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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-19 15:07:41
Chapter 35 part1 (edited)

Now Feng’s plan was dashed into pieces since Yan’er would not be her daughter-in-law and she also lost her unborn grandson.

Yao Cheng was working in the government office. Both Feng and Li all entrusted their hope on Yao Cheng.

Yao Cheng was bothered by them every day. He was not the county magistrate and he could do nothing. However, Yao Cheng was also unable to pass it over and he tried to buy off someone to provide help.

Jin Zhou was near to the frontier juncture and when there was a shortage of force, some condemned prisoners would be sent into exile. The frontier happened to publish the news and Feng Heizi was freed from death penalty and was sent to the exile.

Widow Feng went to meet her son before leaving, but Yan’er didn’t show up at all.

Feng Heizi waved and said goodbye to his mother and then was sent away. Generally speaking, the condemned prisoners would be the cannon fodder in the war. Feng Heizi also understood that, so he ran away on the way.

He did escape.

When Yao and Feng family got to know the news, they were at lost whether they should laugh or cry.

Although Feng Heizi escaped, he dared not to come back, and now he was not only a condemned prisoner, but also a deserter. As long as he was arrested, he would face death penalty again.

Widow Feng was relieved by this news. Anyway, Feng Heizi got a chance to live. But Yao family was pushed into a dilemma.

Li negotiated with Yao Cheng since she was about to ask Yan’er to have an abortion secretly. It was easier to handle since Yan’er was pregnant less than three months. But their decision was based on Feng Heizi’s death ending. Now Feng Heizi had escaped, and they were not sure if they should keep the unborn baby.

After thinking for some time, Yan’er finally decided not to keep this baby.

She was reluctant to give birth to the baby and kept kicking up a row at home.

Li found a doctor for Yan’er and the doctor then prescribed some medicine for her, asking her to take it for three consecutive days so that she could have an abortion. Li paid the doctor and went to prepare the medicine for Yan’er cheerfully.

Li was happy because she paid few to the doctor. It might cost her much more money if Li invited a doctor from the medical institute, but it seemed a quack doctor was cheaper.

But Li ignored something important. She consulted several medical institutes and the doctors there all asked for the same money, and that was why Li would come to the quack doctor who asked less money. Li must forget that cheapest was the dearest.

Just as the quack doctor said, the medicine worked soon. Yan’er had the signs of abortion after she took the medicine. However, she had been bleeding for a couple of days without stop. Li was so worried and then took Yan’er to the medicine institute.

The doctor blamed Li and said harshly to her. Having an abortion was harmful to women and the quack doctor’s medicine was too radical and it would have a bad effect on Yan’er’s health. Yan’er had passed out before she was transported to the medical institute because of excessive loss of blood.

The doctor exerted himself to save Yan’er’s life, but she lost the chance to be a mother. The doctor said it was hard for Yan’er to have a baby again, because she was seriously hurt this time.

Li felt her heart was almost broken and cried for a long time. It was not until then she recognized that she shouldn’t try to save the money. Indeed, the other reason why Li was reluctant to take Yan’er to the medical institute was because she felt shame.

Li worried that it would cast a bad effect on Yan’er who had an abortion before marriage, so she decided to buy the medicine from the quack doctor.

But Li didn’t expect to be cheated by the quack doctor.

But it didn’t end smoothly because Feng also heard the news and then came to Li to argue with her. Now Feng Heizi was fleeing from home and Feng was not sure if he would lose his life, so Feng attached great importance to the unborn baby.

But now Yan’er had an abortion without notifying her. Feng was enraged.

Indeed, Feng was not well-founded because Feng Heizi and Yan’er still didn’t hold wedding and they were not legal couples yet and Yan’er also didn’t belong to Feng family. Yan’er didn’t want to give birth to the baby because she needed to get married in the future and it also sounded reasonable.

But from a moral standpoint, Feng Heizi was in a distress and now he even lost his son. People always showed sympathy to the weak and they all attached great importance to male offspring. Although Feng returned without accomplishing anything, she spread the news about Yan’er at all places.

Li planned to find another Mr. Right for Yan’er but now her plan was dashed into pieces. Nobody would like to marry Yan’er.

Yao Cheng was exhausted because of Yan’er and sometimes he even had no time to handle his work.

There was endless wrangling at home. Yao Cheng scolded Li and Yan’er before he left home and since then both of them stopped quarreling.

As soon as Yao Cheng walked in Yamen, he was called in by the county magistrate. 

It shocked Yao Cheng somehow, because the county magistrate seldom called him since Yao Cheng was in a low official position.

Did anything happen?

Yao Cheng wondered. But even if a big case happened, the county magistrate would not call him, but call the head constable who was Yao Cheng’s superior.

Confused, Yao Cheng went to the back hall and then got in after being notified. Yao Cheng saw the county magistrate who was always arrogant sit there and was talking with someone.

The man beside the county magistrate looked like the ordinary people, but he was dressed differently. It seemed that he was a military officer. Yao Cheng also had limited knowledge and he could only figure out some information from his dress.

“Yao Cheng, come here to greet Guard Wang,” said the county magistrate kindly. He looked at Yao Cheng whose heart was bumping in his chest. Yao Cheng felt like that the county magistrate was looking at his long-lost son.

But Yao Cheng heard from his mother that she bit the finger of Yao Cheng’s father when she gave birth to Yao Cheng many years ago and she was suffered from the collywobbles for three days.

When Yao Cheng was absorbed in his thought, he stepped forward and greeted Guard Wang.

It seemed that Guard Wang was also arrogant and he just nodded but said nothing to Yao Cheng.

The county magistrate moved closer to Guard Wang and introduced Yao Cheng to him. “This is Yao Cheng. He is a clever and capable man here. I really appreciated him and I am going to promote him. You said there is a Ban-tou and his family name is Yao. I guess it must be Yao Cheng,” said the county magistrate respectfully.

Yao Cheng had never seen him be humble like this. Who was the Guard Wang? Yao Cheng remained silent because of his low position.

Guard Wang took a glimpse at county magistrate and said with a smile, “It seems you are good at making use of your people. Hurry up. I still need to go back to report on my mission.”

“Okay, okay.” Master Qian nodded and then turned to Yao Cheng kindly. “I heard that your sister-in-law is working in Jin Wang mansion.”

Yao Cheng’s heart trembled slightly because he was worried something bad happened to Yaoniang. But now that Guard Wang came here today, Yao Cheng had to be honest with him, so he nodded his head and replied, “My sister-in-law is working in Jin Wang mansion. Wang Daniu’s mother introduced her to work there. Did something happen to her? I also received Yaoniang’s message a few days ago…”

Master Qian interrupted him and said, “Nothing happened to her, but we have to take the safety of Jin Wang mansion into consideration, so we need to investigate on her background. I heard that she is newly married and she also has a baby, right?”

Yao Cheng nodded his head and looked at Guard Wang with his split vision.

Guard Wang stood up and bowed to Master Qian. “Thank you, Master Qian. I am going to go back now.”

Master Qian sent him out of the door and turned back until Guard Wang disappeared from his eyesight.

He didn’t ask Yao Cheng to leave, so Yao Cheng waited there for him.

Master Qian looked at Yao Cheng with a smile and said, “I didn’t expect your sister-in-law is the wet nurse of the little princess. You are really lucky.”

Yao Cheng was still confused when he walked out of the back hall.

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tourist 2020-05-19 17:00
I actually tolerated the previous two chapters, but I really can't make it pass the first three lines. This chapter is like an insult to all the work and effort the translator made so far like someone just effortlessly Google Translate the passage and slapped the translator's name under it.
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tourist 2020-05-19 19:25
As a reminder to everyone, the previous translator handed this off after (I think) chapter 32. So chapters 33, 34, and 35 have been by the new translator. I am definitely going to miss the old translator who passed this off so we could get faster releases from a new team. At least most of it is readable I guess? There were definitely a few lines I couldn't understand what in the world they meant though. Here's hoping the new translator will slow down if they can't churn out quality at this pace. Please at least make sure each line makes sense in English?
Social Kikky 2020-05-19 20:15
I know quality is better than quantity. Also people might not be interested in reading if this continues. The original translator was doing a great and I would expect them to keep to his standards or be better.
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tourist 2020-05-19 16:42
While I appreciate that the translation is updated daily, I feel like the quality has dropped a lot? The recent chapters is like mtl version as the sentences doesn't make sense. Has the translator given up on this story?
tourist 2020-05-19 19:29
Remember, when this site took over the translations they mentioned they made an agreement with the previous translator. The previous translator would do up to chapter 32 and then the rest would be taken over by a new translator who could keep a faster pace. I'm not sure if it's right to call that the old translator giving up or not. It sounded like the new group said they could make more releases for the fans so the old translator let this go.
tourist 2020-05-19 18:04
I agree, the translation looks a lot worse and is a lot harder to understand because it looks like a direct copy and paste from google translate. I thought I was going crazy or something when I read the first sentence and couldn't understand what I just read. ;/
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tourist 2020-05-19 18:06
Translator-daren, we, readers understand if you need more time to translate and fix the translation, you don't have to daily release if you're unable to do so. Hope everything is all well on your side.
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tourist 2020-05-19 19:46
This needs an editor and proof-reader.
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tourist 2020-05-20 12:44
Oh, whoa, I just noticed the comment novellike made on the ToC page comment stream for this. Did you see it? They said they are going to put a hold on releases for a few days to try and bring the translation quality back up to the level of the previous translator. So the pleas to not sacrifice quality have not gone unnoticed! Thanks NovelLike. I look forward to future releases on this series getting some extra attention and reaching the previous level of readability.
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