Liu in the Imperial Harem

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Chapter 18

To be honest, I cared about the marriage of my two children very much, but a mom would always forget that their children had already grown up. Even when Changsi was a lot taller than me, even taller than the emperor, and he could do things maturely and independently, I still recall the little kid who had a toothache for eating too much candy and cried in front me when I see him.

Changyi was even more so. Getting from me, she was always happy and smiling, and thus everyone spoiled her. Even Kangle and her brother Changnian treated her like a baby. The emperor, well, he always gave her everything she wants, and called her "my little princess" whenever he saw her. A few days ago, I told her to embroider, she turned a mandarin duck into a duck. The emperor told me: "Our little princess is still young. We can teach her when she is older."

Young? She will soon become old!

The marriage of the two children was put on the agenda. The emperor and I were as tired as a dog. Seeing Changnian, and thinking that we would have to do this all over again three years later, I want to throw them out and then have them come back when they find their lover.

As the Crown Prince, Changsi's marriage was very important. The emperor chose carefully between the Ministers in the court. The future Crown Princess's family should be in high status, but can't have too much power, because this will be a pressure to the future emperor. Then the emperor should consider their age, talent, and personality. In the end, Changsi will make the choice.

Actually, my family match this standard. My father's elder brother was Second Grade Head of the Secretariat, his younger brother was the first teacher of the Crown Prince, my father was Chief of Yuzhou, and his brothers are also officials. We are not a big family, but it is strong. Some of my nieces were at the age of marriage, and some of my family members indeed talked to me about this, like my brother, who didn't have some talent, and wanted his daughter to supply him in the future. I am smart enough to learn from the history. If I suggested my niece, the emperor would take me down like Empress Dowager Renhe.

In fact, when the emperor married Jiale to Ah Jin, I knew that in the emperor's heart, the future queen would not be from Jiang's family, and Jiang's status in the dynasty stopped here. The future depends on Changsi.

The marriage of the Crown Prince is not a family affair but a nation affair, which means I have little say in this.

The terrible rule will easily arouse disputes between me and his future wife, because the emperor had no taste in finding a woman. I was worried that he would choose a ugly and unreasonable Crown Princess who would throw me a child and at the same time accuse me of stealing her child.

During this process, I was like having a phobia. I told Noble Consort Wen, and her words struck me: “What if she's beautiful and unreasonable?"

I said: "... Well, she's beautiful, right? She can be unreasonable, right? Just look at her face when you are mad, right..."

Consort De: "? ! Why are you parroting me? !"

Me: “Because you have such a good relationship with your daughter-in-law! I want to learn from you in all directions! “

Consort De: "Ha, my daughter-in-law..."

I said: " She is cute, lovely, sweet. We all know... Hey, let me take a roll on your bed and share some of your good luck, so that I can also have a good daughter-in-low like you and spend the rest of my life calmly."

Before I had time to do that, the emperor had given me a list of his chosen Crown Princesses.

The three families were:

The first one was the granddaughter of the Left Prime Minister, also the niece of Consort Wen. Lord Wen had been stuck to emperor's thoughts for decades since his succession. When he was the Minister of Revenue, he saved much money for the country. If it were not for him, Noble Consort Wen could not be the head of four consorts and give birth to a son with just her embroidery talent. He's loyalty and hard-work could be seen.

The second one was eldest daughter of General Han. He was born in a rough manner and was tough in the early years. It was the emperor that saw his talent and promoted him. Since General Lin's death, the job has been vacant, General Han who guarded the capital suburb had been emperor's most trusted force.

The last one was the little daughter of Lord Xuanping whom could not even been counted. The Zhao's family used to be officials of all generations, the Marquis Zhao was aspirant, and used to be the emperor's Study Companion. With the death of the old Prime Minister Shen, his family went back to his hometown, and Lord Xuanping stayed at home for more than ten years, because his wife was from Shen's family, and was the little sister of the late Empress.

Until General Lin died in battle and Lord Nanyang rebelled, the emperor missed the passed and reused the old officials from Shen's family, including Lord Xuanping. For the past ten and more years, Lord Xuanping has been free and sleeping until he naturally woke up. Suddenly, he had to get up early for morning court, he felt terrible, so he recommended his sons to the emperor. His sons were indeed excellent. The eldest one was Assistant Minister of Ministry of Punishments; the second son took the imperial examination and did well in the Censorate; the third one had just passed the imperial examination, and the youngest one was said to do well in learning as well. Anyway, anyone can see that Lord Xuanping was less competitive than the other two families.

But I hope my son can choose the little daughter of Lord Xuanping. Not for others, just because I believe it would be a godsend that my son could marry the niece of the late Empress.

I was just thinking about it, since it was not my marriage.

The emperor gave Changsi the list, and he chose the little daughter of Lord Xuanping.

He really is my son! Bravo! Bravo!

The emperor pondered for a long time and nodded: "Well... It's OK if you choose her. You are young, and no longer willing to walk along the path I chose for you." However, just for safety, three months after she enters the Eastern Palace, you have to marry two concubines."

Emperor, your daughter-in-law hasn't entered the palace, you are in a hurry to find your son concubines. Are you serious? It should be my job! In Zhaoyi Song's stories, only bad mothers-in-law would do stuff like this.

But Changsi replied respectfully, "Yes."

The Emperor asked: "Why the Zhao's family?"

Changsi was about to answer, the emperor waved and said: "Well, the world will be yours sooner or later. You don't have to explain yourself as an emperor."

He smiled back and said to me: "Jiaojiao, our son is about to marry a wife!"

The father and son looked alike, but the emperor was always restrained and indifferent. No matter how mature and sophisticated Changsi was, he still carried the edge of his age. They stood side by side, one tall and handsome, the other wore a silver hair, in contrast, as if you can see a person's life at a glance.

Changsi might chose the little girl of Zhao's family in consideration of governing the country, but I was a bit reluctant. It was not my intention to let my son be an emperor, but I couldn't control this. An emperor should endure loneliness, but I only wished my son to be with the one he loved. If not, and if Changsi failed her, how could I face my old friends when I die?

Privately, I asked my son:

"Jiajia, what kind of girl do you like?"

Changsi has always been calm, but was a little embarrassed on this question. I sensed and asked tentatively: "... Is there a girl? Can I know?"

Unexpectedly, my mature and sophisticated boy fell down on my knees, and laughed like a big fool.

... Was he OK?

He raised his head when he laughed enough: "Mother, no need to worry, Wanwan is so cute and lovely. You will know when you see her in the palace."

Wanwan? Enter the palace?

"She is still young. If she didn't act well, please forgive her. She's indeed cute and lovely. She can kick the shuttlecock very well. I will teach her how to be a Crown Princess..."

What... Is this one of Zhaoyi Song's love stories? !

Changsi had hidden his secret for too long and never had the chance to share his happiness with others. It took me nothing to have him praise his lover:

"I occasionally went to fifth brother's house after his house was built... Occasionally indeed. He had many friends outside the palace, all kinds of friends, and they all call him fifth brother... He made goods friends with the second son of Lord Xuanping and the eldest son of General Han. Their ties were even better than ours. It was me that suggested the second son of Lord Xuanping go to the Censorate... He was really good at sarcasm..."

"After we made friends, we were like brothers. Once we asked Brother Zhao for a drink, he said he had to fly a kite with his sister. Well, you know my fifth brother! He insisted on taking a look... Wanwan was less than fourteen then, and was really beautiful and good at yelling. She said that it was not gentle of us to sneaking around. Is she clever..."

What?... I wanna lift his skull to see if there's still brain.

"I met with her a few times later... once or twice. Every time I would flirt with her. She would go to Daxiangguo Temple to salute the Buddha. She's really polite. Every time she scolded me, I would go. Really!"

I listened with full interest and was struck dumb. I never expected my son to be so foolish that he would feel happy for being scolded by a girl. Wait, scold...

"Changsi, are you sure she likes you? ! She's always scolding you!"

Changsi was anxious at once: "How can she not like me!" I was beaten by Brother Zhao for many times! The ribs still hurt! Last year on the Lantern Festival, the snow was heavy and I almost fell off the wall of her backyard! How can she not like me! I paid so many efforts to have my father list Zhao's family with Wen and Han's family. How, How, How can she not like me!"

I laughed dumbly. He now looked exactly the same as when he was three and claiming me for not giving him sugar. I teased him deliberately: "What if she doesn't like you?"

Changsi finally remembered that he was a Crown Prince, "No matter what, the emperor has given his order. She has no choice! It doesn't matter if she doesn't like me. She's still young. Girl of her age doesn't understand love. I will spoil her, for ten years, and twenty years! Just don’t believe she won't like me! "

Ten years? Twenty years? Can the love of the emperor really go this far? Thinking this way, I said to him: "You must remember what you said today. If you don't love her in the future, you must not abuse her for today's words, otherwise you are not my son."

The emperor and the Crown Prince were in a hurry. The Ministry of Rites chose a good day for marriage and the preparation work cost the whole palace much effort. Shortly after this marriage, the emperor ordered to choose the eldest son of General Han as the husband of Changyi.

The emperor was indeed clever. Prime Minister Wen might be highly regarded, but he was old. His nephews might be officials of the court, but as long as he is dead, Wen's family is no longer strong. Instead, General Han is still a strong man, and his eldest son is also excellent. Marrying Changyi to little General Han was good for the country and also Changyi.

Knowing his good buddy would marry his sister, the fifth prince and Changsi beat him together and then beg me to let them meet. It was said that the two brothers described their sister as a fairy in front of the future brother-in-law. The little general couldn't sleep thinking about her. I was afraid if I don't let them meet, he would be crazy before his wedding day. I looked back at Changyi, and she was pulling Jieyu Wang's sleeves to be coquettish: "Wang Niangniang, your little cutie wants to eat eight treasure duck, steamed dumplings with crab meat..."

I called her nickname: "Lele, do you want to see your future husband the emperor chose for you?"

She replied: "Maybe after I finish these?"

I said: "... Come on, Lele, tell me, if you can choose your own husband, would you choose little General Han?"

Changyi: "Of course not! I Love Wu Song! The third sister said that Wu Song can defeat a tiger! He is the most heroic man in the world! "

Jiale has already had three or four babies with Ah Jin, and she's still telling Changyi about the story of Wu Song?

Changsi: "Although he's not Wu Song, but he is very good at martial arts. He is also very heroic!"

Boasting the sister before the brother-in-law, boasting the brother-in-law before the younger sister, Changsi is simply a living matchmaker. It was a waste of him to be a Crown Prince.

I couldn't bear to see my child become someone else's wife without even a little understanding, and arranged their meeting. I acted calm, but how could I be calm in the first blind date in the palace? I brought some snacks and eavesdropped with Noble Consort Wen, Consort De, Zhaoyi Song and Jieyu Wang and others.

Little General Han was indeed handsome and decent, but he flushed seeing Changyi. They sat face-to-face, and he spoke cautiously after a long while: "Well, Princess, I, Han Zhuo, am twenty-four years old with a clear family. I have a horse and a house. Unmarried. I will not take concubines or prostitutes, and is the perfect choice of husband for you!"

These lines were definitely taught by the bastard fifth prince!!!

Clearly, Changyi found this man really funny. She smiled with a curly eyebrow and asked: "My brother said that you can beat Wu Song in martial arts. Is it real?"

Han Zhuo said: "... Well, I've never fought with him, but I've been practicing martial arts since young. No one could defeat me, except for the husband of the third princess Master Jiang, who had a tie with me."

Changyi paused for a while, seeming to recall the martial arts of Ah Jin, but Ah Jin was too gentle around Jiale, worrying that she might be cold, hungry or tired. It was difficult for us to bring about some of his heroic deeds, let alone Changyi. After thinking a while, she asked: "Can you defeat a tiger?" The white-fronted big tiger on the Jingyang Ridge."

And added: "The one that eats people."

If I had evidence, I would suspect that Changyi was scaring her date away, and then keep rubbing and eating in the palace.

"I have never beaten a tiger, but I've beaten wolves, a group of wolves. They eat people as well." Han Zhuo replied sincerely: "If there is opportunity in the future, I hope to defeat a tiger and give it to you."

Changyi was so happy that his eyes brightened, and he jumped to Han Zhuo: "You will take me there, okay?"

Okay, let him take you, let him take you everywhere in the world. Go!

The marriage of these two children was held the same year. I was so tired. But my tiredness seemed worthy when I saw their silly smiles. If the marriage weren't held, either they would be stupid or I would be crazy.

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