Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

2020-05-14 10:10:56
Chapter 30 part1

Yaoniang forced herself to calm down, and at the same time, she felt something wrong about Jin Wang.

He was so hot that she couldn't help but want to melt under this situation. Besides, he seemed to be painful, and there was his low and unrefined gasp from his throat.

Yaoniang had served Jin Wang many times in her previous life, and she might know his reactions better than himself. Normally he should not be like this, even if he was always anxious, he would not be like this... 

"I am poisoned, and fell very uncomfortable... "

Jin Wang felt that the little wet nurse could relieve his pain, and he didn't want her to panic and yell, so he said slyly.

"Let me stay for a while, just a while... "

But would he be fine just staying for a while?

Yaoniang blushed like blood in the darkness.

She didn't know what to do. She couldn't push him away and didn't dare to call anyone... No, she wanted to shout but can't, because her tongue was still pressed lightly by him and she could only speak vaguely...

Was he poisoned? What medicine did he take? Looking at his condition, was it the aphrodisiac? But who dared to let him take the aphrodisiac? Was it the Side Consort Hu?

But why he just came to her instead of someone else.

Yaoniang really couldn't understand.

Knowing that she was terrified, Jing Wang stroked her tongue tip lightly but was attracted by the warm and tender touch, and he couldn't help but stroke it again.

Her little tongue flickered from side to side and his finger followed up. Once he caught up, he would press firmly. After that, he should felt disgusted, but Jin Wang wanted to eat...

He roared in his heart, and wanted to eat her.

He turned Yaoniang over and saw her red cheeks. A pair of almond eyes was moist and bright, her small and well-shaped cherry mouth held his fingers. Some transparent things were flowing from the corner of her mouth uncontrollably...

He licked fiercely and finally felt better than before.

Jin Wang was not completely inexperienced. In the border town barracks, a group of men gathered together to say blue jokes. Others were afraid of his identity and majesty, and they didn't dare talk to him about blue jokes, but he even heard them more than once...

He knows that the small mouth of a woman can make a man be happy. It is a state of bliss, so he sucked it hardly.

Sure enough it was delicious, sweet and fragrant. It would be better if he could do more.

Yaoniang felt that her soul was almost sucked up, and her whole person was confused and nervous.

She was a little shy and a little scared, but more was a desire. All kinds of sweet and bitter tastes were mixed with his breath, and then turned into a poison she couldn't cure...

She was in a daze and felt like a puddle of water. But some pictures of her previous life appeared in her mind, and she saw Xiao Bao's face.

Yaoniang was sober as if she was struck by lightning.

Unlike before, Jin Wang wanted a bit more and began to rub her chest with his big hands, which made her feel painful.

Jing Wang was soaking in it, but she gave him a sudden push.

Jin Wang looked like a demon under the hazy moonlight. His long hair was loose, and his clothes were half-stretched with naked chest. Looking further down, there was a high tent in his undershirts.  

No one knows better than Yaoniang about how strong Jin Wang is.

She quickly looked away as if she was scalded.

"My Highness, no, no... "

She couldn't say it out.

Jin Wang squinted at her, and she couldn't guess what he was thinking from his eyes. But his disdainful demeanor and rare wilderness were showing to Yaoniang that nothing is impossible for him.

There was a hint of impatience on his face, and it seemed that he was about to pounce on her.

His eyesight made Yaoniang want to hide, but she knew she couldn't hide and she had to find a way.

There was a flash of lightning across her mind, and Yaoniang's face was even redder and her eyes were more moister. She clenched her hands tightly and said nervously, "My Highness, you said that you were poisoned and I know how to treat it."

Hearing this, Jin Wang raised his eyebrows lightly. No one in the Jin Wang Mansion could cure this poison, how could she cure it?

Yaoniang knew Jin Wang didn't believe her. Her eyelashes couldn't stop shaking and she clenched her hands, "I have an idea, but please, my Highness, please don't force me... I, I have a son at home and I still want to go back... " Then, she wanted to cry again, but tried hard to hold back tears.

Her teardrops hung on the curled eyelashes, as if the petal was covered with morning dew. Jin Wang stared at her teardrops, and had an urge to lick them away.

Yaoniang didn't dare to delay. She lowered her head with a red face, and then pushed Jin Wang down on the bed.

A shadow floated over, and even the moon in the sky was so shy that covered its face.


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