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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 36(edited)

“Don’t say like this,” Ziyan persuaded.

Jin Wang consort laughed without stop and it was not until Ziyan held her, she then stopped. “There is no need for me to compete with that woman when she married Jin Wang. I think she would lose his affection soon, but I am wrong. Look at me. Even if I don’t want to fight with others, I am forced to do what I don’t want to do or others would ride roughshod over me.”

Ziyan remembered to be told by others that the servants of side consort Hu acted in a rampant manner and they often quarreled with the servants in Siyi courtyard. What’s more, they even started to win people’s support by hook.

Ziyan felt that she was superficial and she always thought now that Jin Wang consort disliked dispute, why not try to avoid that. And it was impossible for side consort Hu to pose a threat to Jin Wang consort. But now it seemed that the cruel reality gave her a slap.

Even if side consort Hu was a bitch, she gained the affection from Jin Wang who always supported her. Even if side consort Hu was a prostitute before, she could take Jin Wang consort down.

“My mom was also suffered from the same loss many years ago and she thought no one could shake her noble status, but in fact she is bullied by others for many years. She could do nothing but looked at other concubines who gave births to daughters and sons. I am her only daughter. But I am even worse, because I still don’t have a child. I am not sure how side consort Hu would bully me in the future.”

Ziyan was about to console Jin Wang consort, but before she could say something, Jin Wang consort suddenly got up and continued, “I can’t just sit passively. Although he dislikes me, I am going to cultivate some others he would like. In this way, I can adopt their child. I am not going to let side consort Hu succeed.

“Well, then we…” Ziyan hesitated what to do.

“Try to ask the servants in the courtyard to take some measures. I don’t know whether the stupid wet nurse would be enlightened. She even doesn’t understand the old saying meant. People always say that first come, first served. Ask concubine Feng here. What’s more, try to search for someone else. I don’t believe that Jin Wang would only dote on side consort Hu.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Jin Wang consort’s eyes were flashing with light. It was not until then the arrogant daughter of Xu family finally reappeared. Perhaps her arrogance was wiped out as time passed by, but her faith would not fade away.

“Okay, I will do that at once,” replied Ziyan.

Jin Wang was unable to bear the intense heat of summer when he slept with Yaoniang at night, so in order to create a comfortable environment, he asked Fucheng to distribute ice for the wet nurses. But Yaoniang didn’t expect that it would arouse the chain reaction. She might be frightened if she got to know this.

As soon as Fucheng placed his order, the ice was delivered in the afternoon.

The wet nurse Qian and Wang grinned from ear to ear while other servant girls were jealous. Yaoniang, who was clear the inside story showed a subtle look.

Many people stood by when the ice was delivered.

Several young girls looked around carefully and then said the ice kettle was different from the one in Yaoniang’s room.

Qian and Wang were cheerful at the beginning, but they had their spirits dampened by the girl’s words.

Qian was a narrow-minded woman and she went to Yaoniang to check out the difference.

Yaoniang was cleaning the room because she needed to find a place to set the ice kettle. Yaoniang wiped the ice kettle carefully. It was covered with dust since it was just moved out from the storehouse. 

Yaoniang was shocked by Qian’s arrival because they should be handling the ice kettle in her bedroom.

As soon as Qian stepped in, she kept gazing at the ice kettle. A few seconds later, she then snorted and went out directly.

As soon as Qian left, Axia walked in.

She looked at Qian from behind and said anxiously to Yaoniang, “I heard that something is different.”

“What is different?” asked Yaoniang with confusion.

Axia looked around and then stared at the ice kettle.

She stood in stillness and then pointed at the ice kettle. “Your ice kettle is different.”

Yaoniang also turned to the ice kettle and wondered what the difference was. Seeing this, Axia explained to her in detail.

The color of the ice kettle was different. Although the ice kettle provided for the three wet nurses were made by the copper, the one for Qian was made in bronze while the one in Yaoniang’s room was made by yellow metal. What’s more, the patterns on it were also not the same.

Yaoniang couldn’t check out by herself, so she asked Axia to check out what the ice kettle looked like in Wang’s room. Wang lived at the south end of the west wing and the ice kettle was just moved in.

When Axia came to tell her that Wang’s ice was the same as Qian’s, Yaoniang was speechless.  

He was making troubles for her.

The male servants who delivered the ice kettle were stopped by Qian and Wang when they were about to leave.

“Did you deliver the wrong thing?” asked Qian.

“What’s wrong?” asked one of the servants in confusion.

“I mean the ice kettle.” Qian was at lost how to explain but pointed at the direction of west wing. She was agitated and rambled in her statement.

But they still didn’t know what Qian meant.

Wang pushed Qian away gently with a smile and said, “Don’t misunderstand. Let me explain. You just delivered three ice kettles into the courtyard, but one of the ice kettles looks different from the other two ice kettles.”

“What is the difference? If it is really different, we can’t help you because we are just following the orders.”

After hearing this, Qian still wanted to say something but was stopped by Wang.

“Okay, thank you,” said Wang with a smile.

When they left, Wang glared at Qian and said angrily, “I told you not to ask them, but you refused to listen to me.”

Wang left as she finished her words. Qian stood there and stamped her foot. She glared at the direction of Yaoniang’s bedroom and then went back.

Nobody noticed Mammy Mu was standing at the corridor.

Yuyan was standing by her.

“Try to pretend that you know nothing,” said Mammy Mu.

Yuyan nodded.

Yaoniang went to the kitchen for dinner.

Qian and Wang were also there. As she got in, both of them didn’t greet her as before. Qian looked a little furious instead.

But the staffs working in kitchen were more enthusiastic to Yaoniang.

Although the three wet nurses competed with each other, the staffs in kitchen were sensible enough and they were good at weighing up people’s words. They knew that Yaoniang was more valued.

But it drove Qian and Wang mad and they lost their mind. Generally speaking, Qian and Wang would pretend that nothing happened, but this time they were so angry.

Old lady Wang took the initiative to hand the meal to Yaoniang and she purposely packed the food in boxes for Yaoniang.

The food was usually put on the plate, but since it was contained in the box, people may think the food was different from others’. Qian showed a stiff smile but her eyes were burning in anger. Wang tried to hide her anger, but she didn’t look good either.

Yaoniang took over the food box and then left. She didn’t care about what Qian and Wang would say in the kitchen. She had no time to handle such trifles, because she was clear that Jin Wang might come to her again at night.

Just as she expected, Jin Wang came to her at night.

He came to visit Yaoniang frequently these days and perhaps he was fascinated by Yaoniang, so he was avaricious.

But Yaoniang was confused because Jin Wang would never enter her body but just rubbed at the root of her thigh.

There was no any physical problem of Jin Wang. Yaoniang had sexuality with him in her last lifetime, but now he just refused to enter her body. Was he looking down at Yaoniang?

Yaoniang couldn’t help wondering the reason.

She knew that she shouldn’t think like this, but Yaoniang was unable to control herself.

However, Yaoniang dared not to pour out her confusion to Jin Wang, because she also thought she could avoid many troubles in this way. Moreover, if Jin Wang really looked down upon Yaoniang, she would ask for an insult to take the initiative to ask him such a question.

But Yaoniang still revealed her emotion sometimes because of this.

Jin Wang felt uncertain whether she would like to serve him. ‘Does she think her husband is stronger than me?’ Jin Wang thought to himself. With such an idea, Jin Wang tossed about Yaoniang again and again.

But gradually Jin Wang felt something weird and the feeling of dissatisfaction was getting more obvious.

Jin Wang learned from the soldiers about the sexuality when they were making the dirty jokes with each other.

Jin Wang knew that there was a private part in woman which was a pure land for men. Jin Wang did enjoy the beautiful feeling and it was beyond description. But Jin Wang only had limited knowledge about this.

Generally speaking, Jin Wang should know more since the lady-in-waiting would be dispatched to serve him when he had spermatorrhoea for the first time. But something happened in that year and Jin Wang was overshadowed by the accident. When he married Jin Wang consort, another accident happened, and Jin Wang couldn’t help throwing up at the sight of women’s body.

As for the sexuality with side consort Hu, it was the only time to make love with her.

Indeed, Jin Wang was an ignorant person in this field.

Absolutely, nobody would get to know this.

But Yaoniang’s embarrassing look as well as her thoughtful manner gave him a blow. Jin Wang then reminded the dirty jokes he heard from the soldiers.

Jin Wang recalled the sentences again and again but he couldn’t figure out why the soldiers said that as long as they got in, they didn’t want to withdraw again. 

Where did they get in?

Jin Wang felt it was hard to understand, so he found a pornographic book and tried to find out the answer.

There were many pornographic books in the royal palace, but Jin Wang never took a look at it, because he would vomit as soon as he looked at the pictures. But now he had no other choice but asked someone to find one for him.

After looking it for several days, Jin Wang found a new world.

Although there was still much for him to learn, he grasped some postures. Jin Wang practiced it at night and Yaoniang was so exhausted.

Although Jin Wang still didn’t know how to enter her body, he kept impacting and he almost managed to get into her body. Yaoniang was sensitive and she was done up. Jin Wang finally understood what they meant and the book greatly widened his horizon.

Jin Wang was interested in pornographic books recently and he asked his people to search as more as possible for him. In order to cater to him, the servitor brought some popular pornographic books to Jin Wang.

Jin Wang read the books carefully and he finally found out the problem.

In a room with dim light, an ice kettle was placed at the corner. Inside the ice kettle, many ices were contained in it, bringing coolness to the hot summer day.

Yaoniang held Jin Wang to the bed as soon as he arrived.

He was dressed a purple suit with his clothes half opened. He lay on the bed with his legs crooked slightly, looking at Yaoniang who was reluctant to go to the bed. 

Yaoniang had drunken a lot of water, but she was still taking a sip of water beside the table. She was afraid of facing Jin Wang recently.

Jin Wang coughed slightly which sounded clearly in such a quiet environment.

Yaoniang trembled slightly and her heart was pumping. She knew that Jin Wang would get enraged if she kept playing for time. So she put down the glass and walked to the bed. As soon as she walked closer, Jin Wang dragged her over.

Yaoniang held back her exclamation because she was afraid others would hear her voice. Although Qian and Wang lived at the other end and there was even an empty house that Cuizhu lived before between them, Yaoniang was still worried.

Jin Wang tore off her clothes and lowered his head while Yaoniang struggled to resist and said, “Please don’t…”

Yaoniang exerted herself to struggle. Jin Wang looked at her in confusion.

Yaoniang flushed and she felt her cheeks were hot. She covered her face with her hands and said in a low voice, “I still need to feed the little princess. The milk is not enough.”

Although Yaoniang said briefly, Jin Wang knew what she meant. She was afraid he would rob the little princess’ milk.

Jin Wang always thought he had a thick hide, but he still felt a little embarrassed. He coughed again to disguise his embarrassment and then moved.

Jin Wang pressed against her, put his hands behind her neck. His other hand was groping slowly and then slipped into the clothes of Yaoniang. She furrowed but didn’t stop him. But when he touched her private part, Yaoniang pressed on his hands.

Jin Wang raised his eyebrows and gazed at her with his sharp eyes. Yaoniang soon loosened her grip.

But she was regret soon. Although his movement was awkward, he pressed on her sensitive part.

“Jin Wang…” Yaoniang grumbled.

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