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Chapter 3

Clifford now was still an unknown trainee.

Three years later, he will join the S-Star boy group and make his debut. The full name of the S-Star boys group was Senven-Star, which means seven stars.

This group of S-Star was not warmly welcomed when it debuted. It was a small group that few people knew about. It wasn't until the three members of the group participated in a music talent show that they took advantage of the situation.

Clifford was one of them.

The video of Clifford playing the piano that Jade saw in the snowy night was the promo of the talent show.

It was just that Clifford did not successfully qualify for that draft show. He was only one of the top ten in the country, while his other two teammates successfully made it to the top three and started to gain popularity.

The activities of S-Star were gradually increasing, Clifford has few personal resources, and he never fights when he participates in the group activities. He always smiles when facing the camera.

The audience said that he was the smallest in the group. But only fans know that whenever he has a trend of popularity, he will be inexplicably limited in exposure. Once his handsome figure was on the hot comment list, the fans were too late to comment on his news, and it was replaced by a dark history that was confusing.

Fans have also speculated whether the idols have been suppressed and targeted, but Clifford has never shown a trace of negative emotions in public. Fans have no choice but to condemn trash companies for inaction.

Most people only know that this idol called Clifford looks good, and those black history that was not necessary.

Only fans know how good he is, how good he sings and dances, how gentle he was to fans.

Fans often sigh, when will our idols get popular last time.

Later, Clifford finally reached the top of the hot list, or the level of the whole network.

Is in the way of death.

If it was possible, fans would like him to remain silent forever.

After Clifford's death, from the only words he interviewed by his assistant on the phone, through the mining of marketing numbers, and through the news of anonymous people inside the company, fans only knew what their babies had experienced.

Clifford piano plays very well, he was most attractive when playing the piano.

But after the talent show, fans never watched him play the piano again. In an interview, the reporter asked about it. He just smiled and said that he had no chance to play the piano.

Later, through an anonymous insider's news, it was discovered that his little finger was deliberately stomped by his teammates, and he could not play the piano in this life.

Which teammate? The news broke.

Every star has fan maintenance, and Jade doesn't know who that person was until now.

After hearing that Clifford's death, his father, a murderer, had a big trouble with the brokerage company. Instead of seeking justice for his son, he only required huge compensation. The staff said that before Clifford's death, his biological father had come to make trouble many times, and even blocked the door of Clifford's house, and would not let him go out without giving money.

It turned out that the suppression they had guessed before was not an illusion. All the resources belonging to Clifford were distributed to teammates, and he also had to help his teammates' black history. Once S-Star had black material, Clifford did it in the end.

One thing, all revealed how dark that Vanity Fair was. Fans condemned the company, condemned the teammates, condemned the netizens who had violently abused him and the marketing number of the fan. But in the end, no one was punished.

It was true that he has depression, because the police found a lot of medicines for depression in his home.

He committed suicide because he locked the doors and windows, leaving no words.

Who should be punished?

The fire continues, the obscurity continues to be unknown, the brokerage company still keeps making stars, but only occasionally cherishes it to show that the company was human.

The entertainment circle was the most popular and the most ruthless.

Jade was just a trivial fan, and she was powerless in the face of these injustices. Now that she was back to a young age, everything has a chance.

The established track cannot be changed, so try to remove the traps and obstacles on this track, so that those bad things will never happen in the future.

Clifford was now training in City B. Her high school student's status was too restricted. She will have to wait for the weekend to get off the opportunity as soon as possible. The most pressing thing right now was to prevent Mr. Scott from giving money to Jim.

The big and small plans have been in the early morning before Jade went to bed.

Early the next morning, Aunt Liu went upstairs to get Jade to get up to bed. Jade used to be a bed-ridden professional, and it took a long time to get up every time. As a result, as soon as he walked to the second floor, Jade was well dressed.

The girl was full of energy, tied up with tall ponytails, and her eyes were shining brightly. She greeted her happily and went downstairs to have breakfast.

Aunt Liu was a bit suspicious of life.

Jade went out to school after breakfast, looked at the bright sky, and never felt that the morning air was so fresh.

This excitement lasted only when the classroom when the study committee asked her to hand in the assignment.

Jade, "I still have to do my homework ??"

The study committee member, "Do you misunderstand your high school student's identity?"

Jade walked into the classroom at the same table with his face sleepy for help, "Cherry! Please lend me the math paper!"

Cherry woke up, "I beg you pardon, what paper do you want to copy? As a representative of the math class, are you sure you want to copy the paper that was the penultimate class in the mathematics?"

Jade, "I am still a math class representative ???"

Why did she forget to include learning in the plan when she made the plan last night?

The study committee member was very good, and generously said, "Then finish the self-study and then pay it."

So Jade was crazy on copying homework all the morning. Cherry asked her while reciting the words, "What did you do yesterday? You ran so fast after school and did not write your homework. Murray blocked me at the school gate for a long time and asked if you were dating another man!"

Jade didn't respond, "Murray?"

Cherry exhaled, "You shouldn't take his chocolate that day! You haven't nodded yet, he has already regarded himself as a boyfriend! He has nothing but good looks, and his brain was not good!"

Jade thought for a long time before reacting. The person whom Cherry said seemed to be her first love.

The relationship between the first year of high school and the second year of high school died because of being discovered by the teacher. Jade also enjoyed beating from her mother due to the puppy love.

Jade was afraid of being beaten, then did not dare to fall in love in high school.

After, there was a family accident, and I had to do my utmost to stay alive, but I still have energy to fall in love.

After liking Clifford, love with others was even more impossible.

Star chasing girls don't need love.

The chocolate delivery was just two days ago. Jade had a toothache these two days and had not eaten. After copying the homework, she took out the chocolate box stuffed in the desk and gave it to Cherry. "Help me get it back to Murray."

Cherry, "?????"

Jade put chocolate in her arms, "If you give him back, I invite you to eat fried chicken for a month!"

Cherry's eyes brightened instantly, and he ran away holding the chocolate. When he came back, he was breathless. "Murray chased me for a long time and asked me what it meant. I ignored him!"

Jade gave her thumbs up, "Good job."

Cherry was embarrassed by this sentence, and came over and asked her, "Jade, why did you suddenly refuse Murray? I thought you liked him."

Jade opened the mathematics notes, "I just want to learn, I don't want to fall in love."

Cherry feels that her friend that has always been fond of playing has become a little bit strange, but it can't be spoken out. It was just that sometimes I took a break between classes and turn her head to talk to Jade and find that she flipped over the draft to write a name.

After school, Cherry couldn't help but ask her, "Jade, who is Clifford?"

Jade's hand to pack the schoolbag paused, his eyes bent when he looked up, and the smile was soft and happy that could not be concealed, “It is a boy I like pretty much.”

Cherry, "!!!"

It turns out that Jade does not refuse to fall in love, she just falls in love with others!

Jade has contacted the make-up teacher, intending to use the shortest time to make up for the forgotten high school knowledge. After packing up the schoolbag and saying hello to Cherry, then she left.

Mr. Scott called her at noon and said that she would go to City B for a business trip and only come back in three or four days. If she could not attend her parent meeting, she would definitely bring her chocolate.

Jade had already thought of a solution to the investment, but it was almost time. She was worried that Jim would be a demon again in these two days. Her father's business trip eased her anxiety.

Jade ran fast, but poor Cherry was stopped by Murray at the school gate again.

Murray was tall, and his school uniform was not well wore. He’s sloppy, with a fierce face in front of the trembling Cherry, holding the box of returned chocolates in his hand. “Do n’t want to go anyway unless you tell me the truth!"

Cherry took the schoolbag, "What's the matter with me! Jade asked me to give you back!"

Murray didn't believe it, "She likes chocolate so much, how could it be possible to return it! Where is her! Why does she hide from me every day after school? You call her, I want to ask her questions!"

Cherry, "Jade is going to a math cram school! Don't disturb her studying!"

Murray said indignantly, "She still needs to go to cram school for her first grade in math? Can you fool me if you can find a better reason? Hurry up! Call her to come over, I can't contact her! "

Cherry didn't like him originally. She can be different from those girls who were obsessed with flowers every day. What she values ​​more was her academic performance and personality! This Murray bears the name of a school grass, in addition to his handsome appearance, bad personality, and the bottom of the grade, he was not the right person for Jade!

Cherry did not know where her courage came from, throwing his head up and talking, "You just wake up! Jade won't like you! She already has someone she likes!"

Murray, "Impossible! How could she like others!"

Cherry, "impossible? That boy's name is Clifford. Jade likes him!"

Murray heard that even the name was spoken, was it true?

He was so angry!

The whole school knows that he was the most handsome guy in the school. Murray was chasing Jade—the most beautiful girl in the class seven! In the end, who dare to intervene in their love!

the next day in the school...

Cherry bit the bread and rushed to Jade who was working hard to recite the text. "Jade! Come on! Murray is yelling at the door of each class. Who is Clifford, go out and fight with him!"

Jade, "?????"

Shit, Murray you were going to be killed.

You provoked my idol, you will be dead.

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