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Chapter 15

The chaos here quickly attracted the passersbys, and everyone stopped to talk about it.

The fat man probably felt ashamed. He might had been frightened by Clifford's look just now, his face changed a few times, and finally he didn't say anything. He glared at him fiercely and turned away in a hurry.

Clifford withdrew his gaze, glanced down at Jade who was staring at him, turned around and walked back to pick up the guitar on the ground and put it back in the box.

Jade finally realized and closed him carefully. She pursed her lips, and then asked tensely, "Clifford, do you remember me?"

Clifford glanced at her and put the installed guitar on his back.

She rubbed her palm in the corner of her clothes, and whispered nervously, "Last autumn, you played here and bought me a cup of milk tea ..."

The voice became smaller and smaller, and an annoyed expression appeared on her face.

She was too impulsive just now!

Her idol saw her sturdy look that was not good impressions.

Clifford carried his guitar, put his hands in his trouser pockets, bowed his back slightly, and looked down at the little girl in front of him.

She wore thick, and the whole person was round. The red scarf went all the way from the neck to the lower jaw. She wore a furry hat on her head. There were two red fox ears on the top of the hat, which was swayed back and forth by the night wind.

Only half of her face was exposed outside, reddened by the cold night. Her eyelashes were covered with fine snowflakes, the roots were clear, and the eyes were bright and clear.

He spoke lightly in her annoyed expression, "Yes."

Her eyes lighted up, her face flushed, and her voice was full of unshakable capers. "Clifford, I haven't seen you for a long time. May I buy you a cup of milk tea this time?"

It was still snowing.

His fingers twitched in his trouser pockets, and it took a long time for a faint answer, "Uh."

Jade was glad and followed him to the milk tea shop not far away. She looked at the signboard menu and turned to ask, "Clifford, what would you like to drink?"

Of course she knew his taste, but she still carefully solicited his opinion.

Clifford looked at the night wrapped in snow, "Up to you."

Jade called the shop owner very boldly, "Two cups of caramel milk tea, plus red beans and pearls! Full sugar! Hot!"

The idol liked to eat sweets, so he drank full-sugar milk tea. Although caramel and red beans were very sugary, fans still followed the same paragraph with what the idol liked and it didn't matter if it was sweet or fat.

Clifford's eyes flickered slightly and he glanced down at her.

Jade paid for it, pressed against the tumbling heart, and tried to make herself behave as normal as possible. After the boss made the milk tea, put it in the straw and handed it over, she took a sip of joy.

She almost passed out by sweetness.

At this time, even the milk tea was not as delicious as it was in the future!

She swallowed hardly and peeked at Clifford, who was holding his straw and looked the same. She wondered, "Hey, is it delicious?"

Clifford said, "Yes."

Jade, "..."

He really deserved to be her very sweet idol!

He said it was delicious. When she drank it again, she really felt that it was not bad.

Jade was filled with honey in her heart, drinking milk tea with a pit, and walking behind him step by step. Not far away, Clifford stepped in and turned to look at her, "Don't you go home?"

Then she woke up from the honey, and took two steps back quickly, "Yes, yes!"

She had many words to ask him. She wanted to tell him to take good care of himself, and not to grieve herself, but she opened her mouth and could not say anything.

Clifford had taken back his eyes, "Thank you for your milk tea."

Jade shook her head and tried to make her voice light, "You are welcome! You just go back, it's cold outside!"

Clifford nodded, turned around and left. After he took a few steps, the girl's obedient voice came from behind, "Clifford, I will come here to hear you sing songs tomorrow night."

He did not respond.

When Clifford returned to the dormitory, the roommates were already asleep.

The place where he lived now was a trainee dormitory arranged by the company. There were four people in the dormitory and they respectively lived in their own room. Clifford didn't turn on the light, and when he walked to the door of his room, the opposite door pulled open from the outside to the inside.

Chad was wearing pajamas and his hair was messy. The handsome facial features appear harmless to humans and animals. The sound diffused along with the lights in his house. "Brother, why you come back so late today?"

Clifford ignored him, unscrewed his door and walked in. He put the guitar down, took off coat and changed his shoes.

Chad followed in. He looked at him in silence at the door, and finally spoke like he was determined. "Brother, I heard Brother Niu at the company today that he is coming to trouble you. And the company is unsatisfied with you being late, leaving early and singing on the street."

He looked at Clifford disapprovingly, "Brother, why have you changed so much this year? Don't you want to debut?"

Clifford put on a black vest and slippers, and put a towel around his neck. Clear lines on his exposed arm and shank were different from the soft and thin Chad.

He glanced at him lightly, "Did you finish? Go out after finishing."

Chad went red by his cold word.

He didn't get a good word from Clifford several times. After all, he was young and couldn't hide his eyes. His face was still aggrieved, but his eyes overflowed with maliciousness.

Clifford was expressionless and walked sideways from the door to take a shower in the bathroom.

Chad took a deep breath and shouted at his back, "Clifford! Even if you are dissatisfied with the company, you don't have to vent it to me! I take you as my brother, what do you think of me?!"

Response to him was the sound of the bathroom door closing.

Then the sound of water clashed, and the person inside seemed not to take his words at all. No matter what Chad  said or done, he could not get a glance from Clifford.

Chad recalled that two years ago when they had just come to the company. He and Clifford were the same batch of trainees. They were in a dormitory. Clifford was one year older than him. When he cleverly called Clifford brother, Clifford really took him as a younger brother.

Clifford took care of him and gave everything good to him. He helped him correct his pronunciation, and practiced dancing with him. He will teach him step by step. Chad’s ligament was not good, then Clifford will lift his leg to help him press it little by little.

When someone in the company scolded Chad too gay, Clifford waved his fist and went up to help him fight.

The teenager was not afraid when he was facing a group of people. Clifford’s mouth was swollen by the other party, and he still smiled and comforted Chad, "Don't be afraid, they dare not say anything in the future."

At that time, he really regarded Clifford as his brother and thanked him.

When did it start to smell bad?

It did change when the dance teacher praised Clifford unabashedly but scolded him for being clumsy, when the vocal teacher praised Clifford for his talent but looked at him and shook the head, and when Clifford was able to play the piano for half a year, and he was still stumbling while practicing the Bayer etude.

He knew he shouldn't be jealous.

But he couldn't control it. Those jealous and resentful emotions, like a fine net, circled his heart circle by circle, and made the heart bleed out.

But he covered it up very well. Enjoying Clifford's care while being jealous at heart.

Until ...

Until last year.

Clifford didn't go to training because of fever. After a waking sleep, he looked at him and his eyes changed.

He seemed to be a different person, indifferent and lonely, doing his own thing, covered with thorns all over his body, so that people would not dare to approach.

Chad thought at first that he was aware of his jealousy, and he was panic-stricken all day long. He pretended to be cautious to please Clifford, but no matter what he did, Clifford never responded.

He even deliberately clashed with other trainees, but in the end he only got Clifford's indifferent look.

He not only alienated himself, but also cut off contact with everyone around him. He started slacking off training, was late and left early, and even went to the night market like a neuropath to sing.

The brother Niu who managed the trainee said so frequently, but it didn't make him converge half a point. They all said that once the best seedling was destroyed, the company might give up this person.

Chad was secretly happy, but also worried that if Clifford left, who would help him in the future? What if those who once bullied him came against him again?

He heard today that Brother Niu was going to the night market to scold Clifford, and he had been waiting for Clifford to come back to explore the tone. Unexpectedly, he only saw a cold shoulder.

Chad gritted his teeth in anger, but was helpless. He stared at the closed bathroom door for a long time, and finally returned to the room and slamed the door.

Clifford finished his shower and returned to his room covered with moisture.

The dormitory had no underfloor heating, and the heating in winter depends on the small solar electric heaters assigned by the company to trainees. He didn't like to use it. The whole room and even the wall lamp were cold.

After drying his hair, he put the money he made today into a box where he saved money. He glanced at the mechanical parts and books piled on his desk. He sat on the bed with the computer, opened the browser, and searched for new machinery assembly videos.

Late at night, when he exited the video and were about to turn off the computer, he saw a small box popping up in the lower right corner of the browser, showing that he had 99+ blog messages.


He paused and clicked the page.

After his debut, those public accounts were managed by the company, and even the blogs they had used were all cancelled. After he was reborn to the second life, he forgot that he still had a blog account.

Page popped up. The latest content was still photos of the stray cat he fed last year.

Clifford clicked into the message area.

Finally knew where all the 99+ news came from.

It was all from an ID account called "Taking Jade Star for You".

He pulled down the page and looked at them one by one. The style of the words was normal at the beginning.

——Let’s eat on time like a kitten

——It's getting dark, it's time to sleep, don't stay up late, good night

——Cool down, was it snowing there? Remember to add clothes

——I saw a super nice little flower on the side of the road today and sent it to you!

——I met a question that I won't know in math test today! Ah ah my first grade cannot be guaranteed


Then gradually became,

——Are you serious?

——What's the benefit of killing me? !

——Oh god look at your damn handsome!

Clifford, "........."

Who was this?

A psycho?

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