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Chapter 13

When Jade was eating in the school cafeteria at noon the next day, she received a text message from Yale, saying that Mr. Scott really called to consult about real estate, and he also sent the collated report to Mr. Scott as instructed.

A few days later, Mr. Scott didn't mention the matter again, but he went home to eat on time every afternoon. And he no longer looked worried, but instead had a pink glow on his cheeks.

Jade saw through everything but did not say through. She was also very busy recently, running to the small newsstand every day. The other classmates were all fond of idol journals or youth novels, only she, looking forward to that financial magazine.

Finally LSU’s found it after school on Friday.

Jade almost flew up with joy and ran home all the way. She adjusted her expression at the door, hided the joy on her face, and replaced it with the actress-liked surprise.

Pushed in the door and went straight to Mr. Scott who was watching TV on the sofa, "Oh my gosh! Dad! Guess what I saw when I accompanied my classmates to buy a magazine today!"

Mr. Scott didn't look back, "Which handsome boy on the cover?"

Jade, "Am I a kind of superficial person!" She handed the financial magazine with a very expressive face, "You see this, this company named Zhenlin, is exactly the project that uncle Jim let you invest in! This shows bankruptcy! That’s it! The partners made off with money and the headline is on the cover! "

Mr. Scott looked shocked and immediately picked up the magazine to read it. Jade glanced next to him, and sighed, "A good company. How can it go to bankruptcy? Uncle Jim has vowed to say that it would make a lot of money by investing."

The more Mr. Scott looked, the darker his face was. All appeared in  financial magazine. It can be seen how big the matter was. Now, once again associating with Jim's previous performances, Mr. Scott was angry at the tea table and said, "Ulterior motive!"

Jade pretended to be afraid, "Yeah, yeah, it seems that I guessed it right! Fortunately, we did not invest money in it, otherwise we would have been bankrupt now!"

Mr. Scott changed his face several times, and finally sighed for a long time.

At dinner, Mrs. Scott knew about it, as usual, first scolded Mr. Scott, then praised Jade’s cleverness, and finally said, “You have to thank Yale! If Yale is not reliable, you have been cheated of your money! "

Mr. Scott nodded solemnly and thought with emotion, "Yale is a good kid. I called him two days ago to consult about real estate. Hey, this kid, without any explanation, gave me the data report of the real estate industry in fence that five years, which has solved my urgent need!"

Mrs. Scott was surprised, "Really? Hey, I mean, why you asked the real estate industry?"

Mr. Scott glanced at Jade and smiled, "It is my daughter who inspired me, there is no need to hang on a single tree."

Jade took the opportunity to ask, "Dad, did you find an investment project?"

Mr. Scott didn't take her as a child now, but still very sure of her daughter's growth and wisdom, he pondered, "I'm already in contact, and I also talked to my friends who are building materials during this time. They are also very optimistic about this prospect. But they didn’t get started mainly because they know too little and dare not start easily."

Jade said nothing, "I heard from my classmates that the north of the city is repairing an amusement park."

Mr. Scott frozen for a while, "North of the city? That's quite biased, the playground is repaired there, will anyone go to play?"

Jade said, "Now it's partial, but it may not be in the future. After having a playground, more consumers will go to stimulate consumption. And if there is consumption, there will be businesses to settle down. Gradually a business district will be formed."

North of the city was a key urban area planned by S City a few years later. Both land and housing prices had skyrocketed overnight. It was unknown how many people had become rich for this reason in those two years.

Mr. Scott had been studying this thriving industry this time, and the information sent by Yale had been read carefully many times. Now after hearing what Jade said, he understand what it presented.

But real estate investment entailed not a small amount of money, so tossing a large amount of money was equivalent to putting the entire Star Media in. He was still a little hesitant.

Jade continued, "It's quite barren right now, should the land be cheap too? It's easy to get the land from the government, after all, there are few people bidding. There is no risk in the place that has been included in the planning area, but these places are expensive. Yeah, you won’t be able to compete with established real estate companies."

That’s right.

Mr. Scott didn't even have a meal. After the chopsticks were put aside, he went back to the study room to think about something.

Mrs. Scott blamed Jade disapprovingly, "You don't go to school every day, wondering what adults are doing. I don't know if you were Shen Wansan (a famous and rich businessman) in your last life!"

Jade, "It's hard to say whether I was Shen Wansan or not. But if you can be pregnant a few years earlier. Our family should be the richest one in S City now.”

Mrs. Scott, "?????"

Mr. Scott had never been to school, but he had a honest personality. And his brain was not as cunning and clever as other businessmen, but he was decisive. Anything that made up his mind will never be muddled. Just do it!

This was also the reason why he was able to start Star Media once. After a period of investigation and research, and a lot of thought, he immediately made a final decision to engage in the project of the north city!

So Star Media's booming investment affairs began.

At first, companies in the same industry heard of this incident, and they all ridiculed Mr. Scott for being forced out of business by the two consecutive years of shortfall and the impact of new media.

They thought it was ridiculous enough to engage in real estate. But it was nonsense to choose the place in the north of the city where even the birds didn’t shit on and the chickens didn’t lay eggs at. Did he want to repair the house there and live for ghosts?

Mr. Scott had heard it sporadically, but he didn't care about it when he smiled. Only occasionally in the business reception, the former competitors headed by Song Media would ridicule him.

Since Star Media abandoned the bid for the Winter Games, Song Media's only threat was gone, and the project was successfully obtained by Song.

So the industry said that Song Media finally defeated Star Media, which had dominated the leader for many years, and became the boss of the new generation. Star Media was like a grumpy defeat, and the kittens and puppies who used to rely on it for living dared to run and step on Star now.

At this time, Mr. Scott was still the honest look. These people just gave a punch on cotton, which made stingers uncomfortable.

They didn't know if he was really stupid, or he didn't care at all.

But there was one thing to be sure, whatever he decides, even if the sky falls, he had to do it.

None of these Mr. Scott said at home.

But Jade still felt it.

Because Yana spreaded rumors of her family's bankruptcy every day at school.

It was estimated that when Yana was at home, she heard from her dad. It was initially reported that Mr. Scott’s company cannot compete with Song Media, then the former was willing to give up bidding and switch to other projects.

When Jade later heard, it was said that her family went bankrupt.

After angrily telling these rumours to Jade, Cherry still inevitably was touched by rumors. She worriedly looked at her from the beginning, carefully asked, "Jade, why haven't you worn your favorite brand of shoes recently?"

Was it right that you cannot afford it?

Jade kicked her chair with the tip of the shoe, "Look at my shoes. Although it is not well-known now, but in the future it will be the treasure of the major shops!"

Cherry thought Jade was embarrassed to admit, sighing just to comfort a few words. Jade handed over the drawing paper, “How about it?"

Cherry looked down and found that there was a pencil sketch on the paper. She didn't know how to draw, not to mention the design of clothes. She only judged from the visual effects, "Good! Did you draw this?"

Jade smiled with satisfaction, "Yes, I want to take it to the competition."

"Which one?"

"Paris Fashion Design Competition."

Cherry was confused, "What kind of competition is it? I haven't heard of it? Do you know fashion design?"

Jade glanced at her, "Do you think I just collected my Barbie for nothing? Okay, okay, back to your seat, I haven't finished drawing, and the registration for the preliminary round will be over this weekend. I have to hurry up."

The Paris Fashion Design Competition was held every three years. The gold content was very high. The judges were well-known designers who had won awards from various countries in the world or professors from major art colleges. They were very influential in the fashion industry.

Each winning champion will had a direct cooperation with the Paris organizer to jointly launch this champion designer's fashion brand, which can be said to be a high-end fashionista in one fell swoop.

Jade had taken her design to participate after graduating from college, and successfully passed the preliminary round. However, the semi-finals require designers to make the works on the drawings, put on the body through the models, and let the judges intuitively score through the catwalk model.

Jade designed this work, and one of the positioning was high luxury.

At that time, she was poor, not to mention the production of this skirt, and she even can't afford model. In the end, she can only regret to retire.

Although she had been working in a bridal shop after graduation, she had been doing makeup and engaging in wedding dress design, but her dream had never been abandoned. In the next few years, she had been improving the design, striving for more perfection, and working hard to save money and fight for another battle.

Now this year, it was exactly the time of this competition. This time, there was plenty of money, and she had to try again.

After listening to her, Cherry nodded and clenched her fists. "Then you will give me the link, and I will mobilize the whole family to vote for you!"

When they were out of school, the two walked out of the teaching building, holding hands and laughing, and met Yana and his party head-on.

The school was not big, they can meet each other evryday. They can't argue with each other every time they meet. Then Jade pulled Cherry and walked to the other side.

Even so, they still heard the sarcasm from the group of people behind.

Cherry felt that those words were harsh, and wanted to turn around to hit someone, and when she saw Jade, or the indifferent appearance, she was almost speechless, "Jade, why are you not angry? They really overdid it!"

Jade said in a deep tone, "Forbear her, tolerate her, avoid her, let her, resist her, ignore her. After a few years, you then look at her."

Cherry, "..."

Was your family really bankrupt? Tell me the truth! ! !

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