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Chapter 11

Jade didn't eat any more, and took out her phone excitedly. When she was thinking about downloading a blog app, suddenly she realized there was no app yet.

There was only a web browser, and 3G which rotated slowly.

She can only patiently click to open the webpage, find the official website of Blog, and then register an account. The ID of her past life in fans circle was ‘Taking Jade stars for You’ and she will continue to use it at this time. After the registration was finished, she can’t wait to search for Clifford’s name.

Searched and found it was really there.

His blog name was "Clifford", and his avatar was also his photo. Zoomed in, it was a picture of him dancing in the practice room. He was wearing a black vest and a hat. His figure was long and thin, his arms were beautiful, and sweat beads hung on his sharpened jaw.

He looked at the ground, the collarbone was in the shadows, meandering along the black vest all the way to the depths, the whole person was looked full of tension, sharp and attractive.

Jade almost performed a nosebleed on the spot.

What happened? ! When was this photo taken? Why has she never seen it? ! At this time, her baby was still underage. How could he be so cool? !

Clifford later debuted on a gentle route and was very conservative in clothes and unobtrusive. On the contrary, Chad, the captain and C-rank, was cool. Sometimes, he showed his abdominal muscles to fans.

Before, there was a group fan jokingly asking, did Clifford wear all his teammates' clothes on himself?

This difference was too great.

After the debut of S-Star, all the previous blogs were cancelled. When Jade went to follow Clifford, he only had Sina and ins account.

These were exclusive photos! Quickly download and save!

Jade held the phone and watched it for five minutes before relaxing. When she looked up, he sneaked around and looked around. Very good, no one found that her baby was only hers for the time being!

After finishing the nympho, she quickly opened the home page of idol's blog.

The latest blog post was more than half a year ago. The title was "Eating Dinner", and the blog post contained only one photo, which was a few small cats on the edge of the flower bed, and the cat food in a pile of eating bowls.

It should be dusk, the light was dim, and the flower bed and green plants were flourishing,p. The sunset was thrown through the gaps between branches and leaves, reflecting half the clear shadow on the ground.

Turning forward again, there were some pictures and records of his usual training. Rarely, there were a dozen blogs in total. The earliest one was two years ago. He took a photo of the trainee building and wrote "new beginning."

There were very few comments below, only some passers-by leave one or two sentences of "passing by".

Two years ago, when he first signed up as a trainee, he came to a strange city alone, with fear and hope, and believed that the future would be better.

Jade still can see these photos and perform like a nymphos at the beginning. But  when she saw the back, she was only sad.

Such a warm teenager will have longings and expectations for the future and will feed the stray cats every evening. What did he go through? In just two years, he became the indifferent look that Jade saw not long ago.

She wished that she would now have a pair of wings and fly to City B to rescue him from that purgatory.

Jade couldn't eat any more, refused Cherry's request to return to the classroom together, and ran to the back of the basketball court alone. She took out his mobile phone to call Yale.

The new company was on the road. Yale might very busy. She has called three times before someone picked it up.

It was really busy listening to the sound, a little noisy, "Jade, what's the matter?"

Jade was afraid of delaying him, and quickly said, "Brother, have you asked Clifford? That's the name I crossed out with a red pen on the last page of the planning book. Did you go to find him? Did he agree to sign Rats?"

Yale and his assistant ordered several words, and then walked away with the mobile phone, and the voice became clear, "I sent someone to go, he was unwilling."

Jade frozed, "Already send someone? Didn't you go?"

Yale laughed, "How can I have time, I let the assistant go."

Jade said anxiously, "Then ... what did he say? Why didn't he sign it? Is there a question in contract for him?"

Suddenly, Yale explored, "Are you familiar with this Clifford? You care so much about him."

Jade murmured, "I'm not ... I don't want the company to lose a good seed. Did your assistant tell you, he is super handsome and sings nice ?!"

Yale smiled, not showing whether he heard her perfunctory, but he did not wear it out, "He is a good seedling, but he is very repulsive, and the assistant came back to me and said that after he explained the situation, Clifford returned two words, 'no sign'. No matter how he advises, there is no more word. "

Although Jade had expected this situation long ago, she just read Clifford's blog and learned more about his changes in the past two years. She can't wait for a moment to sign him.

She begged Yale, "Brother, you go again. You go and show your sincerity. You tell him that as long as he is willing to sign Rats, we will help him pay liquidated damages, and he can make any request."

After she finished, Yale was silent for a while before speaking, "Are you talking about signing artists or doing charity?"

Jade was crying and her voice was sobbing, "Please, brother, just let me borrow your money. The penalty for damages, the conditions he mentioned can be converted into equivalent cash, and when I graduate and come to work in the company, I will definitely double it  and give it back to you, I am begging you."

There was someone shouting President Scott, Yale responded and sighed with a headache, "OK, I'll go by myself when I'm not busy today, is it done?"

Jade's eyes were hot, "Thank you, brother, you are the best!"

Hunging up the phone, Jade sat alone behind the basketball court for a long time. She took her mobile phone, looked at the latest blog six months ago, clicked on the comment area, typed and deleted, deleted and typed until the bell rang in the afternoon before she finally sent a comment.

—— "Let's eat on time like a kitten ~!"

Too much desire was extravagant. She now only hoped that he can eat on time and take care of himself.

With such an accident, Jade was depressed and unhappy all the afternoon, and did not listen to the class. After school, she began to wait for Yale's phone. While eating, Mrs. Scott looked at her anxious look and asked if she had a sore on her butt.

Not until she finished her homework, Yale's phone was finally coming.

Jade picked it up quickly and couldn't wait to speak, "How is it?"

Yale gave a chuckle, as if deliberately teasing her, slowly, "Come so fast?"

Jade didn’t talk nonsense to him, "How? What did he say? Did he agree?"

Yale laughed and sighed twice, and finally did not tease her, and said, "No." He said helplessly and sighed, "He said two words throughout the whole process, 'No sign', 'Don't come to me again.'"

Jade sat on the bed buttlessly, "Did you tell him all the requests I said?"

Yale was also very sorry, "I said. Your taste is good, this boy has a natural weariness, cold and hard, well packed, quite attractive. Unfortunately, Zhongtian took the lead."

It was the future gold broker. Yale’s horizon was also sharp.

Jade was speechless, only to feel panicked.

Why? Since I am not happy there, was it not good to change places?

Was he not convinced of the sincerity of the new company, or was there any reason for Zhongtian to insist on his stay?

Yale waited for a long time, did not hear her talk, relieved, "Everyone has their own ambitions, and they can't come. It may because Rats has just been founded and has no reputation. After a few years to become famous, you can still sign him."

Jade still didn't speak.

Yale again said, "Just happened to call, tell you about the company's recent situation, do you want to listento it?"

It took her a long time to hear her feeling weak, "Yes, I do."

Yale smiled, probably told her a little bit, he planned the TV variety shows in the book. He has already started to contact, but Rats was a new company, and the CEO was a new graduate, most of the circle can not appreciate it. It was estimated that it will take some time to figure it out.

As for the few artists she said, except Clifford, other people basically have the intention to sign the contract after receiving the olive branch thrown by the company. Recently, they were negotiating the contract, and there was great hope for signing.

Although Jade was just an underage high school student, in Yale's eyes, he still treated her as a mature partner, and all of details were told to her.

In the end, it was probably to make her happy and smiled, "There was one more thing, the man on your list who feeds pigs in the county, where did you find such a treasure? It's so interesting."

Jade also smiled, "What's wrong with him?"

Yale said, "He told my assistant that he didn't want to debut, he just wanted to feed the pigs."

Jade was about to die, "You let the assistant tell him that he can feed pigs when he debuts, and he can also let tens of millions of netizens live to watch him feeding pigs. Brother, you have to grind this person down, his commercial value is very big."

This was the originator of the live broadcast industry a few years later. The first generation of the Internet celebrity king, many celebrities were not as famous as him, and they have been popular for an era. At first it was because the pigs ran away. He went to chase pigs with a short video. He later launched a live broadcast, not only live pig breeding, but also live cutting of pig grass, cooking of pig food, and directly making a pig farm after making money.

Mainly because he looks handsome, holding a pig stick was like holding an AK gun.

Later he also produced a short film called "The Pigs I Chase" in those years, and Youtube has the third most views.

Yale responded with a smile, and Jade said her own thoughts about some of the problems he just talked about, and hung up the phone for nearly an hour.

Actually the talk made her mood less boring.

She sat on the bed for a while, then took out her mobile phone to log in to the blog, clicked on Clifford's homepage and looked at it.

Still nothing, everything was the same as before, and her comments lie quietly underneath.

Jade thought about it and continued to leave a message underneath,

—— "It's dark, it's time to sleep, don't stay up late, good night ~"

Don't stay up late, eat on time, take a good rest, and stay healthy.

This was all she wishes for him.

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