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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-31 10:38:29
Chapter 37(edited)

The early morning light sprinkled into the room through the window lattice. Jin Wang and Yaoniang were sleeping soundly on the bed with net.

Jin Wang had woken up in the early morning, but he didn't move.

The petite girl in his arms was still in sleep, with her back against his chest. She curled up slightly while his arms were around her slender neck and the other hand of him was put over her slender waist.

Jin Wang had never been so intimate with her before and he was reluctant loosen his grip.

The faint fragrance of her hair was floating in the air and her bosoms were so soft. Jin Wang was fascinated by this woman and kept rubbing her breasts gently.

He covered his hands on her nipple and fiddled with it.

Yaoniang twisted slightly while Jin Wang began to kiss her neck with delicate skin greedily.

Yaoniang was still muddle-headed and felt her clothes were torn off. Before she could react, Jin Wang entered her body again from behind.

She couldn't help but take a deep breath, but Jin Wang ignored her reaction.

The half-covered bed began to shake again in a melodious rhythm.

It was not until Yao Niang started urging him, Jin Wang finished ejaculating hastily.

It was already bright outside, and the bed was in such a mess that Yao Niang couldn't help but furrowed her eyebrows.

"What can I do about this?

She was timid but also worried.

Jin Wang slowly put on his clothes and said, "Never mind."

Yaoniang took a glance at Jin Wang and reminded how he tossed about her last night. She ventured to complain, "It is your fault. It is late. Everybody in this yard has gotten up already. What's more..." Saying this, Yaoniang paused for a while and then continued, "I don't have any other clean sheet."

That was the key point. Yao Niang felt regret for her since she needed to serve the little princess on the day and even had to serve her father at night. She had to wash the sheet frequently. People were curious and asked Yaoniang why she washed it for several times a week. Yaoniang was unable to tell them the real reason but cleaned silently and her face flushed.

But it was impossible for Yaoniang to have menses every day, so she found another excuse and said she sweated a lot and she couldn't bear the sweat stains on sheet.

Although people were convinced, Yaoniang was at lost what to do because she was timid and she was afraid people would find out the truth. That was why Yaoniang complained about Jin Wang. But at the right moment, Yaoniang was wondering how he’s gon na to leave without being seen.

Jin Wang was aware of her anxiousness but he was not enraged and also didn’t scold her for offending him. Instead he thought this woman was so interesting. Jin Wang reminded that she was torn to tears last night and then looked back at the bed that was in a mess, and he also felt a little awkward.

He coughed slightly to reach out.

Yaoniang realized her impoliteness and was in fidgets. Yaoniang hurried to step to him as Jin Wang reached out his hands and then sat on his thigh.

“Don’t worry. I have assured you,” said Jin Wang.

“But…” Yaoniang was hesitant.

Jin Wang changed the topic and asked, “Are you going to take duty soon?”

As soon as Jin Wang finished his sentences, someone knocked the door. “Yaoniang, did you get up?”

It was Axia who came to Yaoniang.

Yaoniang got up subconsciously and replied, “Yes, I will come later.” She turned to Jin Wang and said anxiously, “What shall I do? How can you leave here? Axia is outside.”

However, Jin Wang remained calm and said, “Go ahead. I will handle this.”

“Are you sure? Don’t let them find you,” continued Yaoniang.

Jin Wang looked unpleased while Yaoniang stopped talking.

Yuyan reported to Mammy Mu in the west wing, “Mu, Yaoniang had gotten up.”

Mu nodded and said, “Go and ask the people outside to leave and invited Jin Wang here.”

Yuyan nodded and then went out. She began to place orders to other servants and soon the people in the foreyard left. After that, Yuyan went to Yaoniang’s room, knocked the door and said politely, “Jin Wang, Mammy Mu invited to the west wing.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Yuyan left so as to avoid embarrassment of Jin Wang.

Jin Wang walked out as Yuyan left and went to the west wing.

Mammy Mu was sitting on the bed while Jin Wang sat across her.

Yuyan delivered them tea and walked out.

“Jin Wang, don’t you have any other plan?” asked Mu.

Jin Wang felt a little strait because Yaoniang was the wet nurse of the princess. Jin Wang thought no one noticed his secret but was discovered by Mu. It turned out that the older, the wiser.

“How did you know that?” asked Jin Wang.

Mu laughed to reply, “Yaoniang is a simple woman and she couldn’t hide her emotion. It is not difficult to find out since she would wash her sheet in the early morning every day.”

Jin Wang coughed again with his hands covering his mouth. It was until then Jin Wang understood why Yaoniang was so agitated and even complained about him. Now he finally found the reason why she was mad at him.

Jin Wang imagined the scene when he left in the morning, Yaoniang would secretly hold a basin of sheet to wash. Jin Wang felt it was unfair to her.

“Do you have any plan?” 

Mu asked again since Jin Wang didn’t reply her.

“I have said that I will marry her, but she declined me.”

Jin Wang would not be frank to others, but Mu had a high virtue and a glorious name and Jin Wang showed respect to Mu.

Mu stayed silent.

Mu was astute enough to understand what Jin Wang meant.

There were various kinds of women in this world and some of them would like to do anything in order to gain a higher social status while others kept arguing for some trifles. But there were still some women who were simple-minded without any vicious ideas.

According to Mu’s observation, Yaoniang was an honest and humble woman.

 Although she looked very pretty, she always insisted her morality and never managed to take a shortcut. But at the same time she would often do some absurd things.

Was she really stupid?

Absolutely not. She was not a stupid woman at all.

At lease, Mu thought she was not a fool. People always said a wife was inferior to a concubine while a concubine was inferior to a mistress. A mistress was inferior to a woman one couldn’t get. Men always felt not satisfied with what they had already obtained, and would be insatiably avaricious to get more.

Although Mu was not sure if Yaoniang did this deliberately, her behavior did impress Jin Wang deeply.

It was well-known that Jin Wang was oversensitive and Yaoniang was sent to the courtyard by Jin Wang consort.

“I think she still doesn’t understand what Jin Wang consort meant. She often tries to avoid talking with a servant girl in the yard. Have you made an investigation on her background?” asked Mu with a smile.

Jin Wang nodded and responded, “Jin Wang consort dared not to go too far. Don’t you know what kind of person she is? Of course, I also asked Fucheng to search out Yaoniang’s background. She is a local person in Jin Zhou. Her brother-in-law is the Ban-tou while his father is a poor Xiucai. Her family background should be blameless.”

Jin Wang referred to Jin Wang consort. Mu couldn’t help but heave a sigh with feeling and said, “Even if you are not satisfied with her, she is your formal wife. You should save face for her. I heard from Yuyan that Jin Wang consort enraged you several days ago and you have never been to her yard since then. The people of side consort Hu behaved arrogantly recently. Jin Wang consort is your wife, but side consort Hu is just a concubine. You have to remember this.”

Jin Wang remained silent for a while and turned over the sapphire ring on his finger. “I know,” replied Jin Wang briefly.

“She is just a little arrogant. She is not a bad woman.”

Jin Wang said nothing and he didn’t want to keep this topic with Mu, because there were many things that Mu didn’t understand. Jin Wang also wanted to hide it from Mu.

Seeing this. Mu stopped talking. She seldom talked so much, but Mu was worried about Jin Wang who may not know how to keep balance among his wife and concubines, so she gave him some suggestions today.

Jin Wang stood up and said, “I am going to leave. I still have something to deal with.”

Mu was about to send him out but was stopped. “Yaoniang is simple-minded. Please help me to take care of her. I will ask Fucheng to dispatch a servant girl to live in the room next to her so that they could take care of each other,” said Jin Wang abruptly.

Mu nodded while Jin Wang left in a hurry.

Yaoniang didn’t take the breakfast back to her room since she wasted much time in the morning. She stood in the kitchen and was about to finish her breakfast there.

A servant girl in pink clothes stepped to Yaoniang to greet her with a sly smile. “You are here,” said the girl.

Yaoniang furrowed her eyebrows as soon as she saw the girl.

The girl was Yaoniang’s maidservant in her last lifetime. Her name was Huan Die’er.

Yaoniang disliked this girl.

The girl had many weaknesses. She liked to gossip behind people and she was fond of eating but averse to work. What’s more, she was peacockish and always made troubles. Yaoniang was often left to straighten out the mess, but Yaoniang could do nothing to this girl because she was dispatched by Jin Wang consort.

Of course, Die’er also had her advantages. She had a broader knowledge than Yaoniang and Dier’er could collect much information in Jin Wang mansion, so she could gave Yaoniang some suggestions. That was also the reason why Yaoniang remained good-tempered to her.

But Yaoniang decided not to be intimate with her in this lifetime. Yaoniang changed her mind when she relived and she also figured out the reason of her miserable ending in her last lifetime. Now Yaoniang thought Die’er was a scheming girl. It must be Jin Wang consort who led her to cast a bone between Yaoniang and side consort Hu before.

If Die’er didn’t egg Yaoniang on, she dared not to fight with side consort Hu. What’s more, Die’er frequently quarreled with people in Liuchun mansion which caused more contradictions to Yaoniang and side consort Hu. Of course, side consort Hu was an implacable foe of Yaoniang at the very beginning. But if it weren’t for Die’er, their contradiction would not be sharpened.

People might think it was just an illusion, and Yaoniang cared about the fact because she suspected it was side consort Hu killed her. Therefore, from the day when Yaoniang started working in the courtyard, she strived to avoid taking with Die’er who always came to strike a conversation with Yaoniang.

Die’er walked over with her breakfast.

“Yaoniang, I can’t eat so much. Do you want this bun?” asked Die’er who pointed at her bowl in which two buns were lying inside.

Yaoniang finished her porridge in a hurry, put the plate back and replied, “Thanks. I am full. I am going to take my duty now.”

Yaoniang left as she finished her words. Die’er frowned and looked at Yaoniang from behind.

Die’er was aware that Yaoniang disliked her, but she couldn’t figure out the reason, and she thought she was not an annoying person.

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