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Chapter 2

The math class was the last one. As soon as the school bell rang, Jade hurriedly said goodbye to Cherry and dragged her schoolbag to go home immediately.

At this time she still lived in the rose garden in the villa area of the city.

Rose Garden, the old wealthy district of S City. The people who lived here are successful people in politics and business. In the third year of high school, Jade's father sold the villa at a low price to repay the loan.

Jade didn’t come here after graduating from high school, fearing to recall bad things, but the way home was engraved in the deepest memory. After getting out of the car, she couldn't wait to run home, but when she reached the door, she hesitated.

She was afraid that was a dream.

She stared at the door with the word "Fu" for a long time, and then slowly took her schoolbag after a steady heartbeat, reaching for the key. Just opened the zipper of the schoolbag, the anti-theft door snapped open from the inside.

Jade was nervous, standing at the door.

A middle-aged woman wearing an apron carried two bags of garbage, opened the door to see her, and said with a smile, "Jade, you come home from school. I will start cooking after I throw away the garbage. Today's dishes have your favorite sweet and sour steak. "

Jade's voice was tight, "Aunt Liu, are my parents at home?"

Nanny Aunt Liu has come down the steps, "Mr. Scott has just come back, your mother called to say overtime and will not come back for dinner. By the way, your second uncle has also come and brought you imported chocolate."

Jade's joy of returning home was instantly broken by second uncle.

The culprit that led to the bankruptcy of the Scott family was her second uncle, Jim Scott.

Jade's father, Mr. Scott, took the opportunity that the state encouraged self-employed people to start a business, and created the Star Culture Media Company. At that time, there was not much advertising. Star Media gradually monopolized the advertising industry in S City and became the leader of traditional media.

But with the rise of new media, traditional media has been greatly impacted. At that time, Jade was still small, and she did not know that her father's company had begun to lose money year by year.

It was at this time that Jim tricked Jade's father into venture capital.

Jim is the only abroad student in the  family. Although Mr. Scott has done a great job in business, he has not been to school for a few years and has an upright personality. Therefore, he trusted this second brother very much and began to transfer funds.

But he didn’t know that Jim’s capital chain had already run into huge deficits. Jade’s father came in just to make up for his losses. Later, Jim successfully escaped with Mr. Scott's assets, but the latter got trapped.

When Mr. Scott decided to send his mother abroad for treatment, Jade accompanied him to knock on the door of the uncle's house.

She still remembered Jim's disgusting face till now, "Scott, it's not me who doesn't help you, I really has no money. You lost, I am also a victim. Investment, of course, there are risks, how can you blame me? "

Jim, who said that he had no money, bought a limited edition sports car for his son the day after Scott sold the company.

Jade's father was frank. After knowing this, he just wiped a tear and said to Jade, "It's not his fault, cuz deciding to help us or not deserves no blame.

Jade always remembered this sentence. When it was the most difficult, she never asked relatives of the Scott family for help.

Years of unhappy memories are all poured into the brain, almost giving Jade a feeling of rushing to the crown.

She was so angry that her scalp hurt.

This year was the time when Jim tricked her father into venture capital.

Was it today?

Jade didn't have time to change her shoes, rushed directly to the father's office room on the second floor. When Jade rushed to the door, she heard Jim saying, "You can follow me to invest a small amount of money to try the market. I have followed this project for a long time, and I have to work overtime and overtime every day and night. I think good opportunities should be shared with my own families."

Mr. Scott said happily, holding financial documents that he could not read, "Ok, then I will first ..."


Jade pushed in.

Mr. Scott looked up. The middle-aged man who had n’t been tortured by his illness was full of temperament, and his thick eyebrows and eyes were full of energy. Eat a few chocolate. Where is Liu? Let her start cooking. "

Looking at her father, Jade almost burst into tears, but because Jim was next to him, he refrained and said dumbly, "I don't like chocolate."

Mr. Scott saw that there was something wrong with her, put down the file and came over and asked, "What's wrong? Have a cold?"

Jade had not yet thought of how to stop his father from investing, so he took the opportunity to say, "I don't know, but I feel dizzy and my stomach feels bad."

Mr. Scott was nervous. "Have you eaten something you shouldn't eat? Or is it cold? I've told you to dress more!" He quickly held her shoulder and said, "Go back to the room and lie down, Liu, Liu, take the thermometer!"

Walked outside the door, remembering that Jim was still there, he turned back, "brother, you can sit down for a while, Jade is really uncomfortable."

Jim felt that the little niece ’s attitude was not right today, but did n’t think about it. He nodded and said, "Shall I find a doctor? The child is now in poor health and can't compare with us."

Mr. Scott waved his hand, "No, let her lie down for a while, take her temperature, or go to the hospital if it is serious."

Jim didn't say more, went downstairs and sat down in the living room.

Jade's room was still what she remembered.

As soon as she entered the room, the more she felt, Jade couldn't help it anymore, and the tears came down as soon as her eyes sore. Mr. Scott was pouring water for her. When the baby girl was crying, she almost dropped her cup.

Jade waited for him to approach, reached out and hugged his father, and buried him on the beer belly that she once rejected.

"Jade ..." Mr. Scott felt warm in his heart for a while and touched her head, sincerely promised, "Dad must work less overtime and go home more!"

Jade knew that he was running for the company's declining business during this time. Any traditional industry would have a crisis when facing new trends. Her father was not a shrewd businessman and failed to grasp the opportunity for reform and update. Now she is back , she must intervene.

She can not let his father participate in venture capital, and she is going to save Star Media, and even see if there is an opportunity for his father to invest in real estate. Now is the time when real estate begins to flourish. It is a golden opportunity.

But now she is just a high school student. The only important thing in the eyes of adults is to learn. To intervene in her father's company and assets is a dream.

Jade felt it is a long and hard journey.

As soon as Mr. Scott looked at her, he immediately arranged for her to lie down and ran out to call her mother, "Jade is sick! Yes, I think it's very serious, crying and frowning, and saying that she miss us!" Is it stressful to go to high school? Yes, you come back quickly! "

Jade's mother was the editor-in-chief of the S City's local daily newspaper. Like Mr. Scott's company, the paper media has suffered more. The daily sales of the newspaper have plummeted every year. Mrs. Scott has tried his best to reform and still can't keep up with the rapid development.

She was an impatient person and hurried home less than half an hour after hanging up the phone.

When Jade was in bed, she heard the voice of her mother downstairs, "Scott, did Jade take medicine? Jim is also here. You sit down. I will go upstairs to see Jade. I will let her wear more clothes every day. She just don’t listen to me! You’re sick, it’s herself who got the injection! "

The sound moved from far to near, and soon the door was pushed in.

Jade burst into tears and shouted "Mom".

Mrs. Scott looked at her reproachfully, but his tone softened, "I told you not to listen to my mother, you have a cold? Is there anything uncomfortable, ah? You girl is really needed to be worried about."

Hearing the familiar chatter again, Jade really wanted to pounce into her mother's arms and cry for three days and nights.

Fortunately, the mentality has been toughened in these years, and all the emotions are only a sentence, "Mom, I will listen to you in the future!"

Mrs. Scott was shocked, "Ouch, are you really having a problem? Scott! You come up quickly! Bring her to the hospital!"

Jade, "..."

Finally, Jade had a thermometer in mouth and made sure that he was fine. He drank two sachets of 999 cold granules and put on a thick coat before following Mrs. Scott to eat downstairs.

Jim hasn't left yet, sitting at the dinner table chatting with Mr. Scott.

Seeing Jade coming over, she smiled and asked, "Is Jade feeling better? I think you kids are too lazy and don't like sports. If you go out for a few laps every morning, you won't have any illness."

Jade looked at him with a smile, "You said so, does cousin Charles go out for a run every morning?"

Jim choked on her.

Mr. Scott glared at Jade: "How did you talk to your uncle!"

Jim laughed, "Well, the children are still very young, they are all like that. The kid in my family is now in college, and it is not the same as worrying."

The topic was overshadowed, and Jade didn't want to give him a look, focusing on a meal.

Sweet and sour steak made by aunt Liu, which Jade haven't eaten for years, is really delicious.

Jim and Mr. Scott chat while eating, chatting and talking about investment. Jim just started a conversation, and Jade suddenly looked up to her mother, "Mom! How many times have I told you, I want to eat chew slowly and don't drink anything too hot! "

Mrs. Scott is an impaitient and eats too quickly. Later, she will get esophageal cancer, which has a great relationship with her eating habits.

She clipped a small row to her mother and removed the bowl full of hot soup in front of her. "Hold it for a while and drink it again. It's too hot and bad for the esophagus."

The people on the table were all stunned. Mrs. Scott looked at the ribs in the bowl with a complicated expression.

Did her daughter actually serve her? Did she just care about her body?

Jim has always talked, otherwise how could he cheat Mr. Scott, and immediately praised, "Jade just said that he is not sensible, you see, you know that you care about your mother's body. You really grew up, Charles should really learn from his sister."

Mr. Scott waved his hands again and again, with a humble expression, "She's also dressed up outsiders, this girl is very skinny. Now in high school, we have a lot of things to worry about."

Talked about child education for a while.

Chatting and talking, Jim once again talked about the investment, “brother, Zhenlin's project ..."

Jade immediately answered, "dad, the school will hold a parent meeting this Friday, do you have time?"

Mr. Scott looked over and said: "Parent meeting? Isn't it just opened last month, how can I open it again?"

Jade shrugged. "High school, that's all."

Mr. Scott muttered, "Come on, I will free up Friday time."

Jim was interrupted again, "..."

The meal ended when he kept mentioning the investment, and was interrupted by Jade. As winter approached, it was dark early. After eating, Jade asked his father to go upstairs and sign her papers. Jim was afraid acting too eagerly, and having no reason to stay, he can only say goodbye to leaving.

After going out, the more he thought, the more he can't figure it out.

Why did this little niece seem to have been targeting him?

This made no sense.

The daughter of the third brother's family has been rich since childhood and has a naive temperament. Although he is usually a little arrogant, she is simple and naive. The entire Scott family is coaxing her .

Where did he get her?

Thinking all the way, just got in the car, son Charles Scott's phone came over and asked for money.

His son was now in freshman year, and the living expenses of 2,000 yuan a month were not enough for him. Jim was annoyed, screaming at the phone and scolding Charles, while the son yelling at his father too.

Jim was so angry that his blood pressure soared and he dropped his phone.

In Jade's home, Jade won the first battle on the grounds of writing homework, locked the door of the room, took out a brand new notebook, and began to organize a new life.

First, mother's illness should be prevented and treated in advance. The incubation period of esophageal cancer is one to two years. She should be supervised to go to the hospital for examination on time.

Second, prevent his father from participating in venture capital, and find a way to let him invest in real estate.

Third, change the operation mode of Star Media and introduce new media, and the father’s efforts cannot be allowed to go bankrupt.

Four, ...

Jade pursed her lips and wrote the name a stroke by a stroke.

Fourth, go to see Clifford.

Go to see Clifford and do nothing, just take a peek.

It was enough to see that he is still alive in this world.

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