Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 44

Yaoniang was not sympathetic to Qian. 

Perhaps she might feel pitiful for her if it happened in her last lifetime, but now she was indifferent.

If it weren’t for Jin Wang, Yaoniang didn’t know what would happen to her. Yaoniang might being suffered from the torment right now. Qian went against her morality and tried to slander Yaoniang who was defiled before. Yaoniang didn’t want to be a person she hated once before.

Yaoniang reminded Jin Wang. Did he strive to protect Jin Wang consort so that he ended this farce in this way? Or was he going to….

“Yaoniang, your face is swollen. Shall I take some ice to reduce the swelling for you?” asked Lvyao.

Yaoniang touched her cheeks and felt it was burning. She didn’t feel the pain a moment ago since she was distracted, but now when she cooled down, she felt the pain clearly.

“I am fine. There is no need to take the ice,” replied Yaoniang.

Mammy Mu heaved a sigh and said, “I am sure you are frightened tonight. Go back to take a good sleep. Yuyan and Yucui will take care of the princess here.”

“But the little princess…” Yaoniang was hesitant.

Mu took a glance at Wang and said, “Wang is here. Don’t worry.”


As soon as Jin Wang walked out of the yard, he scowled while Fuchen was also flurried but said nothing behind him.

“Go to find out the truth,” ordered Jin Wang. Fuchen hastily nodded, but indeed Jin Wang was not talking to Fuchen but to his guard on the sly. The bodyguard soon disappeared in the dark after receiving the order from Jin Wang.

Now that the side consort Hu framed this scheme, she must think nobody could catch the clues. However, Jin Wang was the host in this mansion.

He could find out anything as long as he strived to figure it out. It all depended on whether he wanted to investigate or not. Obviously, the side consort Hu went too far again. Jin Wang still remembered the day when the side consort Hu used the little princess as an excuse and moved the princess out of the Liuchun Mansion. However, Jin Wang didn’t expect that side consort Hu didn’t learn the lesson just a few days ago.

What’s more, the side consort Hu even involved Yaoniang into the case.

Fuchen took a glance at Jin Wang and thought Jin Wang was so indignant because of Yaoniang.

Fuchen let out a long sigh secretly. No matter it was a scheme of Jin Wang consort or it was planned by side consort Hu, Jin Wang would square the accounts sooner or later even if he ended the case tonight.

Yaoniang’s face was swollen and Fuchen saw clearly the dim light in Jin Wang’s eyes.

Fuchen started his investigation when they went back to Zhaohui Hall.

Fuchen was clear that he needed to check out the truth as soon as possible although Jin Wang didn’t set a time limitation.

Fuchen was a eunuch without penis, but he also met many women in these years. Women were jealous and Fuchen was worried Yaoniang would get mad at Jin Wang and even might quarrel with him. If Jin Wang was in a low spirit, Fuchen knew that the servants may get punishment.

To be more specific, Fuchen would be be the first to bear the brunt since he was the personal servant of Jin Wang.

Doctor Liu came back a few minutes later so as to check if the little princess was getting better. When he ensured the medicine worked, he left again.

Mammy Mu was in an old age and she also needed take break, so Yucui, Yuyan and Wang were left to take care of the princess while Lv’e and Lvyao also stayed with them in case of any emergency happened at night.

It was almost at the midnight and everything quieted down finally.

The light of the candle swayed in the room.

Yucui was so exhausted and couldn’t help falling into sleep while Yuyan and Wang served the little princess beside the bed.

Yuyan stood up abruptly while Wang was startled by her all of a sudden.

“Yuyan, what’s up?” asked Wang.

“Don’t be so anxious. I just want to go to the toilet. Please stay here and I will be back soon. You can wake Yucui up if anything happened.”

Wang nodded and then Yuyan walked out of the room.

The room was so quiet without any noises. Wang’s heart was bumping and she looked back at Yucui who was sleeping. When she ensured Yucui was sleeping soundly, Wang stood up and touched the princess.

There was sleeping ingredients in the medicine, because Doctor Liu was clear that the princess was suffered from the pain of rash and she would not stop crying if she didn’t fall into sleep. In this case, Doctor Liu added some medicine which was helpful for her sleep in order to avoid some other complication because of non-stop crying.

Wang pinched the princess gently but she was not awake. Seeing this, Wang pinched one of the sides of the princess’s cheek and put her fingers into princess’s mouth, trying to draw out something.

Wang did carefully in case of waking up the young princess.

It reminded her of what happened a few days ago.

The side consort Hu asked her to make the princess have a rash. Wang was a smart woman and she knew that if she exposed, the side consort Hu might also be involved too. Therefore, Wang started to cast a bone between Yaoniang and Qian. Just as she expected, Qian was getting more and more annoying at Yaoniang, so Qian took the initiative to slander Yaoniang without hesitation tonight.

The erupted rash was caused by the crab, but it was not because of the crab bun but because Wang put some crab meat into the princess mouth secretly.

The little princess was getting new teethes and she liked to put some items into her mouth out of curiosity, so when Wang tried to put some crab meat into her mouth, she opened without resisting.

However, Wang was clear that the princess was unable to chew it up. Wang would feed her some bread occasionally and there was always food debris left in her mouth, because she didn’t know how to spit it out. Wang was not sure if the princess had swallowed the crab meat and she needed to check in case that the crab meat was still left in her mouth.

To put it frankly, Wang was still flurried since it was her first time to do such a dirty thing. She kept thinking about her miserable ending if it was found out by others.

Jin Wang was a man with great wisdom and he would definitely find out the manipulator. ‘Will them discover that I am the evil manipulator?’ thought Wang to herself.

She was getting worried, so Wang decided to take a look at the princess’s mouth. It would be the best result if there was no crab meat left in her mouth, but if there was food debris, Wang had to clear it up.

Wang searched carefully and the little princess still didn’t wake up under the pesticide effect.

However, a voice suddenly sounded as soon as Wang withdrew her hand. “Wang, have you washed your hands?”

“Yes, I did. My hands are clear,” replied Wang subconsciously. 

But soon she reacted what she said just now. Yuyan and Yucui would always urge her to wash hands when they were serving the princess, so Wang just responded as usual.

Wang turned back slowly and found Yucui was standing behind her with a wired smile.

Yuyan also stood not near far, but she wore a bleak face.

“I….” Wang wanted to save the situation.

Jin Wang sat in the reading room for the whole night.

The servants acted cautiously to prevent enraging Jin Wang again since they all knew that Jin Wang was still at the boiling point.

There was only one light on in the room. Sitting there silently, Jin Wang kept a gloomy face.

Hesitant, Fuchen said in a low voice, “Why would the crab bun appear in Yaoniang’s room? I learned that the kitchen did buy some crabs recently but it was provided for Jin Wang consort only. She likes eating the crab. Everyone knows about it. But I also got to know that the side consort Hu called in Wang frequently. It is said that side consort Hu only asked about the situation of the princess. But before the princess had the rash, someone saw a servant girl called Qin’er walked into Yaoniang’s room secretly and the girl is working for side consort Hu. Mammy Mu also suspects Wang, so they planned a trap with Yucui and Yuyan. Just as they expected, Wang did give herself away.”

“Are you sure it has nothing to do with Siyi courtyard?” asked Jin Wang who knocked the desk as if he was thinking.

Fuchen nodded and said nothing. He understood what Jin Wang meant.

Although everyone was aware of the side consort Hu’s trick, they all know that she was not as clever as Jin Wang consort. Jin Wang needed to ensure it was not a trap from Jin Wang consort, after all neither of them can stay out of trouble. Especially the side consort Hu who was exerting herself to make troubles for Jin Wang consort recently. And it was natural for Jin Wang consort to fight back.

Although others might not know the inside story, Fuchen was clear because he stayed with Jin Wang all the day.

For the past year, if it weren’t for Jin Wang who asked people to take care of side consort Hu in the sly, side consort Hu would be the dead duck now under the tricks of Jin Wang consort.

However, this woman was still not satisfied with what she owned but kept kicking a fuss. Jin Wang’s patience was almost run out. What would the side consort Hu do if Jin Wang abandoned her someday?

If it weren’t for the little princess and…

Jin Wang stood up all of a sudden. Fuchen came back to the earth and was about to follow Jin Wang.

“Don’t follow me,” said Jin Wang.

Fuchen stopped and he knew that Jin Wang was coming to Yaoniang.

Yaoniang had been absorbed in her thought for a long time and finally she fell into sleep.

However, she was woken up by someone when she was still in a daze.

He acted so rashly and his skin was so hot. Yaoniang was still muddle-headed and felt he was fondling her cheeks. She felt her cheeks were burning and Yaoniang was annoyed.

Yaoniang was slapped by the side consort Hu, but Jin Wang even didn’t speak for her and now he was even going to add some salt to her wound. She tried to retreat back, but she had nowhere to go because Jin Wang didn’t loosen his grip.

“Why didn’t you argue with her? Stupid woman!” Jin Wang complained.

‘How could he blame it for me?’ Yaoniang thought.

She was wronged. However, Yaoniang was getting soft and enjoyed his fondling although she still struggled to push him away.

It was dark in the room without light.

Darkness encouraged people and Yaoniang became bold gradually.

It seemed that she would behave in an audacious manner when she couldn’t see clearly his face.

‘Let go of the bullshit! All the worst, I am going to be dismissed and leave here!’ Yaoniang thought to herself.

Jin Wang had entered her body and was making love with her in an aggressive manner. Yaoniang boosted her courage and took a bite at his shoulder since she thought he might let her go because of the pain.

However, she failed again because Jin Wang did not move at all and instead he embraced her, getting closer to her and gave a slap on her hip.

It sounded clearly and the room was filled with a smell of romance.

“You are getting gutty…” said Jin Wang who raised her leg at the same time.

Yaoniang shivered and couldn’t help groaning.

She had no impression on what happened next but remembered that he asked her if she wanted to go back again and over again. What’s more, he even asked Yaoniang if she still missed her itinerant pedlar.

Yaoniang did want to go back, but she can’t remember who the itinerant pedlar was.

Who he was? Yaoniang was confused.

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Oh, whoa, it was Wang! Wow, so Wang has had this plot in mind when she took Qian to personally check out the bigger ice bucket in Yaoniang's room. What are they going to do now? Qian was let go because she challenged what the Master of the house said, and now Wang is directly found to have framed the remaining wet nurse and harmed the little princess. A certain someone will get upset if Yaoniang is on duty all the time, so I wonder if we will be getting a new wet nurse character?
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"Itinerant pedlar"? Did she say before her "husband" was a traveling merchant or something? Jin Wang:"Do you miss your itinerant pedlar still?" Yaoniang: "My who?" Us: "Her who?"
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The princess will need a new wet nurse at this rate.
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So he finally entered the flower? I'm confused
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