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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-19 15:08:39
Chapter 35 part2 (edited)

Did Yaoniang really get a promotion? Yao Cheng reminded what Mammy Liu said. She said that people could be well developed in the mansion of monarch. Yao Cheng felt it was a dream. Master Qian, who was a moneygrubber, regarded him with special respect and Yaoniang was also living a good life in Jin Wang mansion or Guard Wang would not come to investigate her background personally.

Some good things occurred continuously which drove the unhappiness during this period. Yao Cheng was about to go home and tell Huiniang this good news.

But Yaoniang was not clear about what happened in Linyun county.

Zhou Sheng told her that Huiniang was doing well recently and Xiao Bao was also well-behaved. Yaoniang sighed with relief after hearing this. She was busy with coping with Jin Wang recently and had no time to think about others because there wasn’t enough time for her to sleep.

It was getting hotter and the anti-heat supplies were distributed to the courtyard, including ice.

The ice was not only for princess and Mammy Mu, and the three wet nurses also received ice.

It was Fucheng who arranged the anti-heat supplies and he said the wet nurses all exerted themselves to take care of little princess in such a hot day. If they got sick, no one could feed the princess. There was a great amount of ice stored in Jin Wang mansion. It was used to lower the temperature in summer. The ice storage could not be run out every year and it was a waste.

But in fact, Fucheng created a precedent because the ice would never be distributed to the servants and they could only enjoy the coolness in their masters’ room. Mammy Mu was not a servant and everyone in Jin Wang mansion knew about it.

People began to say that Jin Wang doted on the little princess so that he would ask Fucheng to distribute ice for her three wet nurses. The people who served the princess enjoyed a special treatment. The people in Liuchun Mansion also benefited from it after all side consort Hu was the natural mother of little princess.

Jin Wang loved side consort Hu and the little princess ardently although the side consort Hu didn’t give birth a son. It was also because the princess was now the only daughter of him.

When the people of Rugui Pavillion, Qiaxia Pavilion, Tingxue Pavillion heard the news, they all gnashed their teeth in anger. They also wanted to have a baby with Jin Wang, so that they could enjoy a special treatment. Siyi courtyard was peaceful these days as if it had faded out from people’s eyes.

Everyone knew that Jin Wang consort was ill since the day when Jin Wang left from Siyi courtyard.

It was the first time for Jin Wang to dishonor Jin Wang consort. They always showed proper respect to each other and Jin Wang never dishonor Jin Wang consort on her birthday. 

People made endless comments and they thought side consort Hu enjoyed more affection of Jin Wang. It was better to be loved by Jin Wang than to enjoy a high status nominally. Side consort Hu only married Jin Wang a year, but she was pregnant soon and then gave birth to a daughter for Jin Wang. However, Jin Wang consort had been married with Jin Wang for more than seven years, but she had no child with Jin Wang yet.

Although she was reluctant to admit, the concubines could succeed in the fierce competition only when they had a child with Jin Wang.

It was related to the future if Jin Wang mansion. If Jin Wang consort didn’t give birth to a son earlier than other concubines, she would lose Jin Wang’s affection soon.

Although she was still the consort of Jin Wang, she would lose what she owned and side consort Hu would also come to compete with her. In this way, Jin Wang consort might get a miserable ending. It frequently happened in Jin Wang mansion. It was often heard that the son of other side consort would inherit everything in mansion and the formal wife was forced to live a miserable life.

Perhaps in other family, it would tell the legitimate son from a bend sinister, but in the royal family, people never care about it.

Jin Wang consort was lying on the bed as withered as a dead tree. Mama Zhou was not there and Ziyan was serving her alone.

Jin Wang consort laughed sarcastically and said to Ziyan, “Look at him. He is reluctant to come here.”

Ziyan sighed with feeling and said, “Jin Wang consort….”

“That is the way he pushed me. Why he treats me like this? I have made a compromise. I did retreat back. But why everybody come to push me so hard, including my dad and my mom. Although he looks indifferently, he is pushing me as well. Why he take the woman back? I feel so disgusting. I have to fight with her so that I would not be oppressed. Now he finally sees what he wanted to see. What a heartless man!”

To readers:

Jin Wang: You all think too much. I just worry that it will be hot when I sleep with Yaoniang at night, so I asked Fucheng to give them some ice.

Yaoniang: I know nothing about it.

Many readers said that as long as Jin Wang asks someone to investigate more, he would find out Xiao Bao is his son. But it sounds unreasonable. Jin Wang consort would not allow an unidentified woman to get into the Jin Wang mansion. If something happened, Jin Wang consort would get into a trouble. Jin Wang is an honorable king and he guarded the frontier. If Jin Wang lost his life because of Jin Wang consort, her family members would be involved. Didn’t you notice that the wet nurses Jin Wang consort employed are the relatives of her servants?

It is easy to find out Yaoniang’s background. Mama Liu introduced her into the mansion, so naturally they could get some information from Liu. People always introduced the man in a family to others, that is why Yao Cheng would be called in. In the ancient time, the position was inherited by family members. Now that there was no doubts about Yao Cheng’s family background, Yaoniang must be innocent as well. She has a registration and she is an ordinary woman.

As for when Jin Wang would find out the truth, I suggest you not being so anxious. I think that no one hopes Jin Wang falls on love with Yaoniang only because she gave birth to a son for him and he happens to like the son. Indeed, I also like such plot, but in this way Yaoniang seemed not to be so important to Jin Wang. Although it seemed that Yaoniang was unable to do something else and could only stay at the courtyard, I really don’t hope she is negligible in Jin Wang’s heart.

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