked Chen Boqiao, "Who did you tell?" 

"A person you know," Chen Boqiao said, "Pei Shu." 

When he heard the name, Zhang Jue frowned, and the uncomfortable feeling that had been under pressure grew again. 

Pei Shu was on bad terms with Zhang Jue. However, in fact, all of Chen Boqiao's friends hadn’t had a good relationship with Zhang Jue. Zhang Jue never liked those people, and he didn't even understand how Chen Boqiao made friends with them. 

Zhang Jue was alone all the time, often eating alone in the restaurant. He watching Chen Boqiao surrounded by a large group of friends, each of which he also can found the disadvantages.

The closest friend of Zhang Jue, the former fiance Ai Jiaxi once pointed out that the shortcomings of these friends are not very serious, and Zhang Jue does not like them because of jealousy. He jealous that they can stay with Chen Boqiao. But Zhang Jue can not. 

Of course, Zhang Jue does not agree with Ai Jiaxi's view. 

Seeing Zhang Jue never talking, Chen Boqiao asked, "Don't you remember Pei Shu? He is very impressed on you." 

Zhang Jue shook his head: "I remembered." Before Chen Boqiao spoke the words, Zhang Jue decided to speak again, "All right, you believe him, but don't do such a dangerous thing. The Asian Union has sent someone entered the Thai independent country, you must be careful about everything until you are on board. " 

"Okay," Chen Boqiao promised quickly, "I know."

They did not continue to watch the movie. Zhang Jue gave to Chen Boqiao the bigger bedroom. 

Before entering the house, Chen Boqiao said good night to Zhang Jue. 

Zhang Jue simply washed and lay on a small bed, covered with hard and coldquilt. He had some slight insomnia. 

He stayed with Chen Boqiao. 

This made Zhang Jue reluctant to close his eyes. 

It seemed like to have something stirred in his stomach, pulled his spleen and stomach and pressed his heart to let his heart beating very quickly and was not allowed to slow down. 

When he was boring and missed Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue calculated it carefully. During the eight years at school, he and Chen Boqiao spent about 9 hours and 40 minutes alone. 

Now, it's about to break soon.


"How's it going?" 

"It's me... I bought two phones." 

"Threw it. Gave him an advance notice in order to avoid his unpreparation and fight directly with you. When did you come to Bangkok tomorrow?" 

"Are you sure you want to see me? Zhang Jue will not welcome you." 


"Pei Shu, don't talk nonsense." 


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