My Crown in Entertainment Circle[Noviciate translator]

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Chapter 1

For a long time after Clifford's death, Jade had the same dream.

The teenager in the dream sat in a closed room and turned over a book. The charcoal at his feet burned silently, devouring the last oxygen in the room. Jade was standing outside the door, desperately pounding the invisible door.

But she can't change anything.

Clifford looked up, smiled at her, and threw the book into the brazier. Jade watched him engulfed in flames, and then she woke up in a cry, crying with pain all over her body.

Clifford has passed away for half a year.

For half a year, the name Clifford has rarely been mentioned for the endless entertainment industry. Although at the time of his death, his news dominated the headlines of the major portals for a whole week, it seemed that the whole world felt unfair for his death.

At that time, all friends who knew she liked Clifford came to comfort her.

They repeatedly talked about everything Clifford suffered, and sympathized with him and his fans. Finally they told Jade to look forward to her own life. After all, it's just an idol that "you are not my destiny, and it's all up to me to spend money."

Jade, who used to fight with others for Clifford, said nothing.

People are always forgetful. The netizen who condemned for Clifford’s death disappeared because of capital interference, and even his fans had a new idol. Gradually, Jade no longer mentioned him, as if she had never exhausted all her energy to love the teenager.

It's just that sometimes she would meditate, and then she might find herself burst into tears.

Colleagues asked her, "Jade, what's wrong with you?"

What's wrong with her?

She didn't know, but she felt a pain in her heart, like a piece of meat was cut away by a knife.


It was raining in the evening, and Aunt Zhu, the nanny who took care of Jade's father, called and said, "Jade, will you come back for dinner? I made chicken soup for your dad."

Jade took the makeup box down the stairs and said, "Tonight, I will put on makeup for someone else. The bride's house is in the suburbs. I won't come back. You can eat with my dad. By the way, Aunt Zhu, my classmate has purchased honey for me from abroad, you can took a bowl for Dad and fed him before bed. "

Aunt Zhu agreed and hung up the phone.

Jade's father has been paralyzed in bed since he suffered a stroke seven years ago. In the early years, Jade personally looked after him. In the past two years, her career has risen and she has made some money before hiring a nanny for her father.

It wasn't raining so much, she took her makeup box to the street to catch a taxi.

While waiting for the traffic lights, a woman next to her with her child was calling, "I have already handed in the second financial statement. How can I get my budget changed now? The approval of President Chen has passed!"

Holding her child and an umbrella, her mobile phone was not stable, and she simply put the little girl in her arms, "This is useless to me! What did you do?"

The little girl was three or four years old and holds a yo-yo in her hand. Perhaps the rain wetted her hands, and the yo-yo rolls out, rolling forward along the zebra crossing.

The little girl chased yo-yo up and down. The off-road vehicle not far away drove with a whistle. Her mother was still on the phone. Jade looked up after replying her WeChat. When the reaction came, she had already rushed to the girl.

Just remembered that she pushed the little girl aside, followed by a severe pain in her waist. Her internal organs seemed to have shifted, a bloody odor poured into her throat, and she lost consciousness.

Says that before people die, the most important people and things will appear in your mind. Life and death can be instantaneous, and Jade doesn't even have time to review his life, and he just dies in pain.

The screams of the crowd, the crying and crying of the children, and the sharp sound of the brakes shrouded the dusk after the rain.


Jade had a dream.

Dreamed that many years ago, when her mother had not died of esophageal cancer and her father had not gone bankrupt, he had a stroke. She leads an enviable and affluent life and can pursue her dream without any worries.

Dreamed about the limited-edition Barbie doll in her room, the beautiful clothes she made for the doll herself, and the gold award for the youth costume design competition she put on the desk.

Dreamed that she got an offer from the Royal College of Art when she was in her third year of high school. When she was happily preparing to go to college abroad, her mother found out that the esophageal cancer was advanced.

Father's venture capital failed, and the loss was over ten million Yuan. In the end, he couldn't even pay the money for his mother's treatment. The relatives who had pleased them were closed at this time, including Erbo who tricked his father into venture capital.

Jade's father sold the company's assets to treat his mother, but he gave up going abroad and took the college entrance examination. He was admitted to the art and design university in city B.

But his mother's illness has reached an advanced stage, no amount of money can save it. Her mother passed away, and her father went bankrupt overnight with white hair. He suffered a sudden stroke and was paralyzed in bed.

In that year, Jade just turned eighteen.

Has had to provoke all the burdens at home.

She saw herself struggling in the mud, when her classmates of similar age faced love and food tourism and chasing stars, she faced the debt collector's debt collection and bank loans, and her father's large medical expenses. 

She didn't want to give up her dream of designing. She was working while going to school, and she felt tired every day.

The winter of her freshman year, she went home for an hour late because she had to hand in her design work. The father who was paralyzed in bed wanted to drink water. When struggling to get a glass, she knocked over the water bottle.

When Jade returned home, his father had been fainted by the pain and sent 120 to the hospital. The doctor told her that her dad was severely burned.

Jade remembered that it snowed that night.

She squatted down the corridor of the hospital, holding a stack of expensive medical bills, and cried silently while covering her face.

She can't hold on.

She feels so tired.

She took the knife from the next bed and cut the fruit, and planned to find a place where no one would die.

It was snowing that night, and it was extremely cold. She sat on the cold stone steps, crying and pointing the knife at her heart.

Across the street there is a building with a huge LED screen.

When the light shines, the tip of the knife will pierce the heart.

Jade raised his head in the white light and saw the teenager on the LED screen.

He was wearing a white sweater, playing the piano, and his black hair was fine and soft, like a prince who was gentle and gentle, and smiled in her direction.

Such a beautiful smile, like a ray of sunlight shining into the dark night, warmed her cold and desperate heart.

People are really amazing creatures. Suddenly, the courage to commit suicide disappeared. Like she was scared, she hurriedly dropped the knife in her hand and looked up at the teenager who played the piano.

The picture on the LED screen is only a dozen seconds. No one knows what power these ten seconds gave her in this cold and desperate cold night.

The man playing the piano in the screen is called Clifford, a star who just debuted, and a gentle and smiling teenager.

Clifford was the only light in her entire life in those days that could not last.

No matter how difficult the situation is, think about him, and Jade will get through it.

With this light, she walked through the most difficult period. Although the debt is still not paid off now, the father is still not cured, but everything is getting better and everything is full of hope.

Loving Clifford made her pale and powerless life return to colorful.

She hopes that one day, she can stand in front of Clifford with her work and proudly say to him, Brother, look, I did it.

She wanted to say to him, thank you for showing up, thank you for playing the piano to me, thank you for letting me not give up myself, thank you for making me confident.

But it turned out that this young man who gave her so much hope had already stepped into the abyss of hell with one foot.

It's ridiculous.

Shouted every day to protect his brother and protect our baby, but he didn't even know he had depression.

Didn't even see the pain under his smile.

Is still so selfish, drawing strength from his smile and supporting the illusion of illusion.

Even more ridiculous is that after tearing this illusion, she can't do anything for him except crying.

She would never see Clifford again.

The boy she loved with all her life.



"Jade? Jade! Wake up! God, are you drooling, my novel! Ah ah my ingenuity! All wet with your saliva! Go away! Away from me!"

Her ears were buzzing, and Jade felt a heavy head, and a fleshy hand slapped on her face.

"Jade! Wake up! This is my new version! Do you know how long I have been in the line before I bought it!"

The noisy voice in the ear is so much like the same table Cherry in her high school?

Jade struggled and opened his eyes.

In an instant, the light of dusk shines through the glass windows of the classroom.

Wearing school uniforms chasing slapstick classmates, cluttered books desks, crooked aisles, all these strange and familiar, belong to the memory of many years ago.

Jade closed his eyes vigorously, and looked at his hand inconceivably, and touched his waist.

Cherry was still distressed for the new version of "Wolf's Temptation" that she queued for several hours. She took out a scented tissue and carefully dipped the water on the pages of the book, and then looked at it with disgust.

Jade was still blindfolded, with tears in the corners of his eyes.

Cherry was happy, "It's not saliva ?! That's great! No, Jade, why are you sleeping and crying?"

Jade struggled to call her name, "... Cherry?"

They haven't contacted them since graduating from high school. She hasn't called this name for many years. She didn't know if she remembered it correctly.

Cherry came over suspiciously and poked her face, "What's wrong with you? How silly?"

The class bell rang in her ear.

Cherry quickly crammed the novel into the desk and took out this book to use. Jade saw a few big words in the book high school mathematics.

Senior one?

Ten years ago?

Is it a dream?

High school mathematics teacher Camille walked into the classroom after ringing. She still looked like herself, ironing the small curly hair that is popular now, with a thin and sharp voice, with the rigidity and sternness of the math teacher.

"Sit all for me! You are alway not learning every day! Lewis! I'm talking about you, you still laugh! Take your legs down! Where is the here? Also see Erjiro legs? Do you need me to make a cup of tea for you? "

The classroom laughed.

Camille remade the podium with the textbook, startled the empty chalk ash, "Sit all! Let's start the lecture now, the book turns to chapter 2.2, today I will learn the logarithmic function.

The sound of flipping books sounded all around.

Cherry flipped through the book. When Jade was still stunned, he poked her arm with a pen and lowered her voice, "What kind of surprise? Want to be named by the teacher?"

Jade was finally a little sober from the daze.

Her fingers stiffly opened the book, staring at the function formula on the book that had been forgotten for many years, and her heart beat faster.

Is not a dream, it is true.

She returned ten years ago.

Mom hasn't got sick, dad hasn't been paralyzed, and his family hasn't gone bankrupt.

Clifford ... still alive.

Everyone she loves is still alive.

It's not too late.

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