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Sunset Boulevard

2020-05-17 11:11:05
Chapter 1 part1

Chen Boqiao spent three months in the Fifth Military Prison of the Asian Union, during which he spent his 29th birthday, missed his father's funeral, and witnessed the six former officers were taken to the execution ground. 

The distance between his single prison and the execution ground is not far. Usually, the military prisoner passed by ten minutes later, he can hear the gunshot of death executions and the sound of the flying birds flapping their wings. The sound of AKM without noise reduction automatic rifle resembles a war drum and slaps on the vast drum's surface over the suburbs of the Asian Union. 

On the morning of December 25th, the next day after the sixth officer was executed, Chen Boqiao went to court.


He was wearing a rough prison uniform, his wrists were locked by steel handcuffs, and he sat in the defendant seat, absentmindedly listening to the prosecutor's impassioned reading of the complaint.


At the end of the court, the Asian Associated Press's camera was running, to broadcast the trial of Chen Boqiao who was the son of the Asian Union’s richest man and the former Army Colonel.

The crimes are treason, patricide,four well-documented and brutal murders.

Chen Boqiao was sentenced to death in court and executed immediately.

After the trial, Chen Boqiao was first escorted by prison guards and taken away from the court.

From the court to the Prison Transporter, he had to go through a corridor surrounded by union reporters.

Two rows of explosion-proof police blocked a narrow aisle with shields, journalists with access cards hanging on their chests pushed the police excitedly, and some powerful journalists raised their microphones over the police's shoulders, struggling to get close to Chen Boqiao's mouth. They asked questions loudly, was eager to get a few words from Chen Boqiao.

"Mr. Chen, will you continue to appeal?"

"Mr. Chen, before the judgment began, foreign media have successively disclosed the judgment of this case in advance, and many pieces of evidence have proved to be fake. Do you know the details of this matter?"

"Mr. Chen, your supporters are sitting and protesting outside the court, and there is large-scale procession across the coalition. Please do not give up the appeal."

"Mr. Chen… some authoritative people speculated that this whole thing was a conspiracy of your stepmother. Excuse me. "

"Mr. Chen, could you answer me…"

The passageway separated by the human became narrower and narrower, and reporters moved to the front hall with the pace of Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao was the one with the most stable mood at the scene. He even smiled at a camera that was about to be put on his face.

The camera's flashes was like a long strip of light, blinking in the corridor, like Chen Boqiao's 28 to 29 years old, which was too long to see the end.

More than ten months ago, Chen Boqiao was an idol among the young soldiers of the union and a star of tomorrow in the military and political arena.

On January 29th, he led a commando to complete a surprise attack that narrow escape, liberating a small city in the center of the war zone that had been blocked by the two countries for three years, allowing 100,000 people to escape from the nightmare of war. 

Subsequently, Chen Boqiao was appointed the youngest colonel of the Asian Union, awarded the Presidential Medal.

On June 12, Chen Boqiao’s father, Chen Zhaoyan, the richest man in the Asian Union, was shot while inspecting the factory and died on the way to the hospital.

On June 14th, Chen Boqiao was identified as the chief suspect in  killing Chen Zhaoyan and was arrested at his home.

After months of ups and downs, he reappeared in the public eye, and Chen Boqiao was not as dispirited, embarrassed, or grief-ridden and angry as the media news predicted.

He hasn't changed at all.

"Mr. Chen, regarding the succession of Zhaohua Energy, can you give shareholders a clear response! Your stepmother, the widow of Chairman Chen, will become the first Omega richest man in the Asian Union?"

"Mr. Chen Boqiao…"

Chen Boqiao didn't answer any questions. He passed the light band composed of blurred human face and noise and stepped on the van with the urging of the officer behind him.

When the car door was closed, Chen Boqiao heard the slogan of the protest crowd outside the court. Those who had been protected by him and his comrades-in-arms shouted his name uniformly.

The van team has a total of eight bullet-proof and explosion-proof armored vehicles. To prevent accidents, the van team has planned nearly ten different routes. The drivers will only get the exact route a few minutes before departure.

There were three escorting officers in the van where Chen Boqiao was. Two young men sat opposite, and an older man was sitting next to him, both holding sub-machine guns and staring at Chen Boqiao. They were not relaxed for a moment. Chen Boqiao closed his eyes for a moment, and when the car passed a slightly bumpy road, he opened his eyes and met the young soldier sitting opposite him.

The soldier widened his eyes and pursed his lips as if he had encountered an enemy.

For politeness, Chen Boqiao smiled kindly at him, but he did not expect that he was even more nervous. The sweat dripping from his forehead slowly dipped into the short fluff on his cheek.

"Are you hot?" Chen Boqiao thought it was interesting and couldn't help asking, "or are you afraid of me?"

Before the young officer answered, the middle-aged officer next to Chen Boqiao had held up his gun and warned in a low voice, "Prohibition of communication."

Chen Boqiao shrugged helplessly, only to stop speaking, leaned on the barbed wire, and wearily listened throttle sound when the armored van climbed the hill, watching the sub-machine guns in the hands of the two escorting officers, lightly moved as the car moved. 


"Hello, the user you dialed is inconvenient to answer your call now, please leave your message after the end of this paragraph."

"A Jue, where have you been? I'm worried about you."

"I already did what you asked me to do, and you said that we are still the closest friends. But why don't you contact me again after that day?

"In addition, my father is no longer angry, and he agreed to let me go out and relax. I am going to visit the independent country of Thailand. I peeked at the map in your safety and the date marked on it, sorry."

"Will we meet? Hopefully."

"Ah, if you hear my message, call me back as soon as possible."

The fifth prison that jails Chen Boqiao temporarily is located in the deep forest on a mountainside of Mishan. It takes about four hours to drive from the Asian Union Military Court to the prison, which needs to cross Mishan Canyon.

The van team was unimpeded all the way. At the moment when they drove halfway, everyone was relaxed, a deafening loud noise came from over their heads. The heavy armored vehicle moving forward quickly stopped abruptly, and the sound of the brake sounded through the valley.

The four rushed forward due to inertia. Chen Boqiao was still handcuffed, and his shoulder bump to the steel wall inside the car with a thwack.

The escort officers responded very quickly and quickly stabilized their figures. The older officer held up his gun and firmly pressed Chen Boqiao's waist, " Don't move!" 

The other two turned their guns back to back in an alert posture.

The four listened nervously. Suddenly, the weird sound of leaves came into the car, and after a few seconds, the sharp scraping sound of the escort helicopter propeller hitting the trees and rocks, which penetrated the trembling steel plate of the escort armored vehicle and got into the ears of officers and prisoner inside the vehicle.

"Bang, bang," the clash sounded quickly, slowed down regularly, like a pair of rough hands clinging to the prisoner's throat, which was not fatal for a time but made people creepy. 

The officers’ faces looked pale and exchanged eyes.

Chen Boqiao didn't have any fear, just a bad hunch in his heart.

Compared with their original plan, the simple and rude behavior style and the untimely rescue timing is quite unusual. 

As soon as the helicopter crashed, the surroundings were quiet again. The four people in the van were holding their breath. When the older officer was about to speak, the left side of the door was being held up. The van shook up and down and moved to the side.

The armored vehicle was moved off the driveway, opened up the fence on the mountain road, rolled over towards the canyon, and fell straight. 

The officer next to Chen Boqiao had only had time said a bad language, and his head hit the roof of the car,  his submachine gun almost discharges accidentally. 

Fortunately, after a moment of weightlessness, something pulled the head of the car violently. Several people leaned back at the same time and slammed heavily on the steel door at the rear of the car.

Due to the position, Chen Boqiao was pressed on top, without any injuries, but the back ached by the gun handle. In addition, he felt that the four Alphas squeezed too close to each other and didn't smell very good. 

The armored vehicle was about to be hoisted by a helicopter, rising like a pendulum. 

The middle-aged officer slowed down first. He broke his head, and blood flowed down the hairline. Without a word, he grabbed the barbed wire, barely stood up, and pointed at Chen Boqiao with a gun, "Don't move." 

Chen Boqiao raised his hands to show his innocence.

The helicopter flew them for a long time. The middle-aged officer's hand with the submachine gun gradually became unstable. The muzzle was shaking to the left and right. When he can’t find the right angle, he winked at another young police officer and motioned for a substitution. When he was about to let go, the body of the armored car trembled, and the rear wheels landed first, followed by the front wheels. 

They landed. 

The three officers who surrounded Chen Boqiao didn't speak. As promised, they first aimed at Chen Boqiao with their guns. After a breathless silence, the door at the rear of the car was opened, revealing a very thin seam. 

The middle-aged military officer made a simple gesture. Three officers bent over together and held a gun against Chen Boqiao's back, and let Chen Boqiao open the door.

Chen Boqiao moved two steps forward by the muzzle, reluctantly pushed the bulletproof door slowly, and the cold air belonging to Mishan came into his nose. 

He saw dark green trees, the ground where the sand was raised by the wind, a group of heavily armed mercenaries, nearly thirty black muzzles, and an unexpected person.


"Come down." Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao expressionlessly and said to him. 

Chen Boqiao raised his hands and stepped out of the van. The officers also followed him down and had no time to respond. Three silencing guns from different positions fired at the same time, and the three fell down. When Chen Boqiao squatted down in disapproval, trying to probe the pulse of a middle-aged officer, Zhang Jue said, "Anesthetic."

Chen Boqiao withdrew his hand, watching Zhang Jue quietly.

Maybe he was thinner than while studying, he thought silently. 

They were not familiar with each other during studying, and it has been so many years since they graduated from high school. No matter how hard Chen Boqiao thought back, he can only think of his general outline. 

The two were silent for a few seconds, Zhang Jue to look away first. He raised his hand to grab the coat in the hands of his subordinates and approached Chen Boqiao. He cut the handcuffs of Chen Boqiao with a laser cutter and forced the Jacket into Chen Boqiao's arms, and whispered, "Put on." 

"Thank you." Chen Boqiao was a little bit cold, so he was not polite to Zhang Jue. He shook off his coat and put it on his body. When he looked up and thanked Zhang Jue, Zhang Jue had already gone, and he was talking softly to his subordinates. 

In fairness, Zhang Jue is definitely not the type of Alpha with a good appearance. He is not good, and thinner than ordinary Alpha, and can easily be mistaken for Beta.

He was relatively tall, only a little shorter than Chen Boqiao, with pale skin, eyes and lip colors also were pale, a dull face, slightly curly black hair over his shoulders, and tied it behind his neck without taking good care of his hair. In the words of Chen Boqiao's friend Pei Shu, Zhang Jue was filled with frustration.

Not long ago, Pei Shu sighed that if Zhang Jue could join them in some sociable evenings of the Asian League, then Pei Shu would never be voted as champion of that "Omega didn't want to marry him". 

Maybe he noticed Chen Boqiao's eyes, Zhang Jue raised his head slightly, looked at Chen Boqiao, and asked him, "Well done?"


Waiting for Chen Boqiao to nod, Zhang Jue said briefly "Follow me," and then walked towards a helicopter without turning back. 

Chen Boqiao paused on the ground, looking at Zhang Jue's back, and remembering in that conversation, that Pei Shu mentioned Zhang Jue's reason: "I heard that Zhang Jue was broken off an engagement by his childhood friend Omega." 

At that time, Pei Shu asked Chen Boqiao, "Did he ever confess to you before?" 

Chen Boqiao thought about it for a long time before digging out figure of Zhang Jue from the memories of his student days. He honestly told Pei Shu, "Many people have confessed to me, and I am not impressed."

Zhang Jue walked to the helicopter, turned around and found that Chen Boqiao was still on the ground. His eyebrows twisted, and he straightened his back, and asked Chen Boqiao, "Is there anything else?" 

Chen Boqiao no longer remembered, smiled at Zhang Jue, and opened his legs. 


"Hello, the user you dialed is inconvenient to answer your call now, please leave your message after."

"A Jue, I saw the news, I know it is you ... are you crazy! Do you think that person still remembers your name? 

"... I will be in Bangkok tomorrow at three o'clock. I don't think we will meet again. 


"Zhang Jue, I will never care about you again."

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