Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 48

At the same time, Li was talking with Yan’er about Zhou Sheng in the room.

“I think Zhou Sheng is an honest man. He is working in Jin Wang mansion and he is also in a proper age. It is a good option for you,” said Li.

Yan’er took a glance from the crack of window, but she didn’t see clearly what Zhou Sheng looked like. Yan’er then complained in a low voice, “He is just a servant in Jin Wang mansion. What can he achieve?”

Li slapped Yan’er and said, “Don’t look down upon the servant in Jin Wang mansion. How can you compare him with the long-term hired hand in the mansion of a landlord? What’s more, he is still young and we don’t know how he would develop in the future. Do you really think you are a phoenix? If you miss this opportunity, I am going to find an old wifeless man for you. And you might be a step mother of others.”

Yan’er was reluctant to be a stepmother. Hesitant, she furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Well, then I’d like to select him.”

Li nodded her head and replied, “Okay, I will try to ask him to stay here for one more night. Ask your brother to be a matchmaker for you.”

“I am afraid that Yaoniang would try to make troubles for me,” said Yan’er with a sneer.

“She wouldn’t. Don’t forget that Xiao Bao is still here,” responded Li agitatedly.

Yan’er nodded, leaned against Li and continued, “Mom, it seems Yaoniang is developed well and she took back many good staffs in good quality. Please take some for me to be my trousseau.”

Li was reminded by Yan’er and she did see Yaoniang go back with two bags, but Zhou Sheng was there, so Li asked Yaoniang for nothing.

Li also didn’t reveal her intention to Yan’er. She poked at Yan’er’s head and said, “What a greedy girl! If you want trousseau, you have to find a man to marry you first!”

Li left as she finished her sentence. When she passed by the east wing, Li found the light was on. After hesitating for a while, she didn’t step to eavesdrop.

The first glimmer of the morning light came out from the horizon.

Linyun county was like a beast that woke up from sleep. People started to walk on the street.

It was still in stillness in the locust tree lane, but the cracks of the door could be heard occasionally, followed by the sound of the carriage. It was the dung-cart which was going to collect manure.

Yaoniang was awake in the early morning but she didn’t want to get up. Xiao Bao was still sleeping soundly beside her.

Someone started to sweep the floor in the yard and the rustling sound could be heard vaguely. Yaoniang kissed Xiao Bao’s forehead and then dressed up. When everything was done, there was a movement outside.

The door creaked and Yao cheng’s voice sounded. It was not until then Yaoniang opened the door and walked out.

Huiniang also got up and was making the bed.

Ming’er was sleeping with Li while Hong’er was sleeping with Huiniang.

Hong’er was still sleeping in his bed which was close to the window. The bed was two meters wide and surrounded by high guardrails.

Looking back at Yaoniang, Huiniang asked, “Is Xiao Bao still in sleep? Take him here in case he falls down.”

Xiao Bao was naughty in his six months old and he always turned over on bed when he was awake, so Huiniang was worried that he would fall down. Huiniang took care of three babies alone. Although sometimes Li and Yan’er would help her to take care the kids for a while, they were lazy and were unwilling to do anything, so Huiniang had to do the housework at the same time. She had no choice but asked the carpenter to make a bed with guardrails. She would put the children in this bed when she had to do the chores.

Yaoniang felt upset and tried her best to hold back her sadness. She nodded and then held Xiao Bao into the bed.

“Don’t be depressed. That’s how ordinary people come,” comforted Huiniang who also noticed the sadness in her eyes.

Yaoniang nodded and said, “Huiniang, I asked you to hire someone to help with the housework or buy a servant girl back. Why not listen to me?”

Huininag heaved a sigh and explained, “It is not as simple as you expect. It is hard to find a servant who is in proper age and good at taking care of children. If I find a young girl, I am afraid she would make more troubles for me and I also don’t want to ask a little girl to do the chores for us. I also managed to hire a person to help with the chores, but I can’t find a proper person with unidentified background, because I am worried that he might be a human trader.”

Yaoniang also agreed with her, so she nodded and responded, “I will be back just six months later. But I still think it is better to hire someone to help with the housework. There is no need for him to take care of the kids for us, and he just needs to do the chores. Li and Yan’er are averse to do anything. You must be exhausted every day.”

When they were talking, Yao Cheng walked in with a smile. “Zhou Sheng is so diligent. He is cleaning the yard for us.”

It was not until then Yaoniang realized it was Zhou Sheng who was cleaning in the morning.

“I think he is a good man. Yaoniang, what do you think?” asked Yao Cheng again.

“Yes, I also think he is a good man,” replied Yaoniang.

Yaoniang told them her experience on the way back which shocked Huiniang. “The ruffians are utterly lawless. They even tried to rob others in the open day.”

“Perhaps it was not the first for them to do such a thing, but they were frightened by the signs of Jin Wang mansion and they dared not to offend the people from Jin Wang mansion.”

“It seems you get a good job in Jin Wang mansion,” said Huiniang.

When they were chatting, Hong’er and Xiao Bao woke up. They dressed up for the two kids and washed face for them. Huiniang and Yaoniang went to the kitchen to prepare for the breakfast after everything was done. Yao Cheng was taking care of the kids in the room. Yaoniang could hear the enthusiastic voice of Li even if she was in the kitchen.

“What Li is going to do?” asked Yaoniang. Li was paying her addresses to Zhou Sheng and it was so weird, but Yaoniang was clear that she must have a selfish calculations.

“What do you think?” Huiniang replied with a weird smile.

Taking the chance, Huiniang told her what happened to Yan’er recently.

Yaoniang was shocked, because it was beyond her expectation. Did it happen to in her last lifetime as well? Yaoniang couldn’t remember it since she never came back home in her previous life, so she knew nothing about Yan’er.

It seemed that Yan’er got her punishment now. Yaoniang suddenly felt that she was mollified and relaxed.

“Is Li going to be a matchmaker for Yan’er and Zhou Sheng?” asked Yaoniang.

Huiniang took a glance at Yaoniang and nodded.

“No, she can’t do like this. Zhou Sheng is a good man. I can’t let him marry Yan’er. She would ruin him someday,” said Yaoniang agitatedly. She was going to go out as she finished her words but was stopped by Huiniang. “Don’t worry. You brother Zhou is clever and he won’t be deceived by Li.”

Yaoniang furrowed her eyebrows and continued, “Huiniang, he is not my brother Zhou. Don’t misunderstand me. We are just friends.”

Huiniang took a glance at Yaoniang and added, “But I think Zhou Sheng likes you. Don’t tell me that you don’t know it.”

In fact, Yaoniang did not notice that and she just felt Zhou Sheng was so enthusiastic with her, but she didn’t expect that Zhou Sheng liked her. Yaoniang then reminded that Zhou Sheng once asked her if she was going to remarry someday.

“I think he is a good man and he also knows about your condition. Now that he is still willing to get alone with you, it means that he doesn’t care about your previous marriage and Xiao Bao.”

“But he still doesn’t get married. How could it be possible for him to marry me,” grumbled Yaoniang.

“Don’t look down upon yourself. You are a good woman and you deserve a good man,” persuaded Huiniang.


Huiniang patted her and said, “Okay, I know you must be clear what I mean. It is not easy to raise a kid alone. Now that he is willing to live with you, why not take him into consideration? I also hope that you could find your Mr. Right so that he could take care of you.”

Find a husband?

Yaoniang was absorbed in deep thought. She took a glance at Zhou Sheng who was cleaning the carriage in the yard while Zhou Sheng happened to look into her eyes as well. Yaoniang noticed his happiness from his eyes, so she lowered her head subconsciously. She reminded Jin Wang somehow.

Jin Wang received the third letter from the Guard Eleven in Zhaohui Hall.

There was a short message in the paper.

“Zhou Shen stayed at Yao family for one more night. Yaoniang’s sister intends to be a matchmaker for them,” read Jin Wang in an extremely low voice.

Fucheng also wanted to look at it but he dared not to do so, and instead he just lowered his head.

Jin Wang was in a low spirit after receiving the first letter from Guard Eleven. He looked serious and the air in the room almost froze. Fucheng didn’t want to enrage Jin Wang at such a critical moment.

Jin Wang got up suddenly and walked out. “Prepare a carriage for me,” ordered Jin Wang.

Shocked, Fucheng wondered where he was going, but soon he realized that perhaps Jin Wang was going to find Yaoniang.

Li asked Zhou Sheng to stay there for one more night no matter how he declined her. Finally, Zhou Sheng agreed to stay there for another night.

Li was so pleased and went to her son, but she didn’t expect to be refused by Yao Cheng.

“Mom, I suggest you to give up this idea. Zhou Sheng is from a blameless family and why is he going to marry Yan’er? What’s more, Zhou Sheng is here for Yaoniang, but not for Yan’er. Please don’t tell me that Yan’er falls in love with him. Why Yan’er always falls in love with the man Yaoniang likes? I warn you that if Yan’er causes another trouble this time, I am going to send her to the nunnery.”   

Yao Cheng didn’t want to say harshly to his mother, but he was bothered by Li and Yan’er recently. Li was her mother and he could do nothing to her, but Yao Cheng disliked Yan’er, an arrogant yet stupid woman.                                            

Although Yan’er was his natural sister, Yao Cheng was not intimate with her since his childhood. Yan’er was astute and selfish, and Yao Cheng was slandered by Yan’er while Li would beat him. Yao Cheng got to know that Yan’er grew up to a vicious girl when she plotted a frame-up on Yaoniang. A chill ran down his back.

Yan’er kept making a farce at home after Feng Heizi was arrested. In Yao Cheng’s opinion, Yan’er had to accept her destiny and needed to cherish what she owned so that to live a peaceful life. But Yan’er showed her distain to the man Yao Cheng found for her. She was a nag to find a man to get married with her.

But now no one would like to marry Yan’er since she couldn’t give birth to a child.

Li didn’t expect that Yao Cheng would be so harsh to her. “Do you still remember who your natural sister is? Yan’er is your sister! Why would you speak for Yaoniang? What a heartless man! You even turn a cold shoulder to your sister after your marriage.”

“I don’t care about how you think. Huiniang treats you well in daily life. Yan’er and you are reluctant to do anything at home. Huiniang has to be responsible for everything at home, but now you even try to pick a hole on her. If you want me to live a peaceful life and bring honor to our family, you better not to make troubles for Yaoniang. She is the wet nurse of the princess. Master Qian is going to promote me because of Yaoniang’s position in Jin Wang mansion. If you want to ruin me, then you can keep making farce at home,” said Yao Cheng angrily.

Yao Cheng knew his mother well. Although Li loved her daughter, she cared more about Yao Cheng’s career, because it was related to her future life.

After Yao Cheng left, Li smacked her lips. “Now she is different than before since she is a wet nurse of the princess. It is really unfair,” Li murmured to herself.

Yaoniang was a glittering gold now.

To readers: Don’t beat me please. Jin Wang would not come to Yaoniang if he didn’t get any stimulation.

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