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Chapter 10

The whole room was strangely quiet.

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott looked at each other, and their eyes met. Wasn't this girl a representative of the math class? When did her Chinese become so good? When did she learn to use allusions?

No, this was not the point!

Mr. Scott hurriedly stood up, and he wanted to scare Jade to stop, "How do you talk to your uncle! Return to my room now!"

It was said so, but there was not much anger on his face. It was estimated that he was awake by the few words of his daughter. Yeah, his own money, he can choose to vote for whoever he wanted to vote for, how can Jim give some advice? Or even run to his house to make trouble?

Mrs. Scott felt so refresh hearing her daughter's heart said so, then she said loudly, "Go back to the room? She haven't eaten any food! The child was so hard to go to school every day. I feel sorry for that if you don’t! Jade, go to have your dinner."

Jade pursed her lips and smiled. She obediently turned to the dining table. After two steps, she looked back at Jim and smiled, "uncle Jim, anyway you still need to eat rice. Don't be too angry, which is bad for your health."

Mr. Scott answered, "Yes, yeah, you still need to eat, brother, let's eat."

Jim was almost mad, his blood pressure soared, his whole face was flushed, and he stood up suddenly, "No need to do that! I can't afford this meal in your house!"

After speaking, he walked angrily towards the door.

He may also expect Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott to stop him, but no one spoke, but only heard Jade say happily, "Dinner time ~ Wow, there is sweet and sour platters today, Aunt Liu I love you!"

Jim fell angrily and then slammed the door to left.

There was a moment of silence in the room, and Mrs. Scott burst into laughter.

Mr. Scott glared at her, and he couldn't help laughing when he saw his wife smiled so happily. The two went to the dining table and sat down, and afterwards, they blamed Jade like this, "What’s wrong with you girl to interupte adults talk? No excuse next time.

Jade pursed her lips and said, I haven't released all my power yet.

If Jim dared to be a demon again, Jade will show him see the star-chasing girl's dirty words!

Mrs. Scott taught Jade a few words, and pointed his finger at Mr. Scott, "The whole Scott family, I have never seen anyone like you! We have been kicked by the nose on the face, but you perform not even the fart! If it weren’t for we two returning in time today, I think you’re going to be trampled to death by Jim!"

Mr. Scott blamed her with displeasure, "What did you say? That's my second brother, the eldest brother was gone, he was my only brother! If I had no two brothers to take care of when I was a kid, it would be a question if I could survive!"

Older people just liked to talk about things when they were young.

Jade hummed, "People can change, I was a round face when I was a kid, and now it's all melon face."

Mr. Scott, "You just say it! How much chocolate did your uncle Jim buy you all year round, what did you eat for?"

Jade was not willing to be outdone, "I have more people buying chocolate, and I haven't seen anyone worrying about my money all day long?"

Mr. Scott paused, frowned, "Don't talk nonsense!"

Jade think if she would not take the opportunity to talk about the matter, her dad was supposed to be fooled by Jim, and she simply put the chopsticks aside, “So why would he be so angry? Even if you invested your money in brother Yale, you didn’t cause any losses to him. He kept saying that this project is thinking of you and wants you to make money. If you don’t vote, the big deal is that you don’t make money, and what is the loss to you? What does it have to do with him? Did he need to quarrel with you?"

Mr. Scott's eyes flickered twice, probably recalling the urgency that Jim had shown him when he asked him to sign the contract several times, and said nothing in silence.

Jade looked at her father and knew that he had listened to it, and she mentioned an important point, "He is so angry because you did not invest in this matter, which ultimately harm his interests. So it is very simple. The fact is that he do not want to let you make money, but urgently need this money to save himself. Now the money was gone, so he must be angry about that!"

Mr. Scott hadn't spoken yet, Mrs. Scott looked over in shock, "My God, when did my baby daughter's brain become so smart?"

Mr. Scott frowned deeply, although he didn't speak. By looking at that look, Jade knew it was the default.

Jade sighed and clipped a sweet and sour platoon. "As I said, don't keep thinking about what kind of venture capital to make a fortune. You don't understand anything, and you would help others to make money at your own expenses. It's better to do your own job."

Mr. Scott nodded thoughtfully and reacted with joy. "At my expenses? How did you talk to your dad like this?"

Mrs. Scott couldn't help laughing, the family was happy. Jade secretly show a victory sign under the table.

Mr. Scott was too affectionate. Once this relationship was broken, the ambitious wolf will be seen by her dad.

She remembered that shortly after that, the project in which Jim deceived Mr. Scott to invest, would declare bankruptcy because of the partner take all money back and cut the capital chain. The news will appeare in the financial magazine.

The only lost was Mr. Scott's money before. But at this time, it was Jim’s turn.

Solved this big villain, Jade was in a good mood, and had two extra bowls of rice for dinner. After sleeping at night, Mrs. Scott turned back and forth to recall his daughter's performance today, and couldn't help poking Mr. Scott who was reading the newspaper. "Do you think Jade is different now?"

Mr. Scott was absent-minded, "Any difference? It's all good."

Mrs. Scott pondered, "I haven't seen so many things in her head before? Hey, it seems that she has grown up all of a sudden. Have you noticed that? Sometimes she was speaking and doing things like little adults."

Mr. Scott put the newspaper aside, "Is it bad? Save you every day. My daughter just resembles me, smart and excellent."

Mrs. Scott pinched him, "Look and see, what's the use of seeing so much! You don't understand anything yet! If it weren't Jade today, you still don't know how far Jim was leading you go! Resemble you? I see it must be a tragedy! ”

The mother was careful, and she noticed the change of Jade. It was not feeling good in her heart. The final word was finalized, "From next week, you need to double your daughter's pocket money!"

Jade slept well, who knew nothing about it, took a nap, and happily went to school with her schoolbag the next day.

The morning self-study was over. The school held a flag-raising ceremony and a routine briefing on Monday.

The sleepy Jade heard the teaching director spitting out the names of several absent students, "Among them Murray is with the most serious behavior! A week of truancy, it is a big deal! High school students should know what to do and what not to do!"

Jade was awaken and quickly pulled the cherry next to him, "Why did Murray escape so long!"

Cherry was too sleepy, "I told you before. He doesn't take classes every day and go to other schools to find Clifford."

Jade was anxious, "How can he go to find him again?! I thought it would be done in a day or two!"

Cherry was feeble, "Did he not say that he will not rest until he finds Clifford? Hey, with this spirit for learning, how good his performance will be!"

Jade was totally speechless.

Was this person sick? Sick? !

She remembered that because of her good study, Murray and her had changed their previous habits and started to concentrate on their studies. Although in the second grade they was broken up, Murray was still admitted to a university that was listed on the important national 211 project.

According to the current condition, he will go to a fart 211.

Once again, Jade only wanted those who were hurt to live better, but he didn’t want those who had been good to fall apart.

After thinking about it, Jade decided to talk to Murray.

After school at noon, she refused Cherry's invitation to eat in the cafeteria together and went straight to Murray's classroom. When she arrived, she really saw Murray, the poor student in the bottom of the grade report, sitting in the last row and jumping with his disreputable gang.

Jade stood at the door and shouted, "Murray! Come out!"

Murray looked up to see her, her eyes lighted up, and then darkened again, his face also changed into a stinky expression, as if he was saying, once I love you but you refuse. Now you find me but you are not the one I will choose!

Jade was almost annoyed by this childish popularity. She walked straight over and asked him, "What do you do to skip class?"

The buddies and friends around him immediately started to coax, Murray couldn't pull it, and looked at her with his nostrils, "What's your business on me?"

A boy of this age was really too rebellious.

Jade had a headache. She was held in his nostrils for a long time. She took a deep breath and softened her attitude. "What the hell do you want? Isn't it clear to you? If you continue to do this, it will only hurt you ultimately."

Murray's teeth were bitten tightly, as if he was wronged, and he said cruelly, "You said it clearly! You meant it too clearly! So I want to find the person, I want to find out andlook, why am I inferior to him! "

Jade wanted to laugh and want to hit someone, "Who? Clifford?"

Murray raised his chin and said nothing.

Jade sighed, "I haven't been with him, and I won't be with him in this life."

Murray frozed for a moment, as if he didn't understand what she was talking about. But his head was slowly lowered, and he no longer had to show her nostrils.

Jade looked into his eyes, "I will not be with him, nor with you. Because I just want to study hard and go to a good university, do you understand?"

Murray was still stunned.

Jade said in her heart, this child looked so good, why was it that his brain was not good?

She patted his arm and said sincerely, "I've done all that, and please think about it. You are fifteen years old. It's not too small. Don't do anything wrong with your brain, and you won't regret it in the future.

Finished, she turned around and left.

It wasn't until she walked out of the classroom door that Murray reacted like that. He grabbed his head, looked at the stunned friends, and whispered, "She speaks like my mother."

Friends, "............"

Then why wereyou chasing her for most of the semester? Why don't you go back and chase your mother?

After advising Murray, Jade just swayed to the cafeteria to eat. When she was holding a dinner plate to find a place, she heard Cherry and a group of girls screaming.

"Really? Did Zo really reply to you? God, I so envy you."

Jade walked over and sat down, "What are you talking about?"

Cherry saw her, and she came over with excitement, "Jade! Lorenzo responded!"

Jade put a piece of braised pork into her mouth, "Lorenzo? Who?”

The girls around her looked at her with a sudden look, Cherry said, "No, Jade, you don't even know Lorenzo? The little prince of singing love song! He is super hot, okay?"

Jade frozed for a long time before remembering that there was such a person, but she remembered that this person had been to jail because of drug use when she was in college, and then it was found that there was no such person.

He was still popular now.

It's not right. Sina, INS and Zhihu haven’t popularized yet now! Where do celebrities interact with fans?

Asked the exit, and the eyes around her were even more disgusting. Cherry looked at her contemptuously. "Do you not even have a blog? Lorenzo updated the blog last night, Tong commented on it, and was answered!"

Yep. She forgot the blog.

Blog was the predecessor of Sina. At this time, all celebrities had a blog to upload photos and articles, and to make comments.

Jade thoughtfully, eating and eating, suddenly stunned.

Did Clifford also have a blog? !

Ah ah! Finally she have a place to blow rainbow farts (flattery) to her baby! ! !

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