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Chapter 8

Having lost the first gift from her idol, Jade was still unhappy until she had a meal.

Mrs. Scott also put a knife in her heart, "You, child, milk tea is bought for drinking, and it should not be offered up! What do you offer it up for? Can it bless you for improving your grades or the full score of the exam? Thank you today I discovered it, otherwise I don’t know how many cockroaches and ants will be in the house.”

Jade, "..."

When they was talking, Mr. Scott came back after a long journey.

He has been dealing with the affairs of the eldest uncle of Scott family in his hometown for the past few days. He returned to S City today. He went to the company during the day, and only now went home.

Jade saw her dad coming back, and she felt better. She believed that Yale must have told Mr. Scott about borrowing money to start a business in the past few days. The hook of starting a business was thrown, and now it was her turn!

Aunt Liu served Mr. Scott with dinner. Mrs. Scott let go of Jade and began to ask how things were handled in his hometown.

Hearing Mr. Scott saying that Yale voluntarily gave up the inheritance rights of the houses and foundations in his hometown, Mrs. Scott felt a little emotional, "Yale, a child who has been abroad since childhood, is not close to us, but his mother taught him very well. He is polite, and this time he is really wronged. "

Mr. Scott sighed, "Definitely, no matter how unrelated to the Scott family, the eldest brother's things should also be this son's. The forth and the fifth sisters really overdid this time. Thanks to Yale’s generosity, it didn’t happen in court. Otherwise, I don’t know how many people will read the joke."

It seemed that Jade concentrated on watching TV, but actually she listened very seriously with his ears upright. As soon as Mr. Scott said this, she felt that Yale's move was very good.

Yale was not a soft persimmon that anyone can handle. If he really wanted to fight, none of the relatives in his hometown were his opponents.

Mr. Scott was already very affectionate, and now seeing Yale suffered such great grievances, he must be more guilty in his heart. At this time, Yale again raised the issue of borrowing money to start a business, and Mr. Scott probably would not refuse it.

Cousin! Bravo!

Jade didn't feel distressed for the old father who was already in the trap. She listened with interest when Mr. Scott continued, "Speaking of this, Yale borrowed money from me yesterday ..."

Mrs. Scott stopped her chopsticks, "Borrow money? What does he borrow money for?"

Mr. Scott said, "He said he wanted to start a business, and also showed me his plan. The child is very thoughtful and mature. His future development should not be bad."

Mrs. Scott asked, "Well, he still graduated from some prestigious universities abroad. Will he get the postgraduate diploma this year? Let me see, he is more knowledgeable than Jim’s son. Entrepreneurship should be supported,. How much does he borrow?"

Mr. Scott showed a number.

Jade almost sprayed the soup.

Yale, you really dare to ask.

Mrs. Scott was also shocked, "So much?!"

Mr. Scott nodded with a wry smile, "The kid really said so. Looking at him, it doesn't seem to be a joke. He also showed me the budget table and said that it is a relatively large investment in the entertainment economy. It ’s not impossible to get it out. After all he is the eldest brother's only child left in the world. How can I refuse to help? But now the economy is in a recession, our company ... "

He said that, thinking that Jade was still on the table, he turned around and glanced.

Jade watched his nose, watched his eyes, watched the drama on the TV, and talked to that silly.

Mr. Scott lowered his voice to Mrs. Scott again, "Although he said that it was an investment, he and I each hold shares, he was responsible for the operation, and I will pay dividends directly, but this number was not small ... and the second brother A few days ago, I did n’t want me to do venture capital with him, but now I do n’t have much working capital. This ...

Jade, who has been watching TV, suddenly said, "I think it is more reliable to vote for brother Yale than to the second uncle."

Mrs. Scott yelled at her, "Eat your meal! Adults talk should not involve children. What do you know?!"

Jade lowered her lips, as if deliberately talking to her mother, "It is true! My dad don not know anything about second uncle's venture capital. He hasn't gone to school and learned economics and finance."

She looked at Mr. Scott angrily, "If you go, you don't understand anything, then everything depends on uncle Jim. Aren't we taking advantage of others? Uncle don't matter at first, but, for a long time, he would be unhappy."

Mr. Scott didn't really think of this. He looked at Jade and stunned.

Mrs. Scott responded that her daughter said well and pondered, "It's right, we can't do nothing to take money. The second brother, I think he is not so generous. Wish you not angry about my judgement on him. There would be conflict between you and him."

Jade made a couple of meals, turned her eyes to the TV, and continued to said, "The entertainment economy that brother Yale is going to do is my dad's company's business? My dad can still stare at it. I heard our teacher said to the effect that, eggs can’t be put in a same basket. My dad has a company now. If it goes bankrupt, we still have one operated by Yale.”

Mrs. Scott smiled and patted her on the back of the head, "What are you saying, bankruptcy? Can you just say something auspicious? Spit all bad things out!"

Mr. Scott listened to her saying this, agreed with her very well. "What should you do if you don't hit children all the time and make her stupid? I think Jade makes sense. Oops, my daughter really follows me, excellent!"

Jade proudly said, "That's right, I also know that we should help those who are in urgent situations but not in poor stuations. Second uncle is not poor and not urgent as well. On the contrary, brother Yale needs our help. Because he just graduated and has a huge blueprint. When it comes to money, we should give a hand to him. And uncle Jim just talked about it, we didn’t see anything he ever did, while the brother Yale gave you a plan book. How practical he is!"

Yale had thrown enough hooks over there, all she had to do was to reinforce the bait, enough to hook her dad's big fish steadily.

Dad, don’t blame your daughter for setting you up. This was for your own good.

After Jade had finished her meal, she threw down the sentence, "I'm going to do my homework". Then she went back upstairs, leaving Mr. Scott alone to think.

But she knew that, just like Yale said "I will answer you tomorrow", Mr. Scott's answer was already obvious.

As son of a dead brother, the only bloodline, just like this, Yale was enough to tilt Libra.

Sure enough, within two days, Jade received a text message from Yale: succeeded.

Mr. Scott finally chose to cooperate with Yale to create "Rats Entertainment Co., Ltd.", with him as the legal representative, Mr. Scott holds 51% of the shares, and Yale holds 49% of the shares.

After all, this investment was not a small amount. She didn’t know how Mr. Scott talks to Yale. Mr. Scott still guarantees his highest exercise right, but Yale, as a technology shareholder who didn’t pay a penny, eventually accounted for 49 shares, and as the general manager of Rats Entertainment, had full decision-making power in company affairs.

Mr. Scott's energy and time will definitely continue to be placed on his own Star Media. Rats Entertainment's holding were mostly supervised by Mr. Scott. Because he worried that Yale was young and impatient.

Star Media lost money every year. Once this big investment came out, Mr. Scott could no longer use liquid funds to engage in venture capital. No more worrying about Jim as a demon, Jade finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Rats Entertainment was registered in City B. The main development in the future will also be in City B. This was a joint decision of Yale and Jade.

Jade took advantage of Yale's "forward-looking" before he went to B city to start a business, and made a planning book to him.

The planning book highlighted the variety, TV series, and movies that Rats Entertainment needs to invest at this stage. It also listed several names that Yale has never heard of, and marked the basic information of each person, let him find a way to these people and sign contracts with them.

Some of them were students of XX University, some sang in XX bars in City B, some run in XX movie studios, and another actually fed pigs in XXX pig farms!

Feeding pigs? Was it a joke?

Yale had a headache.

The night before departure to City B, Yale came home to eat and say goodbye.

On the dinner table, Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott were of course telling Yale many things, after all, in their eyes, Yale was still a big kid. He just lost his father and his mother was abroad. Now he went to city B alone to work hard. Although Mr. Scott had financial support to him, in this era of rapid economic development, rewards were hard to take back, let alone millions, sometimes tens of millions were thrown in and you may see no splash.


Yale smiled all the way, and they all nodded, Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott looked at him with a mature and  polite look, then they felt at ease for his leave.

After eating, Jade pretended to ask Yale to teach her a homework assignment and called him to her room.

Locking the door, Jade quickly took out the original copy of her plan, and opened it to tell Yale one by one, "I wrote these, you must remember, you must find a way to participate in the investment! The prospect was very good, it will definitely be hot ! Don’t be afraid of your move, and just go boldly and confidently!"

She also pointed to the contracted artist column, "There are these people, I have already visited them in the field. They are all prospective! It will definitely be hot after packaging!"

Yale was curious about that, "How do you know they will be popular?"

Jade was serious, "They are all printed red in the forehead and born with fire."

Yale looked at her wordless, "I never know that you can see pepople’s fate."

Jade was now too thick-skinned, "Ashamed, just a little."

Yale had the advantage that although he knew that there were many puzzles in this little cousin, he will not get to the bottom.

Waited for a long time after Jade said, Yale finally nodded  to promise, "Okay, for what you wrote above, I will study it carefully when I go. If it is really like you said, I must find a way to win."

He turned to the last page and pointed to the name of a cross drawn in red pen. "What about this guy called Clifford? Sign or not?"

The vivid expression on Jade's face disappeared.

Yale even saw some inexplicable sadness on her face.

It took him a long time to hear her said, "I wanted you to find a way to sign him, but ..." She paused, sighed, and sullenly, "Go and ask, he is singing at the address I wrote. You ask him if he wants to sign with Rats. If he doesn't want to ... "

Jade looked down at her finger. And when she looked up again, she recovered the familiar dexterity. "If he doesn't want to sign, then let him go. He is now a trainee of Zhongtian, with a ten-year contract in hand. If he breaks the contract, he will pay a huge amount of penalty. "

Yale nodded thoughtfully.

Jade put away the planning book and chatted with Yale about his thoughts and plans for a while. After Mrs. Scott called, Yale said goodbye to leave.

Before going to bed, Jade took out the plan book and looked at it.

The last page, Clifford's name was crossed out by her with a red pen.

She really thought about signing him to Rats with the fastest speed to put an end to all the darkness in the future.

But she didn't know why that she always felt that Clifford would refuse.

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