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Chapter 14

On the weekend, Jade spent two days finally revising the drawings, and sent the work to the entry mailbox one hour before the registration deadline.

This was a competition for the whole world, regardless of age, gender or nationality. The preliminary competition was also anonymously selected, which was absolutely fair and just.

Next was to wait for the result.

Near the end of the semester, she had to review the textbook, but she didn't find it hard to wait for. Her graduation works can successfully pass the preliminary competition. This time, the works that she had sculpted for a few years should be no problem.

At the end of the final exam, near the Chinese New Year, Jade received an email from the competition organizer, congratulations on her work successfully passed the preliminary contest, and asked her to submit a confirmation letter and finished product drawing to participate in the B city Rematch.

At the beginning, Jade didn't tell her about her participation in the competition. Now she needed to start preparing the materials needed for sewing. All kinds of fabrics, broken diamonds, and silk threads must be carefully selected. The overhead was so big that she can afford it with her pocket money.

She told Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott about the matter while eating and asked them to support her with a little money.

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott did not take it seriously at first when they heard the news. Their daughter loved to tinker with her dolls since she was a child. When she was in elementary school, she bought her a sewing machine and placed it in the room, letting her toss about it.

Now Jade happily told them that she had passed the preliminary competition of the fashion competition, and what the parents thought was the competition for making clothes for dolls.

Jade showed them the organizer's mail after eating, they searched the game online, and saw the words international, high-end, and luxury. Then they knew that their daughter was not playing fun.

Mrs. Scott looked at her half-confidently and doubtfully for a long time, "You can enter even if you were a little squabble? Is this game a wild team to cheat people?"

Mr. Scott blamed Mrs. Scott with an unpleasant glance, "No way, how great my daughter is, and she have a design talent since childhood! You read the news, you can see those who can enter the semi-finals are world-renowned design rookies!"

Mrs. Scott still felt doubtful. After thinking for a while, Mr. Scott decided to call Yale.

Since the fact that the real estate information was given, and the Jim project went bankrupt, Yale was flourishing. Mr. Scott was very satisfied with him now, and felt that the child was reliable. He liked to ask him if there were any uncertainties.

After the call was connected, Mr. Scott opened the hands-free and talked about the game again. Mrs. Scott interjected next to him, "Yale, can you ask that, is the game reliable? Jade said she will go to city B to participate in the rematch. "

Fashion had always been closely connected with the entertainment industry. How could Yale not know this international competition with such a high reputation.

He really did not expect this little cousin to give him such a big surprise.

First, he praised Jade, and then talked to Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott about the scale and influence of this competition, and finally smiled, "It is already a great affirmation of the designer to be able to enter the semi-finals. The uncle and aunt, Jade is really good."

After the phone hung up, Mr. Scott hugged Jade as a kitty.

"My daughter is so good! So good! Oops, how did I give birth to such a good daughter?"

Mrs. Scott also felt relieved, and beamed, "Is that your birth? That's my birth! Jade, how much money do you need? Just tell your dad, and let your dad raise the upper limit of the affiliate card!"

Jade took the opportunity to say, "I have to go to City B after the Chinese New Year and before the school. Some materials can only be bought over there, and I have to contact the model in advance."

There was Yale in City B. Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott agreed with confidence this time. After the first few days, they bought a ticket for Jade, took her to the airport, watched her boarding, and contacted Yale. Be sure to pick up Jade in advance.

After a few hours of flight, Jade finally set foot on this city she was dreaming about.

Yale was waiting at the exit early, and when Jade came out, he took her suitcase with a smile.

Jade bluffed as soon as she met Yale, "Brother, you ware more handsome! It's a domineering president walking!"

Yale, "You have something to ask me when you first come?"

Jade, "............"

Was she seen through so quickly? ? ?

That was what a gold broker looked like. His eyes can see through everything ...

Jade laughed happily and followed Yale into his black Mercedes-Benz, and waited for the car to start, "Is my parents telling you to let me live under your eyes, can't let me alone, cuz I am prone to trouble? "

Yale was backing his car, said yes.

Jade seriously p said, "Then how can I be so ignorant? Is it important for the company or for me? You are busy, don't worry about me!"

Yale looked at her with a smile, not knowing what to expect, raised his eyebrows, and asked unclearly, "Do you want to go to Clifford?"

Jade, "?????"

Was there any privacy in front of this person? Was he studying media or psychology?

No need to wait for her to answer, Yale knew it just looking at her face. Yale chuckled while slowly driving, "Early love?"

Jade almost broke up, "Who loves early? What love early? Don't talk nonsense!"

Do I deserve it? ? ?

Yale gave a meaningful sound.

Jade defended herself, "Appreciate, if you understand? Just like we appreciate the blue sky, the shining stars, the crooked moon! It is a kind of appreciation that can be expected but not obtained!"

Yale said, "So what do you admire him for?"

Jade was decisive, "Of course his talents!" When she was finished, she felt a little emboldened, and added a sentence, "and handsome!"

Yale gave her a smile and finally stopped her, "OK, when would you like to tell me in advance, I will send you over."

Jade, "It's better totay than another day, what do you think?"

Yale, "..."

City B was still snowing recently.

Yale rented a two-bedroom house here. The rooms had been packed in advance. Jade put the luggage away. Thinking that it would be cold at night, she took out her hat and scarf and put it on.

Yale took her to dinner first, called Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott to report safety, and then drove her to Clifford.

Jade didn’t want Clifford to see her with Yale, and she asked Yale to park at a distance. She lined on the car window and explained, “Brother, stay away, don’t let him see you.”

Yale didn't want to talk, waved her away.

Jade straightened her furry hat against the window and happily walked away.

Went faster, and faster.

She was going to see the man she was thinking about day and night.

To the end, she almost flew up.

So excited and cherished.

She ran across the zebra crossing before she stopped. She was a little hot, gasping for a little bit, breathing in the cold air and turning to white gas, and half of the small face exposed was flushed.

Finally she can saw him again.

He didn't change at all. A coat was added to the black sweater, his hair was longer, and his eyes were lightly covered. His hair were blown slightly by the cold wind of winter night.

Jade followed the flow of people across the zebra crossing, and at every step, her heart beat so fast that it almost jumped out of her throat.

She reminded herself in her heart that she must not cry again this time!

Step by step, getting closer and closer until standing in front of him. Jade smelled the cold smell of tobacco in the air, his fingers playing the piano turned red, but it didn't affect the movement and melody.

He seemed to be thinner, his jaws sharpened, and the whole person had a pungent coldness.

Jade was terribly distressed.

There were so many things to ask him.

Why not eat well? The body was most important. Why he refused Rats Entertainment? Zhongtian was bad for him, and was it not good to leave there? Was he unhappy? What should she do to make him a little happier?

But she said nothing, just stood in front of him and listened to him playing one song after another.

It was so good, she can listen to him singing again.

His little finger was so beautiful, his bones were distinct, and he was very sexy when playing the piano.

At that time, when he was stepped on, it must had hurt.

When she knew which asshole did this, she must break his legs!

She was so cranky and couldn't blink when she looked at Clifford. She don't know how long it had passed, there was a sudden anger from the side, "Clifford!"

Jade turned her head subconsciously, and saw a slightly fat middle-aged man not far away rushing away.

Clifford didn't look up, but held the string in his palm and stopped singing half of the song.

Jade was still searching in her memory to see that he had never seen this fat man in Clifford's team before. The man had approached and pointed at Clifford's nose and scolded, "The company strictly stipulates that it is not allowed to come out, you put the rules a wind in your ears? You don’t train well all day and night, do you treat your signed company as your own company? If you don’t want to do the job and just get off early! Don’t trouble me! ”

He kicked fiercely on the guitar case with money, and the anger caused the passers-by to frequently look around, "Are your eyes pasted with money? How much money is this ?! How much money can you make in a night ?! Have you ever counted how much of the training time and benefit you lost to the company?! "

The guitar case was light. After he kicked and the wind blew, the cash was everywhere.

Jade was almost mad, so she didn't care about scolding and hurried to pick up the money.

This was the hard-earned money that her idol had suffered all night long! ! !

Clifford, who was originally expressionless, frozed for a moment, watching the figure squatting on the ground in a hurry, putting the guitar on the ground, ignoring the fat man who was still swearing, and walked over.

He had a long ligament in his leg. After bending over, he picked up the remaining pieces of cash. Jade grabbed a handful of cash and looked up. He heard him whisper, "Thank you."

Her eyes were a little red, and she didn't know whether it was cold or angry, and she stood up suddenly, stuffed the collected money into his hand, and turned around to rush to the fat man who was still angry.

When she opened her mouth, she scolded, "What's the matter with you? Just talk, what do you do with your hands?! Your mother has never taught you how to respect people! Has your elementary school teacher taught you what is polite? What's wrong with selling art? Selling art is also the money you earn from your own ability! I think you are not too young, how can you only grow old and be not educated? "

The fat man looked at the little girl who he didn't know where she came from in amazement, and said unkindly, "I'm teaching my own company's employees, what does it have to do with you? Go away!"

Jade glared at him angrily, opened her arms with a snap, and stood in front of him like a cub, hoping to fight with him desperately, "Employees have no human rights? Can you insult employees? After the establishment of New China for many years, do you still consider yourself a landlord ?! "

The fat man was so speechless by the little girl with a sharp tooth and a mouth, and subconsciously reached out to push her, "Buzz off!"

Before that hand touched Jade, it was gripped by a distinct hand and broken up fiercely.

The fat man suddenly inhaled with pain, suddenly angry, "Clifford what are you doing! Let me go! Do you fucking want to be fired?"

Jade turned back suddenly.

Clifford was standing behind her, and his arm leaping over her shoulder, pinching the fat man's wrist.

The power was not polite, because of the force, even his knuckles were white, and Jade can see the blue veins bulging on the back of the hand.

His expression was still indifferent, but his eyes were sharp, like a sharp knife pierced from the depth of his dark pupil. With the cruelty of killing one hundred and destroying three thousand, he was almost dragging the people in front of him to hell.

The fat man seemed to be frightened by his eyes, and he was silent for a moment.

But soon, his eyes cruelty faded, his anger could not be found all over again, and the silence was restored, like everything was just an illusion.

He let go of his hand and pulled Jade behind him, his voice clearly calm and indifferent, but can make people trembling, "Yes, I quit, so what?"

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