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Chapter 21

As soon as Jade and Zhao Jinjin entered the dressing room, people outsid discussed them immediately.

The man who just greeted Jade was Annan. He used to be an editor in a top fashion magazine. He knew most of the designers and models in this room.

He said as soon as the door closed, "My dear, sixteen years old, she should be the youngest one in so many sessions!"

Another answered, "In the semi-finals, she must be the smallest one."

Annan sighed, "The young generation is prospective."

In designing industry, people may not win only with their diligence. The industry entailed great inteligence. It was right to say that talents were consist of 99% of inteligence plus 1% of effort.

Sometimes professional and experience were not as good as a flash of inspiration.

She can enter the semi-finals at the age of sixteen. She must be a gifted. When they chatted, they couldn't hide their envy in the speech. The female designer who had not spoken on the far side of the dressing table and made hairstyles for the model suddenly said coldly, "Her line draft can enter the rematch, but the finished product may not be qualified. The design talent is very important, but the practical ability is not supported by the talent. Boasting too much."

Annan's personal aesthetic had always tended the beautiful girl of vitality. The little girl who just came in had grown up on his aesthetic point. Hearing this ridiculous sarcasm, he can't help saying, "If she dare to come, it means that she is worthwhile. Whether she is qualified or not, we will know it when she comes out. Even if the finished product is not good, a 16-year-old girl can enter the semi-finals with her line draft, then she deserves praises.”

The female designer knew that Annan had a wide range of connections. Although her face was a little ugly, she just snorted and then kept silent.

But what she said was right.

In addition to the finished clothes, the competition stipulated that the makeup and hair of the model from head to toe must also be handled by the designer, and it was not allowed to ask for help. In this way, a complete work was presented.

Although the female model who came in just now looked pretty, she obviously had only a basic makeup and lipstick. After changing clothes, her designer had to do her hairs and make-up.

Annan couldn't help but worry about the little girl who had just met.

When he was thinking, the door of the dressing room opened.

All designers stopped the work in their hands and looked at the door.

Zhao Jinjin walked out dressing the skirt, Jade crouched behind her to take care of the skirt, pointing to the dressing table on the 27th, "Sit there, you can put it down, you won't step on it!"

Zhao Jinjin obediently losen her hand, the gauze on the waist slipped like a waterfall, and the skirt behind her slowly unfolded with her pace. For a moment, the room was full of starlight.

The eyes of everyone including the models fell on Zhao Jinjin alone.

Their views had only one meaning.

It was so beautiful.

From top to bottom, from white to light, the dark blue gradually melt into the skirt. The skirt was dotted with broken diamonds, like a feather coat. I t was unknown if the skirt was more beautiful, or the model was more beautiful. There was an echo between each other. The beauty was eclipsed all around. For a long time, Annan murmured a sentence, "Oh my gosh!"

His stopped makeup and came over in a few steps, squatting directly behind Zhao Jinjin. He saw the waist from the back to the skirt, and finally his eyes fell on the skirt filled with broken diamonds.

There were at least thousands.

He turned his head and asked Jade, who opened the makeup box, "Are these all made by your hand?"

The difference between manual and machine was still obvious in their eyes.

Jade nodded.

Annan sighed incredulously, "If I were to sew so many drills, my eyes would be blind. It's good to be young."

Everyone was convinced as soon as the skirt appeared. Annan was so fond of this little girl now, he stood up quickly and gave her a business card, "Hey, my name is Annan, more contact in the future!"

The title on the business card was  editor-in-chief of Likan magazine. This was Jade’s turn to be surprised.

Wasn’t this one of the next four major journals?

No! At this time, Likan had not developed into four major journals, and was still struggling on the brink of transformation because of the impact of new media. Fans were very excited when the market promoters mentioned S-Star would be on the cover of Likan before. Jade didn't understand what the magazine cover meant for the star. She did research specifically. When she checked the information, she also saw that Likan had almost failed.

It said someone was trying to save the magazine from extinction. He abandoned the past style, broke everything and started from scratch, then revived Likan.

What was his name? Jade forgot it.

She got business card and reached out her hand politely, "Hello, my name is Jade, I don't had a business card."

Annan smiled and shook hands with her, "Are you still a student?"

Jade nodded, "Yes, I'm in high school right now."

Annan cheered her, "Girl, cheer up. By the way, do you know how to. make up?"

Jade gave him a wink, "Yes, brother, go for your work, your model is still waiting for you."

Annan was in his thirties and had not been the age of being a brother. He was excited when she called him brother. And he liked Jade more.

Zhao Jinjin looked at it through the mirror and couldn't help whispering to Jade who was holding her puff and starting to put on her make-up, "What kind of brother? He can obviously be your uncle."

Jade poked her face and whispered, "If I call him uncle he will be unhappy."

When she first graduated to makeup for others, she also called someone brother who was twenty years older than herself. This was the workplace survival criterion.

Zhao Jinjin said in her heart, “Missy was awesome, and Missy was so cute to be careful.”

Jade put on a good basic and began to concentrate on applying makeup to her.

Zhao Jinjin closed her eyes and asked a little nervously, "Miss, can you make up? Or should I come by myself? Can you tell which one is an eyebrow pencil and which is an eyeliner?"

Jade, "Shut up, I know."

Zhao Jinjin, "Don't you high school students don't be allowed to makeup? I didn't know how to apply lipstick when I was in college. Are you high school students so precocious? Does the teaching director care?"

Jade, "If you say it again, I will turn you into Frankstan."

Zhao Jinjin finally shut up.

Annan came early. At this time, the model's makeup and hair were all done. He let the model sit on the sofa to rest and ran to Jade to observe.

It was unbelievable, the little girl's makeup was too skillful. Not only skilled, but also fast. At first, he looked at the two thin eyebrows on Zhao Jinjin's face. He had some objections. This was not a popular eyebrow shape, and the eye makeup was not easy to match. He was considering whether to give guidance.

As the eye makeup was gradually finished, he knew he was wrong.

Jade's eye makeup color was obviously Chinese style. The previous uncoordinated curvy thin eyebrows instantly became the finishing touch, making the model's entire face graceful.

Annan couldn't help but ask, "What's the name for this skirt?"

Jade squatted halfway down and pointed a vermilion mole in the corner of Zhao Jinjin's eyes with a pen, and whispered, "Its name is lying."

Annan clapped his hands, "I said so, this skirt resembles the feather coat. Feather coat is used for flying. That’s right!"

As the makeup was gradually shaped, Annan's eyes were even more amazing, and can't help but ask, "I haven't seen this makeup style before, this color was so good and innovative."

Jade said in her heart, “Of course, I used the aesthetic of ten years later.”

Several designers had been listening to Annan asking questions from east to west, but they couldn't help but leave their model and run to  watch. Zhao Jinjin said with half eyes open, "What are you doing, don't steal the skills. This is my Missy's unique secret!"

Annan stared at Jinjin for so long, finally remembering who she was, "Well, I know you, aren't you the little snake demon in "Peach Blossom Lake"! You are Zhao...?"

Zhao Jinjin answered, "Zhao Jinjin! What a little snake demon? My character is called Qing Ling!"

Annan laughed a little apologetically, "Okay, I remember you. You don't play a TV show? how did you run as a model? Change to the fashion circle? Why do you call Jade Missy?"

Zhao Jinjin said tiredly, "You have too many questions."

Then she closed his eyes and said nothing.

Jade knew that, if tuberculosis met tuberculosis, there was always one surrendered.

After finishing the makeup, Jade started to make hairstyle. She tied up Zhao Jinjin's long hair with a gauze of the same color and began to curl her bun. Annan didn't know how she turned her smooth hair into such a complicated and beautiful bun.

Zhao Jinjin's beautiful swan neck and butterfly bones were all exposed. The whole person was really like a fairy who was about to fly, regardless of the skirt or makeup hair.

Annan looked back at his model and said sadly, "I doubt you are going to win the championship."

Jade made a bow, "Brother's words were too serious."

After finishing her makeup, Zhao Jinjin looked in the mirror for a few minutes, and finally concluded, "I'm too beautiful. It is not reasonable if I can not be famous." She looked at Jade with her eyes, "Miss, if you were my royal hairdress, how good it will be?!"

Jade packed up her makeup box, "Are you scorning your current makeup stylist? Then I ask my brother to change one for you."

Zhao Jinjin, "Hey, no matter who he is, it's not you."

Jade smiled and hurried her to the sofa to rest.

After they had finished all the designs, and the model will soon appear. Jade ranked 27th, which gave Zhao Jinjin a lot of preparation time.

The surrounding models were professional. Some powerful designers even invited supermodels. Compared with Zhao Jinjin, she was a layman. She was inevitably nervous.

Jade filled her with chicken soup "they are not as beautiful as you, and beauty is justice" before finally calming her down.

When it was the fourth group, Jade accompanied her to line up behind the entrance, arranged the skirt for her, and showed her a cheering gesture. She stepped aside to watch the show screen.

Soon, the voice of the host came in front of her, "Then the next step on the T stage is the work of designer 27, "Flying."

Zhao Jinjin took a deep breath, raised his chin, and walked out.

Under the T stage were full of people, and the white light flashes steadily, her eyes were not squinted, and her expression management was in place, like a noble fairy who walked from the begin to end. After five seconds of positioning, she walked backwards again. Then she finished two-minute show.

When standing in front, she did not miss the appreciation and stunning in the row of judges.

She rushed back to hug Jade as soon as she went to the backstage, "Miss! We got it! Absolutely!"

Jade also praised her, "Wonderful!"

The next was to wait for the result of the rematch.

  Zhao Jinjin hadn't eaten so far to keep her waist thin. She only drank a few sips of water. She didn’t know where Jade find a box of yogurt for her to drink. After drinking, Jade replenished her lips.

Annan's work display was also over. He was familiar with this piece, and he went to the media magazine area under the T stage to look it around. When he came back, he gave Jade a thumbs up. "Basically, all talks are about Flying." Then he gave a glance to Zhao Jinjin, who was paralyzed on the sofa, "And you. You are going to be famous."

Zhao Jinjin, "I want to drink cola, eat spicy hot pot."

Jade remembered a hot and spicy food that she would pass every time she went to the night market to find Clifford. The business was very good and the food was smelled good. She told her, "I will bring you to eat tonight, don't tell brother Yun."

Zhao Jinjin's eyes were bright and she swallowed several saliva.

After all the models were displayed, an hour later, the final list will come out. This was good for foreign sponsors. It was very fast-paced. Unlike domestic ones, they were always engaged in formalism and the process was terrible.

All designers and models were waiting at the entrance, listening to the host announce the list, and go out one by one.

Jade's name was the ninth.

She looked at Zhao Jinjin and walked out hand in hand.

T-stage had been replaced with a spacious stage. The interest in No.27 Flying was the highest. When they heard the name, they cheered and applauded.


As a result, when Jade came out, a group of people were stunned.

Wait, this little girl, looked a little small?


Even the host was stunned for a few seconds, but he adjusted his situation immediately. He said, "It is surprising that our designer No. 27 is so young. It's amazing. We have to come here."

Jade followed Zhao Jinjin, and the host then announced the remaining list.

Jade stood on the stage for the first time, and the stage was that she had dreamed of going on. She was excited. But there were probably too many things that she had experienced in recent years, and her ability to control emotions had also become stronger.


She saw Yale sitting in the second row.


They looked at each other, and Yale smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.


She couldn't help laughing.


The camera just moved to her, and her smile appeared on the big screen.


The young and immature girl, the facial features had not all been shaped, and her face was still a little fat, but her bright eyes and teeth, with a smile, like the sun turned into a dandelion, gently falling softly on people's hearts.


Cheers suddenly rised up, and the media took photos at her.

A total of 20 people entered the final. The designer will explain his work in turn, and then the judges will comment. Zhao Jinjin leaned sideways and asked in a low voice, "Do you want to say something?"


Jade, "No, my language performance is the worst."


Zhao Jinjin was anxious, "Why don't you make a draft in advance!"


Jade, "I don't remember that there is still this part. Don't be panic, I can play on the spot."


Zhao Jinjin recalled several experiences on red carpets that she had attended. The speeches of the film queens and predecessors, quietly taught Jade, "Thank your parents, thank your teachers and friends, thank organizers..."


When she was talking, the host handed over the microphone and smiled, "Finally on our twenty-seventh, looking at the eyes and voice of everyone, they must had been curious about our little designer."


Jade took the microphone in Zhao Jinjin's desperate gaze, pursed her lip, and said, "Hello everyone, distinguished judges, my name is Jade, I am the designer of Flying.”


The judges underneath were all international celebrities, Scarlett, the founder of the famous fashion brand SV, immediately said, "I am most curious, it should also be the most curious question for everyone, how old are you?"


The competition was anonymous, and the judges were only now aware of the designer of each work.


Jade said, "I'm sixteen."


They got the expected answer, but there was still an exclamation.


This was the youngest designer since the contest was held. And she also reached the final!


The vice chairman of the clothes design association Liu Chenghua was most selfless and asked, "Can you guarantee that in the face of all of us, this work is designed by you independently from the design to the production?"


Jade nodded, "I promise, Flying was my independent design work."


This was a game that the entire fashion industry was staring at. She was not fake. She had a firm look and a strong voice. Liu Chenghua nodded and then asked, "Tell me about your design concept."


It had come. Here come to the most important part!


Zhao Jinjin was so nervous that her palm was wet. She can’t help but looked at Jade.

However, she saw Jade was stunned.

How can she be in a daze at this moment!!!

After about 10 or 20 seconds, Jade said, “My inspiration on Flying is originated from an ancient poem,” She looked at the light ahead, smiled, “I want to ride the wind to fly.”

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