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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-18 10:11:33
Chapter 34 part2 (edited)
When Feng finished her words, there was uproar among the onlookers, and even Li did not refute back.

Widow Feng’s son had committed a crime. What exactly was the crime?

Although Li remained an arrogant attitude to Widow Feng, Li was unsure about Feng’s proposal since Yan’er was reluctant to marry Feng Heizi. But now when they got to know Feng Heizi was put into prison, both of Li and Yan’er got anxious.

If something happened to Feng Heizi, how could Yan’er handle with her unborn baby? And her baby would be born without a father.

The widow Feng saw feel herself highly flattered and then she continued to cry out, "My poor grandson, your dad is in prison before you are born and I even don’t know whether your dad is alive. It is unfair…”

Her words sounded meaningful and the onlookers all looked at Yan’er’s abdomen.

Li was so furious, and she wanted to give Feng a punch, but Li was afraid that she would keep talking nonsense here. Moreover, Li also wanted to figure out what happened to Feng Heizi, so she had no other choice but to expel the onlookers out of the yard.

"Get out of here. Don’t make a scene here."

The onlookers immediately dispersed when Li said harshly to them.

However, this news was soon spread and people began to make comments.

Li closed the courtyard door and then glared at widow Feng. "If you don't explain clearly today, I won't let you go."

Feng patted her pants and got up from the ground, but she was not in fear.

In fact, she had thought everything through before she came here. Feng family was so poor that they didn't have the silver to save Feng Heizi out of the prison. But Yao family must have money and Yao Cheng even worked in the government office. Therefore, when Feng learned that her son was in jail, she was in panic but soon she cooled down after thinking through the matter.
Widow Feng also knew that she might lose her face if she made such a scene today, but she was not worried because she strived to save her son. As long as the neighbors got to know this, Yao family would live under pressure and then they may help to get Feng Heizi out of the jail. If they refused to offer help, Yan’er, who was pregnant now, would be humiliated by others. As long as the Yao family had done this favor, not only would Feng Heizi come back, but also Yan’er and grandson would be with them, and they won't have to suffer from the distain of Yao family anymore. Everything would be fine.

Widow Feng's was astute.

When Feng told what she knew, Li's face flushed with redness. Li gave Yan’er a slap and let out her curse, "You wretch! Why do you make troubles?”

Yan’er was beaten to tears. Huiniang looked at her coldly and didn’t stop Li.

"Anyway, you have to help me this time. Yan’er is pregnant and her baby needs a father,” said Feng with a sly smile.

That was Li’s demise and she was unable to refute.

Li glared at Feng and chased after to beat Yan’er. However, Feng just stood there as if it had nothing to do with her, because Yan’er was not her daughter.

Li was so angry that she shouted at Huiniang, "Why are you still standing here? Find Yao Cheng back. We need his help.”

“Mom, Hong’er is crying. I gotta go,’ replied Huiniang who avoided Li’s sentence. Huiniang walked into the room and didn’t get out again.

Li was so angry but she could do nothing but was about to come to Yao Cheng personally since Yan’er was pregnant now. However, before she was going out, Yao Cheng came back. He also heard the news about Feng Heizi. 

Widow Feng only knew that Feng Heizi had committed a crime because of money, and didn't know exactly what he did and Feng also heard from others that her son was put into the jail.

In fact, Feng Heizi did make a serious crime since he robbed the passing merchants with the prostitute in Yihong Pavillion. The prostitute would make an investigation of the merchants’ situation, including their pecuniary condition as well as their route while Feng Heizi would rob them on the way.

It seemed not to be the first time for him to do something like this. Feng Heizi was cruel and he would kill the merchants after robbing their money, so no one noticed that before. But this time one of the merchant who was thrown into the river did not die and he struggled to climb ashore and went to notify the local government office. Feng Heizi was then arrested. 

Feng Heizi was arrested in the gambling house along with his evil associates.

Murderer and robbery were serious crimes. The criminals would be sent into exile or face the death penalty.

And it wasn't the first time for Feng Hei Zi to make the crime. The prostitute told the whole story to the officials. Feng Heizi had killed several people and perhaps there was something that the prostitute didn’t know

That meant Feng Hei Zi was going to die this time.

After listening to Yao Cheng's account, Widow Feng fell down the ground and cried out again.

She was unable to set at ease because Feng just thought her son might only fight with others or steal something, but she didn’t expect Feng Heizi would kill people. Feng Heizi always gambled with the money he robbed and Feng didn’t notice the problem since Feng only focused on her work every day.
Li and Yan’er were also frightened.

It was all over now. What should Yan’er do?

The Yao family's eyes were involuntarily fixed on the abdomen of Yan’er

Before that, Li and Yan’er always humiliated Yaoniang who was pregnant before marriage, and laughed at Xiao Bao without a daddy. And now Yan’er was trapped in the same dilemma and it might be retribution to her.

To readers: The leading roles are not mentioned in this chapter, but the later chapter is related closely with this chapter, so I suggested you reading this chapter carefully as well.

Love you guys!
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tourist 2020-05-18 12:19
No sign of our ML or FL in this chapter ; ; Honestly, Yaoniang's sister's MIL and family in law are so shameless that I can't stand reading about them. I hope we quickly move on from this... Thanks for the chapter!
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They got what they had done to others. Now let's move on to our MC
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Thank you for the chapter! Ahh, the karmic payback is awesome.
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Thanks for the chapter and hard work. I think an editor will make the translation better because there needs to be more work with correct word usage and sentence construction. Thanks.
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