My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 19

The scene was silent.

People were shocked by Jade's arrogance.

Wu Zhiyun suddenly understood what the uneasy eyes of Yale meant before leaving. Missy Jade, your mocking range was too wide...

Zhongtian's agent was also dumbfounded.

He saw Jade who was brought by Wu Zhiyun, then he thought Jade was a newcomer who came to the audition together. After so many years in the industry, he had never seen such an arrogant freshman!

She was simply not taught by society!

After a while, he immediately scolded, "The small workshop was inferior, and the artist taught by them do not know what is humility and upbringing! The newcomers dare to be so rampant. In the future, if there is a little fame, will she arrogantly fly to the sky?!"

Wu Zhiyun could not stand the little boss being frustrated, and he was going to get angry immediately. But Jade patted his shoulder and let him calmed down.

He saw her leaning backwards, slowly lifting her legs, and said slowly, "The old hooligan is like his name, the upper beam is not correct, the lower beam is also crooked. The agent is not a good thing, and the artist brought out is also crooked. The first to arouse a fight is the cheapest."

Wu Zhiyun, "..."

His previous impression of Missy seemed a little misunderstood.

The agent of Zhongtian really didn’t expect that the newcomer would dare to yell at himself, but her agent didn’t even pull it, and also gave her a look of cheering? ? ?

Were artists in Rats so brutal? ? ?

He was so angry that he almost can not scold. “You... just like you are so unqualified and uncultivated. Do you still want to be a star?! Lower the level of our circle!”

As a result, Jade said, "I don't want to be a star, I just want to be your dad."

The agent of Zhongtian almost passed by in a break of breath.

Xie Ling was really angry and scared next to him, supporting the agent with his assistant, scolding Jade and shouting, "Bitch! Shut up!"

She didn't control the volume, and the artists team who were still waiting for the trial showed a surprise on her words. Jade low down her legs, looking at Wu Zhiyun pitifully and helplessly, "Oops, uncle, she scolded me."

Wu Zhiyun, "............"

Xie Ling, "............"

Missy’s performance was over, it’s time for Wu Zhiyun to play, and Wu Zhiyun immediately touched Jade’s head lovingly, and then scolded, “Watch your language young girl! Where do you think you are? Is this place that you can do whatever you want? So that’s what Zhongtian taught you before?!"

There was also a lot of discussion around, Xie Ling's sentence just now really shocked people. Which female star dare to curse people in this way? If she became famous in the future, what she did before would be dinged out, which can not be washed away for a whole life.

Xie Ling stared at Jade. She was so angry that she was about to collapse, but her reasonable mind finally overcame the emotion. She knew that she can't get out of control anymore. She can't let others read jokes.

She gritted her teeth and sat back to her place, no longer saying anything.

Jade waited for a while and didn't see her reaction, and said to Wu Zhiyun with regret, "Before I try my best, she has already fell."

Wu Zhiyun, "?"

Jade said sincerely, "But her emotional control is very powerful, let Zhao Jinjin learn something. If Zhao Jinjin is here, I guess she will rush to fight."

Wu Zhiyun, "..."

She were right.

Jade sat back again, looking at the audition room with her chin in her hands, thinking a bit sadly. Alas, she felt like a villain every day.

It didn’t take long for Zhao Jinjin to audition, and upon coming over, she found that the atmosphere was not right. She asked blankly, "What am I missing?"

Jade, "You missed my highlight moment."

Wu Zhiyun, "............"

Stupid girl, do you know how lucky you were that you haven't been upset this morning?

Wu Zhiyun thought, Scott family, the devil's house, he must be conscientious, sincere, and work hard in the future.

Jade beckoned to Zhao Jinjin happily, and waited for her to sit around and asked, "How about your audition? Can you take it down?"

Zhao Jinjin did not dare to boast in front of Missy, and conservatively said, "I don't know, but I played absolutely superbly just now."

Jade didn't mind, "It's okay, wait for the result."

Director Guo had always been the person who decided the result after the audition. Twenty minutes after all audition, the staff walked out with the script.

Everyone knew that he was here to announce the result, and everyone, even Jade, was nervous. She was so cool just now, but she was also afraid of being ashamed. She hoped Zhao Jinjin can get the chance!

Zhao Jinjin suddenly grabbed her hand, her palms were sweaty, and whispered, "Miss, if I didn't succeed, don't blame me! Don't hide me!"

Jade was amused by her, "Relax, I..."

The executive staff said, "Zhao Jinjin, come over and get the script."

Zhao Jinjin almost jumped up if she wasn't pulled by Jade.

Other artists had a little regret and said goodbye, leaving the room. Only Zhongtian's team frozen there for a while. Everyone's face was very ugly, and they hurried away.

There were only Rats man in the rest room. Wu Zhiyun accompanied Zhao Jinjin to get the script, went in to meet the director, and discussed the next schedule.

When he came out, Zhao Jinjin looked at Jade's with her red eyes and choked with sobs, "Miss, thank you. If you didn't inspire me, I would definitely not be able to take this role today." She firmly said, "I will give the company a good future to make money!"

Jade thought that this girl had a frank temperament, and all emotions were very real. She could cry and laugh, and she never do anything fake. Yale's views on people were really powerful.

Jinjin promised it, and she looked forward expectantly, "When will you give me the fashion resource you want to give me?"

Jade, "..."

On the way back, Jade said in the car that she was going to participate in the Paris Fashion Design Competition semi-finals. "After the skirt was made, I need a model to the catwalk show. This competition was international. Fashion media and magazines around the world will gather. Although the focus was on design, the exposure of the model was also very high."

Zhao Jinjin heard it and her mouth open into a type O.

Wu Zhiyun also felt incredible, "Jade, your work had entered the rematch? Did you design it yourself?" After asking, he felt that this was ambiguous, and quickly found a supplement. "It's really amazing at a young age."

Zhao Jinjin was excited for a long time, and thought of something nervous again, "But I don't know how to walk a catwalk show."

Jade comforted her, "You still have three months to practice. It is not Victoria's Secret. By the way, you can't really drink cook anymore. I went back to measure your figure in a while, cuz I will make dress according to your ratio. You had to keep in shape."

Zhao Jinjin nodded again and again.

When Yale met the producer and returned to the company, he saw Jade had been writing her work in the office.

She didn’t know that Wu Zhiyun had  repeated what happened in the theater today to Yale, and Jade kept an obedient look to pretend that she didn’t do anything. “Brother? How about your talk to the producer?"

Yale took off his blazer, pinched his nose with a headache, and squeezed for a while. Then he walked over to poke her head with his finger, "You haven't stopped for a day."

Jade smiled, "I show the negative side, and you show the positive side. There will definitely be cooperation with them in the follow-up. I will help you to let them know that we had a lot of hard bones, so that they won't bully you."

Yale, "You mean, I need to thank you?"

Jade, "It's all for the company, no need to say thanks, we are family!"

Yale, "..."

After this battle, Jade was well-known in the company, and her heroic deeds were spreading in the internal groups. Everyone felt a sigh of relief. After all, people who met Zhongtian at work were ridiculed by Zhongtianese mocking. On the other hand, they couldn't help but worry that Missy was so sturdy when she was so young. Will she succeed in enslaving them in the future?

At this time, Zhao Jinjin, as a hardcore fan of Missy, will come out to explain, "Our Missy is super good and super forgiving to her own person! She left the hardness to outsiders and the softness to us!"

Rats employees, "..."

In order to please the future boss, she overdid it.

Zhao Jinjin, "You don't understand!!! Woooo, Missy is really good, she is so good..."

For the next few days, Jade had been in the major fabric markets, looking for suitable materials for making skirts and starting to do the right thing.

When snow stopped in city B, Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott called and asked Jade when to go home.

She bought almost all the materials she needed, and was about to start school. The luggage was packed. Yale booked her a ticket for noon the next day and was ready to send her away.

Although the snow stopped, the weather was cold and gloomy. She took advantage of Yale's vacancy to sign documents and held a glass sugar bowl that she had bought a few days earlier and ran out of the house.

It was in the evening, although the weather was not good, but supper was necessary. The night market was a bit more lively.

When Jade walked to the place where Clifford usually sang while holding the sugar bowl, Clifford were not there.

She stood there staring at the empty triangle for a while, sighing slightly, then pushed open the glass door of the small grocery store next to it.

This grocery store mainly sold gadgets that girls liked, such as Hairpin, bracelet, chocolate candy and everything. The decoration was very small and fresh. The owner was a young girl. She heard the wind ringing and smiled, "Welcome."

Jade walked straight towards her, politely said, "Hello, would you mind doing me a favor."

Ten minutes later, she came out of the shop empty-handed, once again took a deep look at the triangular area covered with fallen leaves. She held her hand to her mouth and exhaled, pushed back into the down jacket, and turned away.

She didn't find that behind the green belt on the opposite sidewalk, the teenager stood sideways with his guitar on his back and looked at her motionlessly.

He looked at her until she disappeared into the crowd.

After a moment, Clifford walked across the sidewalk to the grocery store, and pushed in.

The owner looked up and said, "Welcome." Seeing him coming, she smiled and said, "It's you."

Clifford had been playing guitar outside her shop all the year round, and she was already familiar with his face. Although she did not know his name, and she felt he was not close enough. However, it did not prevent her from enjoying the handsomeness of him.

Clifford approached straight and asked quietly, "What did the girl in the red down jacket just tell you?"

The owner was stunned for a moment and she was a bit hesitant, but Clifford's atomasphere was too oppressive, and she finally moved. She took out a glass sugar bowl under the cabinet, and five hundred dollars.

   "The little girl gave me this sugar bowl and asked me to send you a piece of sugar every night. These five hundred dollars were my labor cost. Well, I'll give it to you. I'm too lazy to do it."

Clifford looked at the glass sugar bowl.

The jar was beautifully made, with colorful flowers in it, and was a variety of sweets.

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