Liu in the Imperial Harem

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After the new year, Empress Dowager and Consort Dowager moved their palaces. More than a dozen of low-ranking consorts went to Fulong Temple to pray for the former Emperor. Among them, the youngest was less than thirty years old and they had to spend the rest of their lives in another place.

So was the ancestral system, I could only let people repair the houses of Fulong Temple and change the contents of the houses. I was afraid that they would be short of food and clothing that I ordered the maid leader to send half of my salary to the Fulong Temple every month. Fearing that they were lonely, it happened that two females of Jiale's cats gave birth to many kittens, therefore, each one of them got one kitten in case they felt lonely. They could also get a dog if they did not like cats, and it`s not difficult to find for them.

On the day when they came to say goodbye to me, they all kowtowed sincerely, holding cats and dogs and couldn’t help but smile. Seeing this, I felt relieved.

It was unruly to do so in principle, but who said that my son was an emperor now. 

On the first day of Changsi became a king, he announced that he would not draft within three years to show his sorrow. Many ministers such as Lord Gong, Lord Shun, General Han, Prime Minister Wen and Head of the Secretariat, said it was a good move. He and Wanwan showed their conjugal love in the palace as if no one was watching. Wanwan wanted to live in the Weiyang Palace, he refused and keep Wanwan in the Yongan Palace. He would go hand in hand with Wanwan when they went out and would rush to my place even when Wanwan came to visit me for a while.

That's good, I thought and wished it would last.

Noble Consort Dowager Wen was very open-minded, “Children can take care of their lives when they grow up and each has his destiny. What do you worry about? Let them go. We just manage ourselves!"

She was quite open-minded, The Fourth Prince had two children, Changyi and Kangle were pregnant, The Fifth Prince was still single, Consort Dowager Wang was a little bit anxious, while Noble Consort Dowager Wen and Consort Dowager Song were not worried at all.

Consort Dowager Wang sighed, “How cute when The Fifth Prince was young! What a beautiful child, everyone loved him when they saw him, how can he be so simple-minded when he grows up?"

Noble Consort Dowager Wen said, “Marriage is meaningless. I didn't want to get married when I was young. Why did I agree to go to the palace? It's because going to the palace to marry the emperor is equal to not getting married as long as you don't gain favor with him. If he doesn't want to get married, then don’t get married! As least he could reduce the number of girls to be hurt!"

Consort Dowager Song said, “Everything depends on fate, The Fifth Prince has married a fairy in my story books, OK?" Holding her three-year-old grandson, Consort Dowager De advised, “Come on, he is not young anymore. Marrying a wife earlier and having a baby sooner, we can still help him, otherwise, we can't help him anymore!"

Noble Consort Dowager Wen said, “take, take what grandson, what a joke! I would rather take a cat to Fulong Temple!!!"

Consort Dowager De said that dogs are better than cats, and the conversation came to an end at this point.

Wanwan told me secretly that it was heard that yesterday in the morning court, their Fifth Brother was scolded by the censor that he sat on the roof of the house last night, singing the lotus rhyme for the whole night by knocking the bowl, and now he was still making up for sleep. Changsi brother wanted to beat him up!

I still didn’t know what to say, The Fifth Prince cried and ran into the Ci'an Palace to call his mother for help. Changsi and The Fourth Prince followed him with a wooden stick on each one’s hand. Poor Changnian jumped behind him and shouted, “My Fourth and Sixth Brother, you can’t beat him! Otherwise, Fifth Brother will go and beg with his friends in beggar gangs!!!!!! "

The Fifth Prince would never go and beg! He hid in my Ci'an Palace, eating and drinking well. He went to ask for leniency when he saw Changsi was in a good mood, Changsi could only forgive him. The Fourth Price wanted to preach him but was frightened and fled when  The Fifth Prince was about to sing a lotus rhyme to him immediately.

The Fourth Prince’s wife was pregnant with the third child, Consort Dowager De said secretly to me, “If only it was a girl."

“I always love girls," she laughed, “your heart will be melted when the soft girl kisses you. Frankly speaking, when I was not in the Palace before, I wanted to marry an ordinary man and he was just a normal official. We don’t need much money, and we have four children, two boys and two girls in a harmonious family. At night, he teaches the children under a lamp and I sew clothes for them .... to tell you the truth, I still dream about it sometimes."

She laughed as she said, “Am I useless? life is so long, I just want two or three tile-roofed rooms and a small yard, I am not that ambitious." 

Maybe God had heard us, the third child of The Fourth Prince’s wife was indeed a chubby little girl.

This was the first girl in our grandchildren. Everyone was happy and crazy. Jiale, Changyi, and Kangle all went to the palace of Lord Gong to see the little niece, and the more they looked, the more jealous they were. Kangle and Changyi gave their first birth to a son. Poor Jiale gave birth to four boys in her nine years of marriage and she was tortured by these four young boys to lose her hair. Seeing this soft little girl, Jiale wanted to exchange her four boys with The Fourth Prince when holding this little girl in her arms.

He said, Sister Jiale, Confucius have said ...

In the end, without changing the children, Jiale was preached to lose more of her hair, Ah Jin was so distressed that he was going to beat The Fourth Prince when he was confused by "Poem", he had to go home and become a bald couple with Jiale.

Consort Dowager De embraced her young granddaughter contentedly, wishing to hold her in her pocket and take it out at any time to see. She started to search for something to her daring granddaughter as dowry in her storeroom even when this girl was less than a hundred days old.

Wanwan was also pregnant, after thinking for a long time, Changsi began to learn from his Fourth Brother how to change the diaper apart from the complicated affairs. The Fourth Prince's diaper changing skills were personally taught by Consort Dowager De, and he was already the father of three children, therefore, he was very skillful. Changsi admired him very much. With Changsi’s worship, The Fourth Prince began to prepare the "man parenting encyclopedia". The old masters of Censorate impeached him in the morning court. As a result, Wanwan’s second elder brother, Master Zhao, argued with others, citing a lot of classics, saying that they were unworthy of being fathers.

In the end, Changsi indicated that to rule a country, you must establish a family first, to establish a family, you must focus on childcare. He asked all the officials to go home and write a good idea of raising children for discussion the next day. Was anyone still unmarried? A single person was pitiful, how about writing down how you plan to be a father. 

I sighed after Changsi told me about it, "it's rare that the old officials of the last generation would let you act improperly."

Changsi said, “The old officials were carefully selected by father. All of them have been trained. They were very measured. They know clearly what to do and what not to do. If it concerns about the country, they will not act ridiculously. As for the emperor’s family affairs, it's not easy to talk about it. "

The former Emperor, the former Emperor...

I said, “You must also manage the country well. You must know that in the future, this country will be given to the little poppet in Wanwan's belly." 

Wanwan put her head on my shoulder and fawned, “Empress mother, he is not obedient. He kicked me yesterday!" 

The whole court was learning how to be a good father. The Fifth Prince unexpectedly made no trouble. This was very strange. I asked Changnian to follow his Fifth Brother, as a result, Changnian told me that every day his brother was hanging around the door of Censor Zhang, who had impeached him recently.

This was going too far! Censor Zhang just impeached him once. He sang the lotus rhyme on the roof of the Censor Zhang’s house for the whole night, which made things evening up, did he want to wait for revenge?

Changnian said: “No, mother, there is a seventeen-years-old daughter in Censor Zhang’s. It was heard that her fiance who had been engaged since childhood was dead. They all said she was a widow. My Fifth Brother said she was good-looking."

... Fate was amazing, really amazing.

After I told Noble Consort Dowager Wen and Consort Dowager Song about this, Noble Consort Dowager Wen began to prepare clothes for her future daughter-in-law. She found that she did not know the size when she was about to do the needlework, then she asked The Fifth Prince immediately.

He said, “mother imperial consort…I don’t know…”

Consort Dowager Song asked, “?! You haven’t hugged her?!”

The Fifth Prince, Not yet.

Noble Consort Dowager Wen was very disappointed and angry, “Why are you so useless? Why don’t you learn some skills from those story books that your Empress Consort Song had written? !"

Consort Dowager Song, “That’s right! You were born and grew up listening to my story books!!!”

The Fifth Prince said, “I have tried! She was frightened to cry when I sang the lotus rhyme for her. And she was also scared to cry when I came to see her by jumping through her window. I also asked some friends to pretend to be gangsters..."

Oh, my God! It was estimated that such a stupid kid might have to be single forever.

In the end, it was Consort Dowager Song who personally made a suggestion that let Jiale and other sisters figure out an excuse to invite the girl of the Zhang family to “pay a visit”. After nearly a year, The Fifth Prince brought his newly-wed wife into the palace proudly and "show" her to us.

The Fifth Prince's daughter-in-law was a timid girl, shy and timid, she spoke softly and carefully. Whenever she was standing together with The Fifth Prince, the overlord, we could not help but tell her by all means that,” You must enter the Palace and tell us if he bullies you!"

Surrounding this young girl, we asked many questions. Consort Dowager De twisted her fingers while asking, and was overjoyed, “Ah, you are the niece of the sister-in-law's sister-in-law of my sister's aunt!”

She toasted with Noble Dowager Consort Wen, "Hello, in-law."

When The Fourth Prince's little girl was three years old, she would sweetly call Consort Dowager De "grandmother", and then kiss her sweetly. Consort Dowager De was satisfied and died with closed eyes. 

She was an easily satisfied woman and she said to me before she died, "I have had a good life. I haven't suffered any hardships. It is safe and peaceful all the time. Until today, I have children and grandchildren even I am going to die. It should be very good to have such a life in the Palace. However," She smiled, “I still miss the small yard I want. In the afterlife, let's meet in other places instead of the harem. Afterlife--"

She said with a picturesque smile, "Afterlife... I will plant creepers in my yard. If you pass a yard with creepers on the wall, remember to knock on the door and ask me for a bowl of water."
Seeming to be afraid of me forgetting, she took my hand and repeated, "Don't forget to knock at the door for water when you pass by my yard. "

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