My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 4

Jade was fiercely looking for Murray, and finally found someone in the third grade building.

After many years, the image of first love has long been blurred in Jade's memory. Now Jade finally remembered the wicked boy in front of him.

Was her taste so bad? ! This narcissistic neuropathy is not Jade's ideal type!

Seeing him kick the classroom door, Jade shouted at him, "Murray, what are you doing!"

When Murray saw her coming, her facial features were distorted. "Okay, Jade, you hide from me when I look for you. When I look for the asshole  called Clifford, then you appear?"

Jade was almost mad, "An asshole?" Who do you scold ?! I want to kill you!"

Cherry soon followed, "............"

Bell for the early self-study sounded at this moment, Cherry quickly dragged down Jade, who was going to fight with Murray, "The class has started, don't be angry because of him!"

Jade took a deep breath and calmed down.

She was already in her twenties, how could she quarrel with a teenage boy childishly! As long as Clifford was involved in some things, she would lose her mind. Well, just forget it.

She glared at Murray, "High school students should focus on learning, and don't do useless things all day long. Or I will tell your head teacher!

Murray, "?????"

Back to the classroom, Jade continued to memorize his own Classical Chinese article, while Cherry held his book to cover his face, and looked at her classmate in amazement.

Who was Clifford? The boy actually made her friend who didn't like to quarrel with people almost did it with others? If she got a chance, she must let Jade take her to meet him!

After the scene in the morning, Murray did not come to see her again for the next few days. She thought the little boy might be ashamed. Maybe he will chase other girls after a while.

Jade solved her former relationship, and put all his energy into organizing materials. Because in another day, it was time for her first big plan to be implemented.

At that night, Jade was still writing English papers in the room. Mrs. Scott answered the phone and walked upstairs with a sad expression, and said to her, "Jade, your uncle is gone."

The uncle was Mr. Scott's eldest brother, who had been in the hospital for chemotherapy for the last six months due to advanced lung cancer and died of illness tonight. Jade remembered she had went to the uncle's funeral that year and saw that the skinny people in the coffin were being tossed by a disease. Relatives of the Scott family said at the time that leaving was kind of relief for him, and he was too hurt.

Jade couldn't do anything about it. Even if she was prepared for the thing, she couldn't help feeling sad when he heard her mother say it.

Mrs. Scott sighed, "Your dad will come back tonight by plane. We will go back home tomorrow morning, and I will take a leave to your teacher later."

Jade nodded.

Mrs. Scott turned away with a sigh, "Uncle was very kind to you when you were a kid, he always buy you sugar."

Originally, Jade wanted to finish writing the remaining English papers, but she was in a mess. While she was sad about the death of uncle, she thought that’s time to carry out a big plan. She put away the paper and took out his new life plan.

Turn to the third page, there was a name written on it, Yale Scott.

Yale, the uncle's son, will become a very famous agent in the entertainment industry. He can really bring every star to be popularized.

The eldest uncle divorced his wife very early. Yale, five years old, was awarded to his mother and followed her mother to go abroad. She had never been in contact with Scott's family for so many years.

Jade only knew that the cost of chemotherapy for the first half of the year was basically from Yale, but he have not come back abroad. In her last life, Yale returned to homeland after the death of his dad and participated in the funeral.

But at the funeral, he had a very unpleasant contact with the relatives of the Scott’s family. After the divorce, the uncle remarried two more times, and finally they all divorced. Except for Yale, a piece of land and two houses, he left no children.

At that time, Jade was still young, and she was playful and innocent. She could not understand the dispute between adults. She followed several small cousins ​​in the country to climb trees and pick flowers.

Now thought about it, Yale should be for that legacy.

After the funeral, Jade has never seen Yale again. The previous contact had been few, and now it was even less. When Mrs. Scott passed away and Mr. Scott was paralyzed, Jade had received two phone calls from Yale while she was trapped by life.

He didn't say anything, just asked her for a bank card number and wanted to remit money to her.

At that time, Jade had cut off contact with the relatives of the Scott’s family. She hated this group of hypocritical and cold-blooded relatives, and even Yale.

Yale never called again, but then there were two more international remittances in Jade's bank card. She jotted down the number, wrote the debt, and vowed to return it to him in the future.

Until she started chasing Clifford and learned about the entertainment circle, she didn't know how amazing this cousin was in the circle.

She missed his kindness of the year and has been silently paying attention to what happened to the star charged by the cousin. She will also comment to control the evaluation.

It was the only thing she could do for her cousin.

Not long ago, she saw in the marketing news that Yale had the idea of ​​becoming an independent brokerage company, but she didn't know things after that, cuz her life was restart.

At this time point, Yale was the most important part in her plan.

Although she had a plan, she had never been in contact with Yale. Whether it would be successful by then was still unknown.

Jade was summoned by Mrs. Scott early the next morning, to pack her baggage and homework and go back to her hometown.

Scott family’s hometown was in a small city with beautiful scenery in the south. Although the development was not very good, the ambient air was good. When her grandparents were alive and when they were children, their parents brought her back every winter and summer vacation.

After many years of separation, the small town kept the same style, and the cremation in his hometown has not yet been carried out. This funeral was also a burial process. When Jade family arrived, the uncle’s body had been sent back from the provincial hospital, and the mourning hall was located outside his self-repaired two-story building.

Relatives of the Scott family arrived. When Mr. Scott came, many relatives came around and asked. If it wasn't for what happened later, the father and daughter didn't know how indifferent the relationship could be.

Funerals were complicated. The uncle had no wife and children, and the main job fallen on the shoulder of two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott laid down his luggage and went busy. Jade packed his luggage in the arranged room and burned the incense to the uncle in front of the hall.

According to her memory, Yale should have arrived at this time, but she didn't see anyone after looking around.

Walked around, Jade did not find Yale, but met her prodigal second cousin, Jim's son charles.

Charles was a freshman at a university in B City through his capital force. The younger generation of the Scott family was still young. Except for Yale, the eldest Jade was also a freshman at this time. Charles is the second college student of the Scott family after his father.

In families that haven't generally gone to school, they were extremely arrogant.

At this moment, Charles was holding a cigarette and leaning on the haystack. Among the relatives in the countryside, he was full of superiority. Several little cousins listened to his description at how good and prosperous he was in the city B.

Jade turned around and wanted to leave. The little cousin saw her and shouted happily, "Sister Jade, you are back."

The parents' lives are not related to the children. Although Jade hated the relatives of Scott family, she didn't have much malice towards these children. Then she turned to laugh, "Yes."

She glanced at charles and found out a few pieces of chocolate that Mr. Scott brought back from City B last night and waved to the little cousin, "Come on, I bring you chocolate."

Several children ran happily.

Charles was a little converged in front of Jade. His father might tell him something. He smiled, "Jade, I heard my dad say you were admitted to the key high school? Good, study hard, and strive to get to City B. When the time comes, brother covers you. "

Jade didn't lift her eyelids, asked the little cousin, "Is it delicious?"

Charles was a little embarrassed. He stopped talking to her and turned to chat with several relatives of his same age.

One of them said, "Your uncle's son is back, have you seen it? I heard that he grew up abroad, and your uncle's medical expenses are all from him. He is really rich."

When it comes to Yale, everyone was envious.

After all, for those who grew up in cities and towns, living abroad is something they dare not think about.

Charles spit out a smoke ring and sneered, "He has nothing to do with making money, and it's all his mother who married a foreigner. He used his fathe-in-law’s money to treat his father's disease. Ah, I don't know if the former knows it whether he will leave Yale and his mom again? "

Another said, "Yale is working too. I don't know where does he work and how much his salary is."

Charles didn't wait to see them raise Yale in that admiring tone, and tossed their cigarette butts, "What good job can he find in the media major he chose? He even can not go to state-owned enterprises to clean toilets."

Everyone around laughed.

Jade finished the chocolate, clapped his hands, and shouted, "Cousin Charles, don’t just talk about brother Yale, and talk about yourself. What major are you studying?"

Charles frozed, subconsciously, "I major in Finance."

Jade was surprised, and the tone was a bit high, "What? Actually it is finance? I thought you were studying gossip monger."

She looked at him, "I still think you are really good at learning, just like the aunts of the group of insoles in our community park!"

Charles realized that the girl satirized him, "You ..."

Jade interrupted him with a smile, "It turns out to be self-taught."

Charles was so angry that he was just like a joke to relatives around him, and he couldn't take care of his father's account. He stepped forward and wanted to punish this stinky girl with sharp teeth and a sharp mouth.

The little cousin who ate chocolate suddenly pointed behind him and screamed, "Fire!"

Everyone's attention was on the two people who quarreled, which noticed the haystack behind. Looking back at this time, it turned out that there was on fire.

This straw stack was a stack of straws piled up by the people in the town after they harvested the corn. It was dry and flammable. In the blink of an eye, the flames have grown up, and the smoke billowed for a while.

A group of people panicked. Among them, the oldest charles ran the fastest and slipped into the back room. Jade thought of the cigarette butt Charles had just thrown, and she was so mad.

This place was in the backyard. The adults were busy in the front. She pull the two little cousins ​​behind her back, "Go to find your parents and say that cousin Charles throws cigarette butts and burns the haystacks!"

The words ended, and her eyes swept around, Jade saw a circle of soft water pipes covered with mud in the corner of the courtyard wall, which should be used to irrigate the farmland. She ran to it.

Fortunately, there was a laundry sink in the backyard. Jade connected the faucet with a water hose. He just unscrewed the switch to get the other end. Someone already leaned over and picked up the water pipe and ran over.

There were no combustibles around the haystack, and it burned fast and extinguishes quickly. When the adults heard that the fire hurriedly came and hugged the basin bucket, the fire was extinguished.

Everyone was a little stunned for a while.

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott tossed the pot, and ran over to hug Jade, "Is it burning? Ah? Where is it burning? Why don't you run! And you, Yale! Are you okay?" 

Yale shook his head with a smile.

Jade rubbed the water in his hand and swelled with a voice that everyone could hear, "Who will put out the fire if I ran over? What should I do if it burned to the house! The second cousin ran faster than the rabbit. If brother Yale is not here, I don’t know what will happen! "

The two little cousins who had been rushed back by Jade to call people had already cried and told everyone that "Charles cousin littered cigarette butts and burned haystacks".

All relatives looked around, and there was a lot of discussion.

Jim pulled the charles hiding in the back room and slapped him hard on the head. "You don't learn every day, learn to smoke! You also burned the haystack, and I really want to kill you!"

All adults advise,"Forget it, forget it, everything is ok now."

They praised Jade again, "The girl  has been taught very well, and it's definitely a great thing to grow up."

Jade smiled shyly.

No major incident, the funeral in front was still busy. The adults warned their children, and went back to be busy again. Charles went away in vain.

Yale rolled up the hose and put it away, and was about to leave. Jade, who had sent a few cousins and little cousin, caught up and called him, "Brother Yale."

Yale turned around, his narrow eyes slightly raised, looking at her with a smile, but a sense of distance.

Jade smiled at him well, "Brother Yale, my name is Jade, you have not seen me, right? I wasn't born when you went abroad."

Yale thoughtfully, "I haven't seen you.”

Jade blinked, "I heard that you are studying media in college. I want to learn this in the future. Can you tell me about it?"

Yale stared at her for a while, then suddenly smiled meaningfully, “frankly  say anything, I am not charles."

I'm not charles, don't pretend to be in front of me.

Later became a gold broker in the circle, his eyes must be poisonous. Jade knew that his folk Oscar-level performance had been seen through, and she was relieved to hear him say that.

Who was willing to pretend except to fit the identity of a high school student.

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled generously, "Cousin, I heard that you have just graduated from graduate school, and now it is not easy to find a job in China. Do you have any idea of starting a business?"

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