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Chapter 5

Yale found that his analysis of the little cousin was still too shallow.

He didn't know much about the situation of Scott family relatives. He only heard a few words from his mother's mouth. Speaking of the daughter of Jade’s family, they used the words of innocent and pampering to describe the little princess.

Just now, he was shocked by the girl who calmly fought the fire. Now heard this question from her, he hide all things, staring at her with interest.

Jade was stared by him uncomfortably and put her hair aside, but her tone was calm, "If you want to stay abroad, you just forget my question. But if you have plans to go back to China, please think about it. You also know that the day is now changing between old and new media era. In the critical period, it has a great impact on the industry, coupled with the extensiveness of the media. Although there are many jobs, it is hard for you to find a satisfied job when you have a late start and a low starting point."

She paused, her lips curled up, and she smiled particularly well, "Instead of adapting to it, it is better to lead it, what do you think?"

Yale smiled wider, "Continue."

Jade's understanding of this is all from the information collected recently. If you really wanted her to tell something to this professional brother, it is estimated that she will be exposed soon.

She came straight to the point, "I want to build an entertainment company with you. I invested capital and you professional skills. You would have been in charge of operations since I went to school. I will manage with you after I graduate. Are you interested?"

Yale raised an eyebrow inconceivably, and didn't seem to think that her ultimate goal was this. He smiled for a while, "You invested in capital shares? Where did you get the money?"

Jade righteously said, "I have no money, but my dad has money."

Yale laughed, "Will uncle Scott rest assured to give you this money...a child who have not yet grown up?"

Jade looked at him seriously, "That’s why I need to work with you."

With such a serious and sincere look, Yale realized that this little cousin was indeed not kidding. He thought this trip was destined to be unpleasant, but he didn't expect him to encounter such a fun thing.

Yale's future achievements are so outstanding. It has a lot to do with the fact that he never wears colored glasses to watch people, and can seize every opportunity.

He sat on the stone mill behind, touched his pocket, seemed to want to smoke, and remembered that the little cousin in front of him was not yet a teenager, then he reached out his hand,"Did you just give them the chocolate? Give me one."

Jade took out the last piece of chocolate in his pocket and handed him.

Yale peeled off the tin foil and took a bite, "I don't cooperate with others easily and talk about what advantages you have for me to buy shares."

Jade thought for a while and asked an unrelated sentence, "Did you chase the stars?"

Yale shook his head, "I don't chase, I prefer football."

"Barcelona or Real Madrid? Is it the national football?"

Yale couldn't help laughing, and tapped her forehead with her finger, "Tell me about yourself, how about chasing stars? What about not chasing stars?"

Jade reverted to the topic, "If you chase the stars, you will know that the trend from South Korea will have a great impact on the domestic entertainment industry. The idols of my classmates are all SK stars. The entertainment industry in SK is already very mature. They make stars. The method is also very powerful, and there is also the R country, but their popular trainee model is now rarely used by companies in China. "

Yale gradually stopped eating chocolate.

Jade continued, "The word “impact of exposure” may seem strange to everyone now, but I believe that in the next few years, it will inevitably become the main force of the entertainment industry. The idol model will also become popular in China. After all, handsome guys in our nation is no less than any country. "

She emphasized the tone, "Once this model becomes popular, the development of the entertainment industry is bound to go to the next stage. Now it is the key time for the rapid development of new media. New media is closely connected with the future entertainment industry. The person who control the impact of exposure and capital by then, will control the market. "

Yale understood her idea, "After such a long talk, you just want to be a star-making brokerage company."

Jade denies him, "Not only! Not only star making, variety, film, music, and even novel IP are the top priorities."

"Novel IP?"

Accidentally popped a future buzzword, Jade patted his mouth, and said with a serious face, "Anyway, it means that we have to be stronger! Create greater glories!"

Yale almost didn't squeeze and smiled, and flicked his hands after eating chocolate, "So, what is your advantage?"

It was almost dusk, and the orange clouds were spread out layer by layer, pressed against the treetops. Jade glanced at the sky in distance, flashing those memories in her mind. She withdrew her eyes, "My forward-looking."

My advantage is my forward-looking.

Yale looked at the little cousin with no word.

This trip back to China was really ...


He fully understood where her strengths were. Yale, who originally planned to work in the entertainment industry, has done a lot of research in this circle.

What she said is a future that really conformed to the trend.

He didn't know why such a young cousin had such a powerful overall outlook and forward-looking, but it was not important. What was important was that she found herself.

Already had a decision in his heart, but Yale couldn't help teasing her, "Why you find me?"

The girl blinked, and her eyes finally had a smile of her age, "Because you are the most powerful in the cousin !" She held her fist faithfully, "I believe you the most!"

Yale smiled recklessly.

Not far away, relatives ran over and called him, "Yale, come and see the arrangements for funeral tomorrow."

He jumped from the stone mill and stuffed chocolate tin foil into Jade's hands, "I think about it, and I will answer you tomorrow."

The words were so, but Jade has seen the answer in his eyes.

She waved happily, "Goodbye cousin, wait for your good news." When Yale walked away, she looked at his back and sighed with regret, then turned to fist again.

The key figure have been settled, and the next plan will surely go smoothly.

Clifford, waited for me, this time, I will protect you even if I don't care about my body!

The funeral process was cumbersome, and they had to greet friends and family. The adults were so busy that Jade successfully completed the first step of the plan. She was in a good mood and went back to the room to write the remaining papers.

After dinner, she was about to go upstairs, and she heard a quarrel inside when he passed the hall.

She thought of something, quietly walked over, looking through the window sill.

Said it was a quarrel, in fact, the relatives of the Scott family unilaterally carried out verbal attacks and moral abductions on Yale. Yale sat on the chair without a pit and looked sneered.

It was the four aunts of Scott family who were talking, "These two houses were built in the past. If there were no relatives from hometown, your dad could never build it alone. In the past two years, the roof of the building was leaking, and the wall almost collapsed. It was also me who brought your uncle and workers to fix it. Ouch, that hot day made your uncle heatstroke."

The other side also answered, "Your dad has been working in the provincial capital in recent years. The field in this family is planted by us. At that time, the old man made a speech and left this land to the eldest son of the Scott family. Now, without your lastname ‘Scott’, you will never have look at relatives like us."

In and out of the conversation, he said that he had nothing to do with the Scott family, and was not qualified to contaminate Scott family's things.

In fact, Yale had no intention of arguing. He was at abroad, and planned to develop in the capital in the future. He never mind a few houses and a lot of land in his hometown thousands of miles away.

Being surrounded by this group of people who treated him like thieves and wolves, and there is also anger under the sneer, Yale didn't want to fulfill their wishes.

Waited for them to stop and slowly said, "My father has no wife and children. According to the law, I am the sole heir to his estate. This is not a problem that houses and land do not belong to me, but a problem I don't want it."

When the group of people hear it, they knew he didn’t want to divide inheritance? Suddenly they were anxious.

Someone got a bad temper and shouted directly, "What belongs to you !? Your mother ran away with people twenty years ago, and Scott family's things are not yours!"

"You haven't come back to see your dad for so many years. Even if he was sick, we have been taking care of him for more than half a year. Now you are running back to fight for inheritance? What do you count ?! I think you have to go back to the United States as soon as possible!"

The words became more and more unpleasant, and Yale's face was getting heavier, and he was about to fight back. A sudden voice came from the window, "What are you arguing for? If you don't know anything, just call the police. The police uncle is the most fair. Let them deal with it. It's all a family, how bad it is to quarrel. "

Looking back, Jade leaned on the window sill with both hands, leaning over half a body, and the grin on her face was too much.

Report police? The police were all acting in accordance with the law, so how can they robbed of things that do not belong to them?

Jade slipped out of the slider phone in her pocket, "I'll help you report 110!"

This was all right, everyone rushed up to stop her, "Child! Why you report 110, and your own affairs never need outsiders to intervene in what to do!"

Jade looked at the person talking and said strangely, "Huh? Didn’t you just say that brother Yale is not a member of our Scott family? How did it become his own business again?"

The man's face was red and black, and Scott's fourth aunt quickly said, "Jade, it's all grown-ups, don't be fooled by children. Where is your parents, just go to find your parents!"

If the child next to Jade was already beaten away, but Jade, the little princess had to coax.

Just asked her parents, her father came. Mr. Scott had just returned from graveyard with a master who knew Yin and Yang. Seeing so many people here, he came over curiously and asked, "What's wrong?"

Jade replied, "Dad, they said that brother Yale is not from the Scott family, so let him roll back to the United States."

Mr. Scott immediately lowered his face and said angrily, "Big brother hasn't gotten into the soil, you guys joined together to bully his only son? Is it true! Leave now! Who will say this in the future,  I am the first one to let him go! "

Mr. Scott ranked third in the family, now the eldest brother was gone, except for the second, he was the biggest. Coupled with his big business, everyone in Scott family's relatives have received the favor of his help in recent years. His prestige is very powerful.

Don't dare to say anything when they heard what he said, and they all dispersed.

Mr. Scott walked over, patted Yale's shoulder, and said in a deep voice, "With me, you will not be wronged."

Yale smiled, "Not at all, thank you Uncle."

Mr. Scott calmed down a few more times before turning around, staring at Jade who was still sitting on the window sill, "You girl, you are everywhere! Haven't you returned to your room yet? Your mother is looking for you everywhere!"

Jade made faces and ran away.

Nothing happened all night, the funeral was carried out normally the next day, and it was completely over in the afternoon. Jade had to rush back to school, and Mr. Scott booked her an evening flight.

When she was packing the schoolbag in the room, Yale knocked on the door and walked in.

Jade jumped happily, "Brother!"

Yale squinted at her, "Have you just changed the way to call me brother now?"

Jade, "Oh, we are allies now. It is good to maintain a close relationship with our allies."

Yale couldn't help laughing, thinking this little cousin was really a treasure, "Who is your ally? I haven't agreed yet."

Jade pitifully pulled his sleeve, "Don't, brother."

Yale stretched his face, "The cooperation you said is based on the premise of getting funds. Without money, everything is said in vain. This is not a small amount. What plan do you need me to cooperate with? How to make your father pay this money?"

Jade said happily, "This is simple! You go to borrow money from my dad and say you want to start a business!"

Yale, "?????"

Jade said so much, and finally asked him to borrow money?

Upon this, she dare to say that you invested in capital?

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