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Chapter 7

During the time when Jade learned about the bad news, even though she knew very well that people can't be resurrected, she also cried to countless late nights and begged god to let him live again.

As long as he was alive.

They didn't want him to be famous, no resources, no impact of exposure, and no fame. They didn't want anything.

As long as he lived peacefully in this world.

Jade was crying and praying, while knowing that it was all delusions.

Every day, every minute, every second, his death liked a blunt knife, sawing her heart back and forth. She felt pain to collapse and to despair.

Jade never thought that one day, this wish will really come true.

It wasn't until that figure disappeared on the corner of the street that Jade finally took control of her body. She wiped a tear from her face, and ran up with her the schoolbag.

Clifford stood on the street waiting for the traffic lights.

Jade didn't dare to get close, and stopped ten meters behind him.

At this time, Clifford was already tall, but only slightly thin, and the sweater was loosely covered on his body. His hands were standing indifferently, like a teenager walking out of the comic.

Many people next to him were looking at him, but he ignored him, still staring at the ground with his head hanging down, and there was a sense of indifference that no one could come near.

Jade's heart almost jumped out of her throat, her fingers clenched tightly around her schoolbag strap, and her eyes turned red back and forth many times, and she choked tears back.

Baby was still alive! What to cry for? She should be happy! No crying! ! !

Clifford walked and she walked, Clifford stopped her and stopped, just so dizzy and sadly followed the way. Finally Clifford stopped at the triangle on the corner of the night market street.

Jade stood across the road and looked at him.

Watched him take off the guitar on his back, put the guitar cover on the ground, and then began to sing while holding the guitar.

Someone passed by and threw a change in the guitar cover in front of him.

He nodded slightly, as a thank you.

Jade finally reacted.

Clifford was making a living as a performer.

For a time, the complicated and chaotic mood became intertwined in her heart.

She hadn't heard that Zhongtian had trainees go to the street to make a living. Neither the group show nor the documentary had ever said about it. What happened?

Why did her Clifford come out to show off?

In such a cold day! ! !

Zhongtian drove her sweetheart out for a show! They were dead! She will not share the sky with the company!

Jade trembled with anger and felt distressed. After Clifford had finished playing the two songs, she finally prepared herself. Takeing a deep breath, she gathered the courage to walk over.

Step by step, she was getting closer and closer to him.

The facial features carved into her blood marrow gradually became clear in her eyes.

He was standing under the street lamp holding his guitar, and the dim light outlined the straight lines of his body. The facial features that were later called the god on earth had not yet been shaped, but the beauty was already ready.

But his expression was indifferent. It seemed that no matter what he was singing or playing, how the people passing by watched, and how much money others gave, he did not care.

Inexplicably, Jade's heart twitched.

She had come to him.

Never before or now, she had never been so close to him.

Clifford still didn't raise his eyes. He dangled the strings. His fingers were slender. His fingers lined with the strings, and there was a cold light.

Until the end of a song, he raised his eyes and saw the girl with tears on the opposite side.

She looked so sad, but when he looked up, she tried to squeeze out a smile. She whispered in her voice, "Clifford, you sing so nice."

He answered, "Thank you."

He bowed his head again and played the next song.

From the beginning to the end, he never laughed.

Jade finally saw his eyes and the indifference deep in his pupils.

Why was this so?

Fans loved the warmest baby with a smile.

Has he been so unhappy since a long time ago? was it true that all his smiles and warmth had been illusory since they saw him?

Jade bursted into tears for a moment.

The sobbing sound finally caught Clifford's attention.

He frowned, holding the string in his palm and raising his head. The road lantern light made his cold eye socket. It did not add a warm color to his eyes, but coated with a layer of alienation.

Jade didn't want to cry anymore, but she couldn't help it.

The passers-by onlookers were curious and talked about.

Jade covered her face and sobbed to hiccups, "It's ... too shameful ... sorry ... ohhhhhhhhh sorry ... Clifford, sorry ..."

She didn't know what she was sorry for.

But she felt sorry, so many words, many emotions, and finally all turned into a sentence of sorry.

She was crying like this. Clifford's show could not be going anymore, otherwise the police should come over and question.

He leaned over, put away dozens of dollars in the box and put it in his pocket, then put the guitar back on his back. He lowered his eyes slightly, shadowed his eyelashes, his voice was faint, "Don't cry."

Jade held her breath and tried not to let the tears fall.

He said, "Waiting for me here."

Jade hadn't responded yet, Clifford had left away. She stared blankly at his back, and her brain went on strike. Within a few minutes, Clifford walked back with a cup of hot tea in his hand.

He handed her, indifferent tone, "Go home."

Jade stared at the cup of milk tea, tears came down again and again.

Clifford, "........."

Jade, "..............."

It was really shameful, really shameful.

She took the milk tea, raised her sleeves and wiped it twice, and the voice was low, "Thank you ..."

Clifford nodded slightly, then turned around and left.

Jade quickly caught up, "Clifford!"

He turned back, his face was not impatient, and his head slightly turned sideways. The sharp line of his jaw hidden in the night. He became more unapproachable and cold.

Jade was holding a milk tea cup, her throat was tight, and her lips opened and closed several times, making a sound, "Clifford, I haven't given you money yet."

She ran forward in two steps, took out all the money in her pocket, and stuffed her brain in his hands. After stuffing, he whizzed back and stuttered, "These ... these money for you, thank you for buying milk tea, thank you ... for singing to me."

Clifford looked down at several hundred yuan bills in his hand, and then looked at the girl who was helpless at the opposite side, and finally smiled.

The smile was very shallow and fleeting, but Jade saw the familiar warmth in it, and she frozed for a moment.

Clifford folded the money, walked over and put it back in the stunned Jade's hands, "No, go back early."

He turned and took a step. Jade bit his tongue and reminded himself not to lose his gaze again. He dragged his schoolbag and followed. "My family lives near here, very close! Clifford, do you live here too? Will you come here to sing in the future ?"

Clifford looked at the night ahead, "Yes."

He had long legs and big steps. Jade needed to trot to keep up with him. "Clifford, are you a homeless singer? Areyou only doing shows here? Will you go singing elsewhere?"

Clifford stepped in, and Jade almost hit his back.

She quickly stepped back and looked at him carefully.

He still had no impatience, but had no expression. His pupils reflect the light and dark night, revealing something that should not belong to his age.

He said again, "Go home."

Turned to cross the road after finishing the speech. This time, Jade did not follow.

She watched his thin and deserted back disappear into the night, holding the hot milk tea gradually losing temperature in her hand, and slowly squatted down.

At this time, the brain can finally function normally.

She could think about why the Clifford she saw now was so different from the one he used to be.

Because the Clifford who debuted later, with the warmth set by the company, covered up all the pain and scars, and only allowed them to see the good side.

Seeing that he always smiled, she thought he loved to laugh.

Seeing that he treats people softly, she thought the world would treat him tenderly.

In fact, it had long been full of holes in his body.

The darkness that broke out was just the tip of the iceberg, and no one could feel everything he experienced.

Jade squatted on the ground for a long time, and finally looked up in the direction he left.

This was not bad.

Clifford like this was also very good.

She had nothing to do with what had happened, but in the future, it will definitely be held in her hand.

Jade thumped his numb legs and stood up, holding milk tea back to the hotel. She got up early the next morning, went to the dormitory and waited early in the morning, trying to see him again, but she didn't see Clifford coming out at 12: 00 noon.

She can only take a taxi to the airport.

Before leaving, she found a courier store and packed the cup of untouched milk tea Clifford bought her home.

After the airport security check, she called Cherry and asked about the situation at home. Cherry heard that Jade boarded the plane back to S City immediately, and she was relieved. "I didn't show any stuffing. When I got home last night, I told my mom that you were home. Your mom didn't call and asked. Everything was planned in!"

She was excited to ask, "Jade, had you seen Clifford? How about it? had you gone out to play?"

She smiled, "He saw me, he played the guitar for me."

Cherry made a fuss, "Wow! You are so happy! He actually played the guitar and he must look handsome!"

After a few chats, she was about to board the plane. Jade hung up the phone and started to rush to work after getting on the plane. When she arrived in S City, she finally finished his weekend homework.

The next day, the cup of milk tea she returned from City B Express arrived.

Jade happily put the milk tea with a straw on the bedside, looked at it every day, touched it every morning when he got up, and touched it every night when he went to bed, and thought that this was the milk tea that idol bought for her. Her heart was melting.

It turned out that the tea was gone after two days from school.

Jade hurriedly went to her mother, "Mom, what about the milk tea on my bedside!"

Mrs. Scott curled upstairs on the sofa to watch TV. Hearing her ask, she glared at her unhappily. "I haven't asked you yet! Why did you put the stale milk tea on the bedside table ?! I had diarrhea for the whole day!"

Jade, "Mom !!!"

She did live a hard life.

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