Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

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Chapter 31 part1

After hearing a door open, Fecheng who was leaning on stone platform under the veranda became sober suddenly.

Maybe he curled up for a long time. His legs and feet couldn't move smoothly, and he almost fell over when he stood up. Seeing this, Jin Wang reached out to hold him, then he stood firm.

"My Highness." Fucheng smiled with embarrassment.

Jin Wang nodded, and they left quietly along the way they came in last night.

Fucheng looked at his master who was in high spirit with stretched eyebrows, and knew that Wet Nurse Su served him very well last night, otherwise the Highness would not be like this.

Fucheng felt that he must be considerate as a nice servant, and then he asked, "My Highness, will you arrange a new place for Wet Nurse Su?" After all, she couldn't serve the little princess while serving Jin Wang.

Hearing this, Jin Wang hesitated for a moment before he said, "No."

Fucheng was a little bit surprised at Jin Wang's response, didn't his Highness want to be responsible for her? He stared at Jin Wang's back with a very surprised look, until Jin Wang got angry.

The rare good mood was suddenly destroyed, and Jin Wang remembered that the little wet nurse served him with grievances last night.

Jin Wang couldn't understand grievances of Yaoniang. In order to not having sex with him, she would rather serve him in a different way than have sex with him.

Did she preserve chastity after the death of her husband? Did she do it for her dead man?

Jin Wang was unhappy when he thought of this, so he was even angry with Fucheng.

However, he had always showed an indifferent face, and Fucheng was out of mind, so he didn't find anything wrong. They quietly returned to Zhaohui Hall while taking advantage of the morning light.

Yaoniang sat on the bed for a while after Jin Wang left.


She changed all the bedding and quietly took them to the water well for washing when it was almost dawn.

There was no one here in the Back Room. It was still early, and they didn't get up.

Yaoniang fetched water from the well, and put the quilt into the water and also her pajamas that were used to dry his body off by Jin Wang yesterday. Until all these things were soaked in water, the unspeakable smell at her nose finally faded.

There was no one here, but she flushed with shame. She soaked the soiled areas with water and rubbed them with soap vigorously. Someone got up while she was washing.

They were Madam Wang and Madam Zhao.

People in the small kitchen get up early every day, because they have to prepare breakfast in advance, so that other people will have breakfast after getting up.

Seeing Yaoniang squatting by the well to wash clothes at this time, they were very surprised.

"Wet Nurse Su, why are you here so early?"

Yaoniang got up so early and washed these things in the pot, this naturally made them feel surprised. No one would wash their bedding early in the morning.


Yaoniang blushed and could not find an excuse.

But they thought Yaoniang was about to speak but say nothing. it was normal for a woman to have a menstrual period every month and they could understand that she sometimes the bedding would be dirty.


Madam Zhao said with a smile, "You can wash them at any time, but why you choose to wash in the early morning."

Madam Wang interrupted, "You can't wash them clean with cold water. I'll fetch some hot water for you when the water is boiling.”

They opened the kitchen door and soon got busy working inside. After a while, Xiangcao and Xiangxiang also got up, and they were both surprised to see Yaoniang washing the bedding so early.

Yaoniang felt that she should not wash the bedding at this time, and it was a very poor lie which revealed the truth. But it was too late, she could only squat to continue washing under their curious eyesight. Xiangcao and other little girls also said that they would help her, but she rejected.

Maybe others didn't know, however, as long as she thought about others helping wash that kind of thing, she would have a sense of shame.

Finally she finished washing, and Madam Zhao also came out to help her wring up. The begging was too big and she couldn't wring it up by her own.

"It's a sunny today, and they will be dry in the late morning."

Yaoniang thanked Madam Zhao and then returned to her room.

At this time, everyone got up, and the small lateral yard became lively.

Yaoniang was out of her mind all the morning until Xiangcao came to find her.

Because Xiangcao had something to tell Yaoniang, then Yaoniang told Yucui and took Xiangcao to her room.

"Wet Nurse Su, I've helped you find it out. The brother of my little sister is a groom at Chariot and Horse Center in the Mansion. He is from Hongyuan County and goes home every two months. He will go through Linyun County and it's not a big deal to help you take things back."

Yaoniang was a little surprised, "Thank you, Xiangcao. But will it be too troublesome for him?"

Xiangcao waved her hand lightly, "It's not troublesome, and just a help. Besides, you are the wet nurse of the little princess, many people are willing to run errands for you."

Xiangcao didn't care, but Yaoniang couldn't get used to it.

Because she wanted to take some things back home from the Mansion in her previous life, but she couldn't find anyone help her. This was due to her unfamiliarity with the situation of the Mansion and her poor popularity. Everyone avoided her like seeing a viper, and naturally no one wanted to make contact with her. After she became a concubine of Jin Wang and Consort Jin supported her, the servants were willing to fawn on her.

Unexpectedly, just being a wet nurse of the little princess in this life, there were so many people rushing to run errands for her, and it was true that the affairs of the world are inconstant..

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