My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 16

Zhongtian's regular training time was from 8 am to 6 pm, with a one-hour break at noon. But most trainees will practice more, and it was common to practice until 11 or 12 in the evening.

They gave up their studies and signed a ten-year contract. Except working hard to practice and earning their debut, they had no way out.

Clifford was once the best among them. He was the earliest who came and the last to go, but now it seemed to be the least enterprising one. When Chad had been sweating in the training room with other trainees, Clifford was late to come.

He wore a black baseball cap and didn't talk to anyone. His brim was very low, covering most of his face. In the hateful eyes of the dance teacher, he finished the dance he needed to practice today, and then he sat down in the corner like a cold sculpture, staring out of the window in a daze.

This was a dance that the trainees only started learning yesterday. Chad hadn't even finished the decomposition movement, but Clifford had been able to dance in a good shot.

The dance teacher was amazed but sad. He was amazed at his talents, and sad by his self-reliance.

But the teacher had been tried to persuade him this year. The best seedling in their eyes had been labelled abandoned.

Teacher sighed a few times and clapped his hands to attract the eyes of other trainees. "Come and practice twice. Warren, don't stare at Clifford. He can dance better than you even with his eyes closed!"

There was a laugh in the training room. Chad gritted his teeth and withdrew his gaze, secretly determined that he must surpass him!

When it was almost noon, Niu Tao’s assistant came to call Clifford, "Brother Niu asked you to go to the office."

Niu Tao was the one who went to the night market last night to bother Clifford. He was the company's supervisor in charge of managing trainees.

Clifford stood up and walked out in silence.

As soon as he left, there was a discussion in the training room,

"Are they going to talk to him about canceling the contract?"

"Should it be? It's been a year, if it is someone else, he had already been driven away by the company."

"For god sake, he just go and don’t affect my mood here like a dead man every day."

"What do you say? Clifford used to treat you well. Didn't he stay up all night to help you dance? Didn’t he help the asshole you?"

"Who the hell are you scolding? Is what I said wrong? Hey guys, am I not right? Since he doesn't want to stay here, is it better to leave early than later?"

"Chad, you had the best relationship with Clifford, you say!"

In front of the mirror, Chad slowly pulled his leg down. His clean and handsome face was sad that couldn't be concealed, and even his voice was dull. "It is up to him. He does whatever he wants as long as he is happy."

Everyone knew that he had the best relationship with Clifford. Now that Clifford was leaving, he should be the saddest. They were still just a group of teenagers, and there was no hatred, so they put down their prejudices and ran to comfort chad.

Chad said sadly but firmly, "I'm fine, no matter what happened, I will stick to this path! Together with you!"

Clifford didn't know what happened to in the training room. At this time, Niu Tao was sitting at the computer desk in the supervisor's office. He changed his domineering attitude last night and looked at Clifford with a smile.

Clifford stood opposite him, and he kept the same way that he never wrinkle his eyebrows even the sky would fall down. Niu Tao threw a document in front of him. "This was your attendance rate in the past year, please take a look at yourself."

Clifford glanced at random.

Niu Tao continued, "Late and early retreat more than ten times, passive idle, and the practice time was the shortest of all." He leaned forward, holding his chin with the back of his hand, and asked with a smile, "Clifford, you tell me the truth, don’t you want to debut?"

That smile was never friendly.

It was liked a spitting snake, venomous and terrifying.

Clifford stared at him without speaking.

Niu Tao waited for a while, but did not wait for Clifford’s response. He leaned back in his chair and slowly said, "Do you think I will say next that you just terminate the contract if you don't want to debut?"

He smiled gruffly, "Are you waiting for this sentence?"

Clifford finally frowned.

Niu Tao seemed very satisfied with his performance, happily tapping the edge of the table. He seemed to want to use this method to break Clifford's psychological defense line. But after he knocked for a long time, Clifford did not have any extra responses except for the frown.

Niu Tao couldn't help it anymore. He stood up sharply and nodded his fingers fiercely in the air. "Don't even think about it! What do you think of Zhongtian? It is not a place where you want to come and go as you wish! Clifford, I tell you, if you want to be rotten in the entertainment circle, you can just be rotten in the Zhongtian! You don’t want to train, okay, no one can force you to do. You don’t want to debut, I tell you, even though you just want, there is no chance in your life!"

He picked up the trainee's contract and fell over, "If I don't take the initiative to cancel the contract with you for ten years, can you afford to pay the penalty? You just sing in the night market and you can't make that money! You like to sing. Okay, you can sing whatever you want in the future. But if you want to terminate the contract peacefully, there was no way! Play with me? I want to see who can afford it!"

He finished his madness, and his was very happy, just waiting to see Clifford's panicked expression, and then came to beg him.

But the result disappointed him.

Clifford's eyebrows were as usual, and the dark pupil was cold and calm. Clifford asked him, "Is there anything else? If not I will go now."

Niu Tao almost passed in a hard breath.

Is he a f*cking robot without emotions?

He originally wanted to read Clifford's joke, but now let Clifford read his joke. In case of losing his face again, he quickly rushed to scream, "Go away, what I said, bear it in mind."

Clifford turned and went out.

When went downstairs, Chad waited there with some young people who had good relations with him. As soon as Clifford came, they went around, "Clifford, are you about to cancel the contract?"

Clifford turned a blind eye and walked down.

Chad gritted his teeth and cried in front of everyone, "Brother, do you really not care about me?"

He looked beautiful and thin. It was a type that can arouse people's desire to protect. This cry was even more helpless than when a girl cries.

Clifford had gone down the stairs, his back was cold, and he didn't even look back.

The people around Chad felt unfair for him, "What the hell is Clifford? Does he treat us all as enemies?"

"Obviously the relationship was good before, and the ghost knows what’s wrong with him."

"We practiced together for three years. Even if he wants to go, he has to say goodbye!"

"Does he have to cancel the contract yet? Although he is not well trained now, he was still the most powerful one of us! This morning the teacher Amo also praised him. The company may not give up on him."

Chad thought Clifford had just canceled his appointment just now. When he heard it now, he felt that it might not had been solved yet. At the moment, his heart was full of grief and hatred. There was no training in the afternoon, so he took leave to go back to the dorm to rest.

Clifford after finished the afternoon practice time, had a casual dinner in the cafeteria, and it was snowing again when he left the company.

The snow was more and more heavier, and the road had already accumulated a thick layer of snow.

It was estimated that not many people will go to the night market in this weather, and he doesn't had to go to sing. But when he thought that last night, the little girl said that she would go there to wait for him today, after thinking about it, he finally accelerated the pace of returning to the dormitory.

When he opened the door and entered the room, he saw that the mechanical model on the desk was gone, including the parts that he randomly piled together.

Clifford stood at the door and paused, just a second, and turned to knock on Chad's door.

Knocked for a long time before he came to open the door, wearing a pair of pajamas and just waking up, just shouted "brother". Clifford had already spoken coldly, "Where are the models and parts on my table?"

Chad looked like he doesn't know anything, "Brother, what are you talking about? I ..."

Hadn't finished speaking, his collar had been grabbed by Clifford.

He was athin, and he was shorter than Clifford. He was pulled up by Clifford, and there was no room for resistance. Just a few steps, Clifford shoved him back and slammed him into the closed window.

Chad was frightened by his brutal eyes and shouted, "Clifford what are you doing! Are you crazy?"

Clifford grabbed him with one hand and opened the window with the other. Chad only felt a cold wind blow in. When he realized what Clifford wanted to do, most of his body was already hanging outside the window.

They lived on the 17th floor, the wind screamed, and the heavy snow caught him like a knife.

Chad collapsed directly, screaming like a pig.

Clifford dragged him by the collar and carried him up. Chad saw that his eyes were like the brutal monster wanting to tear the prey apart, and he was so scared that he couldn't even scream. He only heard him asked, "Where are my things?"

Chad was trembling, "un...under my bed."

The words just over, Chad felt that his body had fallen more, and then he cried out fiercely.

Hearing the movement, the other two roommates finally ran over and saw that the scene that made them took a breath of cold air. They all called Clifford to stop.

Chad clutched the window muzzle with both hands, fearing that Clifford would just throw him down, and his tears and mucus flew down rapidly, "Brother! Brother I'm wrong! I'm sorry I am wrong, please, please ... please no!"

Clifford stared at him, saying word by word, "If you dare to touch my stuff again, I will let them go down to collect your body."

He yanked him back, and Chad was slammed back on the floor.

Clifford turned to the bed, found the model Chad was hiding under, and returned to his room without expression. The other two roommates glanced at each other, and both saw terror in each other's eyes.

Chad was lying on the ground, his legs were so soft that he could not stand up.

Few minutes later, Clifford walked away with his guitar like nothing happened.

The snow was heavier. The broadcast began to warn of blizzard weather to remind pedestrians to be safe.

When walked to the night market, the whole street was empty, and even many shops didn't open.

Clifford saw the little girl standing under the street lamp.

She was still wearing a thick, pink and white down jacket, a big red scarf, a fox-eared hat, and there was a pink box in her arms.

Because it was too cold, she stood on the spot stomping her feet, hopping, and the fox's ears followed.

Clifford walked over.

She heard footsteps, and when she looked up to see him, her eyes were full of joy, running towards him excitedly, and shouting from a distance, "Clifford! Under such heavy snow, I thought you would not come!"

Ran closer and smelled the sweet creamy smell from her.

She held a small cake in her arms.

Clifford frozed for a moment.

Jade looked around and walked to the side of the door where she could hide from the snow, waving at him, "Clifford, come here."

Clifford walked over and saw the little girl put the box on the steps, took out the cake inside, and inserted three candles.

Today was his birthday.

How could she know?

Jade seemed to be unaware of his gaze, holding the cake and stood up. The light of the candle reflected her eyes, dyed with warm and bright light.

She smiled and said, "Clifford, today is my birthday, but my parents are not at home, no one lives with me, I invite you to eat cake."

This snowy night was his eighteen years old birthday.

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