Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-17 10:05:33
Chapter 33 part2

Actually Fucheng came here to see the little princess, and he asked the diet and sleep about the little princess, and then Yaoniang was relieved.

Fucheng asked Yucui to pour him a cup of tea. After Yucui went out, he looked at Yaoniang with a smile and said, "Wet Nurse Su, the Highness asked me to send you something."

He took out a small porcelain pot from his sleeve while speaking.

"It's the best medicine to treat traumas and you can apply it on the mouth, and it doesn't matter if you eat it."

Yaoniang flushed with shame and was too embarrassed to lift her head. She took it and said, "Thank you, Eunuch Fu."

The more Fucheng looked at her, the more he looked like pleasing, and then he said with a smile, "No thanks, then I leave first."

Fucheng went outside and just met Yucui with a cup of tea.

"Eunuch Fu, your tea."

"No need. I have to go now."

Yucui came in with the tea and said to Yaoniang, "Eunuch Fu is so strange today. How can he leave without drinking a cup of tea?"

Yaoniang's eyes flickered, and she unconsciously touched the small porcelain pot in her sleeve, and did not speak.


Yaoniang went back to the room during working hours, and took out the small porcelain pot from her sleeve.

The small porcelain pot was pinkish white overall, and the glazed surface  had fine openings. The texture was like a jade and was very exquisite. Yaoniang opened it and saw a turquoise translucent pasty fluid. She dipped some with her fingertips and rubbed them on the back of her hands. It was cool and comfortable.

She unfastened her clothes, and bit her lower lip, then shyly wiped medicine on two nipples. The hotness and slight tingling disappeared suddenly. Jin Wang was so greedy yesterday that he sucked it heavily.

After Yaoniang rubbed on several places on her body, she unfastened her dress and saw the red marks on the both sides. She blushed and applied medicine on it. After that, she hurriedly put on clothes and finally rubbed some on lips.

She hoped he wouldn't come again tonight, or she couldn't stand it.

The Yao's family was located in Huaishu alley, Linyun County, and  it seemed that there was something bad happening here now.

In the west chamber, Mrs. Li's scolding could be heard from time to time.

Because Mrs. Li lowered her voice, it sounded a little vague from the outside, but Huiniang didn't need to listen to it and knew what her mother-in-law was scolding. 

The unmarried Yan'er was pregnant secretly. As long as she thought of it, Huiniang had an inexplicable joy.

She was not gloating, but she couldn't help becoming hated whenever she thought of her young sister who had gone to Jincheng. She hated Mrs. Li and Yan'er. Especially after Yaoniang left, Yan'er egged Mrs. Li to propose a marriage to Chenan's family. Huiniang finally understood why Mrs. Li wanted her sister to leave.

So they deserved that. They were hoisted by their own petard.

Chenan's family didn't agree. Feng Heizi raped Yan'er and they proposed a marriage to the Li's family. But Mrs. Li disliked that Feng Heizi had a poor family, and also had a widom mother, so she rejected it. Also, Yan'er was not willing to marry him.

Huiniang usually looked on coldly, but couldn't help criticizing in heart. You could look down upon the Feng's family, but was your daughter qualified to do like that? Yan'er couldn't stay at home all her life and she must marry someone in the future.

Thinking of this, Huiniang stood up and went out to the west chamber.

Mrs. Li stopped scolding when she saw Huiniang. In fact, she cared about her face, but she always put on airs in front of Huiniang and she didn't want to be looked down upon by Huiniang.

Huiniang laughingly looked at Yan'er, who was sitting on a chair and lowered her head because she was  scolded by Mrs. Li.

"Yan'er, you shouldn't be stubborn now in such a situation. You are pregnant with Peng Heizi, are you still planning to marry Chenan?" That depended on whether Chenan wanted to marry you, but Huiniang didn't speak it out. In fact, she felt that Chenan was a good match for her own young sister, but unfortunately, this vicious girl, Yan'er destroyed their marriage.

Huiniang's words were just like a knife inserted in Yan'er's heart, and she suddenly covered her face and began to cry.

Mrs. Li. had always shielded Yan'er and couldn't bear Huiniang to say his daughter like this. Then she jumped three feet high and said angrily, "Su Huiniang, I tell you, don't bully Yan'er... "

Huiniang interrupted her, "Mom, you really think too much. No one will give me money, why do I bully her?"

The words that "no one gave me money" were said by Mrs. Li usually. But Huiniang said it at this time, and it sounded quite ridiculous.

However, Huiniang said before Mrs. Li scolded, "Mom, you always say that Yaoniang is shameless to be pregnant before she married and is a scandal to the Yao's family. Now Yan'er is pregnant secretly and it is indeed not a good thing, so you shouldn't be so stubborn that you don't let Yan'er marry Feng Heizi. Don't forget that Chenan is a catcher, but he is respectable in the village. Ming'er is not young and will go to the private school after two years. Your two grandsons are more important to Yao family, if outsiders know that they have such an aunt... "

Huiniang did not finish speaking, but Mrs. Li and Yan'er understood it.

Although Mrs. Li made a lot of troubles, she cared much about Ming'er and Hong'er. One side was her two grandsons and the other side was her rebellious daughter, so did she need to make a choice?

Maybe Mrs. Li couldn't make a decision now, but she would figure out finally.

Yan'er also understood that and suddenly cried, "Mom, I won't marry him! You don't let me marry, then I really don't want to marry... "

Mrs. Li was very confused and scolded her subconsciously, "It's a joke that I don't want you to marry. I say that and just create difficulties to the Feng's family. You can't take it seriously. If you don't marry, where do you want to go? Damn girl... "

Huiniang already walked out from the west chamber, and she couldn't help smiling when she heard the scoldings behind her.

Yaoyao, I could only help you like this. How were you now? Why didn't you ask someone to deliver a message back?

Huiniang decided to go to the Wang's family and to learn if they had news about her young sister after her husband came back. Her young sister had been out for nearly two months and didn't ask anyone to deliver a message. She didn't know whether Yaoniang was good or not now.

At this moment, there was a knock on the yard door suddenly.

"Is anyone there?"

"Who is it?" Huiniang answered.

Suddenly there was no more movement in the west chamber, and Mrs. Li quickly raised the curtain and came out.

"Someone asked me to bring back something to your family, and her surname is Su... "

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tourist 2020-05-17 14:52
Serve that Yan'Er right! You reap what you sow!
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tourist 2020-05-17 15:39
Predictions: The evil pair (Huiniang MIL and daughter) will steal everything that Yaoniang sent. Also, what's with everyone getting pregnant after doing it _once_? If it were only one character, I could understand, but now Yan'er too? What are the odds? Anyway, thanks for the chapters!
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tourist 2020-05-18 07:43
thanks for all your hard work! But there's something bothering me with your translation, you always say "my highness" which is not correct at all! It's "YOUR highness, your majesty, your grace etc" I feel you should really change this because it's a historical novel and the terms are pretty recurrent so it can ruin a perfect translation like yours... thanks and hope all of you are safe and in good health <3
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tourist 2020-05-19 12:09
Just to clarify on to the "my highness" issue, the translator might be confusing "my lord" and "your highness"? When you are addressing a lord or some types of nobles you can address them as "my Lord." When you are talking to royalty, you'd usually say "your highness" when addressing them directly or "his/her highness" when talking about them. Hope that helps!
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