Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-17 10:05:10
Chapter 33 part1

After Jin Wang left, it was still early and Yaoniang planned to sleep more.

She was so tired that she didn't sleep well for two nights.

She overslept and someone came to knock at the door.

Bang bang bang...

When there was a knock at the door, Yaoniang was dreaming.

She dreamed that Jin Wang allowed her return home one year later, and rewarded her with a large sum of money. So she went home with money and met her elder sister, brother-in-law, and Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao learned to walk, and even could call her mother. Seeing this, Yaoniang smiled happily.

At that moment, someone knocked at the door of the yard. She opened the door while answering, but saw Jin Wang standing outside the yard, and was holding a little boy who looked like him.

The boy was obviously older than Xiao Bao and called her mother. She was startled and quickly said she was not his mother, because she only gave birth to one baby, Xiao Bao. The little boy sat on the ground and began to cry, while Jin Wang's face was as dark as ink, and said that she had no conscience, and even left their father and son to run away.

Yaoniang felt wronged, and was still wondering if this was a conspiracy of Jin Wang. At this moment, she heard the knock...

Yaoniang woke up immediately and burst out in perspiration. She was still a little stunned and looked out of the window, then found that it was bright outside.

She hurried to open the door without hesitate.

A'xia stood outside.

"Wet Nurse Su, I didn't see you in the morning, so I come here to call you."

Yaoniang asked her in haste, "What time is it now?"

A'xia was startled and then laughed, "It is not the right time for you to go to work. I didn't see you to have breakfast just, so I come here to call you."

Yaoniang exhaled suddenly, "I slept so late yesterday that I forgot the time."

Axia glanced at her, "So it is, your eyes are red. By the way, what's wrong with your mouth?"

Yaoniang touched her lips subconsciously, and it was obviously different from usual, with a slight sting. She faked a smile, "I haven't found it before you asked me. Maybe I was bit by mosquito, and it is a little painful." Then, she rubbed her lips, "I have to freshen up quickly so as not to be late for work."

A'xia nodded, "OK, I'll bring your breakfast." Then, she ran away before Yaoniang said no.

Yaoniang shook her head with a smile and returned to the room.

In the mirror, Yaoniang's face was full of laziness, and there was a hint of charm at the corner of her eyes. Her eye circles were slightly red, and her lips were swollen, which looked attractive and made someone covet them.

Yaoniang rubbed her face and went behind the screen.

Because of the hot weather and the inconvenience of taking a bath at night, Yaoniang put two wooden barrels in the room. A barrel with a lid was filled with clean water and the other was filled with dirty water, and she changed the water every day. Yaoniang opened the wooden barrel, and there was still half a bucket of water, so she scooped it into the washbasin.

Fortunately, there was some water in the barrel, otherwise, Yaoniang didn't know what to do these days. She couldn't go out to fetch water in the middle of the night, because it would made her embarrassed.

Thinking of this, and somehow she remembered what happened last night. Yaoniang blushed and felt that her face was very hot.


Yaoniang washed her face face and rinsed her mouth, and then went to the dressing table to comb her hair. She coiled her pinch-black thick hair and finally made a sole bun on the back of her head, and then held it with a wooden hairpin. She wanted to make a bang, but she felt troublesome. Before this, she didn't want to be noticed, however, now everything had happened, and it seemed to be nothing to hide.

As soon as Yaoniang combed her hair, A'xia walked in with a tray.

Breakfast was very simple, white rice porridge, mushroom and green cabbage buns, and a plate of pickles and a plate of stir-fried vegetables.

Yaoniang expressed her thanks to A'xia.

A'xia looked at her in amazement, "Wet Nurse Su, you're so pretty."

Yaoniang touched her face subconsciously, and smiled a little embarrassed, "Really? I don't think so."

A'xia nodded again and again, "Of course, I think you should not make any bangs in the future, because the bangs make you look not beautiful." Even a little ugly, but A'xia didn't say it out.

"So it is, I've never noticed this before, and I won't do it in the future."

Then, A'xia said something to her before leaving.

Yaoniang came to the table for breakfast.

Because she didn't have much time and also was very hungry, she finished breakfast very fast. After that, she cleaned the table and sent the dishes to the small kitchen before going to the small building.

It was a little late when she arrived, but no one said anything. Yaoniang was always a hardworking person and everyone knew her during these day, so they wouldn't say some bad words to her because she was occasionally late.

Wet Nurse Wang and Wet Nurse Qian left quickly, and let Yaoniang, Yuyan and Yucui here. During the period, Yuyan went out for something, so there were only Yaoniang and Yucui.

At this moment, Lvyao came in and said, "Eunuch Fu is here."

With her voice, Fucheng came in and he came to visit the little princess instead of Jin Wang.

Yucui didn't think much about it, because the Highness hadn't been here for a few days. Only Yaoniang was uneasy, and was afraid that Fucheng would say something. After all, she also listened to the movement outside the day before yesterday, and knew that Fecheng was always outside on the day when Jin Wang came to her. Therefore, she was extremely timorous to face Fucheng.

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Social Kikky 2020-05-17 18:17
I bet she feels like a cheating wife or something.
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tourist 2020-05-20 11:20
Oh, dang. A few days after reading this I was thinking "that's weird, why would a second child show up in her dreams?" And then I realized... The Jin Wang and little boy are probably representing her original Xiao Bao and the Jin Wang she left in the other world when she died. If her dream is after 1 year has passed, does that mean her original Xiao Bao was another year older in that other world? If so, I can understand why he would be hard to recognize, toddlers change a lot very quickly. Also, if that is what the author was going for, that's actually really sad. This is making me wonder if that other world will just keep going on with a lonely little boy and a Jin Wang who will probably forever be filled with regret.
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