Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 42
The little princess was only six months old and she could only drink milk.

However, Doctor Liu said the princess ate something that didn’t fit her constitution so that she had a rash. Needless to say, it must have something to do with her wet nurses who fed her every day, including Yaoniang, Qian and Wang.

If the wet nurses ate something unhealthy, the little princess would absorb the unhealthy ingredients in their milk. Everyone knew it clearly and the people in the room all stared at three of them.

Jin Wang also gazed at them.

He looked seriously, with dim light in his eyes. No one could figure out what he was thinking.

Yaoniang shivered slightly, trying to avoid looking into Jin Wang’s eyes. Qian insisted that it was Yaoning who ate something unhealthy. Now Yaoniang was not sure if Jin Wang would trust her.

As Yaoniang expected, as soon as the idea flashed in her mind, Qian turned to Mammy Mu again.

“Mu, you see that? I have said the princess is suffered from the pain because of Yaoniang’s greediness. Yaoniang was on duty at the daytime. Wang and I haven’t fed the princess yet before she had a rash. As far as I concerned, Yaoniang needed to feed the princess when she came off work. It seems she is the only suspect,” said Qian firmly.
Everyone gazed at Yaoniang as soon as Qian finished her sentence.

Their eyes were complicated and Yaoniang was unable to stand it. She couldn’t help but stepped back and forced herself to calm down.
“I said I ate nothing else but the food in the kitchen,” Yaoniang explained.

“Yucui is the witness.” Qian said again, “Yucui, you can’t be partial to Yaoniang. We have to find out the truth or I am afraid that Wang and 
I have to undertake the due obligations. I promise that we didn’t feed the princess.”

Hesitant, Yucui said, “Yaoniang did feed the princess before she went off work and Qian and Wang haven’t fed the little princess yet.”

As soon as Yucui finished her words, the side consort Hu rushed to Yaoniang and gave her a slap. The side consort Hu acted so nimbly that Yaoniang even didn’t react.

Yaoniang turned her head and her cheek got swollen immediately.

Shocked, Fuchen opened his mouth slightly. Mammy Mu looked seriously while Yucui and Yuyan all looked at Jin Wang.

Jin Wang stayed expressionless but his eyes were dim which looked a little bit weird.

Jin Wang consort furrowed her eyebrows and blamed the side consort Hu, “You act so rude. Do you still remember you are the side consort of Jin Wang?”

The side consort Hu turned to Jin Wang consort with a sneer and said, “I am clear what I am doing. But I want to ask you that why you blame me at this right moment? Do you want to cover up for this woman?”
Jin Wang consort was unsatisfied with side consort Hu and said to her, “I am confused for what you said. Why did you say I am trying to cover up for Yaoniang? I just think you slapped her without any evidence and it is unfair to her. We all know that Yaoniang’s contribution. Anrong stops crying at night now because of Yaonaing. At least, we need to give her a chance to explain.”

However, the side consort Hu ignored Jin Wang consort. Obviously, side consort Hu bide her defiance to Jin Wang consort.  “What a vicious woman! I am going to kill you if anything happens to my daughter. Come here,” she asked the imperial bodyguards in and said indignantly, “Take Yaoniang out. I am going to teach her a lesson.”

Her sentence had a double meaning. Jin Wang consort was irritated.

The imperial bodyguards walked in.

Yaoniang covered her face, shook her head violently. “I really ate nothing else. Please trust me. I have served the little princess for the whole day and I only ate the food cooked in the kitchen. Yuyan is on duty with me today. She must be clear whether I ate something else or not.” Saying this, Yaoniang turned to Yucui and Yuyan, waiting for her reply.

Yuyan was hesitant but then responded, “I didn’t see her eat other food but for the meal cooked in the kitchen.”

“I can prove for her,” added Yucui.

Yaoniang let out a long sigh but but soon Qian continued to say, “But why would the little princess be suffered from the rash if you ate nothing else? What’s more, Yucui and Yuyan said they can prove for you, but were they with you all the time? How can they ensure you ate nothing secretly?”
Yucui and Yuyan were speechless and looked embarrassed. “We can’t ensure that,” they grumbled.

Mammy Mu coughed suddenly.

“Ask old lady Mo to come here. I need to ask her some questions,” said Mu.

Lv’e nodded and walked out in a hurry.

Soon Mo was led in and she was told what happened before she arrived. She took out a paper from her pocket as soon as she stepped in.

“The food provided by the wet nurses is suggested by the doctor. We will avoid cooking something they shouldn’t eat. We cooked…” 

Mo read out the names of the food while Doctor Liu nodded slightly after hearing that. After Mo finished her words, Doctor Liu said firmly, “There is no cause of rash in these ingredients of the food.”

Mammy Mu nodded her head and asked Mo to go out first.

It was quiet in the room.
The side consort Hu burst out sneer and when she was about to say something, Mammy Mu said again, “Go and search the room of Yaoniang. Now that everyone is suspicious about this case, I think it is better to find out the truth.”

Mammy Mu said while looked at Yaoniang.

Yaoniang was grateful and replied, “Thank you. I believe that the doubts will be cleared up soon.”

Yuyan led some people to search Yaonaing’s room immediately while Taohong also went together.

The side consort Hu also didn’t believe in Mammy Mu, so she asked Taohong to go with them.

Everyone remained silent in the room except for Doctor Liu who asked his young assistant to prepare some medicine for the princess. Time passed and they all felt they were going through a torment.

Jin Wang consort was a little flurried and she couldn’t help looking at the side consort Hu who were anxious.

The side consort Hu walked to Doctor Liu and asked about the situation of the princess as if she was very worried about her young daughter.

She was the princess natural mother and absolutely the side consort Hu would get anxious.

Everything looked usual in the room but Jin Wang consort was unable to set at ease.

Before Jin Wang consort could figure out why she felt flurried, Yuyan and some other servants walked in hurriedly.

Taohong raised a plate in her hand and said to side consort Hu, “We found some crab buns in Yaoning’s room. There is still one left over there.”

Doctor Liu turned to Taohong and looked at the unfinished crab bun in her hand. “Now it sounds reasonable, because people are easy to get allergy when eat crabs. It could cause various diseases. So the pregnant woman shouldn’t eat crab and the wet nurse also shouldn’t eat it since she needs to feed the baby. It seems the rash is caused by the crab bun.”

The side consort Hu looked at Yaoniang with a sneer and said harshly, “Do you still want to indulge in sophistry? As a wet nurse, you should know that there are many foods you can’t eat, but you made a mistake on purpose.” She finished her words and then ordered, “Take this vicious woman out.”

Yaoniang was completely startled and she didn’t know where they got the crab bun and why it would appear in her room.

But Yaoniang was clear about her situation and she knew someone was making a false charge against her. However, she got no evidence to prove she didn’t eat it, because it seemed they had collected human testimony and material evidence.

What should she do?

Yaoniang looked at the servants working with her together in this yard, and hoped to get help from them. But all of them avoided her eyes.

Just as Yaoniang expected, no one would speak for her since the evidence was found out.

Yaoniang felt like falling into an ice lake. Indeed, she still got someone to ask for help and the man was Jin Wang. But she had no courage.

Indeed, Yaoniang even dared not to look into his eyes directly when he got in the house.

Perhaps it was because she was lacking in self-confidence and she worried others would notice her special relationship with Jin Wang. But now she was frightened.

She was fearful because she didn’t know what would happen to her next.

Yaoniang was just a wet nurse and she was not qualified to compared with Jin Wang consort and side consort Hu, let alone the little princess who was the beloved daughter of Jin Wang.
It was impossible for Jin Wang to speak for her.

Perhaps Jin Wang greatly impressed Yaoniang in her last lifetime and Yaoniang was clear that the man always acted differently when he had sexuality with a woman from what he behaved in his daily life.

Yaoniang even felt that she was just an entertainment woman for him.

This opinion deeply ingrained in her mind and played a role in her life. But after Yaoninag slept with Jin Wang, she exerted herself to avoid such idea.

She was reluctant to keep a cool head and deceived herself that Jin Wang had a favorable impression on her.

No matter where the impression came from.

Although Jin Wang acted completely different from what he behaved in his last lifetime, Yaoniang believed that people would not change easily, especially people as cold as Jin Wang.
Jin Wang also pretended to be considerate to her in his last lifetime, but as time went by, Yaoniang gradually understood it was just her illusion.

To put it plainly, she was just a plaything for Jin Wang.

That was why Yaoniang avoided asking Jin Wang for help.

Yaoniang was as poor as a church mouse and she didn’t have any chip in hand. So she never took a bet so that she didn’t need to face the cruel fact.

Jin Wang frowned, stared at Yaoniang who lowered her head silently. It seemed she had given up struggling.

Jin Wang was dim about why she was reluctant to ask help from him.
Was it because she didn’t trust him or she was reluctant to disclose their relationship even if she was in troubles. Perhaps she might feel ashamed to sleep with him. Or perhaps she cared a lot about her husband. Jin Wang didn’t know if Yaoniang still tried to leave here so that she would like to get the punishment but was reluctant to ask him for help.

Taking a look at her swollen cheek, an unnamed irritation raised in his heart.

Jin Wang’s face was bleak.

Fuchen looked at him and bit his tongue.

Jin Wang consort’s eyebrows furrowed into a knot but also said nothing.

It seemed that the thing had ended and the bodyguards of side consort Hu were about to pull Yaoniang out. However, the side consort Hu said abruptly, “Wait!”

All of the people focused on her again while Jin Wang consort gave a start of surprise. Just as she expected, the side consort Hu turned to her.

“Yaoniang is just a wet nurse and she must know that she needs to avoid certain food, but she still ate the crab bun secretly. What’s more, how could she get such precious food?” said the side consort Hu. After for a small pause, she continued, It’s you who asked Yaoniang to take care of Anrong. I am afraid you need to give me an explanation.”

After she finished her sentence, the side consort Hu seemed to lose all of her strength and staggered to Jin Wang. “Jin Wang, you are Anrong’s father. I am now asking you for justice. Jin Wang consort must be the evil backstage manipulator,” side consort Hu cried out.
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tourist 2020-06-19 12:36
Hold on.... Buns. Back in ch37, Die'er had two buns and offered one to Yaoniang. Was that a part of this same plot? Which would be weird, because I think that happened a little bit ago right? Unless they just tried it at that time and Yaoniang didn't bite so they figured something else out and planted buns directly in her room. Also weird bc Yaoniang thought Die'er was on Jin Wang Consort's side. Someone planted those things though!
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tourist 2020-06-25 07:49
woah! great observation on the buns! she really dodged a bullet by not eatting them so the fault wasnt directly hers and they had to do an alternative method of framing her. i would have missed that detail and not know it was all a connected scheme.
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