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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-17 11:13:13
Chapter 1 part2


The camouflaged helicopter flew low, passing over the lush mountains. 

Chen Boqiao changed his prison uniform in the narrow space behind the engine room. 

The pullover and slacks that Zhang Jue prepared for him were stacked neatly and placed on an iron frame welded to the ground. The clothing design was simple, clean and fit. The clothes was wore by someone like carefully selected from the second-hand market. 

In order to avoid a sky-high forest, the helicopter flew to the side for a while,  the ground in the engine room formed an inclination and the prison uniform slid.

Chen Boqiao stood still. He pulled on the zip of the casual pants, fastened the buttons, looked at himself in the small mirror on the wall, walked back to Zhang Jue and sat down, wearing sound insulation earmuffs. 

Zhang Jue was looking at the electronic map on the tablet, and the red dots representing their coordinates were slowly moving to the south.

An hour later, they approached the border between the Asian Union and the Independent State of Thailand. 

The density of border defense stations in the border forest is very high, and the ammunition of each border defense station can knock down their planes. If they fly directly, there is little hope of survival.

Chen Boqiao looked around. There was no place nearby for helicopters to take off and land safely, so he approached Zhang Jue, touched Zhang Jue’s shoulder, and asked, "How do we get through there?" 

Zhang Jue turned his head, watching Chen Boqiao finishes his words, and asked inexplicably, "What?"

Chen Boqiao sighed and moved closer, dragged Zhang Jue's earmuffs down, and pressed his ears and asked, "Zhang Jue, how can we get over?" 

Zhang Jue probably heard it this time. His pale complexion seemed to be a little whiter, and he leaned back inexplicably, answering Chen Boqiao, "Follow me."

Chen Boqiao shrugged in compromise. 

Flying for a while, Zhang Jue reached out and patted the mercenaries sitting in front of them. Gesticulate the action, the others got up from the seat and gave them the umbrella bag they had arranged. 

After took over, Chen Boqiao flipped the umbrella bag upside down and asked, "How does this umbrella open?" 

"You don’t know how to use?" Zhang Jue was surprised. 

"I didn't use the parachute," Chen Boqiao said.

The two were very close, and Chen Boqiao saw Zhang Jue's black hair falling a few that behind his ears, and swayed with the movement of the hand. 

Zhang Jue thought for a while, put his umbrella bag on his back first, and let Chen Boqiao stand in front, take the spare lock ring on his waist, and tighten inward. 

Zhang Jue's action of buckling around Chen Boqiao's waist was quick as if someone was pushing him in the back to urge him. 

"Only in this way, put up with it." Zhang Jue buckled themselves, and said to Chen Boqiao. 

Then he glanced out the window, Chen Boqiao followed him, and just happened to see a small canyon, and cut a light-colored gap between the dark green mountains.

Chen Boqiao stood in front of Zhang Jue. They first kept a short distance. After a short time, Zhang Jue held his arm again. 

Zhang Jue pulled Chen Boqiao and surrounded him from behind. Zhang Jue’s shirt was very thin and his waist was very slim. The temperature of Zhang Jue’s body was affixed to the palm of Chen Boqiao through the fabric, making the movement strange. 

Chen Boqiao did his best to maintain a polite distance, but the two were close to each other with no chink, and he could not help smelling the very personal pheromone smell on Zhang Jue. 

The light musk was mixed with a bitter apricot flavor, which was not very offensive and did not make Chen Boqiao feel uncomfortable, but for the Omegas, Zhang Jue may indeed be unattractive.

Alpha develops height after differentiation; and muscles become strong; pheromone scatters and attracts each other. 

The school, Chen Boqiao and Zhang Jue once went, in order to prevent adolescent students of the opposite sex from being affected by pheromones too much, would reassign the residence and campus after differentiation. In order to protect their children, most parents of omega students also choose to transfer to omega colleges after differentiation. With little impression, Chen Boqiao felt that Zhang Jue must belong to the kind that would not change much before and after differentiation. 

In fact, Chen Boqiao can’t remember  whether Zhang Jue confessed before or after his differentiation according Pei Su’s words. Chen Boqiao has refused too many people, which would not cause embarrassment and impoliteness, so he never remember. Judging by common sense, if it does happen, it should be before. 

While Chen Boqiao was absent-minded, the helicopter hatch opened, and the wind outside blew in, making everyone's hands and face ache. 

"I'm going to jump." Zhang Jue said, pressing his cold fingertips on the back of Chen Boqiao's hand, and immediately released it. 

Chen Boqiao subconsciously glanced backward, only to see Zhang Jue's red ears, because Zhang Jue was very white, and the flushing was particularly obvious. 

However, before Chen Boqiao had time to think about it, Zhang Jue jumped down. 

The free-fall time of low-level skydiving was very short. Zhang Jue quickly adjusted his posture, opened the parachute, and floated down from the canyon. 

The bottom of the canyon was mostly turbulent water, and a narrow flat land can be found by taking a closer look. 

The sound of gurgling water and wind wrapped around them. Chen Boqiao was next to Zhang Jue’s shoulders, and the ground was getting closer and closer to them. Zhang Jue’s shoulder muscles were stiff, which was because of concentration or tension. 

After a short while, the two fell to the ground and took off their parachuting gear. 

There was a small cave at the bottom of the ground, and a brown-skinned young man stood at the entrance. The young man had worn a thick cotton jacket, rubbing his head with his hands shrinking, like he has been waiting for a long time. 

He saw Zhang Jue and Chen Boqiao, saying "Sir, you are on time," he stared at Chen Boqiao. 

Zhang Jue nodded his head and asked the youth blandly, "Can we go?" 

"Yes, I just checked the surveillance," said the young man, and suddenly turned to Chen Boqiao, and said to him, "Senior colonel, you can rest assured that our business has been deserted recently, and everyone has gone to the urban for the winter. Today I'm watching this road alone. You followed me with absolutely safe, and no fourth person would know where you have been from." 

Then he turned on the searchlight and led them into the cave.

Walking a short distance along the dim and wet cave, they reached the entrance to the secret road leading to the independent country of Thailand. 

The entrance switch is located next to the stalactites above the head. The youth turned left and right a few times, and a door on the side of the foot slowly opened. 

The young man held the lamp with his mouth and climbed down the shelf first.

Chen Boqiao did not immediately follow him. He looked at the rough but practical door of the construction and turned his head to ask, " A gang of people crossing the border illegally?"


"Yes," Zhang Jue glanced at him and explained to the youth, "He is your supporter." 

Chen Boqiao smiled and didn't express his opinion. He walked to the door and stepped on the shelf slowly crawled down.

This secret road used for illegal cross-borders has been dug for some years. Some rechargeable energy-saving lamps were hung on the soil walls. Most of the lamps are faintly lighted, in which were also a few of them out of power. 

Twenty-five years ago, the satellite navigation plan of the Asian Union, which was fully supported by the current President Zhao Kun, was deployed. It invested billions of dollars and launched 29 satellites. It has been in operation for more than ten years and claims to cover the whole world. A secret passage that has been used for many years cannot be found.


Chen Boqiao walked along the uneven road and silently followed the youth to move forward. 

After more than two hours, they saw the starlight of the independent country of Thailand. 


"Hello, the user you dialed is inconvenient to answer your call now, please leave your message after."

"I've seen my uncle, and I've talked to him, Zhang Jue, do you have a conscience! Use me again.

"But forget it, as long as the part about differentiation promoter is true, I will barely forgive you.

"My father has just got home. He told me that the negotiations between the Asian Federation and several neighboring independent countries that have established diplomatic relations have ended, and a large-scale joint search has begun.

"I hope that you and that person have already arrived in the independent country of Thailand. It is safer there, and I will still go to Bangkok tomorrow.

"Good night."


The border defense of the independent Thai is not as dense as the Asian Union, and the night sky is much deeper than the Asian Union. The stars are bright, and the moon had a subdued light on the west sky. 

The fragrance of sedge grass and moist soil slowly came along from the ankle of Chen Boqiao, scattered in the mist at night. 

After saying goodbye to the youth, Zhang Jue took Chen Boqiao out of the grove where the passage was located, and walked left and right down the mountain, entered a small and dilapidated social parking lot, and finally stopped by an old pickup truck. At the bottom, he found the key was stuck with tape, opened the door, started the car engine, and drove down the mountain all the way. 

The winding Highway was for some years, and border defense supply trucks often pass here, pushing the road out of many pits of various sizes, and if a driver had slightly distracted, he will encounter those pits. 

Zhang Jue drove his car intently, and pushed the sleeves of the beige cotton shirt to his elbows, exposing the pale and slender forearms. 

There is a scent of old leather steamed by the heater in the car, mixed with the smell of acrid diesel oil, giving Chen Boqiao a peace of mind for unknown reasons. 

Suddenly, Zhang Jue's military communicator in the cup holder began to shake. Zhang Jue picked up, listening to it, and responding "okay". Before he hung up, he said the longest sentence in the entire call, "Okay, act as originally planned. "

Throwing the communicator back to the cup holder, Zhang Jue drove forward again. The windows were not tightly closed. It was so quiet that the sound of tires running over the stones was heard. 

When they were approaching the mountain, Chen Boqiao was too boring to reach out to the radio knob, but he heard Zhang Jue said, "Are you hungry?" 

Chen Boqiao froze for a moment, before answering, Zhang Jue said, "I'll be in town after another 20 minutes.

"What can we eat?" Chen Boqiao asked. 

Zhang Jue replied as he has answered many times. He reported a lot of vegetables menu without a pause for Chen Boqiao to choose, and said, "You are not convenient to show up now. If you want to eat more elegantly, after reach the safe house I will go out to buy for you again." 

Chen Boqiao thought about it, picked a simple sandwich, and thanked Zhang Jue again. 

Zhang Jue didn’t look at Chen Boqiao but quickly said, "No need " 

Chen Boqiao smiled mildly, raised his hand again to twist the radio knob, and the car was full of noise without signal. Chen Boqiao turned down the volume and slowly turned the tuning knob to start changing channels. 

He changed the euphemistic Thai music station, the local news, changed the interview, and finally stopped at the international news station. 

The female host's English was very standard, but the radio signal was not good. Chen Boqiao heard the breaking news channel said "breaking news from the Asian Union... criminal Chen Boqiao... a premeditated crime, causing... serious... Responsible... officials resigning... the stock market... the voters...". 

Although he couldn't hear the whole, Chen Boqiao could get the keywords and listened with interest. 

But when he hadn’t listened about more, Zhang Jue's left hand suddenly moved from the steering wheel, grabbed the tuning knob and turned forward roughly, turning it back to the music station. 

The song was about to come to an end, and the voice of a well-known female singer in the independent country of Thailand rose upwards and fell

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue that Zhang Jue's frowned slightly, and he didn't know why Zhang was unhappy. 

"You don't like to hear the news?" Chen Boqiao asked tentatively. 

"Too noisy," Zhang said. 

Misty and sporadic lights appeared in front of them. They approached a residential area, the town Zhang Jue had said. 

Chen Boqiao got up. 

"We live here tonight," in a murmur of music radio, Zhang Jue said softly, "After confirming the security of the information, we will drive to Bangkok tomorrow morning and leave by boat."


"Are you going with me?" Chen Boqiao asked him. 

"Yes," Zhang nodded, and said, "I will take you to North America, and then to the newly independent country, and then someone will protect you." 

"Thank you," Chen Boqiao said. 

Zhang Jue paused and said, "No need." 

His brow relaxed, and he was a lot relaxer, and said a bit more, "There are some simple dress-up items in the safe house, which can make you fake. You should disguise yourself as the appearance on the passport. " 

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue and said "OK".

All the way, Chen Boqiao intermittently recalled the appearance when Zhang Jue was a student, but can’t remember clearly. 

If it wasn't mentioned by Pei Shu sometimes, Chen Boqiao would have forgotten such a person. 

However, Pei Shu's description of Zhang Jue was not the same as Chen Boqiao's own feelings on Zhang Jue. 

Pei Shu stated that Zhang was lonely, cold, self-assertive, and out of touch, but Chen Boqiao felt that he really wasn’t like what Pei said except his quiet. 

Maybe it was quiet at night, or because the situation was critical, Chen Boqiao no longer converged his emotion, and he looked at Zhang Jue from head to toe.


The dorsal knuckle of the hand was raised; and the blood vessels were blue; he was emaciated and thin, which was by no means a normal healthy alpha, but judging from the performance of skydiving, it seems to be braver than an ordinary alpha. 

If he remembered correctly, Zhang Jue's father was a political figure in the newly independent state. The diplomatic relations between the newly independent states and the Asian Union were broken many years ago, and it had close relations with North America.

Chen Boqiao couldn't help but feel a headache. 

In the material evidence in court today, his communications with North America were indeed fabricated. However, Zhang Jue brought him away today which really was treason. 

But it was too late to say anything, and he only to adapt to the situation. 

But…Zhang Jue ... can he trust? 

What is his intention? Will he be obedient? 

Chen Boqiao regained his mind and whispered Zhang Jue's name. 

Zhang Jue responded quickly, "What's wrong?" 

Chen Boqiao asked, "Who do you represent?" 

Zhang Jue was silent for a few seconds and said, "I don't represent anyone." 

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue's side. 

The corners of Zhang Jue's lips were very flat, and he looked straight ahead, showing stubborn. After half a minute, Zhang Jue said again, "The Asian Union is unworthy of judging you." 

Chen Boqiao remembered that Zhang Jue was almost in the same age as him. As a 28-year-old or a 29-year-old person, it was not mature enough to say such arrogant and idealistic words. But Chen Boqiao was still amused by the serious, he said, "Really." 

Zhang Jue was still dignified, and he told Chen Boqiao, "I didn't intend to act so early, but after the demonstrations at the gate of the Presidential Palace last week, the Fifth Military Prison suddenly changed several prison guards. Two of them were guards for the President's father." 

The complexion of Chen Boqiao was changed. 

"Don't worry," Zhang Jue perceived Chen Boqiao's changes, and comforted him, "the Asian Union cannot deal with the newly independent country." 

Chen Boqiao pondered and didn't speak. 

"But..." Zhang Jue’s words turned sharply and said slowly, "When you reach the newly independent country, you have to do me a favor." 

Chen Boqiao glanced at Zhang Jue and asked, "What?" 

"I want a gene lock of Zhaohua Energy." 

Chen Boqiao listened and gave a slight stun. 

Every gene lock of Zhaohua Energy is the top secret of the group. After Chen Zhaoyan's death, only Chen Boqiao can open it. 

Not many people know about gene locks. How did Zhang Jue know? 

Chen Boqiao thought for a while, and cautiously asked, "Which one?" 

"Zhaohua Energy’s space medicine capsule prototype, I want to take a potion that was completely recalled and destroyed thirteen years ago," Zhang said, "Can you?" 

Chen Boqiao did not answer immediately. 

He looked out of the car window, watching the welcoming signboard with colored lights approaching them but left behind, and looking that Zhang Jue drove the car into the town. Chen Boqiao lowered the window with the old hand crank, letting the hot night wind pour into the car. 

Zhang Jue didn't get a reply,  seemed to be nervous, and said more, "This medicine is only for my personal needs. If it wasn't found, I wouldn't ask you for help. This time I came to Asia Union, I promised my father that I would let you help me, so he took the risk to help me so much.

Before Zhang Jue said more explanations, Chen Boqiao leaned towards Zhang Jue and put his right hand on Zhang Jue's shoulder, "I know. So where is the prototype that you said?" 

Chen Boqiao felt the muscles of Zhang’s shoulder that he touched were tense, and saw that Zhnag’s light-colored lips closed lightly, then opened slightly, and made a sound from his mouth, "My home." 


"Hi, this is Ai Jiaxi. I am inconvenient to answer your call now. Please leave your message after." 

"Jiaxi, when you hear the recording call me back, the independent state of Thailand is not fun, go home immediately, don't make a temper." 

"Hi, this is Ai Jiaxi. I am inconvenient to answer your call now. Please leave your message after." 

"I came back to explain to you, remember, call me back." 

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