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Chapter 12

After knowing that Clifford had a blog, Jade felt that all her thoughts and likes had been put on hold. Just like she used to do on Sina, she logged in to check the super topic every day.

Of course Clifford did not surprise her.

No updates, no replies, and no interaction, it was deserted like a long-deprecated account.

She dared not comment too much, and restrained herself from posting only one message per day. Nevertheless, after a while, the blog was fulfilled with all the messages from "Taking Jade Stars for You".

Jade thought sadly. If Clifford logged in one day and saw so many comments from the same person, would he think she was an idiot?

But she still can't help leaving a comment every day, wanting to let him know that he was not alone, and some people did care about him.

Now the high school students at this time were playing QQ space at the lower level and blogging at the higher level. The classmates were passing each other all day and night on the internet. Cherry also wanted to "pass" Jade, but Jade did not tell her the account.

Ridiculous. The blog preserved a visit footprint. She didn’t want this group of people follow the way to find Clifford's blog! It was okay to find Clifford, but not good to see her message as an idiot. She never disgraced herself!

Hold her account secretly!

Cherry couldn't find her account, and instead gave Jade other people’s account, "Do you know Murray's blog account?"

Jade still cooperated with this gossip classmate, "What is that?"

Cherry, "Jade Star!"

Jade, "Poof ..."

This person was endless!

Cherry gave her a few sighs, "I don't really hate him anymore. Although he has poor grades and bad personality, but he is quite affectionate." Cherry thought about something and her expression of gossip came to life. She lowered her voice, "You know? Yana goes to Murray's blog every day to leave a message! Such as a cool day to add clothes, to be happy, hey ... It's too greasy and crooked! I can see my goose bumps!"

Jade, "..."

She dare not to speak.

Wasn't this the one who left messages to Clifford ...

Fortunately, she didn't tell Cherry her account!

Jade rotated her pen and said, “Yana Song likes Murray?"

Cherry looked at her incredulously, "You don’t know that! You know how many times Yana wrote a poignantly heartbroken little essay on her blog while Murray chased you? We met her at the stairs when we went to the shop this morning. When we come to her, she still stared at you! "

Jade, "... not paying attention."

Cherry was distressed, "I don't think you had anything in mind except Clifford! You have such a bad temper recently. Let Yana tell her group of little sisters about your bad things but you don’t want to bother her. Now the truth is that you don’t even know it!"

Jade thought about it. If she had heard about it in the past, she would indeed tear Yana's mouth.

But she was reborn now, she can't haggle over with this group of children.

Then Jade lazily said, "She can say anything she want, cuz I never lose a piece of meat because of that."

Cherry was anxious, "You changed, Jade! You were not like this before! You used to be brave!"

Jade, "..."

Why was this f*cking brave?

Jade's memory of high school was very weak. If Cherry was not talking about Yana today, she can't even think of such a character. It didn’t matter if she didn’t know the girl’s hate to her before. But now she knew it, she can’t ignore it anymore.

Yana was really staring at her!

Cherry also found out and poked her waist quickly.

Yana walked with her little sister group. She was the most beautiful one in school, and her family was rich. So her friends were all the children from rich family. Although they all weared school uniforms, schoolbags, their shoes and watches highlighted the difference from others.

When she saw Jade, she looked at her like an enemy.

One of the little sisters shouted deliberately, "I really don’t know how some boys’ taste will be changed like that? Chase a fake princess instead of the real one.”

The other immediately answered, "Don't insult the princess, which princess still wears whitish broken shoes."

Jade, "?"

You can look down on me, how can you look down on my limited edition sneakers? ? ? Do you know that these shoes were worth a sea view room in another ten years!

After satirizing Jade, the sisters turned to hold Yana, "Nana, your bag looks good, is it LV's new one? Not even put on sale in China."

Yana smiled shyly, "My dad brought me back from France. It is limited to the world and most people can't buy it."

Suddenly the crowd chattered enviously.

Cherry was so angry that she was staring at them fiercely. Jade twisted her head back with her hand. She calmly said, "My mom said that the child carrying luxury goods will lost part of life."

Cherry, "Poof ..."

Yana, "?????"

Until she walked out of the school, Cherry kept laughing, holding her arms straight, "Jade, when did your mouth become so sharp?"

Jade smiled slightly, hiding the merits and name of the star chasing girl.

After Jade back home, Mr. Scott had not returned yet. When asked Aunt Liu, she said that Mr. Scott had called and would not come back for dinner today.

Jade thought while holding a rice bowl. Mr. Scott had been working overtime for several days in a row. Was something wrong with the company?

After she finished her homework in the evening and went to bed in Clifford's blog, she heard Mr. Scott's door opening downstairs. After entering the house, he went straight to the office room and started to get busy again.

Jade thought for a while and went downstairs to get a glass of hot milk and enter the office room.

Mr. Scott was sitting in front of the computer wearing glasses, and his expression was a little serious. When he saw her daughter coming in with milk, her expression softened a little. "Not sleeping yet?"

Jade walked over, "I just finish my homework, dad, why haven't you been back for dinner recently?"

Mr. Scott thumped his shoulders and took two sips of milk. "The company had a lot of business. After waiting for a while, sad will go home and eat with you."

Jade looked at his computer desktop, picked up the next document and turned it over, and found it was a tender document. She stared at the document for a long time before she remembered that when City S hosted a Winter Games, like this large-scale sports event. The advertising was very important. But she remembered that the other company later got the full advertising project of the Winter Games.

Jade asked, "Dad, were you bidding for the Winter Games recently?"

Mr. Scott saw that she was flipping through the documents, and quickly came over, "Don't mess around, Dad works, go back to your room to play."

Jade just sat on the desk, "I'm not sleepy yet, please tell me."

Mr. Scott was helpless, "You are a child. Why do you want to know what these, and you just need to be good at your studies, so go back quickly."

Jade grinned with her chin, "It's too easy to study, I can't run out of energy. Last time you praised my brain's cleverness. Now you're so worried, so I'll give you some ideas."

Mr. Scott glanced at her a few times, remembering her previous series of "heroic" incidents, coupled with his wife whispering in his ear all day. Jade seems to have grown up, and Jade’s thought on things were mature. Jade was finally sensible. Mr. Scott’s heart was really shaken for a few times.

He pondered for a while and said briefly, "It is bidding for the Winter Games, but several new companies are gaining momentum, especially the Song Media. I don’t know which their relative is in the gov. Propaganda Department. I guess it’s difficult to take it down this time. "

Song Media? Yana Song’s family company?

After a long time, they two still had a match with each other.

Jade swayed her little feet, a pretended mature look, "I said, Dad, this is what you were doing? You know that there are political power behind them, knowing that you can't take the project, why are you still struggling here? Why not give up early and  strive for something else?"

Mr. Scott sighed, "If you don't fight, you're always regreted. Star Media has been in S City for so many years and has a reputation and connections here. There may still be a chance to fight for it.

What he didn’t tell Jade was that the company had been vacant for a long time and hadn’t got a big project in a long time. This was the most likely opportunity so far, so he insisted so much.

Jade looked at him for a while, then straightened up and said slowly, "Dad, people have to admit they are getting old, and the company is the same. Star Media is too old, you have to admit that its operating model is no longer dominant in the fast-growing media industry." She sighed, " Our classmates are all playing blogs and had a QQ. No matter what news is, it spreads the fastest in the QQ space."

She seriously looked at Mr. Scott and asked, "Do you know what a blog is? What is its advertising operation method? How much influence and scope of QQ promotion?"

Mr. Scott looked at her incredulously.

Of course he understood all this.

But he didn't think that the daughter who had little trouble in his memory had grown so quickly in his neglect.

Jade said calmly, "Everything is developing, whether it is you or Star Media, you have to look forward. The accumulation of Star Media before now seems to had no advantage at all, you have to find another way."

Mr. Scott was led by her unconsciously and asked subconsciously, "What do you think the way out?"

Jade just waited for his sentence, happily jumped off the desk, drove her father away, opened the computer web page and searched for news about real estate.

This was the period of rapid development of real estate.

Jade patted the table, "My classmate and his dad made a lot of money by investing in real estate, and today he bought him a global limited edition LV bag! Dad, I want it too! I want LV bags too! Buy! Buy a global limit! Yes! Are two enough? Enough, thank you dad, Dad was so nice!"

Mr. Scott, "..."

He was still praising her for being mature and sensible. Now she came to him with LV bags?

Real estate, an industry that can't be related with the current company ...

Jade yawned, "If you can't make up your mind, you can ask your cousin Yale. He has studied in the world, and now he's starting a business in City B. His advice can be heard. I am going  to sleep. . "

Mr. Scott’s head, which had always been ill-focused, was now turning fast, and his eyes were still on the rows of news reports on real estate on the webpage.

Jade succeeded in throwing the hook, and returned with satisfaction.

After returning to her room, she sent a message to Yale to help him organize a report on the development trend and data growth of real estate in the past five years. When Mr. Scott came to consult, he sent it to Mr. Scott.

Yale replied a question mark.

The meaning was obvious, what the hell were she doing?

Jade, uh, in fact, everything was for that global limited edition LV bag.


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