Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 45

When Yaoniang woke up in the next day morning, Jin Wang had left. A smell of fragrance was floating in the air.

Yaoniang had a headache and felt her body was dashed into peices as if she was crushed by a carriage.

Yaoniang struggled to get up since she needed to take duty. After washing up, she went to the small house. When she arrived, Yaoniang found Yucui looked so anxious.

Wang was taken away by Fuchen while Qian was sent to the Liuchun Mansion last night. The little princess cried out when she woke up because she was hungry. Yucui was about to wake up Yaoniang but was stopped by Yuyan. Thinking for a while, Yuyan went to the kitchen and took some porridge to feed the princess. But soon the princess got hungry again and she started to cry endlessly.

Seeing this, Yaoniang hastily fed the princess and when she was feeding the young baby, Yaoniang learned from Yucui that it was side consort Hu who manipulated Wang to do this to her own daughter.

Yaoniang was not surprised by what side consort Hu did but she just didn’t expect Wang would be involved.

For the time being, Wang impressed her as an honest and diligent woman.

Now Yaoniang understood why Qian bore a grudge on her. It seemed Wang had casted a bone between them. An unnamed feeling rose from her heart and Yaoniang learned a lesson again through this experience.

Qian and Wang were all expelled and Yaoniang was the only wet nurse to feed the princess now. Yaoniang was worried about this. She would not care about it if it happened before, but now her milk was getting less. The milk was only enough to feed the princess on the day time, but now she also needed to feed her at night. Yaoniang was afraid that she had not enough milk to feed her.

Yaoniang didn’t tell anyone about her condition after all she was a wet nurse. If she didn’t have enough milk, she could not be the wet nurse here. But now she can’t wrap fire in paper anymore. When Yaoniang was about to inform them this news, Yuyan rushed in seriously.

Yuyan told Yaniang why her milk was getting less these days.

Wang put some beerwort in Yaoniang’f food and Yaoniang was not aware of it because it didn’t have a special smell.

The beerwort had an effect of reducing milk and the main ingredient of galactophyga was beewort. Wang bribed a female cook in the kitchen and asked her to add it into Yaoniang’s food every day. The cook was not afraid of being discovered because she didn’t add much and it was hard to notice. However, Yaoniang’s milk still reduced day by day because she had eaten it for some time.

Yuyan asked the female cook when she started adding this and the cook replied that it was from the day when Yaoniang started working in this yard.

Yaoniang was shocked after hearing this.

But at the same time Yaoniang was also depressed. She also encountered many schemes and intrigues in her last lifetime, but she didn’t expect people would ploy against her continuously.

She was just a common wet nurse.

If her relationship with Jin Wang was disclosed someday, Yaoniang was unable to imagine what would happen to her.

The reason why she lived a long life was because Jin Wang consort provided support to her. And Yaoniang only worked less than four months in Jin Wang mansion in this lifetime, but she heard a lot about the intrigue and Machiavellian tricks here, and it was easy to tell the environment was complicated.

Thinking of this, Yaoniang felt she had made a right decision. She was determined to go back home a year later after Jin Wang got tired of her.

But the itinerant pedlar…

Yaoniang reminded what Jin Wang said last night. She was confused why he would ask her like this and she even suspect she didn’t hear clearly after all she was muddle-headed at that time.

But soon Yaoninag was enlightened and she realized why he asked her the question.

The brother-in-law of Yaoniang set identification for her in this lifetime and Yaoniang would get married with a street vendor who lost his life in an accident after their marriage. Yaoniang was left alone since then.

‘Why he asked me the question again and again? Was he jealous?’ Yaoniang wondered.


Such an idea gave Yaoniang a start of astonishment. She could not imagine how Jin Wang would look like if he was jealous. Perhaps he was just trying to investigate about her background.

At the thought of this, Yaoniang felt she should go back home to have a look.

Mammy Mu asked Yucui to consult Doctor’s Liu how to stimulate the secretion of milk.

Doctor Liu said the wort might have a bad effect on Yaoniang, but he prescribed some medicine for her. Therefore, when Yucui was back, she got some medicine in her hand as well as a prescription in which many foods which was helpful for milk stimulation were list. Yucui handed it to the cook and asked them to prepare food for Yaoniang in accordance with the food list.

But Yaoniang still needed some time to recover and the little princess still needed to be fed during this period. When Mammy Mu was about to ask Yucui to call back Qian from Liuchun mansion, Jin Wang consort dispatched people for them.

Jin Wang consort asked Ziyan to lead the newly hired two wet nurses to the yard.

Needless to say, Jin Wang consort was a capable woman. Mammy Mu said nothing and led the wet nurses into the room.

It was not because Mu believed in Jin Wang consort but because she knew that Jin Wang consort was a clever woman. Now that Jin Wang Consort took the initiative to send them two people, it meant she would not hurt the little princess. And if she did maintain an evil intention, she would be tripped up by others. 

Mammy Mu also didn’t intend to snare Jin Wang consort. Mu could ignore anything as long as the little princess was well protected. That was why Yaoniang and Cuizhu could work in this yard. That was also the reason why Jin Wang and Mu recognized it might be the side consort Hu who was playing the trick and they even didn’t suspect Jin Wang consort.

However, side consort Hu didn’t understand it.

Whether the side consort Hu was enlightened, she went for wool but came home shorn.

This case seemed to die without illness, but everybody was clear about Jin Wang’s attitude.

Jin Wang consort was paramount and it was not allowed to invade, including side consort Hu, the favorite consort of Jin Wang. They all had sharp eyes and they were good at judging the hour and sizing up the situation especially when Qian and Wang were expelled but Yaoniang was left in this yard.

Jin Wang consort’s status turned to be stable again after side consort Hu’s join in Jin Wang mansion.

The fence-sitter changed their attitude. Some of them still remained a respectful attitude to side consort Hu but it didn’t represent intimation but meant alienation. But someone else who was not astute enough began to bully the servants in Liuchun Mansion. The treatment of the servants in Liuchun mansion also degraded. They started to quarrel with other servants gradually.

They servants thought side consort Hu would speak for them, but this time the side consort Hu acted totally different and she just remained silent.

Moreover, Jin Wang consort began to square accounts with side consort Hu.

There was a rule in Jin Wang mansion which stipulated the spending on food and clothing in different status. For example, Jin Wang consort could hire four first-class servant girls and eight second-class servant girls as well as some other elder servitors. The side consort Hu should get a lower level than Jin Wang consort. However, side consort Hu’s food and clothing were even superior to Jin Wang consort since side consort Hu thought she was pregnant at that time and Jin Wang also loved her so much. Jin Wang consort decided to get even with side consort Hu now.

A half of the servants in Liuchun mansion were sent away in one night and most of them were the trusted subordinates of side consort Hu. The crying was filled with the room and the people in the princess’s yard also heard their crying.

Absolutely, side consort Hu was not going to make a compromise. However, she failed to meet Jin Wang in Zhaohui hall.

Jin Wang’s attitude to her was clear.

Therefore, it was rare to remain peace in the back courtyard. And Jin Wang consort was taking charge the courtyard again.

Jin Wang consort was pleased to see this and she finally had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

Whether people admitted or not, only when they obeyed Jin Wang in this mansion, they could live a peaceful life here. Jin Wang consort also understood this, but she really went too far before. Although she looked be compliant to Jin Wang, she buried her distain in the deep of her heart.

But now after learning a lesson from the reality, Jin Wang consort finally swallowed her pride. That was why when Jin Wang handed her the knife she took it over without hesitation.

It meant submission and she did get reasons to be submissive.

Yaoniang was embroiled and now she needed time to recover.

Mu found the new wet nurses did a good job, so she asked Yaoniang to take a rest for some time. What she needed to do was to guide the new wet burses how to serve the princess.

When the two wet nurses were able to take their duty alone, Yaoniang came to Mammy Mu and asked for some days leave.

She wanted to go back home.

Mu agreed and asked someone to prepare a carriage to send her back.

Yaoniang got up to prepare in the early dawn.

There were many things she needed to carry back, including the largess from Jin Wang consort and Mu. The side consort Hu also presented her some gifts when she got to know Yaoniang was going back home.

But Jin Wang remained silent.

Of course, it was just an illusion. It seemed that Jin Wang seldom came to their courtyard, he visited frequently at night. Jin Wang acted weird these days. Jin Wang would come early at night before, but now he only showed up at midnight. Yaoniang would be woken up in sound sleep at midnight.

Moreover, he only focused on making love with her but said nothing. When Yaoniang woke up the next day morning, he had left already.

Yaoniang felt that she had come back to her last lifetime, because Jin Wang acted the same as what he did now.

However, Yaoniang didn’t want to dwell on this, because she never figured out what he was thinking.

Yaoniang carried her bags, informed Mu and then left.

She walked to the gate where a black carriage was waiting for her. Zhou Sheng was sitting inside the carriage.

He jumped off, took over the bag from Yaoniang.

 “I didn’t expect you will wait me here,” said Yaoniang in shock.

Zhou Sheng giggled and scratched his head. “I also need to go home, so I take this task.”

Zhou Sheng didn’t tell her that in order to take this task, he invited his workmates to drink. But the more he wanted to hide, the more was exposed. Soon his workmates got to know who he wooed. It was Yaoniang, the wet nurse of the princess.

Everybody said that Zhou Sheng got a good chance to develop his career. Although Yaoniang was a widow with a kid, she gained a favorable impression of Jin Wang and Jin Wang consort. Now she was the wet nurse of the princess. If Zhou Sheng could get married with her, he could get a chance to make achievement.

However, Zhou Sheng didn’t care about it. He was a simple man and he just wanted to get a chance to get alone with Yaoniang.

Zhou Sheng put her bags in the carriage and then took out a little wooden bench on the ground for Yaoniang to get into the carriage.

“Get in. Watch out,” said Zhou Sheng.

Yaoniang felt embarrassed because he acted like a gentleman.

“Thanks a lot!”

“You are welcome! I just did what I should do. It is time to set out. Perhaps we could arrive before getting dark,” continued Zhou Sheng.

To readers: Jin Wang is regarded as a spoony yet evil man, and now he is taken as a jealous man.

I think it is nice! Haha…

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