My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 18

Zhao Jinjin was notorious for her acute child temper, and she had never suffered a small loss. Even the manager said that it was a pity for her main-character face that was suitable for bitter drama.

Seeing that the ignorant and upright young face across from her after her sarcasm, Jinjin became more and more convinced that Jade was provoking. Regardless of the assistant pulling behind, she took off her sunglasses, walking towards Jade with great anger.

Jade turned her head to look at the poster on the wall, and then compared the younger sister in front of her, and asked happily, "Are you Zhao Jinjin?"

Zhao Jinjin replied, "I am!"

Jade, "You look better than the poster."

Zhao Jinjin, "..."

Wait! Did people praise the rival first before they fight with each other?

No, for respect for opponents, Zhao Jinjin also said with a stretched face, "You also look pretty."

Being praised, Jade felt a little embarrassed, then politely said, "Thank you."

Zhao Jinjin, "..."

What was going on with her? There were so many words before a quarrel? Instead of going round with Jade, she asked directly, "Which school did you graduate from?"

Director Guo’s drama was the most watching acting. She graduated in the drama department of the Central Academy of Drama, which was far more ahead of these minor characters.

Then she heard Jade said, "Ah? Graduation? I haven't graduated yet, and I'm in high school now."

Zhao Jinjin, "?????"

Why she ddin’t go to school, and even wanted to grab resouces with me?

Children now were impetuous!

Zhao Jinjin felt that this little girl was not as bad as she had thought. It was mainly because she saw the dismal news when she first came to the company early in the morning, and her anger surged at the moment.

She sincerely said to Jade, "This circle was not as simple as you think. The sooner you step in, the easier it was to be dyed colorful and lose your original whiteness. I will not trouble you due to your age. But I will not give you what belongs to me just because you are young. Take care of yourself."

Finished, Jinjin walked away with her assistant head up, leaving Jade with a chic back.

Jade don’t know what happened. This young lady looks pretty, just like she had a problem with her brain.

After reading the artist poster, Jade continued to hang out. Downstairs there were planning team, publicity department, public relations department and other behind-the-scenes teams. Although the entire company was small in size, it had all the internal organs. Yale had organized every link in an orderly manner, and the foundation for developing into a large company had been laid.

Jade walked around and was very satisfied, already thinking about when to buy this office building. This will be the cultural center in the future.

By the time the four sides of the building will be inlaid with the two characters “Rats Entertainment”, they were magnificent.

Oops, it will be very beautiful.

She walked to the conference room on the third floor while thinking about it. Yale just came out after the meeting with the artist brokers and supervisors. When Yale saw her giggling and wandering, he could not help laughing but shouted, "Jade."

Once he shouted, everyone stopped and looked over. The several artist brokers could not sit still for a long time. They just wanted to ask during the meeting, but they didn't find a chance. Now they had to grab the opportunity to sign her.

A group of people was happily preparing to go, and saw the little girl running happily, shouting at Yale, "Brother."

Brokers, "?"

Yale laughed, "Done?"

Jade's eyes were bright, "Well, it's pretty good, big and beautiful."

The company's only female agent, Su Man, couldn't help it, "Sir, who is this?"

Yale said, "This is my cousin, Jade, and the daughter of president Scott of our company."

Although Mr. Scott had never been to the company, after all, he occupied 51% of the shares, and had always been in the title of the president. Everyone knew that there was such a big boss behind the scenes.

Firstly they thought it was a newly signed artist, did not expect that she was the daughter of the big boss!

After the shock, several agents looked at Jade with a little regret, Suman was frank, and immediately asked with a smile, "Missy Jade, you looks so beautiful, are you interested in entering the entertainment industry?"

Yale shook his head with a smile, "She was in high school, no joke now."

Generally, this kind of missy from rich  family had a lot of money. In the future, she will inherit her family business, and she will rarely go into the entertainment industry. It was not sure that even Rats will belong to her in the future. Was she the future little boss?

They may get a good impression early.

Jade politely greeted her future employees, Yale looked at his watch and said to her, "I'm going to meet a producer. On a more formal occasion, I can't take you. You go to my office, don't run around and just write your winter vacation homework when you are bored."

Yale commanded the assistant again, "Take her to my office, help her order to the company for lunch, it's cold outside."

The agent of the company, Wu Zhiyun, heard it and immediately said, "Sir, this was your fault. Jade was a good trip to the company. Do you still ask her to write her homework? When can't the homework be written?"

We Zhiyun smiled and looked at Jade, "Uncle will take the artist to the theater for a while, do you want to play with us?"

Jade was really interested, nodding again and again, "Okay, okay."

Yale saw her interest, but did not stop her, only told Wu Zhiyun to be bothersome, and reminded Jade not to be naughty. Both of them responded, and Jade happily followed Wu Zhiyun to the underground parking lot.

The car was a Mercedes-Benz business car. Yale never saved money on the facade. In all things, it gives outsiders a feeling that the Rats were rich, the background was rich, and the style was magnificent.

Just walked to the front of the car, the door was pushed open, Zhao Jinjin sat inside, looking at them incredulously and angrily, her voice sharply distorted, "Brother Yun! What are you doing with her?!"

Wu Zhiyun just said, "Jade just..."

Zhao Jinjin interrupted him with a scream, "You said that this character can't be robbed by anyone from all over the company! What do you mean now?! The company promised so well when it signed me, did it treat me now?" ?!"

Wu Zhiyun, "..."

Jade, "..."

Five minutes later.

Zhao Jinjin shivered and curled up on the seat, "Miss, were you thirsty? Do you drink Coke?"

Jade, "..."

Wu Zhiyun turned his head from the co-pilot, "How many times had I said that  don’t drink coke again! Assistant Xiao, give me coke!"

Assistant silently took out the Coke in the bag.

Zhao Jinjin said wrongly, "That's sugar-free."

Wu Zhiyun, "Also no sugar-free! Never try any carbonated drinks! Only mineral water was allowed in the future!"

Jade couldn’t see it anymore, and she rescued the little pitiful, "Give me, I will drink."

Assistant smiled and quickly handed her Coke, Jade slowly unscrewed the cap and deflated. When Wu Zhiyun sat back, she secretly stuffed it into Zhao Jinjin's hand and said, "Just take a sip."

Zhao Jinjin's favorability with this young lady was drastically climbed up.

Oh! Brother Yun was right, her violent temper must be changed, can no longer trust enything she heard. Thanks to Missy, who was generous, or Jinjin will be kept in the snow for ten thousand years.

Jade looked at her trembling, thinking that she had been frightened by her rumors for so long today, but did not feel angry. After all, in her eyes, Zhao Jinjin was a little sister who was only twenty years old.

And she looks so good, her little temperament should be reasonable.

Jade took the initiative to break the embarrassment, "What drama are you going to try today?"

  Zhao Jinjin hurriedly talked about the play she wanted to play and the role she wanted to try. Jade felt that many things had changed since she was reborn, and she had never heard of this drama that Zhao Jinjin wanted to try.

She wanted to try the female character number three. Although the performance was not as good as the female one and the female two, the character set was goodthe. And she was a newcomer. This resource was already very good for her.

Jade was very interesting to listen to her, and cheered her, "Come on! This character will definitely be hot."

Chatting all the way to the sky, and soon they arrived at the theater. When getting off, there were several commercial vehicles parked around, and there were female artists crowded with assistants before and after.

Wu Zhiyun explained voluntarily, "Everyone wants to act in Director Guo's play, and there were many competitors."

Jade nodded.

Competitors for female character No. 3 were basically newcomers, arranged to wait for a trial in a common lounge. Jade looked around and thought that Zhao Jinjin was the best looking. She also saw several familiar faces, all of whom were regulars in future TV series.

When Jade was having a good time alone, there was a harsh voice next to her, "Now some people really had no self-knowledge. They dare to come anywhere and dare to try any drama."

Jade turned her head and saw an artist who was the same age as Zhao Jinjin. After she had finished speaking, the man next to her also laughed. "Of course, people who come out of the small workshop want to rub some light everywhere."

Jade hadn't had any reaction yet, but as soon as she saw the agent, she exploded.

Wasn't this asshole S-Star's agent? ? ?

The man allowed argumentative netizen to slander Clifford and forced Clifford to backseat his teammates and suppress Clifford’s resources! ! !

Jade resisted the urge to pounce and tear him up, turned to ask Wu Zhiyun, "Zhongtian's guy?"

Wu Zhiyuan was so angry that he gritted his teeth and said, "Yes. Recently, the resources Rats needed had conflicted with their artists. Several dramas had been taken away by our artists. Every time they met, they mocked Rats as a small workshop that deserves no big platforms."

Having finished speaking, Jinjin saw Jade looking up, down, left, and right.

Asked Zhao Jinjin, "Miss, what are you looking for?"

Jade was expressionless, "What about my sword?"

Zhao Jinjin and Wu Zhiyun pulled her in horror.

F*cking Zhingtian, hurt me idol, insult my company, I want you all to die! ! !

She took a few deep breaths and forced herself to calm down. The crew at the theater shouted, "Xie Ling No. 3, came in for an audition."

Several people beside Zhongtian walked over immediately. As soon as they entered, several other newcomers in the lounge waiting for the trial whispered, and Zhao Jinjin lowered her voice to Jade. Everyone thought that most of the roles this time were hers."

Words over, she heard Jade coldly said, "So what are you doing here?"

Zhao Jinjin was temporarily speech-blocked.

Jade glanced at her and suddenly called her name, "Zhao Jinjin!"

Zhao Jinjin was shocked, her body was sitting upright, her eyes widened at the young lady who was clearly smaller than herself, but stronger than herself.

Jade stared at her, saying, "If you can win this role, I will give you an international top fashion resource."

Missy personally spoke to send resources! ! !

Zhao Jinjin's body shook.

The door opened quickly, Xie Ling came out, and the staff shouted, "Zhao Jinjin, number four, come in for audition."

Zhao Jinjin suddenly stood up.

She glanced down at Jade, her firm gaze slowly passing by Xie Ling, and then swept over the other competitors present, and then walked in with enthusiasm.

Xie Ling had already sat back and was uncomfortable stared by Zhao Jinjin. She turned around and asked the agent unhappily, "What does her views mean?"

The agent had not answered, and there was a chilly voice beside him.

"She means, she didn't target any single one here, but everyone here..."

They turned their heads at the same time and saw the little girl sitting next to them staring grimly at them, pursed her lips, and saying,

"are, all, garbage."

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