My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 6

Jade was very confident in her plan.

"You were the only son and concern of uncle in the world. My dad was the most affectionate. If you talk to him, can he refuse to borrow you money? And the capital volume should not be too small—at least three million yuan!"

Yale, "............"

Jade spread his hand, "Anyway, if you don't borrow it, he will also give Jim a venture capital. It is better for my day to borrow you money than loss in venture capital. In a sense, this was not a loan to you, but an investment! He also does have a dividend in the shares.” Jade trust her own words more when she was speaking.

Jade cast an encouraging look at Yale, "Brother, it's time to test your ability. As long as you can make my dad believe that you can do the company, he will definitely agree."

Yale pondered this sentence for a long time and reacted. "You mean, if your dad doesn't borrow this money in the end, you can only blame my ability?"

Jade, "... I don't mean that."

Yale turned to look at the pile of math paper and English textbooks on her bed, "Are you really a high school student?"

Jade, "............"

The voice of Mrs. Scott came from the outside, "Jade, have you packed up? Are you ready to go."

"Okay! Immediately!" She tucked the textbooks into her schoolbag on her back and patted Yale's shoulder. "I'll help you to persuade my day in pillow-talk. Come on, I'll wait for you in S City!"

Yale looked at her back silently, "Isn't the pillow-talk used in that way?"

Jade didn't look back and waved her hand back.

Mr. Scott and Yale both had to stay to deal with funeral affairs, and Mrs. Scott took Jade on the plane home. It was already early in the morning in S City. As soon as they arrived home, Mrs. Scott rushed Jade’s back to her room to take a shower and sleep. After all, she still has to go to school tomorrow.

Jade locked the door after taking a shower, put his pocket money that she had not used this week on the desk, opened the piggy bank and took out a few hundred dollars, and counted them together in a pile.

Airfare accommodation plus meals, for her now was a sum of money. Although her parents spoiled her and wanted to buy anything, they never gave up pocket money. What they needed was what they bought directly.

New year's money was stored in her mother's bank card. She can't get it. As long as she spended money on the supplementary card, her father will receive text messages and can't use it. The cash she had at her disposal was only weekly pocket money.

Counts, but still less.

Jade was annoyed. Why the brokerage company signed by Clifford was not in S City?

City B was so far away, and air tickets were so expensive!

Suddenly there was a feeling of being frugal for chasing after him.

At this time, she didn’t even have an app to use. If she had enough money tomorrow, she had to go to a point of sale to buy a ticket.

Going to City B on the weekend was definitely not something that can be known by parents. Her father Mrs. Scott was a very traditional dad. Although he was spoiled for Jade, there were also three rules: can not spend money, be extravagant and wasteful, and cannot sleep outside.

Even in a summer camp during the summer vacation, her parents have to confirm with the class teacher, the teacher in charge, and the summer camp docking teacher, again and again. Let alone let her take a plane to B city.

But Jade had already thought about it. This week, her dad still couldn't come back. She will tell her mom  that she would go to the classmate's house to play. On Saturday, she went to the Cherry's house to call to show her location. Back on Sunday, it should not be found.

While in this trip, she might not see Clifford.

But she can't wait any longer.

This feeling seems to be recovered, lost in ecstasy, and thinking and suffering.

She went to bed with a complicated mood. When Jadee went to school the next day, she asked Cherry to borrow money.

Cherry held the sausage in his mouth, and with his hands pulled out a total of seven cents from the left and right school uniform pockets, then she gave Jade a solemn face, "All my belongings, take it!"

Jade, "..."

Cherry looked at her strangely, "Are you not spending enough money every week?"

Jade also needed Cherry to testify against herself on weekends, so she hided Clifford’s identity of trainee and tell her the truth. Cherry was surprised, "You are going to City B to find Clifford? It turns out he is not from us! No wonder, Murray couldn't find anyone in these two days."

Jade frozed, "What's the matter with Murray again?"

Cherry said after eating the sausage, "He, he hasn't come to school in these two days, leading his brothers, and looking for Clifford in the next first, second, third, and forth high school. He said he can't find the one who intervenes in his ecstasy. "

Jade, "?????"

Why was this fu*king thing unfinished? !

When she was with him before, she didn't find that he was so passionate about himself!

Jade was angry for a long time, warning Cherry, "No more telling him anything about Clifford!"

Cherry hurriedly shown a swearing gesture, and then came over to asked, "Jade, that guy named Clifford, how did you know him? Is he particularly handsome? How old is he? Is his grade good?"

Jade shoved her head in disgust, "Stop, it's up to the adults to worry about these things."

Cherry glared at her unhappily, "You are half a year younger than me!"

The poor friend has no money. Fortunately, Jade still had a group of wealthy little sisters who have a good relationship. She excused that she wanted to buy a new album poster from a certain star. The little sisters were star chasing girls. They were very generous. Then she got enough money.

Went straight to the point of sale as soon as school was over, Jade bought a ticket to fly to city B at noon the next day.

That night, Jade talked to her mother for half an hour, and Mrs. Scott finally nodded and agreed her to stay at Cherry's house for one night.

She and Cherry had settled their confession long ago. When she carried her schoolbag to the Cherry’s family the next morning, she used her landline to call her mother. And then she went out with her schoolbag and told her parents that they have to go to the library to do their homework and they will not come back at night.

After all preparations, they two broke up at the street junction. One went to the airport and the other went to the library.

Afterwards, Cherry felt that the plan was a bit dangerous, and took Jade’s hand to explain nervously, "Must pay attention to safety! If you meet a bad person, you should call for help. Do you know? I heard that B City was very good. There were many uncle police, don't be afraid! "

Jade nodded and got into the taxi.

Cherry looked at her, and she seemed to be crying, "Jade! You must not be in trouble! If you were in trouble, I am an accomplice, ooh ..."

Jade reached out his hand from the car window to give an OK sign, and left away by the taxi.

She boarded the plane all the way smoothly. The flight attendant learned that there was an underage teenager on the flight. So they came to pay attention to Jade a few times. When she got off the plane, someone was sent to take Jade to the exit.

Jade pointed to a middle-aged woman who called in the distance from the toilet door, "That's my aunt, thank you sister, goodbye sister!"

Then she ran away with her schoolbag.

After attending university, she has been living in City B. She was very familiar with this place.

Clifford signed a contract company called Zhongtian Entertainment, an old-fashioned brokerage company in the circle. Its stars included brilliant film actors, and well-known female stars. But in recent years there has been some decay, and several TV series produced had no splash.

Zhongtian's boss was still very forward-looking by immediately launching the trainee plan. He intended to follow the trend of SK to make stars, so Zhongtian Entertainment established the trainee branch.

Zhongtian Entertainment's building was in the city center, but the trainee branch was in the suburbs. And the artists signed with the company were all distinguished.

After all, trainees were not popular in the country, and Zhongtian was still exploring. The main investment was still used in traditional projects, and the trainee project remains to be seen.

After S-Star became popular, Zhongtian had a documentary showing the members’ training classrooms and group dormitories before their debut. The purpose was to tell the audience that it was not easy for trainees to debut, everyone needed to cherish it.

Later, many fans went to the ‘pilgrimage’ outside the dormitory.

This was where their beloved Clifford tried to practice in sweat.

Jade has also been there, knowing where it was.

When she arrived at the destination iwas almost the evening. The temperature in City B this season was already very low. Jade clutched his jacket and shivered with a school bag, and stopped under the training building.

The kites (Clifford's fan name) all knew that their idol were very hard as trainees at that time. They danced and got a wound. They often couldn't care about eating. Clifford was the earliest and the latest to go and leave every day for training. Teamates also said that Clifford kept the keys to the training room.

The boy who worked so hard were obviously the strongest in the regiment, but he have become the least popular.

He gave everything at that time, but he never expected that it would end like that in the future.

Jade looked up at the tall building rising under the clouds, looked at it, and wanted to cry again.

A cold wind blew past her tears.

Jade took out his mobile phone and looked at it. At this time, Clifford should still be training in the classroom. She waited here for a few more hours. When it was dark, she should be able to wait until he came out.

She looked around, sat down on the stone platform on the right of the gate, took out the papers arranged by the teacher, and waited while writing homework.

After a few hours, it was already dark, and many people came in and out. Jade even saw the members of S-Star later, but he never saw Clifford.

The security guard came to lock the door, looked at her and asked, "Little girl, what are you doing here?"

Jade thumps the numb leg, "Uncle, I am waiting for someone."

The security guard said while locking the door, "It's getting dark, how unsafe here is, go back quickly."

Jade hurriedly ran over with his schoolbag, "Uncle, is there no one here?"

The security guard locked the door and checked, "No one, they are all off work."

"So ... what about the trainees, have they all gone back?"

The security guard didn't expect a little girl to know a lot, and she glanced at her, "It's over, you are waiting for our company's trainees?"

Jade frozed and shook her head, "No, thank you uncle, uncle goodbye."

She carried her schoolbag and limped towards the nearby hotel. Halfway through, after all, she didn't give up, and turned around to the trainee dormitory.

Going back tomorrow, she only had the time tonight and tomorrow morning. If she missed it again tomorrow morning, there was really no chance.

The dormitory was just behind the company building across the street.

This place could not be entered casually. She paused under the street lamp outside the gate. After thinking about it, she took off her schoolbag and padd her buttocks. She tried, then held the idea of waiting for another two hours. At that time, a man came out of the gate.

He wore a black hooded sweatshirt, track pants, tall and thin, carrying the guitar on his back. His hands were in his trouser pockets, his head was drooping slightly, his hair shattered on his eyelids, and a shadow on his nose.

Jade just sat down and didn't react at all. He saw that the man whom she wanted to see had walked past him indifferently.

There was a faint smell of tobacco in the cold wind, which swept across the tip of her nose and passed in a flash.

Her breathing was still and her voice stuck in her throat, as if she had been fixed. She kept staring at the back as he went further and further.

Her mind landslided in his mind, destroyed, and then bursted into a blank.

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