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Chapter 20

He actually didn't like sugar.

It was just at a very young age that children had a natural love for sugar and they want to eat a candy. But his dad didn’t buy it for him. He spent every peny to eat, drink, and gamble. Clifford couldn’t eat enough food, let alone sugar.

He looked at the colorful fruit candy in the children's hands and swallowed slobber quietly. After they peeled the candy paper and threw the candy cover on the ground, he secretly picked up the it and licked it.

One winter, the mayor sent a can of expensive coffee candy to their house and was placed on the second floor of the cabinet by his dad. Near the Chinese New Year, he went out to gamble again. He forgot his three-year-old son at home and he had not returned home for two days.

Clifford was hungry in bed for two days.

There was nothing at home, only the pot of coffee candy on the cupboard. A little child, skinny, pushed a stool taller than him to the cabinet, stepped on the stool and climbed up, opened the sugar bowl.

Afraid of being beaten, he dared not eat too much. He only ate two, and he obligedly screwed up the lid and put it back. The candy was in his mouth, sweet, and he couldn't bear to chew it he didn’t swallow it until he fell asleep.

Finally, he was awakened by beating.

He didn’t know when his dad had come back. On the table there was the coffee candy that was opened by him, and his dad kicked him with a scolding voice, like the storm poured down. "Did I tell you that you can not eat candy in the jar??" I planned to use it to exchange money! Did I tell you! You, a hungry ghost beggar, I f*cking killed you!"

After the fight, he still seemed to be angry, picked Clifford up from the bed and pressed him against the table.

Then he opened the jar of coffee candy, grabbed a handful of them, pinched his chin to force him to open his mouth, and crammed all the half jars of coffee candy into his mouth.

The candy covered his mouth, tearing the corners of his mouth and choked him to death.

Since then, Clifford had stopped eating sugar.

For a long time, he didn't even dare to eat sweet things, and he would feel nausea when he smelled it.

Later, it gradually recovered, and he treated sweets as a tonic for bitter life. He drank very sweet milk tea and ate sweet cakes, but still didn't touch a piece of sugar.

The sound of hard candy crushing his teeth would still make him sick.

Fans see that he liked to eat sweets, thinking that he also liked to eat sugar, always giving him a lot of sweets. He would accept it with a smile, then put it in the locker, never open it again.

The colorful sugar paper in the glass jar reflected the colorful light.

The girl owner looked at him with a little fear, and she pushed the sugar bowl forward again, "You take it away."

Clifford lowered his eyes, staring indifferently at the sugar bowl for a while, then suddenly looked up and said, "When she comes next time, you tell her that I haven't been here again and give her back."

The shopkeeper was stunned. "Ah? Don't you want it?"

He had no emotion, "No, don't tell her I've been here."

After that, he turned his guitar on his back and left.

There was a string of purple wind chimes hanging at the door of the shop. When pushing the door, a clear and nice bell rang out. When the door was pushed halfway, he stopped, paused, and folded back.

The female shopkeeper looked at him with a little surprise.

Clifford reached out and opened the lid of the sugar bowl, took a red sugar from the inside, closed the lid again, and pushed it inside, still with the calm look, "Sorry to bother you."

The female shopkeeper quickly waved her hand, "Not at all."

He nodded slightly, held the sugar in his palm, and pushed the door away.

When he walked outside the door, he met a man who would stop and listen to him sing a few songs every time after work. The man greeted him friendly, "Hey man, I haven't seen you for a while, do you sing today? ?"

Clifford glanced at the fallen leaves and shook his head. "I won't sing anymore." He paused and said, "I won't sing here anymore."

The man was a little disappointed, "Are you leaving? Hey, I wish you a big star soon."

He smiled and walked on the street in the winter night, with his guitar on his back.


Jade started school not long after returning to S City.

Her unfinished winter vacation assignments were all done by Cherry. When Cherry was copying, she took a cloth ruler and tailored the shears. She sewed up and removed the shears again and again.

The prototype of the skirt had been made, and Cherry asked her doubtfully, "Jade, can you really make the skirt on the painting? Don't you only sew Barbie clothes at most?"

Jade, "Children just need to do their homework quietly, don't disturb adults to do things."

Cherry, "Who am I doing homework for!!!"

Jade, "Okay, I'll take you to eat fried chicken later, and you eat big pieces."

So why Cherry was called a kid? A piece of fried chicken immediately made her quiet.

After the school started, Jade was even more busy. This skirt was her hard work for several years. Even the broken diamond on the hem of the skirt was sewn by herself, without the help of others.

Sometimes when Mrs. Scott wanted to help, she will rush her mom out. Mrs. Scott stood at the door and said to Mr. Scott with exclamation, "When she used to move Barbie dolls home, who would had thought that she had the ability now? "

After the spring, the weather was warmer, and the branches on the street had sprouts. Jade's skirt was finally completed and was airlifted to City B before the competition.

She went to ask the class teacher for leave and explained the reason. The class teacher agreed immediately and wished her good results.

This time, of course, Yale came to pick her up.

He put on a thin spring shirt with long legs and narrow waist, and a lot of girls were secretly watching him along the way. Jade said contemplatively, "Brother, why don't you pack yourself and give yourself a debut, you are really more and more handsome, more handsome than the male artists of our company!"

Yale glanced at her, "I think your skill at playing tricks is getting stronger and stronger."

Jade, "...I sincerely praise you, what do you do to me?"

The two of them walked all the way to the parking lot. From afar, Jade saw the car window come down, and someone sat inside and waved happily at her.

As soon as she approached, Zhao Jinjin hurriedly got out of the car and said happily, "Miss, long time no see."

Jade also smiled, "Why are you here?"

The two got in the car, and Zhao Jinjin said, "Sir asked me to go home with you to try on a skirt!"

Jade looked her up and down for a while, "Your body shape was maintained very well, more lines than before, and your skin was better than before!"

Zhao Jinjin proudly said, "Of course!" She extended a finger and said pitifully, "I haven't even drunk a sip of Coke in these months."

Jade laughed fiercely.

The skirt was where Yale lived, and was sent with the humanoid model. Yale kept it well as required. It was maintained when it was sent.

Zhao Jinjin originally talked to laugh, but after entering the house and seeing the skirt, she could not speak anymore.

Her eyes were full of excitement. She unbelievably wondered, "Miss, did you make this?! Oh my god, this skirt is too beautiful! It's more beautiful than the luxury dress I wore on the red carpet last time! Ah, can I really wear this skirt? Am I qualified? Can I really?!"

Jade closed the bedroom door, "You can! Take it off!"

Zhao Jinjin tore off her coat bravely.

The skirt was made according to the proportion of her figure, and all traces fit the curve of her figure. Jade admired the beauty's devil figure for free. After helping her change the skirt, she simply got her hair.

Zhao Jinjin had only one sentence throughout the process, "Why are you so brilliant?"

After wearing it, Jade took a closer look to see if there was any need to adjust, and found that it was perfect.

She opened the door and asked Yale to come in and see.

Yale looked up and down at the excited and trembling Zhao Jinjin, then he nodded willingly, "Yes, let's go get the prize."

Zhao Jinjin was crying with excitement, "I had never worn such a beautiful skirt, I'm so expensive..."

Jade clapped, "Look at this, hey, take two steps, you take two steps! Stop shaking!"

Zhao Jinjin shuddered and walked twice, and found it was different between wearing a skirt and not wearing it when she walked a catwalk. She had been training very well these past few months, how can she not walk away wearing a skirt!

She said to Jade in tears, “I’m so scared to wear it. Would I drop the diamond while walking?”

Jade looked at her coolly, "Do you think you are a fairy whose tears turn into pearls when you cry?"

Zhao Jinjin, "Who?"

In the next few days, Jade let Zhao Jinjin wear a skirt to practice the catwalk. Before that, Wu Zhiyun specifically asked a professional model teacher to teach Zhao Jinjin. She was spiritual enough and learned things very quickly. After a few days of practice, she adapted to the skirt. She can perform like a professional model.

Soon it will be an official game.

The competition venue was set in the famous show in City B, and the stage was started as early as a few months ago. There were two rounds of the competition, the rematch and the final, but there was no gap between them. The rematch was mainly to see whether the designer presented the works on the drawings and the performance of the model.

After the screening of the semi-finals, they will immediately enter the final, which was judged by designer's skills.

Yale couldn't continue to follow the two when they were sent to the entrance of the participating designer, where only the designer and the model could enter. He patted Jade's head and said nothing else, "Go ahead."

Jade nodded with pride.

In the international competitions, the individual distribution was very reasonable. A group of eight players were arranged in the same large-scale dressing room. Each had its own dressing table and dressing room. It was not crowded and collision, avoiding many conflicts.

Jade was on the 27th. When he entered with Zhao Jinjin according to the signs, the designers who were already busy in the room were all stunned.

Jade didn't dress specially. She even faced everyone without making up. She wore sports pants and stepping on white sneakers with a penytail. It seemed to be a child who was not yet a teenager.

But there was a brand of the participating designer hanging on her chest, and a "27" brand was attached to her waist.

The most young competitor who can enter the semi-finals at least  graduated from college. When did they had minors?

They all looked at Jade with surprise and wonder. But for the contestants were still anonymous until now, they would had to wonder if this was the back door.

A male designer with a beard holding a makeup brush and applying makeup to his model couldn't help but say hello to her, "My dear, how old are you, little girl?"

Jade politely said, "I'm sixteen."

“What the hell?”, said the crowd in the room.

The man was startled, "Genius." He looked at Zhao Jinjin holding the skirt behind Jade, and he said for a long time, "Are you a...a..." The man didn't say the name for a long time, and slapped his head, pointing to the room behind, "Go and change your clothes. The dressing room on the 27th is there."

After they said thanks, they went straight to change clothes.

As soon as they entered the small space and closed the door, Zhao Jinjin finally breathed a sigh of relief, and whispered, "I thought someone would trouble us and opened up the battle all the way."

She was not well-known in the circle. Every time she went to an event, she will encounter something unpleasant. She thought it was the same this time.

Jade said while helping her to wear a skirt, "Most designers had arrogance, we are lucky, we didn't touch the villain."

She couldn't help but said, "Miss, it's so nice to follow you, no one will bully me."

In her word, Jade can see how much bitterness in the entertainment industry.

Jade stunned and whispered after a long time, "Rats will be stronger, believe me. It will take a few years for those who have bullied you to look up at you. We will all become stronger."

We will all become stronger and then protect those whom we want to protect.

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