Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 43

Side consort Hu’s words began a chain of reaction since no one expected that she would aim at Jin Wang consort.

However, when people turned their thoughts, it seemed the side consortm Hu’s reaction was in accordance with their expectation. She had arranged this play and nobody realized her goal until she gave tit for tat.

After all, the little princess was her daughter, the biggest chip in her hand. No one expected that she would take her daughter’s life at risk in order to fight against Jin Wang consort.

It was also beyond Jin Wang consort’s expectation.

However, the last sentence of side consort Hu revealed her real intention which made her look like a manipulative woman.

The erupted rash on the little princess was weird. Yaoniang was not stupid and she must know she can’t eat crab bun deliberately. It might sound reasonable if she was ordered by Jin Wang consort. But everyone knew that Jin Wang consort was an astute woman.

And she would never ask Yaoniang to cope with side consort Hu since Yaoniang worked for her before. And it was easy to expose. Jin Wang consort would like to buy off the people of side consort Hu to cope with her, because it was not easy for people to find out.

But everyone in the room was deceived by the side consort Hu because they were also worried about the innocent princess who was seriously ill at the moment, so they all got disturbed. However, although the princess was still in a bad situation, now Doctor Liu was here. All of them had cooled down and it was much easier for them to figure out the truth.

Mammy Mu’s eyes got complicated yet meaningful while Jin Wang’s eyes flashed with dim light. He kept a poker face as usual, but leaned back on the chair.

The side consort Hu was still yelling over there as if she didn’t notice that people had recognized her little trick. Perhaps she was not afraid of it at all because she must have a solution to get out of the trouble and would not leave a trail of clues.

After thinking for a while, Jin Wang consort stepped to Jin Wang and said, “Please check out the fact. I won’t do such a stupid thing. Yaoniang served me before. I am sure you know that.” Compared with side consort Hu’s pretence, Jin Wang consort looked more straight-out.

The side consort Hu refuted with a sneer, “Perhaps that is what you are using. You think people will not suspect you so you planned this plot. But I am sure the mass have sharp eyes.”

Jin Wang consort was not going to make a compromise and she continued, “Who knows? I don’t know if you are going to cope with me by taking advantage of your innocent daughter. The princess is still a little baby. How can you take risk of her life? Are you not afraid of paying a double penalty?”

Jin Wang consort remained calm and went straight to the point. The side consort Hu’s face turned pale.

She covered her face and started to cry. “How can you slander me? I am the natural mother of the princess and I encountered many hardships when I gave birth to her. I would definitely not take her life at risk. Why do you bear such a vicious thought? You don’t have a baby, so you would never understand the parents’ worries to their own child. I would like to undertake all the pain for her. Jin Wang, your daughter needs a justice,” said the side consort Hu in a broken voice.

The side consort Hu let out a veiled abuse to Jin Wang consort and said she can’t give birth to a baby. Jin Wang consort was irritated and she straightened her back with her lip beamed into a thin line. “I didn’t do it. Jin Wang, please tell the right and wrong.”

Jin Wang kept silent as if he was thinking.

The side consort Hu kept striking while the iron was hot and then played her trump card. “Now that Jin Wang consort insisted that she is wronged, we’d better listen to Yaoniang first. Yaoniang, who asked you to do this?”

They turned to Yaoniang, waiting for her reply. People were not surprised at it since Yaoning was the concerned party in this case.

The side consort Hu was going to make an unwarranted charge against Jin Wang consort. Absolutely, Jin Wang consort would not sit passively while Yaoniang was innocent.

Just as her expectation, Yaoniang smiled bitterly and she didn’t let her guard down when the side consort Hu was arguing with Jin Wang consort.

‘It finally comes to me!’ thought Yaoninag to herself.

“You better think twice before answering my question. Don’t be deceived by others. You have to know that you might be killed if you plot against the princess. But if you are threatened by others, perhaps Jin Wang would give you a chance,” said side consort Hu who kept glaring at Yaoniang as if she was giving a warning to Yaoniang.

The side consort Hu managed to tell Yaoniang she might lose her life if she was going to help Jin Wang consort, but vice versa.

Jin Wang was the host in this house and he could decide everything.

It seemed it was not difficult to make the option. Even if Yaoniang did eat the crab buns, the side consort Hu would clear all the obstacles for her. Everyone knew how to make the choice expect for a stupid person.

Yaoniang turned to Jin Wang and it was her first time to look into his eyes after he arrived here.

Yaoniang had no idea why she would look at him and she just couldn’t help but taking a glance at him.

Jin Wang must be partial to the side consort Hu, but Yaoniang didn’t want to give up her morality and she didn’t want to have dirt on herself so as to achieve side consort Hu’s selfish desire. 

It was not a difficult true – false question, but people might ignore the consciousness, reputation as well as morality when making the choice.

Perhaps some others did not care about it at all, but for some certain people, it was an indispensable part in life and that was a life motto to insist.

Jin Wang squinted while Yaoniang lowered her head to reply, “I don’t understand what you are talking, side consort Hu. I just felt wronged. I didn’t eat the crab bun and I don’t know why the crab buns would appear in my bedroom.”

“What a bitch! You are still trying to quibble,” said side consort Hu indignantly. “Take her out and teach her a lesson!” continued side consort Hu.

The bodyguards stepped to Yaoniang and were about to pull her out.

Jin Wang consort clenched her hands, with eyes burning with anger.

Jin Wang consort knew that side consort Hu was going to make Yaoniang confess the false charge under torture, but Jin Wang consort could do nothing for her. As long as she spoke for Yaoniang, side consort Hu would slander her again.

Jin Wang consort looked at Yaoniang worryingly and she was not sure if Yaoniang could bear the torment.

However, to her surprise, Jin Wang said suddenly.

“The crab buns are my gifts for Yaoniang,” he said in a causal tone.

Everybody was shocked by Jin Wang and they all widened their eyes, especially the side consort Hu who was so astonished. “Jin Wang, you…”

Yaoniang also couldn’t believe in what she heard and looked at Jin Wang subconsciously.

However, Jin Wang didn’t turn to her but looked at side consort Hu.

“How could it be possible…” side consort Hu said. She rambled in her statement. Her eyes widened out of great shock as if her eyes were going to burst apart.

Jin Wang’s face was bleak and he said in a cold voice word in word, “I have said I present her the crab buns and she hasn’t eaten yet. Do you have any disagreement?”

It was a warning for side consort Hu and Jin Wang’s eyes were also filled with warning.

The side consort Hu’s face turned pale and she was unable to utter a single word.

“That’s enough for today. If I get to know someone keeps playing tricks…” Jin Wang stood up while saying and looked around the people in the room, but he left with Fuchen without finishing his sentence.

There was a deathly stillness in the room, because no one expected to finish in this way.

The solution seemed to be mighty, but no one dared to make comments on Jin Wang.

He was the host in this house and everybody had to obey him even if he was telling the wrong thing. Most of them were confused about his behavior but all of them got to know that Jin Wang was unsatisfied with this farce.

Maybe some of them understood it, but they had various ideas. Mammy Mu had expected such an ending, but some others thought Jin Wang was saving face for Jin Wang consort.

The side consort Hu also thought so. She didn’t expect her well-plotted frame would end in this way.

But no one dared propose disagreement. Jin Wang’s resolute attitude had frightened them.

The side consort Hu was in a fluster, but she still didn’t want to make compromise. “It seemed Jin Wang consort is a capable woman!” said side consort Hu sarcastically.

Jin Wang consort was absorbed in her thought and just gazed at side consort Hu coldly with a sneer.

The side consort Hu left with her bodyguards who grabbed Yaoniang a moment ago. The room was getting spacious.

Jin Wang consort stepped to Yaoniang with her hands crossed in front of her chest. She looked up and down at Yaoniang with a weird smile and said, “You are clever.” Jin Wang consort also left after finishing her words.

Doctor Liu also left and the medicine he prescribed for the princess had been prepared in the kitchen already. He needed to see if the princess would get better after taking the medicine.

Doctor Liu urged the servants matters needed attention again and again and told them he would come back later since he needed to go back to see if there was a better prescription for the little princess.

Only the servants working in this yard were left in the room.

“You fell on an evil day,” said Yucui with a sigh. She stepped to Yaoniang and comforted her, “Don’t think too much. We all trust you.”

Yuyan also let out a long sigh. Although she said nothing, she also looked at Yaoniang with sympathetic eyes.

“Yaoniang, don’t get worried. We all know that you won’t do this to the princess and…” said Lvyao. But before she could finish her sentence, she was stopped by Lv’e.

Lv’e was staring at Qian while Lvyao also turned to her.

Indeed, everybody in the room all turned to Qian.

Compared with her aggressive manner a moment ago, now she looked like a frosted eggplant.

Although no one laughed at her, their eyes were filled with sarcasm.

It was easy to tell Qian was flurried at the right moment and she flushed immediately under people’s gaze.

Although Qian was unable to figure out what went on, she understood that Yaoniang was not only protected by Mammy Mu, but was also protected by Jin Wang and Jin Wang consort.

How can she try to expel Yaoniang out?

But now Qian needed to take another issue into consideration but not tried to drive Yaoniang out. She needed to seek a way to get out of this trouble.

“Yucui, take Qian to Liuchun Mansion. We can’t let her serve princess anymore,” ordered Mammy Mu.

Qian fell down to the ground and was trying to explain, “Mu, even if Jin Wang said it was not Yaoniang, she…”

Qian didn’t finish her sentence when Mu glared at her with sharp eyes. Yucui also gave Qian a slap angrily.

“How can you make comment on Jin Wang?” said Yucui angrily.

Yucui was a timid girl and always wore a smile to others, and it was not until now she behaved in a commanding manner.

Qian’s cheeks became swollen soon since Yucui exerted herself to give her the slap. “Mammy Mu, please forgive me. Wang, please help me,” Qian yelled out in an unclear voice.

Wang avoided looking at her and soon Qian was pulled out by Yucui and other servant girls.

“Wang,” Mammy Mu called her abruptly.

Wang couldn’t help shivering and perhaps she was frightened by what happened to Qian. “Yes?” Wang looked at Mammy Mu.

“Focus on your working and don’t follow Qian’s step.”

“Okay, I will,” replied Wang.

To readers: Jin Wang is not a pure overbearing man and he is not assuming a feigned manner but did this for certain reasons.

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Thanks for the translation! And whoa. What an ending. Everyone actually felt a moment of relief when side consort Hu tried to turn the situation to aim at Jin Wang Consort. Like "oh, it was just you? Thank goodness." Although it looks like Jin Wang Consort has an idea now that something is going on there between him and Yaoniang. I wonder how someone really did it. Was it actually Qian who put something in the princess's mouth while Wang wasn't looking?
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