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Chapter 9

The most urgent venture capital deception has been resolved, which can eliminate the possibility of Scott family’s bankruptcy from the source. The most important entertainment company has also been created. Jade was just waiting for the next operation of brother Yale.

Jade did these two big things, and felt that the burden placed on her shoulders after she was born again was reduced by half. She could finally get a good night's sleep.

Mrs. Scott's unit organized the physical examination the next day. Jade stared at the matter early in the morning and watched her mother go out with the medical examination form.

According to the incubation period of esophageal cancer, Mrs. Scott had a high probability of not suffering from this period. As long as it was prevented from now and improved eating habits, she believed that the problem was not a big one!

Within a few days, Mrs. Scott’s medical report was sent home. Mrs. Scott didn’t take it seriously. She felt that her body was healthy. Jade couldn’t wait to open it as soon as he got the inspection report. The thickening of the esophagus wall, accompanied by inflammation, a further review to the hospital was recommended.

Jade quickly went to her mother, "Mom, the doctor asked you to go to the hospital for review! It is sai pd that you have a problem with the esophagus!"

Mrs. Scott was browsing the newspapers of recent issues, and had no time to take care of Jade. She just nodded perfunctoryly, "OK, I know."

Jade had expected this to happen. Then she took out the materials she had prepared earlier, and shot them on the desk in front of her mother, "Mom! I am not playing a joke with you! Look, this is the consequence of not paying attention to esophageal lesions. You see, the thickened esophagus wall and esophagitis were the predecessors of esophageal cancer! Doctors suggest that you go to the hospital for further review, and you have to listen to the doctor! "

Mrs. Scott was taken aback by the book she photographed and was about to yell at her. But listening to her next words, she was stunned, subconsciously went to see the notebook Jade dropped.

She wrote down the causes of esophageal cancer and which diseases were likely to worsen into esophageal cancer on the notebook, and she also cut some newspapers and magazines about esophageal cancer cases and posted them on it.

Jade was chattering like an anxious old lady, "You think about your eating habits, and then look at the esophageal cancer incentives written above, were you perfect on avoiding bombs? I have told you before, eat slowly, and don't eat food that is too hot and too salty. Don’t get angry all the time. if you really get cancer one day, do you want to leave me alone! "

Mrs. Scott couldn't help laughing, but there was a touch of emotion in his heart.

Her daughter was really grown up. Jade used to only know how to eat and play. The most talked about was the limited edition doll in her room, but now she knew that her daughter care about her body, and even went to check the information.

She solemnly collected the medical report and touched her daughter's head. "Well, mother knew it. I will go this weekend."

Jade was at ease and added a sentence, "I'll go with you!"

Mrs. Scott looked relieved, "Okay."

On the weekend, Jade couldn't wait to urge her mother to go to the hospital, and also explained, "Don't drink water, don't eat, and you might have a gastroscope. Have you brought your medical insurance card and ID card?"

Mrs. Scott felt for a moment that she would not know this daughter anymore.

It seemed that she had grown up inadvertently, and she was sensible. The problem that once required her to worry about was solved by Jade herself, and Jade in turn cared about her.

No one knew Jade better than her. Her daughter grew up spoiled all the way, and she was a little princess who had clothes to reach out and just open her mouth to eat.

And now, suddenly she was no longer a princess, and she had an extra tenacity in her body.

She didn't know what her daughter experienced before, and she suddenly grew up overnight, but she felt inexplicably sad.

Mrs. Scott’s eyes were red when she went out.

Jade noticed her mother's strange behavior, "Mom, what's wrong with you?" She thought that she had scared her mother yesterday and relieved, "Oh, I said yesterday that it's going to be too serious, but nothing will happen! Today you just go to do a review. Everything will be ok!"

Mrs. Scott became more and more sour in his heart and hugged her and touched her head. “I know, and I will be fine. My little girl hasn’t grown up yet. I will not leave you.”

Jade almost cried.

After arriving at the hospital, Mrs. Scott went for a check-up, and Jade sat in the corridor and waited. For countless days and nights, she was also standing in the empty and cold corridor, holding weak hope and looking forward to the miracle.

After Mrs. Scott passed away, she began to fear the hospital and the smell of disinfecting water in the hospital. But she had to come, because there was a paralyzed father who needed treatment. She was afraid of this place, but had to step in again and again.

By the end, her heart was almost numb.

She was so lucky. There was still a chance to come back.

Embracing miracles, then miracles will really happen.

Mrs. Scott finished the inspection and the two had lunch at a restaurant outside the hospital. They didn't get the registration form until the afternoon. As Jade thought, Mrs. Scott was not sick at this stage, but she had esophageal inflammation and thickening of the wall. The doctor took a list and focused on explaining her diet and asked her to review it regularly.

There was no big problem. The two were in a good mood. They left the hospital and went to the Huijie Street. Mrs. Scott bought a lot of things for Jade like clothes and shoes. They went shopping like these goods were for free.

The mother and daughter happily strolled all afternoon, and they could not even pick up all the big and small bags. Finally, they called Mr. Scott’s driver to picke them up. The two were talking and laughing, and when they entered the room, they found that the atmosphere was not right.

Dinner was served on the table, but Mr. Scott was sitting in the living room. Aunt Liu was standing in the kitchen door and keeping silent. Looking at it, there was another person sitting in the living room. Looking at the back, it was Jim, the wolf, no doubt.

Hearing the door opening, the two turned back at the same time, and Mr. Scott quickly pinched the smoke on his hand and stood up to smile, "Home now? I'm going to call you, the food may be almost cold!"

Mrs. Scott nodded and smiled, and walked over, "Jim was here."

Jim looked very uncomfortable and responded stiffly.

Mrs. Scott said, "Let's eat together. Aunt Liu, do you need to warm up the food? Hey, do your brothers drink something? Did Jim drive here or not?"

Jim glanced at Mr. Scott, and suddenly sneered, "No more. Nothing to eat, I'm full of gas in my stomach."

Mrs. Scott played round, "Oh, what's wrong with this? We are in the same family, and there is nothing cannot be discussed."

Jim seemed to play for a reason, and stood up, "Family? You ask your husband, did he treat me as a family member, as his second brother?!"

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott looked at each other and didn't speak.

Jade walked over and threw all the bags on the sofa, and smiled, "uncle Jim, what is it that makes you so angry?"

Mrs. Scott yelled at her, "Go for dinner, adult's business, children should not get involved."

Jade stood while crossing her hands. Her face still smiling, but her voice was sensational, "No, I'm just curious, what the hell is it, and it's worth uncle Jim to come to my house and get angry? Those who don't know the reality may think that we live in uncle Jim's house and didn't give him money."

Who are you? How dare you run to my house to get angry?

Is this my home or yours?

Have we given you the right?

Jade was furious, if he hadn't cared about his parents' presence, he really wanted to spit Fenfang and call him a bloody dog.

Mrs. Scott hasn't always liked Jim very much in her heart. She felt that he had a little hypocrisy, but relatives always take care of him emotionally.

Listening to Jade saying this, and then seeing how her husband said nothing, Mrs. Scott was also full of angry, and she could not bear to said coolly, "Jim, since you came to my house, just don't show the gun in your words.  Where did Scott bother you? "

Jim was holding his elder brother's identity, and his face was even worse because of his little niece and younger sister-in-law said so.

Mr. Scott was deeply influenced by traditional thoughts and has never read a book. He valued family and respect the elder. He listened to the elder brother’s words. Now, looking at his daughter and his wife quarreling  with his brother, he hurriedly tried to stop it. “Well, it’s all my fault, and you don’t have to be angry, brother ... "

He didn't finish his words, and was interrupted by Jade bluntly, "Why is it your fault? The judge will still hear the case before the case was decided. If you don't say it to everyone, how do you know what is right?

Mr. Scott really didn't know why his daughter was so good at talking and looked at her for a while.

Mrs. Scott was not a fool. For such a long time, she naturally guessed why Jim came, "Is it because of investing in Yale? So what? Jim, do you have an opinion on this matter?"

It was more than an opinion. Now he just wanted to kill person.

His capital chain has been broken for a long time, and the partner also had the intention to divest. He finally persuaded Mr. Scott to invest to fill his black hole. As a result, it was about the funeral thing. The money that arrived was flying to Yale's pocket that was unrelated to Scott family in his eyes.

Today, he came to Mr. Scott happily with a contract. He heard such a news and almost performed a death for Mr. Scott on the spot. He even began to resent his elder brother. He would not die sooner or later, but he died at this time, attracting Yale back, and now almost killing him.

He was angry. When they opened his mouth and shut his mouth, it was all Yale, an outsider, who come back to cheated money. Unexpectedly, Mr. Scott protected Yale, saying that it was the eldest brother's only child. He was not an outsider.

This is the cause of quarrel.

Jim also had a way to pursuade Mr. Scott who has a good personality and good temper. Now Mrs. Scott and Jade were so frustrated, and his arrogance just now disappeared, replaced by a frustrated helpless face, "Yale left Scott family when he was young. He has one heart with his mother. I don’t know what bad habits he may have being abroad in these years. Do you really believe in him to invest in a company? Maybe he can use it to buy drugs.

Jade almost laughed angrily, "How can you put him slandered after you say it?"

Jim now knew that this girl didn't like him and he ignored her, and continued to look at Mr. Scott with a heartbroken look. "Will I hurt you? In the entire Scott family, no one will hope you better than me! I'm thinking about you all the time. You're fine. Turn around and throw such a large sum of money to the unknown outsider! "

Mr. Scott was chocked and wanted to justify it, but he couldn’t get in the way. Just heard Jim blaming him painfully. And then Jim said, “For this matter, what do you think you should do?

Jade finally couldn't help it, ignoring her dad's glares, her mother's pulling, and stood one step forward, "Then you just talk about it, what do you want to do?"

Jim, "..."

Jim hadn't spoken yet, but Jade seemed to see through his thoughts, and she sneered, "Do you want to find Yale to withdraw your investment? Then make it vote for you?"

Mr. Scott shouted, "Jade!"

Jade was not afraid, and looked at Jim with a sneer. "I am thinking, this money is my dad's own money. My own money is used as much as I want. Does it have anything to do with you? How can you intervene in our family? Your money? Even the God doesn't have the right to interfere in my own affairs."

Jim, "............"

Mr. Scott, "............"

Mrs. Scott, "............"

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