Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 39

After Jin Wang left, Yaoniang decided to sleep for a more while. 

Yaonaing didn’t have to work today, so there was no need for her to get up early.

However, as soon as she closed the door and went back to bed, someone knocked the door.

Yaoniang thought it might be Jin Wang who lost something, but then she reminded that he never knocked the door every time when he got in even if Yaoniang had closed the door.

Yaoniang couldn’t figure out how he got in each time.

Yaoniang opened the door and found Axia was standing outside.

“What’s up?” asked Yaoniang.

The first glimmer of dawn just came out. Yaoniang remembered that Jin Wang just left a moment ago and she began to worry that Axia would find out her secret with Jin Wang.

“Yaoniang…” Axia was hesitant.

Yaoniang gave a start of astonishment and it deprived her of sleep. ‘Did she really meet Jin Wang?’ Yaoniang wondered.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Yaoniang again and she also felt awkward. But it was hard for Axia to notice her embarrassment since the light was not on in the room.

“I went to bed early last night, so I get up early this morning. I intended to clear the yard for Qin’er because she is in menstruation these days. And you….” Axia stopped and looked hesitant as if there was a bone in her throat.

“What happened?” Yaoniang exerted herself to hold back her anxiousness and tried to cool down after all she was more experienced than before since she relived. Yaoniang looked confused yet astonished as if she really didn’t understand what Axia meant.

Axia took a glance at her, shook her head and said, “Nothing. I might have blurred vision. I saw a mouse rushed to your room, but the door is closed and it couldn’t get in. Watch out. If you find the mouse, I can help you to drive it out in case that the mouse would bite your clothes.”

Yaoniang looked at Axia carefully and heaved a sigh of relief since it seemed that she was not telling a lie.

“Thank you. I will. I will check out later. I have to ensure it is not in my room,” replied Yaoniang.

Axia nodded and continued, “Okay, go back to sleep. I still have works to do.” Axia left as she finished her words.

Yaoniang then closed the door and went to sleep again.

It was at the dawn while the air was a little bit cool. That was the most refreshing moment during a day.

Axia held the besom to sweep the floor but in fact she was absorbed in her deep thought.

Indeed, she was telling a lie to Yaoniang because she didn’t have dim eyesight. Axia was cleaning when she happened to see the man.

He was dressed in a black long gown and walked in the haze with a solemn face. He looked like a god.

Axia recognized him and avoided him subconsciously. However, the man also noticed her and looked at her with his harsh eyes.

Axia was impressed by his eyesight.

It looked indifferent as if his eyes were filled with the ice without melting. But he also looked so arrogant as if there was a knee knife in his eyes.

That was a warning look.

Axia was shocked and before she could react, he had left.

Axia came back to earth a moment later.

Jin Wang came out from the west wing where Yaoniang lived. Soon Axia realized something. Yuyan and Mu always spoke for Yaoniang while Qian and Wang were mad at Yaoniang because of her special ice kettle. All of this flashed in her mind.

Now Axia realized that Yaoniang must have a special relationship with Jin Wang.

Thinking of this, Axia walked into the west wing and knocked the door to see if it was true. But Axia hesitated after seeing Yaoniang’s reaction.

How should Axia asked? Should she ask Yaoniang if she had a special relationship with Jin Wang?

Axia didn’t forget Jin Wang’s warning eyes. If she said something wrong, she was unable to bear the consequence.

Aixa was just a servant girl and it had nothing to do with her whether Yaoniang kept a special relationship with Jin Wang.

Axia swept the floor slowly but Yaoniang’s beautiful features as well as her slim figure kept appearing in her mind. 

The sun was hanging on the sky like a fire ball and the flowers in the yard withered under the high temperature. The cicadas were singing in a low voice and the air was muggy.

Side consort Hu couldn’t stand the hot summer and she was not feeling well in the hot days, so the ice would be prepared early in her yard.

Even so, side consort Hu still felt uncomfortable.

Her heart was also burning with fire.

It was natural to feel restless in such days with high temperature and people usually got impatient.

Jin Wang consort found some young girls and side consort Hu had no idea where she hired those girls. It was said that those girls all looked pretty. Jin Wang consort said that she needed some girls to serve her since she had dispatched several servant girls to other courtyard. However, side consort Hu thought she must had a plan.

Jin Wang didn’t come to Jin Wang consort after being enraged. Although they were not intimate with each other, Jin Wang never dishonored her. Jin Wang would come to enjoy the meal with Jin Wang consort in some special holidays. But after that, Jin Wang never went to Siyi courtyard while Jin Wang consort also got sick.

But in the side consort Hu’s opinion, it was just an excuse of Jin Wang consort.

However, Jin Wang consort didn’t give receive any response from Jin Wang.

Side consort Hu was pleased but just a few days later, she heard that Jin Wang consort had recovered.

What a bitch! Side consort Hu was so angry.


Jin Wang mansion was different from other places and people had clear responsibilities. It was divided into the ministry of internal and ministry of external affairs.

The external ministry included Changshi Mansion, Fengcheng Mansion and Zhaohui Hall while the internal ministry was responsible for the affairs in Jin Wang mansion, such as the spending on food and clothing, the treatment of guests as well as the management of Jin Wang’s concubines.

The internal ministry was charged by Fucheng, but the management of the concubines was charged by Jin Wang consort since she was the formal wife of Jin Wang. However, Jin Wang consort was subject to the internal ministry. All in all, Jin Wang consort was mainly responsible for the personal scheduling and the distribution of spending.

Side consort Hu was jealous because she also wanted to take charge of these affairs.

Although it seemed Jin Wang consort was only responsible for the trifles, she controlled people’s lifeblood. Now that side consort Hu was reluctant to be subjected to Jin Wang consort, she needed to fight with her.

It happened that Jin Wang was mad at her recently and by taking the chance, side consort Hu started to buy off people. However, she didn’t expect that Jin Wang consort would recover in such a short time which almost ruined side consort Hu’s plan or she would not get so furious. Jin Wang consort hired some beautiful girls which also irritated side consort Hu, because she was afraid that Jin Wang would be allured by those girls.

Side consort Hu was getting more and more impatient. She fanned hard with a cattail leaf fan.

“Taohong, go and get some ice cherry cheese for me,” said side consort Hu.

Taohong looked awkward after hearing this.

It was easy to get cheese in the kitchen, because there were many superb cuisines in Jin Wang mansion, but she didn’t know where to get the cherry.

Jin Zhou was a broad place which was near to the frontier, but it was not productive in this land and there was no cherry here. Taohong heard that the king granted Jin Wang a basket of cherry, but it had been sent to Siyi courtyard already since Jin Wang consort loved to eat cherry. Side consort Hu didn’t get even a single cherry.

That was the reason why people who tried to get intimate with side consort Hu all changed their attitude again. But now side consort Hu said she wanted to eat cherry cheese. Obviously, she hoped someone to get some cherries from Jin Wang consort for her.

“But…” Taohong was hesitant.

Side consort Hu also noticed Taohong’s hesitance, so she turned to Cuizhu who was fanning for her and said, “Go and get some cherries from Jin Wang consort. Tell her that the little princess wants to eat.”

But the little princess was only five months old and she could eat nothing but for the milk.

It was an obviously excuse.

Cuizhu looked vexatious but she dared not to refute, so she put down the fan and walked out.

Taohong looked at Cuizhu and said to side consort Hu, “She is good-tempered and she even didn’t decline your request.”

“Never mind. I get more ways to mess with her,” replied side consort Hu with a snort. She was not angry because she was waiting to watch the farce.

If Jin Wang consort granted Cuizhu the cherries, she might feel disgusting, but if she didn’t, it meant that she didn’t care about the little princess.

The princess was the only daughter of Jin Wang, and if Jin Wang consort ignored the princess, it meant she didn’t take Jin Wang seriously.

That was what side consort Hu thought. Indeed, it was a trump card of her, and she was always the winner when she competed with Jin Wang consort with this trump card in hand.

Side consort Hu would not let the situation converse even if she had lost the chance. The worst result was to keep a balanced situation.

Side consort Hu didn’t know how Jin Wang consort would react. Jin Wang came to the courtyard this day.

The window was opened in the second floor while the purple curtain was waving with the breeze.

A pile of ice was settled in the room to cool down the hot temperature. With the gentle breeze, the coolness drifted in the room.

Jin Wang was reading the documents beside the table.

Sitting not far away, Yaoniang was picking up the cherries from a white disk and enjoyed the sweetness of the cherries.

Her slender fingers were eye-catching, and the clothes were suitable for her.

Jin Wang took a glance at her and felt the color of her clothes fit her well.

There was a thin layer of ice in the white disk so the cherries were stained with drops of water. The cherries tasted sweet and refreshing. Yaoniang ate for more than twenty cherries in one breath.

She felt a little awkward because she was not an edacious person, but she ate so many cherries in front of Jin Wang. Yaoniang began to worry that Jin Wang would laugh at her.

It was tasty and it was her first time to eat such a delicious fruit.

There was not very much cherries left in the disk. Yaoniang took a glance at the cherries and then looked at Jin Wang secretly because she felt a little guilt. Jin Wang brought her these cherries, but he even still didn’t take a bite of it.

“Jin Wang, do you want to have a taste?”

The first reaction of Jin Wang was that he would not eat the cherries because only women liked to eat it. But then he changed his mind when he looked at her delicate and slender fingers. 

He raised his eyebrows while Yaoniang stepped to him with the disk.

As soon as she walked close to him, he pulled her to sit on his lap. Jin Wang raised his eyebrows at Yaoniang. Hesitant, Yaoniang picked a cherry to his mouth.

“Yeah, it did taste good,” said Jin Wang.

Reaching out, Yaoniang took another cherry in her hand.

She fed him one by one patiently. Jin Wang enjoyed the delicious cherry while reading the documents at the same time.

But Jin Wang turned to be reckless gradually. Sometimes he would take a bite at her finger or licked her fingers when she fed him the cherry. And the other hand of him rubbed her waist gently. Although he looked serious, his petty action never stopped.

“Look at the book. It is said that the most beautiful moment is drinking with a beauty beside,” said Jin Wang who pointed at the page.

Yaoniang’s face flushed by his restless hands and she looked at the book after hearing this.

It was not until then Yaoniang found that it was not a book but a picture album.

There were many pornographic pictures and the man in the picture remained the same posture as Jin Wang and there was also a woman sitting on his lap. The beauty’s clothes were half-disheveled, and she was feeding the wine to the man with her mouth.

To readers:

I found that many readers were curious about why Guard Wang who was dispatched to investigate on Yaoniang’s background went back soon just after asking some simple questions to Yao Cheng. And why he didn’t keep investigating so that he would find out Xiao Bao was the son of Jin Wang.

It was related to some psychologic factors.

For others, Yaoniang was married and even had given birth to a child. Jin Wang also had the same impression on Yaoniang. When he got to know Yaoniang, she was already a wet nurse of the little princess. And her husband was dead, so Yaoniang needed to bring up her son alone.

It was a preconceived idea of Jin Wang.

I also mentioned it in the conversation between Jin Wang and Mammy Mu that Jin Wang consort would not allow a woman with unidentified background to enter Jin Wang mansion for the sake of Jin Wang’s safety. (Some other problems are related here. For example, Jin Wang consort worried the spy would come to inquire about some secretes. What’s more, Jin Wang consort also worried that her rival could dispatch someone to the mansion. You may have noticed that the people hired by Jin Wang consort were the relatives of her entrusted servants. In this way, no one could pick a hole on her.)

Even if Jin Wang consort bore a grudge on Jin Wang, she would not allow any accident to happen to him. Jin Wang was her husband and he was also the tzarevich who guarded the border. If something happened to him because of Jin Wang consort, she would be buried alive as well. And Xu Guogong Mansion would be involved.

Let’s go back to the topic. Therefore, Fucheng asked people to investigate on Yaoniang, and he found she was blameless which meant that there was no problem with her background. Yaoniang was a local person and her registration was in Jin Zhou. Her father was a Xiucai. Before her father took the exam, he had to accept an investigation about his family situation and if there were any crimes happened among his forefathers, he would not be allowed to attend the exam.

Generally speaking, people would come to the Yamen to search people’s family background. Yao Cheng happened to be the Ban-tou. In order to please Guard Wang, Master Qian asked Yao Cheng to answer the question of Guard Wang. Master Qian thought that on the one hand, it could improve that he was good at making use of personnel while on the other hand, Guard Wang could get some helpful information from Yao Cheng. Although I didn’t mention in the former chapters, it was natural for Guard Wang to ask about the situation of Yaoniang from Master Qian. She was registered and there was few Xiucai in this county. Even if Master Qian knew nothing about Yaoniang, he would ask his people to search for the information.

What’s more, Yaoniang was introduced by Wang Daniu’s mother to work in Jin Wang mansion. You have to get useful information from the source. Mama Liu must mention Yao Cheng and that was where Guard Wang got to know Yao Cheng. When he was ensured by Master Qian and Yao Cheng, Guard Wang then went back to report his mission.


Guard Wang inherit his position from his family since there was a hereditary system at that time. Therefore, Guard Wang was convictive.

Jin Wang only wanted to find out if Yaoniang was blameless and he didn’t care about if she was married or if she had a son, because he had known that Yaoniang was a married woman. Perhaps he would ask Yaoniang who was her dead husband and what kind of person he was. (Just a joke.)

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Social Kikky 2020-06-14 07:28
Side consort Hu is there strategically planning to get cherries while our dear Yaoniang is just non nonchalantly swallowing a bunch of the cherries. By the way Yaoniang doesn't seem to be doing anything to prevent pregnancy. What if something happens?
tourist 2020-06-21 00:17
Some people stop ovulating for a while when they’re breastfeeding, you can look it up. But it does seem odd that she’s not concerned about it at least. If she does have a kid there’s no way she’ll be able to leave.
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tourist 2020-06-14 12:04
The author's comment has a good point. They're looking to make sure Yaoniang isn't a spy or malicious actor of some kind. And she's not. Her background checks out in terms of her being a local person with a normal maiden family who even has a brother-in-law that works with the local government. If the brother-in-law confirms Yaoniang's "husband" is dead and that the husband had no family, it probably seems pretty cut and dry. I laughed btw when I realized Yaoniang thought Jin Wang was working on documents but he's just looking at racy pictures.
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