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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-18 10:11:06
Chapter 34 part1(edited)
Huiniang had no time to delay, and she hurried to open the courtyard door.

There was a black carriage with green curtains outside the door, and it looked like from a notable family.

A dark-skinned and tall young man was sitting in the carriage, but it could tell from his face that he was an honest man, and he would show white teeth when he laughed.

“Hello buddy, who are you?”

“I'm from Jin Wang mansion, bringing something back for Su Nai Niang. Besides, she asked me to send a few words. Are you Su Nai Niang's eldest sister? ”

Huiniang quickly nodded her head and said, “I am Yaoyao's elder sister. Come on, please. Come in and sit down. I am so sorry to bother you. My sister, how is she now...."

‘It turns out that she has such a beautiful name, Yaoyao,’ Zhou Sheng thought to himself. He read it in his heart for several times, and while walking inside with Huiniang, he was distracted to answer her question.

Zhou Sheng was greeted into the hall, and after drinking a bowl of tea, Huiniang was almost able to figure out Yao Niang's situation.

She learned that her sister had become the nanny of the little princess, and she was doing well in the house. What’s more, no one was bullying her and it was said that she was very popular in front of the master. After hearing the news, Huiniang couldn't help crying.

Zhou Sheng didn't understand how Huiniang could be crying like this, and his eyes were of a little surprised.

In response, Huiniang wiped her tears and said, "My sister is introverted and timid. It's her first time to go so far away, so it's hard not to worry about her."

Zhou Sheng nodded understandingly.

Afterwards, Zhou Sheng handed the baggage to Huiniang in person, especially the silver. After that he then told Huiniang,"Nanny Su said that she is very good in the royal household, so you don’t have to worry. Your sister also asked you to use the silver to buy a servant girl, or hire someone to help with the housework, so as not to wearyourself out."

In fact, the latter sentence was what Yaoniang wanted to say. Mrs. Li was a lazy woman. Huiniang had to take care of three children. She must be busy and she must be exhausted. That was what Yaoniang worried about.

"Thank you. I'll think about this. Please help me to take a message to her. Just tell her to do a good job in the Jin Wang mansion and don't worry about the family. Xiao Bao is fine, and now he is able to turn over and eat much every day."

Huiniang rambled on before sending Zhou Sheng out of the house. She tried to ask Zhou Sheng to stay at home for dinner, but Zhou Sheng was still in a hurry to go back, only to say that there would be opportunities in the future. Huiniang was so enthusiastic that she thanked him again and again before Zhou Sheng left.
She stood in the doorway for a while before turning back to the room, and just as she entered, she saw her mother-in-law go through the baggage that Zhou Sheng had just sent back.

Mrs. Li was carrying a scarlet cloth, with her kraurotic hands flicking back and forth on the smooth fabric.

Huiniang's brows furrowed, and there was always a feeling that Li was going to spoil this garment by touching it. At the same time, it was fortunate that Zhou Sheng gave her the silver directly. Otherwise it would have been in Lishi's pocket now and would never come back.

"'Wow, Yaoniang is really developed, and she could buy such good materials to make clothes now. I've never seen such good material in the years of life." Li smacked her lips, took the garment and compared it on her body, and then said to Huiniang, "I think this garment fits me quite well. I will take it as Su Yao Niang's filial respect."

Huiniang looked at the red fabric with flowers in it, and then at Mrs. Li old face. She couldn’t think of how she could come up with the idea that she was dressed appropriately.

 Yan’er, who was standing by the door with jealous eyes, interjected, "Mom, I'm getting married soon, and please give me this garment."

These two shameless bastards! Huiniang's lips were shivering in anger, and when she was about to say something, a loud bang sounded outside, as if the courtyard door had been rammed open by someone.

Before the three of them could react, they heard a cry coming from outside the door. "Yao Yan'er, you bitch. I want my son back!"

The voice was from Widow Feng.

Huiniang felt bad about this, so she rushed out. Li also hurriedly followed out, and saw the widow stand in front of the gate, letting out curse, and many people were watching at her.

Widow Feng was not easy to handle. A widow can bring up a son alone and it was conceivable that she was definitely a mighty woman.

Lishi's reluctance to be in-laws with Widow Feng was not only because the Feng family was poor, but also because Widow Feng was too provocative. She had suffered from losses more than once from widow feng, so Mrs. Li only wanted to roll up her eyes at Widow Feng when she came to her. Mrs. Li wanted to take a revenge on Widow Feng.

Li was a fierce woman, and when she saw Widow Feng scold her precious daughter, she could not stand it, and then quarreled with her.

"You're a vicious widow and ruined your family. You are the real bitch and all of your family members are bad asshole.” 

Feng sat on the ground and slapped her thigh on the other side, crying and cursing, "My heavenly lord, open your eyes, and look at what people are in this house. They all bully me. My son fell in love with their daughter, but they distained me because I am poor. But can I make my own choice for my destiny? I have kept the rules all my life, and anyone who meets me gives me a thumb-up, but they always humiliate me and said I am the bad luck in my family.”

This was probably not the first time for the widow to be like this. She made a scene and let out her curse in a loud voice. The tears were crashing down and people might felt pitiful for her. Although widows were not forbidden to remarry in the Da Qian Dynasty, 
A widow would be respected if she kept her morality all her lifetime. 

The onlookers were sighed with feelings. Li didn’t behaved well so people disliked her. People began to speak for Widow Feng.

"We're neighbors, so why do you make such a scene? Don’t go too far." Some people tried to be the mediator and persuaded.

Feng was even more furious. "I also want to make a compromise and I even put it in a good word for Mrs. Li. But they are so shameless and asked my son to get more money so they would allow Yan’er to marry my son. And now my son has been put into the prison. I just want my son back. Yan’er, if something bad happens to my some, I am not going to let you go. Just wait and see!”
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tourist 2020-05-19 23:47
Uhuh... In case anyone wondering Nai Niang=奶娘= wet nurse. So the translation should be Wet nurse Su. And Yinzhi = 银制=silver
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Social Kikky 2020-05-18 19:46
So much drama. When crazy meets crazy.
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tourist 2020-06-12 23:15
Thank you such for the edit. Its so so much better.
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