Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 31 part2

At the same time, Yaoniang also knew the difference. In short, it was because she didn't have a positive attitude to life. Even if she was doted by Jin Wang and the servants fawned on her, but actually they thought in the bottom of their hearts that she seduced Jin Wang. She was despised and disgusted. 

This was probably a fundamental difference between taking a short cut and supporting herself on her own.

"By the way, Wet Nurse Su, I forgot to tell you. Brother Zhousheng will go home this afternoon. If you have something to bring back, then prepare in advance." Xiangcao said enthusiastically and broke Yaoniang's meditation.

Yaoniang came to her sense.

She didn't expect it was so quick, but  she was very happy when she thought her family might receive her things in the next two days. Xiangcao told her to come to her after lunch and then went back to the kitchen, while Yaoniang rushed to prepare things happily. 

Yaoniang prepared a pack of things, and she still thought about bringing more things home when she went to work in the small building.

She had only fifteen liang silvers left, and intended to bring those all home, as well as her clothes rewarded by Jin Wang. Her figure was about as the same as her sister. She could wear it, so could her sister. Those two clothes were made from good material, and her sister could wear them when she visited relatives.

And the two dresses for Xiao Bao were made from the material left. Last time, she made the clothes for the little princess and Mammy Mu gave the rest cloth to her, so she made clothes for Xiao Bao. 

The two clothes were in season, and she had already prepared them well..

But she still didn't feel enough, she wanted to bring everything home, so she would feel more at ease.

The little princess was asleep after having lunch, and then Yaoniang asked for a leave with Yuyan. She came to Xiangcao and asked her to find the person who helped her bring things home.

Xiangcao took Yaoniang to the side gate of the Mansion, and Zhousheng was already waiting there.

He was not very old and looked like twenty years old. He had dark skin and was tall and strong. At first glance, he was an honest young man.

It was very hot at noon, but he didn't stay in shade but standing under the sun. She saw him sweating from a distance.

Xiangcao smiled helplessly at Yaoniang and ran over, "Brother Zhousheng, why are you standing here? Have you been waiting for a long time?"

Zhousheng wiped the sweat and smiled at Xiangcao, "It is not long, and I am just here. I'm afraid you won't see me, so I'm standing still. By the way, is she Wet Nurse Su?" Zhousheng said with some hesitation while Yaoniang was approaching him.

There was a hint of surprise in his eyes when seeing Yaoniang from a distance.

The skin of Yaoniang was fair and limpid under the sun and radiated a kind of glistening light. Zhousheng had never seen such a beautiful woman because he used to work with men and the women he could see were maids and old madams.

Not to mention the appearance of Yaoniang, Zhousheng felts amazing about her fair skin. It was very soft and delicate he had never touched.

After Yaoniang approached, Zhousheng saw Yaoniang's face and lowered his head with a red face. Fortunately, no one questioned the flushing because the weather was too hot.

"Wet Nurse Su. He is Brother Zhousheng."

Yaoniang smiled and said, "Brother Zhou, Thanks for your help, and I am sorry to trouble you."

"No trouble at all. It's my pleasure." Zhousheng smirked and couldn't help but scratch his head, "If you want to bring something home, just give them to me and I promise I will send them to your family safely." He patted his chest and made a promise.

Yaoniang handed him the bag and said, "It's just some silvers and some clothes."

She repeated the words that she wanted to tell her family and also Yao family's detailed address twice. She felt relieved after being sure that he remembered well. 

"Anyway, thank you, Brother Zhou. You can take these silvers to have a tea." Yaoniang took out a piece of silver from her sleeve and put it into Zhousheng's hands.

Zhousheng refused immediately. "No, Thank you, Wet Burse Su, you really don't need to be so polite, thanks… " He was afraid that Yaoniang would continue to put silver in his hands and then ran away with the baggage quickly.

"Wet Nurse Su, don't worry. If your family has something to tell you, I will advise you later." He waved hands and say goodbye to her in a distant place.

Yaoniang watched him leave, and said to Xiangcao, "Brother Zhou is a very nice person."

"Brother Zhousheng is indeed a very good person, and you don't know him... "

At that time, Yaoniang received rewards from Jin Wang and said that she would invite people in the lateral yard to drink and eat.

She didn't know how to arrange, so she gave the money to Madam Mo and asked her to set a schedule. It was today.

The people in the small kitchen began to prepare food this afternoon.

At dinner time, people in the lateral yard were here except Wet Nurse Wang and Wet Nurse Qian who were taking care of the little princess and Mammy Mu who didn't like crowds.


It was just the time when the disc-like moon hung in the night sky. The yard in front of the back room was brightly lit and three round tables were placed on the open space.


The dishes were very rich and most of them were made with the food material in the small kitchen. Only meat dishes and wines were bought by Yaoniang's silvers. Therefore, although Yaoniang gave Mammy Mo fifteen liang silvers, but it only took less than ten liang silvers, and Mammy Mo gave the remaining silvers to her. She said to Yaoniang that it was not easy to work outside and she lost her man but a baby in cradle, so it was better for her to save more money.

Yaoniang didn't say anything, but she was really moved.

All these madams were good at drinking, and they could let other little girls, however, for the host, Yaoniang, they forced her to drink a few drinks.

Yaoniang was not good at drinking and cannot hold the drink after a few drinks.

Anyway, she was almost full, so found an excuse to leave.

She returned to the front yard from the corner gate, and it was very quiet different from the lively back room. Yaoniang wanted to take a bathe, but thinking of the lively scene over the back room, she might disturb them if she went there again. In addition, there was more than half a basin of clean water that she just prepared in the afternoon, so she wiped herself with cold water, and lay down after changing clothes.

She slept for a while and suddenly woke up for her thirst. She shuffled her embroidered shoes and went to drink water at the table.

After taking two sips, she was caught by someone from behind suddenly.

She turned around to see Jin Wang's handsome face, and suddenly became sober.

"My Highness, my Highness, why are you here?"

"I miss you, so I am here."

"It's very late and quiet now. You should go back to rest... "

She was frightened by Jin Wang's actions so that she couldn't speak anymore.

Jin Wang went to the bedside and sat down like a master.

Yaoniang tried to endure it, but she did not hold back, "My Highness, there was a reason yesterday, so I... and you promised me that just once last night. You can't eat your words... "

In the end, she was almost in tears.

Yaoniang was anxious. She thought about it for a day that Jin Wang wouldn't let her go so easily after putting a chain on her ankle.

Sure enough!

Jin Wang frowned, "Have I said that?"

Yaoniang was stunned and thought for a while, then said, "Although you haven't say it, you didn't speak anything when I said it to you then." Keeping silence meant that he  tacitly agreed it. It was Jin Wang's natural instincts and also Yaoniang's cognition about Jin Wang.

Jin Wang blinked his eyes, "I don't agree, so I didn't speak then."

Yaoniang was dumbfounded.

He behaved like a hoodlum. How raffish he was!

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