Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-16 10:13:38
Chapter 32 part2

But the important thing was that she wouldn't be his concubine.

Yes, she couldn't have a title so that she would not be bounded. With a title of Jin Wang's woman, she had to stay in the Mansion and can only meet Xiao Bao secretly.

Maybe such an idea made other women really shocked, but Yaoniang had lived for two lives and already abandoned to care what she once cared about.

Anyway, she was not a virgin now, so was it shameful to have a relation with him? She just wanted to stay safely in the Mansion for a year and then went home to take care of her son for the rest of her life.


Jin Wang did not speak, and Yaoniang suddenly felt scary.

She didn't know why.

When she was going to say something else, Jin Wang said with a smile, "OK, I promise."

His smile was like flowers blooming and was also like full of birds coming,  it was very beautiful and seductive.

Then Yaoniang was unable to think about why she reacted in that way, and why Jin Wang agreed so easily.

Maybe she knew, but she didn't want to think deeply.

Yaoniang felt that there was no end. She had helped Jin Wang once, but within a quarter of an hour, he took her hand again.

His eyes were closed and there was sweat was on his forehead. When looking this scene, Yaoniang's sights could not help moving down.

Her hands were already aching after helping him to relieve his desire.

Actually, Yaoniang was ready this time. But Jin Wang had no idea at all and seemed to prefer her hands.

Of course, it was not just her hands. He also kissed her little lips, and made her feel painful and even occasionally kissed somewhere else. However, he also kissed her in the previous life, Although Yaoniang felt shy about it, she wasn't too surprised.

But that was all and no more something else.

Yaoniang was deeply puzzled. She remembered that Jin Wang didn't act like this in the previous life. 

He stopped suddenly, and then Yaoniang immediately stopped confusedly.

In the dark, Jin Wang frowned and stared at somewhere, as if there was something puzzling. Yaoniang followed his eyes to see, and her face turned redder immediately.

Even she blushed but still wanted to see it. Seriously speaking, she just had seen it several times in the previous life when she served Jin Wang take a bath.

How strong it was!

"My Highness... "

Jin Wang seemed to give up, and pulled Yaoniang over. Before Yaoniang could knew what was going on, she saw that his tall nose bridge was close, and he kissed her lips suddenly.

Yaoniang had always been a very submissive woman, and would let him kiss her if he wanted. His kiss was strong and hastily, as if he was going to swallow her, especially at this time he had a vicious feeling. It seemed that he was really eager to relieve but failed. Yaoniang felt that her waist was about to break, and she could only climb his wide shoulders weakly.

Because they were close, she felt his strong desire. Yaoniang moved a little further away lightly and was trying to stay away from him. But she was pulled back by Jin Wang once she moved an inch. Jin Wang seemed to know that it was more interesting like that, and he held her hands to lean on it.



Both of them could not help taking a deep breath, and Yaoniang immediately wanted to push him away, but he didn't let her do that and pressed her firmly. Yaoniang was not stronger than him, so she didn't resist and was trembling when touching his heat. Jin Wang seemed to feel interesting and unexpectedly he began to move up and down, and Yaoniang's soul almost flew out of the sky.

Thirty minutes later, Yaoniang was soft and boneless. She cried and bit through her lower lips. Jin Wang had a sudden shake and finally stopped. He closed his eyes tightly, and breathed heavily. After a while, he looked down at her. Seeing that her cheeks were flushed, and a few hairs stuck on her sweating face and neck, it made him feel very uncomfortable. Her mouth was red and swollen.

He reached out to shake off the hair, and touched the little red mouth with his finger, and then let her go down to wash herself.

Looking at his back, Yaoniang got up weakly. She went behind the screen and wiped her face and body before she took off silk trousers and changed a clean one. Holding the silk trousers, she didn't even give a glance at i and just put it in the basin.

Jin Wang was already lying on the couch when Yaoniang came out.

He waved at her and she came to him. As soon as she sat down, she was pulled into his arms, and Jin Wang stroked her back with his big palm and said, "You are very good."

Yaoniang was almost choked by her saliva and felt a little weird.

Jiang Wang said that she was very good like this. Did Jin Wang praise her in the extreme in his heart in the previous life?

She thought for a while, and Yaoniang agreed what he said. Now that Jin Wang felt good, it meant that she served well, and could go home after one year.

It was before dawn the next day. Jin Wang quietly left in the morning light. Just like last time, but he didn't take Fucheng to come here this time.

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tourist 2020-05-16 17:29
For those worrying about her getting pregnant, I think she was actually his concubine for a little over a year last time and it didn't happen, so she probably isn't expecting it to be an issue this time? Looking at a timeline from nursing mothers, it's also not unusual to have ovulation delayed up to a year. That said though, if someone was poisoning her with no one figuring it out, I wouldn't doubt that could have affected things last time as she wasn't breastfeeding for more than like two months in her last life. I bet the possibility that someone could have been slowly and persistently poisoning her to keep her from giving him an heir hasn't crossed her mind though.
1 0
tourist 2020-05-16 12:14
Ugh... so they... er... did it? Thanks for the chapter!
tourist 2020-05-16 15:55
Ahh wait. Breastfeeding is actually a natural birth control so guess it's not possible to get preggers while she's still nursing the princess. But this is ancient times and they don't know that (maybe) and we also don't know how "close to reality" the author writes
tourist 2020-05-16 15:51
Ya... I'm also confused. If she really wanted to leave after a year she obvs can't get pregnant so the most she could do is "serve" him with her hands. I imagine (highly hope) for her to be more tenacious tho
0 2
tourist 2020-05-16 17:05
Looks like... they did it? Little confusing, but it seems like they are both content with the current status of things. If she keeps this under wraps for a year, at absolute minimum she should have a big payout for her little boy's future coming. It seems like his wording was a little tricky in terms of their agreement. She's pondering over how he seems to love her appearance while he's probably reflecting that she's not SUPER sharp, but he likes how genuine and straightforward she is.
0 0
Social Kikky 2020-05-16 18:18
I didn't think about her being poisoned in her last life and that preventing pregnancy. That's very astute to the reviewer that wrote that. Also while you might nit get pregnant while breastfeeding its not 100%. Its still possible she might get pregnant in this period. I don't think they went all the way this time. Just hands and some fondling. Thanks for the chapter.
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