Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 38

Yao Niang went back to the house on nettles.

She was afraid that Jin Wang was still in the room, but when she pushed the door, there was no one in the room. She noticed that her bed was clean now and the quilt cover was changed into a new one.

Yao Niang was finally relieved, and wondered who had done it for her. Absolutely it would not be Jin Wang and instead it should be the servant in this yard. But who was the person cleaning it in such a short time?

With the doubts, Yao Niang began her work. 

In fact, Yao Niang was not very comfortable, because she was aching everywhere. She was tossed about almost for the whole night. However, Yaoniang had been used to it so she said nothing and felt she was able to endure the soreness.

The little princess was now more than five months old, and she was vivacious in this age. The little baby was curious about everything in this world and slept less than before. It was easy to coax her since the princess slept a long time before, but now she needed someone to play with her and she only dozed off occasionally during the day. 

Yaoniang was so tired when the princess finally fell into sleep. Yaoniang felt she was unable to straighten up her waist. 

Seeing this, Yuyan said, Yaoniang, I don't think you're feeling well. Why don't you go back to your room and rest for a while?" 

Yaoniang responded with embarrassment, "I got a stiff neck last night." In fact, she felt sore all over her body, but she had to find an excuse.

Yuyan was understanding and said, "I know it really hurts. You can go back to have a rest today and I will ask Qian to take care of the princess."

Yaoniang thought for a while and then declined her suggestion. "I am fine. I can handle myself."

Yaoniang thought Wang and Qian were still mad at her and if Yuyan asked Qain to take care of the princess for Yaoniang, Qian might get more furious.

"Now that you are not feeling well, you need to take some rest. You haven't taken a day off after you come here to take care of the princess. There is no need for you to take duty tomorrow. You can take two days off," said Yuyan. She paused for a while and added, "You suppose to take a good rest. Don't feel guilty."

Yaoniang accepted her suggestion since Yuyan insisted.

Yaoniang did get exhausted these days and she also wanted to take a day off.

Now that Yaoniang decided to accept Yuyan's

advice, she went back to her bedroom. There was nothing for Yaoniang to worry about because Yuyan would handle properly.

Yaoniang went back to her bedroom and slept for the whole afternoon. She was woken up by the noises outside.

She dressed up and then went out.

As soon as she walked out, she saw that the door of the room that Cuizhu lived before was opened. When she was about to check what happened, a young girl in her twenties stepped out from the room. The girl was in common appearance.

"You must be Yaoniang. I am Yuchan," the girl greeted her.

The girl’s name was similar to Yuyan, so Yaoniang thought they may be related. Just as she expected, Yuchan said she was here to serve the little princess. Yaoniang’s doubts were cleared.

Yaoniang was anxious as it was getting dark outside.

It was a nightmare for her because she was afraid that Jin Wang would come her to her again.

Just as her expectation, Jin Wang did come to her at midnight.

Yaoniang was in sound sleep when she suddenly felt that someone was sleeping beside her. She was shocked and opened her eyes.

His stronger chest was against her. Although Yaoniang was dressed up, she could feel his hot temperature and felt herself naked.

Indeed, it was Jin Wang who didn’t dress up.

“Jin Wang, why are you here?” Yaoniang asked. She thought he would not come tonight because she waited for him for a long time. That was why Yaoniang decided to go to bed early.

“What’s up? You don’t want me to come here?” asked Jin Wang in reply.

“Of course not. Please don’t misunderstand me,” replied Yaoniang with an embarrassed smile. Jin Wang’s hand slipped into her clothes but was stopped by Yaoniang immediately.

Jin Wang’s eyebrows were furrowed into a knot and his eyes were burning with anger as if he was going to punish her if she didn’t give him an explanation.

Yaoniang’s face was flushed. Hesitant, she then said in a low voice, “It really hurts.”

“What?” Jin Wang didn’t understand what she meant.

Yaoniang thought he must ask such a question deliberately. “I mean the lower part of my body is swollen,” responded Yaoniang.

Jin Wang remained silent for a while and then realized what she was talking about.

He looked up and down at Yaoniang and then said, “Is it your excuse to decline my requirement?” He reminded something. Jin Wang had a limited knowledge about sexuality while Yaoniang was married and even gave birth to a child, but she didn’t point out the errors when he just rubbed at her thigh. Did she try to avoid having sexuality with him?

Jin Wang remembered this when he went back and he seethed for the whole day. It seemed Yaoniang was reluctant to make love with him and Jin Wang felt shame by her behavior.

He decided not to come to her tonight, but he was getting furious, so he rushed to her. It was beyond Jin Wang’s expectation that Yaoniang declined him tonight.

Jin Wang reminded what Fuchen told him earlier the day. It was said that Yaoniang’s husband died in an accident. Did she think Jin Wang was inferior to that man? He was only a street vendor.

Why she still didn’t forget him? Why she refused to have sexuality with Jin Wang? She even managed to put off Jin Wang with such an excuse? She didn’t remind Jin Wang when he didn’t get into her body.

Thinking of this, Jin Wang kept a cold face. The surrounding temperature dropped several degrees.

There was an ice kettle in the room which kept a proper temperature in the room, but Yaoniang felt it was a little bit cold in face of his sharp eyes. Yaoniang soon understood what he was thinking because when she refused him in her last lifetime, Jin Wang also looked the same as what he looked at the right moment.

Yaoniang was worried he would be angry with her and she didn’t hope him to get mad at her.

Thinking for a while, she bit her lips and moved closer to him.

Reaching out, Yaoniang untied the belt of her clothes and then griped his hands into her clothes. He struggled subconsciously but she didn’t loosen her grip.

His hand slipped into her clothes again.

Yaoniang also took the initiative before but each time she would feel so embarrassed and it was hard to breathe. Yaoniang leaned against Jin Wang and said again, “You can touch it if you don’t believe me.”

Jin Wang touched gently and felt something was different.

“It really hurts, so Yuyan asked me to take a rest. I don’t mean to decline you deliberately,” Yaoniang tried to persuade him in a sweet voice.

Jin Wang squinted at her.

He was taller than her even if he was sitting on the bed and Yaoniang only reached at his shoulder. At the moment, Jin Wang looked stronger and stalwart while Yaoniang looked like a delicate and poor woman.

Yaoniang looked exhausted and her eyes were bloodshot. She looked so flurried and bit her lips tightly. Jin Wang was eager to unclench her teeth. Her sexy red lips should belong to him and he was the only one who was qualified to kiss her.

Jin Wang then put in into practice and reached out the prize up her mouth, rubbing her lips gently.

He thought Yaoniang was still trying to please him which meant she cared him.

Jin Wang thought there was no need to compare with her dead husband because the man didn’t exist in this world now. Jin Wang was superior to the men in this world because he had a high social status and he looked handsome.

Yaoniang was tossed about to tear and she said it was hurt which proved that Jin Wang was strong to some extent.

No one can compare with him.

Thinking of this, Jin Wang raised his eyebrows and then cooled down.

When he looked at Yaoniang again, he found this woman was so adorable.

“Let me check,” said Jin Wang.

Jin Wang thought he was so kind to her but Yaoniang was still frightened by him.

Her red lips kept trembling and she remained a poker face. Her cheek was flushed as if it was going to bleed soon.

“Sorry, I can’t…”

Jin Wang squinted at her again.

But no matter what he said, Yaoniang was reluctant to let him to check for her.

But the more she struggled, the more he was curious.

Jin Wang insisted while Yaoniang finally made a compromise.

Jin Wang was satisfied and heaved a sigh with feeling. He was so pride of himself.

“Where is the ointment Fuchen gave you?”

Yaoniang casted the doubtful eyes on him and an ominous foreboding occurred to her. Jin Wang urged him to take it while Yaoniang finally found it out in the drawer.

Jin Wang put the ointment for her carefully. Yaoaniang felt ashamed and buried in the quilt.

She hoped him to leave soon because there was no need to sleep with her tonight.

However, Jin Wang lay down directly and dragged her out of the quilt. They embraced each other and fell into sound sleep. Jin Wang left at dawn.

Zhou Sheng kept thinking Yaoniang since he met her.

Yaoniang frequently appeared in his dream.

Zhou Sheng was almost twenty and his peers were all married in this age.

His parents also talked about a marriage for him, but his family was poor. Many girls were not satisfied with his family background. Some servant girls had a favorable impression on him, but Zhou Sheng disliked them.

Zhou family was lived by farming.

Zhou Sheng’s family was suffered from a disaster and his father broke his legs a few years ago. They couldn’t afford for food, so Zhou Sheng decided to be a servant. It happened that Jin Wang was going to settle down in Jin Zhou at that time, so Zhou Sheng became a servant in Jin Wang mansion.

Jin Wang was kind to his people, so Zhou Sheng worked here for so many years. What’s more, he could earn some money to support his family. Zhou Sheng’s sister also became a servant girl in Jin Wang mansion. Zhou family was better than before.

Zhou Sheng also wanted to redeem himself. But the rules in Jin Wang mansion were different from other places. A man reached to twenty-five years old and a woman reached at twenty years old would be allowed to go back. Of course, if they still want to work in Jin Wang mansion, they could keep working there and get married and even have their child. Jin Wang would arrange for them.

Zhou Sheng could get a small house since he had worked here for so many years, but he was not married yet, so he still lived with the male servant near to the mews.

Zhou Sheng changed his clothes in the morning and he was about to find a place to hide his dirty clothes. Zhou Sheng planned to wash it when he was free, but it happened to be seen by someone else in the room.

There were six people living in the room and the others were elder than Zhou Sheng. They often made some dirty jokes with each other, but Zhou Sheng never joined their topic. The five other men took the opportunity to laugh at Zhou Sheng.

“You still don’t get married. How can you live alone?” said Zheng Huangya, showing little yellowish teeth. He patted Zhou Sheng’s shoulder and said in a casual tone.

Zhou Sheng was confused and didn’t understand what he meant. Seeing this, the other all burst out laughter.

“Tell me who do you like?”

“I heard that you have a favorable impression on a servant girl in Jin Wang mansion.”

“You better to think twice. Even if a servant girl would look down upon you.” They discussed with each other.

Indeed, they were telling the truth, because they were unable to strike a conversation with the servant girls since they were the unrefined people. The young girls were arrogant and horse keepers were at an extremely low position. They seldom showed up in front of the masters, so no one would like to talk with them.

But Zhou Sheng was different from them. His sister was also a servant girl in Jin Wang mansion. Taking the chance, Zhou Sheng got to know many other servants girls and he often offered help to the young girls, so they were willing to get alone with him.

The other five men were jealous but they had to admit that Zhou Sheng was more handsome. The girls who would like to talk to Zhou Sheng always tried to avoid other horse keepers.

The horse keepers were blackguardly, and Zhou Sheng was a special case among them.

The other horse keepers laughed at Zhou Sheng and then they began to discuss which girl had a plump buttock and bosom. Zhou Sheng flushed as he heard this. He wondered why they would find out his secret.

Zhou Sheng was lost in deep thinking and he didn’t know that he mumbled in his sleep and it was heard by his colleagues.

They discussed for a while and then focused on Zhou Sheng again.

“Listen to me. You have to choose a girl with plump buttock. Does the girl you like have a plump buttock?” asked one of the men.

Zhou Sheng was so embarrassed and said he still had work to do. As soon as the man finished his words, Zhou Sheng rushed out.

Zhou Sheng walked hurriedly and an idea occurred to him. ‘Does Yaoniang have a plump buttock?’ Zhou Sheng thought to himself. But he forced himself to stop thinking because he would always love her no matter what she looked like.

He stopped and took out a wooden hair clasp and then put it in his pocket again.

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