Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-14 10:12:13
Chapter 30 part2

It was quiet at night, and the sound of crickets could be heard vaguely.

Fucheng shrank his neck and squatted under the stone platform in front of Yaoniang's room. Because his master met a woman secretly, he acted like a thief and didn't want to be seen by others. This was really a tragedy for him.

It's Jin Wang Mansion here. He can enter every place casually except Siyi Courtyard in the Mansion.

Fucheng couldn't hear the movement inside, so he became anxious and wanted to tear the door with his hands.

He was afraid that the poison in Jin Wang's body would attack the heart, and that the little wet nurse would rather die than submit, and then it would be a joke. He was even more afraid that Jin Wang would be in big trouble if the little wet nurse couldn't cure him.

Fucheng became more anxious when he thought of it.

He couldn't help coming down the steps and looking over the roof.

There was nothing on the roof, but the faint silver moonlight on the black tiles. Fucheng booed twice against the roof, and a man in dark came to him in the blink of an eye, it was Anshi.

Anshi had been squatting on the roof, and he was very well hidden so that others didn't see him.

"What's going on inside?"

Anshi said coldly, "I did not uncover tiles."

"Why not do it?"

Fucheng said in a very low voice, and was exasperated walking back and forth for a few moments.

Anshi ignored him.

"You should uncover the tiles and see what happened inside. With this, we can know in advance even if something happens to the Highness." Fucheng said and repeated over and over again.

Xi Anshi would not be fooled by him. Of course, he uncovered the tiles and also saw the scene inside. But he would never say it out, because he couldn't bear Fucheng's curiosity. If the Highness knew he revealed his private affairs, he would definitely punish him hardly.

So Anshi became more indifferent.

But who was Fucheng? He was clever and also knew the personalities of Anshi. As a dark guard around Jin Wang, he had always protected him.

Then there was only one reason--

"Did he make it?โ€

Anshi was about to leave.

"Tell me please! Yes or no?"

As soon as he turned round, he was caught by Fucheng, "You can't leave today unless you tell me."

Ansi was so annoying. Thinking about the situation inside, he thought that the Highness got her in success And then he nodded.

Fucheng showed a smirk.

Oh! The little wet nurse had such good luck and she must be blessed by her ancestors.

His Highness finally found someone  to sleep with.

It is just dawning and only a little faint light shines into the room through the window sash.

It is still dark in the room.

Jin Wang leaned halfway on the bedside with his eyes narrowed slightly and he stroked Yaoniang's long hair. Yaoniang lay down beside him and her eyes closed tightly, as if she was asleep.

Suddenly, she pushed Jin Wang. However, she didn't get up and was still lying there, and her voice seemed to come out of her throat.

"My Highness, it's time for you to leave, and it is not good to be seen by others."

Jin Wang did not speak.

Yaoniang was so discouraged that she couldn't wait to throw him up immediately.

She felt that she indeed made trouble for herself last night. She just didn't want to have sex with Jin Wang, but she simply forgot that Jin Wang was so vigorous. She served him twice all night, but now she couldn't feel her own hands, and it was sore and numb.

"It will be so difficult for me to stay here if someone saw us together. You promised me well last night." Yaoniang couldn't help but sit up.

The question is, will a man keep his word when he said on bed?

Obviously, Yaoniang didn't understand this truth and also wanted to persuade Jin Wang to leave quickly, but Jin Wang, like a lame big cat, lay there lazily, licked Yaoniang's hands and hairs from time to time. He didn't have a plan to leave.

Yaoniang was about to cry.

Seeing her anxiety, Jin Wang thought of her hard work last night and didn't want to embarrass her, so he sat up straight. He turned to see her sitting on knees, wearing a sandalwood underpants and exposing a red ribbon from the white neck, which made him remind of what happened last night.

She grasped lappets tightly and didn't let him see, but she couldn't stop him with such a small strength. So Jin Wang not only saw but also tasted it.

He did not feel sick, but felt very delicious.

After that, Jin Wang was in a good mood and was extremely easy-going. Then he got out of the bed and put his shirt on.

Yaoniang didn't get down and sat there with her head down.

Actually she should serve Jin Wang to dress, but she was not the concubine of Jin Wang. Yaoniang always kept this in mind, so she didn't move.

She waited for Jin Wang to leave, but Jin Wang stood still in front of the bed, and looked at her, which made her a little creepy.

Yaoniang licked her lips and was about to say something, but she was suddenly covered by a dark shadow. The room was dark and she felt something was put on her ankle before she could react, then Jin Wang left.

When she heard the door close, she relaxed her tight body. Subconsciously she reached out to touch her ankle, and touched a chain.

She lifted her trouser legs, and then saw a gold chain around her snow-white slender ankle. It is about one finger wide and has a five-clawed golden dragon on it.

Yaoniang was startled.

She saw this chain before, and it was tied to Jin Wang's purse in usual. There must be something important in the purse and Jin Wang never allowed anyone to touch it. Even if she served him personally in her previous life, she did not dare to touch it at will.

In an unintentional situation, Yaoniang knew that it was the Jin Wang's seal in the purse. 

But why did he loop this chain on her ankle?

Although Yaoniang didn't know much, she also knew that the five-clawed golden dragon pattern couldn't be used randomly. According to the rules of the Qian Dynasty, the five-clawed golden dragon is only available to the emperor and the prince.

What exactly did Jin Wang mean? Did he reward this to her because she served well? Or something else? But even if he wanted to reward her, she should not reward this noble gift to her.

Yaoniang tried to unlock the gold chain, but she failed. She tried to drag it again, and the chain was as heavy as an iron stone so that she couldn't move it at all.

As a result, she had no choice but to look at this dazzling chain in the dim, and was wondering for a long time.

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tourist 2020-05-15 08:41
Oooh, the chain being used to deter other guys is a hilarious idea (@Social Kitty)! I can just imagine anyone who was interested freaking out after they see it, haha.
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tourist 2020-05-14 15:01
Waaahh.... Is that the legendary shackle (anklet). Jin Lang seems saying "MINE!" ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Nurse Su..๐Ÿ˜ your in for a ride๐Ÿ˜˜ Thanks for the chapterโค
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tourist 2020-06-26 18:17
I'm...really hoping this gets better.....who on earth is like "Ah yes, got poisoned by an aphrodisiac lets go hit up the woman who feared having sex with me instead of any of the other INTERESTED women in my harem." adkvankfab The ML is really getting on my nerves.
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tourist 2020-05-14 16:42
They didn't do the deed right? But what did she do to him? And does that chain mean that his declaration of her? Lol
tourist 2020-05-22 11:44
she uh ...gave him a 'helping hand' so to speak, and used her skill as a wet nurse
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Social Kikky 2020-05-14 17:39
He laid claim on her. She is not going anywhere and she doesn't know it yet. I wonder if the chain is to deter other guys.
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tourist 2020-05-15 04:40
Ahh, so it seems to avoid having to enter his manor she decided to help him on her own terms (with her now very tired hands haha). I feel like with him kissing her hands after it's almost like he's saying "these did a great job!" lol. I wonder if the fact that there's no way she could have gotten personal gain out of it (while working very hard to help him) really touched him? He seems to have turned into a big cuddly cat as a result, haha.
Green Eyed 2020-07-02 22:40
LMAO...good hand (job) indeed.
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